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Anyone that’s got an online sacred crystal business, this one’s for you!

If you sell things on Etsy, if you provide crystal healing or energy healing of any sort, or you’re just in the business of dealing with crystals in some way, shape, or form, this blog will apply to you.

Watch the video + read on for more sparkly details below!

In my Certified Crystal Healer course, one of the things that I feel really passionate about is helping my students carry on & flourish if they would like to start a Sacred Crystal Business.  So I give them lots of business resources and bonuses, lot of materials including …

Content Calendar for your Sacred Crystal Business

One of the bonuses I’ll be giving out this year to those that register for our CCH Professional Level is a content calendar, or a marketing calendar specific to Crystal Healers.  In there I give an entire year’s worth of planning ideas that highlights:

  • a theme for the month
  • a crystal of the month to use with promoting their sacred crystal business
  • and a business focus with lots of bulleted items to check off to fuel your sacred biz.

Yup, this is an entire calendar for the whole year.  Each month, there’s a business focus and something to be working on for that month to enhance your sacred biz.

Plus there’s a purpose, a plan for the whole calendar, month-by-month, from January to December.  Everything that you’re working on, it all ties together.  Doing the content calendar, you see some of the things that you did in January will start to come to fruition with the next steps that you have maybe 6 months later.  It’s really easy and it’s super fun.

If Crystal Healing is what you want to do in your career, that you actually want to earn an income from…it’s a lot of fun the sacred crystal business side of things.   So I give my students lots of business resources. Because we all have to earn an income in some shape or form, right?  To keep ourselves alive.  It’s an energy exchange. And if you choose that you want crystals to be part of that energy exchange for you, then I help you along on that path.  🙂


Calendar Snippet

Now I’m going to give you just a snippet;  I’m going to share an example of this marketing calendar tool for your sacred crystal biz for the month of August.

It goes like this…

1. The theme is value infusion & gratefulness.

Why?  Because it’s really really important in business!

I’m not shy about telling you this—I am really good at marketing and operating my sacred crystal business. You can see, you can watch everything that I’ve done right from the beginning, you can see that I’m good at it. So I’m not going to be modest or shy about telling you that because I’m really confident in telling you that. These are the principles I follow and gratefulness is a huge part of it.

2.  The crystal of the month is pink sapphire.

Pink sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that helps to bring appreciation to anything that you’re doing.

You could wear pink sapphire if you have any in your sparkly collection:

  • pink sapphire earrings
  • or a little pink sapphire pendant
  • maybe put a small piece of pink sapphire in a mojo bag or put a piece near your work space. 

If you have a check-in area, put a piece of pink sapphire there, maybe put a little card there that says, “Gemstone for Appreciation,” and you can even tell your clients, your customers the theme you’re working on; value infusion and gratefulness, and simply appreciating your customers and clients. Then if you sell those items, put them on sale. Or give a pair of earrings away if someone books a package of services with you. Many ways you can go with that.

If you don’t have a face-to-face business, like I don’t, you can put a little picture of it on your website, on your Facebook page, on your Instagram.  You could also put it in little notes that you send out to people if you sell products and explain why…why you’re telling them about pink sapphire. Let them know it’s because you’re focused on value infusion to your customers, to your clients, and gratefulness this month. And tell people how you’re appreciating your valued customers.

3.  Our Sparkly Biz Focus for August is “client appreciation(hence the pink sapphire!)

Ya know it’s nice to always build your client or email list BUT for the month of August we want to try to focus on the existing customers.

We want to appreciate the customers that you already have.

So many times in online marketing, all the focus is on growing your list, growing your list, adding people to the mix.  What about all the people who have already done business with you?

You’ll expend a lot less energy for this month just taking care of, valuing, and being grateful for the people who are already doing business with you.  It’s a lot easier to get them to do repeat business than it is to acquire new customers. And so many business owners forget about the customers and the clients they already have.

Something that I do is randomly send out gifts or cards to our client list or take a look at who’s been doing biz with us for a long time and reward them in some way.

Even if you only have one customer, spend the entire month of August taking care of that one.  (This might happen if it’s your first month doing business or something, but if you’re following my calendar, you won’t have just one customer because at this point they’ve proven that they love you, they love what you do, they’re open to exchanging, doing that money exchange with you, exchanging energy with you, so you’re going to spend a lot less energy talking to them & doing business with them).

So remember this month to honor + nurture your existing customers & clients.


How many people have forgotten about that?  If you have a business and you’ve forgotten that bit; you’re focusing on growth, growth, growth, keep in mind there’s a lot of growth to be had by just focusing on the people who you already have in your circle.

Think of ways that you can offer value to your existing clients for the month of August.

You can do things like:

  • offer foot baths, or gem elixir teas with services, that’s if you’re working one-on-one.
  • If you’re a crystal healer, you can send out or give out extra goodies (a few tumbled stones in an organza bag, a mini smudge wand, a small vial of a more inexpensive but high quality essential oil) with purchases if you do any kind of retail.
  • offer a personal holistic coaching session with any package booked, but only for existing clients! Makes them feel so special yet you’re not depleted b/c this is all about an even energy exchange…not giving things away.  
  • Record a special meditation mp3 & send it out digitally to your most valued customers
  • Fun event! This is something that I did in the beginning when I used to do one-on-one with people—you could put together a potluck Saturday event where everybody brings a dish that you host, and you can play some crystal singing bowls for them & give a 10 min. intro explaining how the work you do benefits others. I made it very valuable info that left peeps wanting lots more & asking how they can hire me for services or take my classes. I organized it on & charged $5 from each person just to allow for some form of energy exchange. We had about 35 people show. It led to a lot of future & repeat business. Plus it was a great way for people to meet others in our community. But remember the goal with this >>> to bring in future clients or customers, not to make revenue directly from this event. Some of you out there may remember that local event. That was a huge hit & a perfect way to get my name out there. 🙂

Let them know they’re appreciated + valued! Do something to make them feel special.

If you do crystal healing sessions in your sacred crystal business:

  • You could add on a complimentary 1/2 hour to any sessions booked in the month of August, only for pre-existing clients. This is the focus for August, to give these offers, the special perks to existing customers only. And then watch them sign up. They’ll be like, “Well I’m coming in twice a week every week for the month of August because I get an extra half-hour on my session, or I get an extra discount when I make my purchase with you,” or whatever it is that you want to do.
  • You can go old-school & hand write a note to thank your best customers. Or if you have only a small amount of customers, thank ALL your existing customers with an old-school, handwritten note. Who’s even getting those these days? Not very many of us so it’s certainly going to stand out among the e-mails that are coming in people’s inboxes…a handwritten thank you note.
  • How about you randomly WOW one or two really special clients?  (It  can be random or you can choose to honor your best ones) and send them a favorite crystal book that you think is just amazing or a new mineral find; something that you don’t think that they have, and send it to them completely unexpectedly. Also you can write a personalized note that goes along with the book; put that thank you card in with the book so that your client knows that this thank you is meant just for them, and who it came from, and how much you appreciate them.

Okay, I have a couple more but, again, this is part of an entire year’s worth of calendar ideas that I give out to my students in my Certified Crystal Healer course. Here are a few more examples for you now though:

  • Feature your existing clients randomly if you have a website or Facebook page.  Of course, ask their permission to get a picture of them and feature them. This makes them feel really special.
  • Or, if you have a place of business, you can put their picture up on the bulletin board or something. And it makes them feel like they’re valued and treasured (and that’s the whole theme of this month!). It gives them a sense of pride in doing business with you because they’re proud to be up on a pedestal with you, and they’re going to be telling everyone about you. They’re going to be so excited, they’re going to be showing everybody, “Look, look, look, I’m on their website, I’m on their Facebook page today, go in there, you can see me up on the bulletin board.” Of course, ask them again if they’re comfy with that first and don’t make it about you, make it about them. This is about value, appreciating, and valuing your customer.
  • You can also choose to take an extra 10 to 20% off their purchases all month long.  10% is kind of, not too exciting, 20% is really exciting! There’s a big difference. It’s just a 10% difference for you, as the business owner, but for the customer…that makes an impact–if you really just can’t take it to 20%, give 10% but consider offering 20% off on existing client purchases or services.  Again it’s going to increase the number of purchases or services they’re going to book with you because they’re getting this extra appreciation discount just to say “Thank you” for their business. It’s a great act of good will on your part to do that.

If you’re looking for more juicy sacred biz info like this…if you’re done with “hoping” your biz does well or sick of hearing about how you need to HUSTLE to make your sacred biz work…you may want to take a look at my Energize your Heart & Soul-Centered Biz Mastermind registering only this week for an exclusive LIVE round…plus I’m giving you $100 savings on it…but it’s for this week only >>>

You can check that out here.

Are you a Sacred Business owner?  A soul-preneur? Or thinking of just starting up your own sparkly biz? Will you be trying any of the ideas I mention above?  Tell me in the comments below, let’s share the creativity & inspire each other to shine!

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. You always have such great advice! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be ordering this calendar for sure. I offered a discount for clients in January to show my appreciation for all of their support (when I really had only a few clients at that time because I had just started up). This brought me new clients and everything just picked up into full swing! I like the idea of a one month focus!! Can’t wait to implement your advice and ideas!

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      TY Tammy! The marketing calendar is given out as a bonus to those enrolled in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. So happy to hear that appreciation marketing worked for you as well. 🙂

  2. First I would like to say that I am a big fan of Hibiscus Moon. I have learned SO much here!!
    Well, I have a possible silly concern, that is this: I am not sure if its right for us to take huge pieces of gemstones from the earth. I just saw your picture with a HUGE amethyst in my newsletter and that got me thinking, “this is a too much big of a piece to fit in a common person’s room!” But there are many big pieces on those american gem and crystals shows…that will never go back to Mama Earth! =(
    We are supposed to take care of our planet, but we take a lot, and take BIG pieces of stones that probably were helping the earth somehow…underneath the earth! What’s more sad, we profit from it. I think maybe those HUGE pieces were supposed to be in the earths crust, for a reason, to help her and everyone that lives here…
    Anyway, just though I could write to you because you are a person that cares about the earth…and know the science behind crystals. Could you soothe my worries?

    Best Regards,

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  3. I love your content so much. Is there anyway that I can just buy this calendar or do you only offer it to people who take the class? Thanks much! Love & light to you!

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