Frustrations & Letting Go from a Capricorn

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This week’s video is stripped down.

Perhaps I’ll be doing more like this.

I don’t want to get away from the slicker videos w/ good camera bling & fancy-schmancy editing b/c I feel…with the crystals being so visual…they really deserve that presentation (especially after all the disservice I did to them over the years with my old horrible bad quality videos).

But I don’t know that I can keep up that pace, churning out a slicked up video as often as I have been. So, I still want to do that but may be not every video.

I’ve decided to give myself permission to loosen up a bit, break away from the routine & SHAKE IT UP! Change can be really good!


In this week’s featured video I explain a bit more about all the various things going on & why I may be leaning in that direction with my content, while still committing to delivering regular free crystal content to my followers. I won’t ever veer from that. The delivery & media may change but it will always continue to flow.

I also show off my 2 new crystal acquisitions that I’m really excited about!:

  • Silver Rutilated Quartz
  • Stellar Bean Calcite

Frustrations & Letting Go from a Capricorn – Vlog

You may wonder why I care so much about what YT is doing. As I shared in the video, I really do have a very fond place in my ♥ for YT as a platform b/c I’ve been on there for so long. I used to make horrendous videos on a crappy camera with only my hands visible & the crystals that I wanted to so desperately talk about. When NO ONE else wanted to listen to me yammer on & on about the rocks, YT provided me with a community of people who I could get to know, who were interested in the same things as me! It’s where I birthed the Crystal Hottie Community.

So yes, its a special place to me. It was & continues to be a visual outlet for me, allowing me to share about my passion. It’s still that for me & I hope it continues to be for a long time to come. 🙂

So after hearing me out up there…tell me what you think! About any of the topics I discussed:

  • Breaking Bad
  • Video Editing Frustrations
  • YouTube Change Frustrations
  • Pulling Oracle Cards
  • My New Crystals
  • Your New Crystals



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