Power Bowls with Crystals

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Hello Dear Crystal Hottie,

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new gorgeous crystal sister of mine, Tara Bliss. I met her on twitter & instantly fell in love with her energy. Then, unexpectedly, crystal bowlsI recently saw her bouncing around with Leonie Dawson, another of my lovely muses in Australia on one of her awesome retreats. That lucky Tara!

I love her b/c she’s got a “pick yourself up by the bootstraps & get to it no matter what” sort of attitude that I love! Some days you just need that, you know? And…she’s into crystals…what’s not to love? So she’s doing a vlog guest post for us today.

So, heeeeere’s Tara!

I’m Tara Bliss from Such Different Skies, and I’m coming at you all the way from Australia with a fun little video that showcases one of the ways I’m using crystals in my life.

Working with crystals can speed up our manifestations.

When we combine our intention with vivid visualisations and the tangible, beautiful physicality of crystals and stones, we can easily create momentum and miracles; and fast!

In this video I demonstrate how I’m using ‘Power Bowls’ (totally made up term I’ve penned!) to assist me with meditation and productivity.

I also give three examples of Power Bowl combinations I’m using at the moment, where I explain what I’m manifesting and what stones I’m using.



Tara with some of her crystals

Tara with some of her crystals.

Bio: Tara Bliss is easily excitable and regularly marvels at the world around her. A total affirmation nerd; she’s a self-taught spiritual empowerment coach, dream strategist and mind-body-spirit blogger at Such Different Skies. Her life purpose involves illuminating confidence, inspiration and vibrant health in women by virtue of her own life experiences. You can catch her meditating over her crystal collection and guzzling green juices. She’s also a recovering tomboy, and is even occasionally caught wearing lipstick. Tara Bliss – Coach. Blogger. Professional Fear Buster, www.suchdifferentskies.com Facebook . Instagram tara@suchdifferentskies.com

Hibiscus again…so do you love her or what? I really like the idea of Power Bowls. If you give them a try or just have a comment for Tara, please post below!

Many Crystal Blessings to you all!


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  1. Omg! I LOVED this. I’ve had smaller pieces at home. The last set up I had were my own made up grids (before I got the crystals grid book!) And interestingly enough my own little power bowls. I put stones related to higher energy together….all my sacral chakra stones together….and it felt right. Its nice to see this working for someone else. Love her energy, such a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to repost this for my friends!

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  2. Ooooh love u Tara…. I had the urge last week to work with green stones… I put Aventuine, Jade, Green Calcite and Malachite in a bowl and they went everywhere with me… I didn’t know why I had the need, but realised later that I’d been worrying about finances and felt quite sad about a couple of situations regarding money… So I’m guessing that my need to be close to green crystals helped on both my heart chakra and the influence of money… I’m now giving my bowl of crystals your namesake “Power Bowl” as it all seems so relevant now… Thank you for your vlog, which was awesome, and I look forward to many more from you. Love n crystal blessings x

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  3. loved this video! What crystals would you recommend,Tara, for someone who would like to find more time to take care of themselves, beauty wise? (As in find the time to apply the beauty cream, mask etc.) I seem to have an issue with that

  4. I love the power bowls; I have all of my rocks,stones,shells, and my crystals in different
    bowls around my small apt. class ,ceremic,wooden bowls,whatever I had on hand,so I love the idea of a special bowl for your intentions.Never thought to use them that way, so thank you so much for that beautiful idea of “power bowls” Loved your video on them and it wasn’t to long, maybe not long enough,lol.. I luv crystals & listening or watching, reading anything about them,so Thank you Tara,and I thank Hibiscus Moon
    for bringing this to us.
    will be waiting for more !

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video, beautiful soul! I’m a crystal lover from Peru. I will make my own crystal bowl.

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