Moldavite: Out of this World?

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So is moldavite from outer space?

Ahhh, dreamy cosmic greeny moldavite. You’ve heard so much about it, or maybe you haven’t. My goal in teaching about crystals is to give you the metaphysical properties (this may vary somewhat from person to person b/c not all of us experience frequencies in the same way) & always back it with  whatever science is available too, then I try to throw some FUN into it. 🙂

Moldavite Science

Moldavite is a type of rare green colored tektite. What are tektites you say? They’re naturally formed small glass rocks that most geologists believe were formed by the impact of meteorites on Earth. Being glass means these are not technically crystals nor minerals at all, but rocks.

These are black tektites:

Black tektites like these are found on Mother Earth within a narrow equatorial belt around Thailand, Australia, Vietnam & the Philippines. The strongest scientific origin theories state that they took a very fast trip through the atmosphere while they were still molten & then landed on Earth, SPLAT!…little gifts for us to discover later.  So basically, this theory states that its natural glass created from the immense heat of a meteoritic impact with the Earth. An alternate theory states that the meteorite impacts actually occurred on the Moon & that tektites are droplets of rock that splashed off the Moon onto Mother Earth! Dating techniques suggest such an event occurring about 700,000 years ago. Yet another strong theory points to an impact in Indochina from an extra-terrestrial object.

Moldavite is a specific tektite named after the Moldau river region in Southern Bohemia, where most Moldavite can be found. Many scientists believe this area was impacted by a meteorite about 15 million years ago which mostly likely created the current moldavite sold on the market. The green color is mostly likely due to the iron content & possibly some olivine (peridot) from the original meteorite).

Real or fake?

Be careful, there’s a bit o’ fake moldavite on the market especially sold on ebay from China & then redistributed by others in the US.Some are taking green bottle glass, melting it & then etching it with acid to make it look like moldavite.

I now make an annual trek to Tucson in Feb. for the world renowned Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows. There I hook up with a seller who hand mines with a plow on farm land in the Moldau region. His family lives there & they make all their income for the entire year off of their moldavite findings sold in Tucson! Its a meager but honest living for them. Last year they told me how its  getting harder for them now. Several years ago the Czech government changed the rules; you can only dig to 1 meter unless you have a permit, which can be costly.  He has also told me its becoming increasingly harder to find the green rock as its getting more & more scarce, thereby driving up the price.

No one would dare come to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows trying to sell fake moldavite unless they want to be bounced out face first into a cactus!

Plus many of us are walking around with jeweler’s loupes looking for teeny tiny wormlike inclusions telltale of the real deal moldavite. 🙂

How can you tell if its fake sans loupe? Well, if it has a blue cast to it, it may very likely be bottle glass. Also, large pieces of moldavite are extremely rare so be aware of those & do your research.

The Woo Woo

Metaphysically tektites are  known to rev up  thought transmissions while enhancing psychic abilities & astral travel. Woo! What a trip! They can also increase energy fields, open & clear the lower chakras & generally enhance & strengthen your  aura. Australian aborigines refer to tektites as “Mabon”, or magic & believe that finding one brings good luck! In India, they’re known as the Sacred Gem of Krishna. Tektites can also assist you in attaining knowledge & learning your life lessons. They also really help to balance the feminine/masculine aspects.

All tektites, including moldavite, are said to have a very high vibrational frequency due to their cosmic connection. Moldavite specifically helps with meditation & peak experiences during meditation as well as making contacts with other worlds. Its also known for rapid spiritual evolution, chakra cleansing, activation & transformation. The green in moldavite also brings a frequency that resonates with the heart chakra, helping to open & deepen heart-centered meditations.


Good stuffs this moldavite!

I have experienced it myself, but you must be very careful not to OD on it, like I have. At first, all I noticed was the tingly warm feeling most described, but in working with it more, it certainly did its magic & then a sneak attack! Dizziness, flushing & lightheadedness are common OD’ing symptoms. If you are not experienced with working with crystals & meditating then I recommend waiting until you are more experienced & then take it verrrrry slow & in small doses. And even if you are experienced, ALWAYS balance with a good grounding stone, like black tourmaline. I learned this the HARD WAY!


 Here’s a video I did on moldavite on my YouTube Crystal Channel: High Ascension Crystals – Moldavite and Scolecite

I’ve been really drawn to working with moldavite quite a bit lately. On 11-11-11, I made moldavite gem elixir & now I’ve taken the chips I had left from last year’s Tucson trip & along with my Moldavite Gem essence & a few other magical ingredients & I’m working on a very special moldavite high ascension gem oil to use during meditations. Its going to be COSMIC!!

Recently, I’ve been having certain crystal healings done by my Crystal Healer & CCH, Gina here in FL & she did a Moldavite Session for me that was AMAZOING! Here’s a vid clip from our pre-session & what she had planned for me:

BTW, if you’d like a piece of moldavite, I do custom shopping for my clients while in Tucson for special requests. (Payment required upfront). For serious inquiries you can contact me here.

So, have you worked with moldavite? Have some? Jonsin’ for some? Think you have the real thing or a fake? Please share. 🙂

Greeny Dreamy Sparkles!



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  1. A new stone, unfamiliar to me. Good thing you made this post. 🙂 When I feel the energy, it’s like looking into the black space of the galaxy, but with a tinge of the star’s energy within it. Alien like! The energy OD that you expressed, I have not felt with moldavite, BUT I have felt with jet! That’s the only stone that has given me OD symptoms when I felt too much of it. Super powerful.

    Moldavite feels like a heart stabilizer and brings a feeling of subtle joy. Like misty stars twinkling the galaxy, almost humorously, amused by the irony of life. Hmm.

    I think I’m starting to like this stone. 🙂

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  2. I LOVE Moldavite! I have a beautiful pendent that I wear from time to time and a little piece that I have in an egg shaped cage that I wear with some other crystal goodies. I also have a Moldavite essential oil that I use when guided for myself and clients. Amazing stuff!

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  3. I have to say that I wear a 2″ piece of Moldavite (real for sure) along with a Pietersite sphere every day. Wowie is all I can say. Things just manifest quickly. When I first bought the Moldavite, I was warned. Heed the warning. The rug gets pulled out from under you and your truest desires emerge–whether or not you want them to. I went to school for Interior Design worked a little, got the Moldavite, then for no apparent reason, I decided I didn’t really want to do that and changed careers. People have been known to divorce once they get the stone and make changes they wouldn’t normally have made. It is getting a kick fron the universe. It is a stone that pushes you to fulfill your desires. Buy it and expect to go from zero to 200 mph! Wonderful stone:)

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  4. I do have a real piece of moldavite and I am looking to make a pendant out of it to wear always. To me, it is beautiful and I will always treasure it.

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  5. I LOVES me my Moldavite! I have had the OD experience as well with my first piece. I would also get an unexplained cough and sore throat if I wore it for more than a day or two. (That piece by the way decided it was not for me and VANISHED a short while later.) I purchased my most recent piece at the gem show in SFL and I cherish working with it. I feel that these stones are very special and if you treat them with patience and respect they can take your meditation and practice to the next level.

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  6. I received my first piece last week from you, Stephanie, and I was thrilled to see a little skull-like face smiling at me when I hold it up to the light. Amazing… I’m looking forward to working with him!