Want To Step Up Your Crystal Healing? You Need To Read This First

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Are you ready for some soothing, rejuvenating crystal goodness?!

Watch this vid to get some great ideas on things you can create & ways that you can work with crystals for yourself, your friends, your family & even your pets :).

These tips include super easy & practical ways that you can work with crystals every day. You know how I love me some PRACTICAL!!

Ohhh there are some good ones in here! You’re gonna want to check this out! (even Topaz wanted in on the sparkly action!! 🙂


For the reviews in the video of Crystal Goodies (that I absolutely love!!!) here are the links just for you, Crystal Hottie!

  • Reiki, essential oils + crystals; what a winning combo at manifestedharmony.com &  to order your own yumminess mentioned in the video, you’ll want to visit  this link.

Were you  inspired to get creative or use your crystals in a new way for you & your awesome furry companions? Please share your sparkly experience in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings! Namaste,

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