MONDO-CHUNKY Philanthropy!

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OK…making this an annual tradition now.

Since philanthropy is one of my big “WHY’s’ of why I do what I do, why I run my sacred crystal biz the way that I do, it’s a huge motivator for me.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

~Anthony Robbins

So, just like last year’s post, I want to feature the charities I’ve chosen to include in my donations throughout the year.

This world is a wonderful place if you just train yourself to see all the good that people do…everyday. 🙂 And I try to find ways to be one of those people each day.

I hope you read this post & take action on something. There’s always SOMETHING you can do…and it doesn’t have to be $$. I challenge you to take 1 action & post in the comments below what that action was. Even if its simply spreading the word…that’s a BIG ACTION. It’s not turning and looking away& pretending you didn’t see or saying to yourself…”I’ve got my own schist to worry about.” It’s an action that counts, BABY!

This being the gifting/holiday season, it’s the prefect time to blog this; keeping in mind the spirit of giving while being grateful for all we have & then finding what we can give to others.

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Frankie & I spent this Christmas season in Hawai’i.  Living, learning & ENJOYING the spirit of Aloha! I’m so very grateful to be able to do that & what I do when I’m grateful (which quite a lot these days) is give back to the Universe. This keeps the flow in balance while benefitting so many others….plus I just love doing it!

And I intend on going WAY BIGGER so I can do so much more in 2014. Look out world!!

There are so many benefits to giving…for both the receiver & the giver. I won’t list them all here, but just know…

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.

~Maya Angelou

I know not everyone is in a position to give monetarily, but that ain’t the only way to give, you know. You can also give of your time by volunteering or by sharing information with others, (to Facebook, twitter, email, a letter, etc.) helping to create awareness. Or go through your stuffs at home & de-clutter. You probably have some really great things that can be donated to charity wishlists, the local Goodwill or other similar organizations!

Life’s persistent and most urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’

~Martin Luther King Jr.

If you’re subbed to my weekly newsletter, you know I have a special weekly feature dedicated to 1 of my favorite charities each week. I like to bring awareness to their cause & get them some exposure with my big mailing list & perhaps even a few donations. I have some fav. charities whose values are in alignment with my own, that are known for keeping a positive attitude & commit to creating change in a peaceful way. Disclaimer: please always do your own research before sending money to any charity.

Now, I introduce you to my current fav. charities.

I challenge you to please choose 1 organization below & do 1 thing to help them out today. Then tell us in the comments below how you’ve been able to help. Did you sign a petition? Shared about them on Facebook or Twitter? Send them an item from their wish list? Or perhaps you’ve sent them some mula. Is there 1 that might tickle your fancy?:

Happy New Year & Many Crystal Blessings to you for taking a look-see & taking that 1 action! Mwaaaaah.



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  1. Patty Held

    Today, free of charge, I researched and created an essential oil room spray for someone to use at a nursing home for sundowners syndrome with the Alzheimer’s patients. Hopefully it will help them in the evenings to be more peaceful.

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  3. Rev. Brian Glenn CCH

    It may not seem like much but this year I am going to Help A Dear Friend Go for her advanced Classes, Even if i have to pay it all in full it is something i feel she needs to do! I was Lucky to have my Best friend and Amazing Husband help me get into HMCA and that in turn helped me out more than most will know. so now its time to not only pay it forward but to add a little more love and light into some one’s life that i feel deserves it.

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  4. Lou

    Just joined the Kiva team and lent my first $25… Been meaning to join the group for a while and this seemed like the perfect time <3

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  5. Angela

    They all look like great organisations to support 🙂 I’ve been passionate (obsessed!) about animals, particularly dogs, since I was a small child. I’ve volunteered for various rescue organisations for years in various ways (Reiki, photography, dog walking, fundraising, general promotion and of course adoption!), here in the UK and will be continuing with this. I have sponsored a couple of kids through Plan in the past too.

    Thanks for all the videos and posts you have shared this year. I always look forward to seeing what your next video will be about. Crystal blessings to you and yours.


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  6. Kathy

    Beautiful post!! But I’m not surprised. 🙂
    I love all the info on some very worthy charities so I can do some investigating and then decide. Thank you for everything!!

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  7. Maureen

    Thank you for this post, you are a beautiful Spirit! I donated to the Sea Turtle Restoration Project. Sea Turtles are truly amazing beings. When living in Hawaii, I would get so excited to see them while snorkeling. They were so sweet, you could swim right next to them. Magical experience.

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  8. Lisa Ann Jacobson

    I have found that even the simplest of acts can make somebody’s whole day. If someone walks in behind you at the grocery store, hand them the first cart. Actually stop and let the pedestrian cross the street as you drive by. Open the door for that Mom who has 3 children by her side and one in a stroller.

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  9. Kara Daly

    Hi HM!

    Thank you so much for this post. I donate a small amount of money to a different charity once a month, so I am going bookmark this post. I started with Polaris. I just started doing this a few months ago, and I have been having trouble figuring out which ones I like since there are so many! This is really helpful to me. Bless you!


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