4 Facts about Lemurian Crystals that will Impress your Friends!

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OK, so want to impress your crystal-lovin‘ friends? Talk science to them. Works every time.

And Lemurian crystals are quite intriguing to many crystal lovers. So put those 2 together & you’ve got a winning match. 😉

Don’t know what a Lemurian crystal is? Although we do go in-depth on Lemurians in our Advanced Crystal Master Course, briefly…a Lemurian is a crystal that comes from a particular region in Brazil & has these deep horizontal striations on its shaft that are known to carry recorded information from lost civilizations. Pretty cool, right?

In today’s featured video, Rev. B asks:

What’s the deal with all the different colored Lemurians?

Great question b/c we are beginning to see them popping up in almost a full spectrum of colors!!

Click play below to learn more about 4 different colors of lemurians:

It’s all about the chemistry & geology…

  1. Reddish, pink-ish, mauve colored: iron containing…very grounding, loving energy, connects us more to Mother Earth, great for root chakra as well as heart chakra work
  2. Pink colored: lithium containing….calming, emotionally balancing
  3. Clear: no additional elements…clarity, amplifying
  4. Smokey, brown: naturally radiated…de-toxing, cleansing, protective

As always, I’d love to hear from you, Crystal Hottie!

(I have an older video I did here on what exactly a lemurian is, a lemurian seed & a pink lemurian).

What other lemurian colors have you come across? What sort of energy do you sense from them? Please share in the comments below.

Lemurian Blessings!



P.S. Make sure you watch to the end of the vid. I have a special gust appearance. 😉

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  1. YES!! I love my smokey-brown lemurian! I was gifted with one from my sister years ago and when my Papa passed away he was holding it in his hand and the lemurian went with him! It was just gone. I was so distraught over it at the time, (not fully understanding back then) my sister gifted me with my current one and we are best friends! My lemurian has taught me an amazing amount of it’s history and what it to come!

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  2. What about the ones called Tangerine Lemurians. I have a couple of those and they have a “peachy” tone to them.

    thanks! <3

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  3. I love my lemurians. I have several pink, as well as one that appears to be a smokey citrine. Where does the term “seed” come in?
    Most books refer to them as lemurian seed crystals. Just curious

    1. When the Lemurian quartz were mined, they were not attached to any matrix. Rather, they were buried in vertical positions in rows that seem to be purposefully seeded by the Lemurian civilizations according to legend. The lemurian seeds were buried in loose soil, and they were farely easy to extract as well.

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  4. Hello,
    I have a blue lemurian. The person I purchased it from said it was infused with gold. It also has a rainbow hue.

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  5. Very helpful video and thank you. I looked for the” like” option here within the blog. Perhaps I missed it.
    Hibiscus or staff, I’m not clear what is meant by shutting down the “marketing” right now. It seems that something has occurred that those closest to Hibiscus know about it. Does this mean she is not holding any more classes after this current session? HIbiscus has announced staff has moved into her sacred space area………..I’m not sure how to interpret. What’s going on? Is Hibiscus needing the extra support now? I do not know how to interpret what she has presented to her public.

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      ((HUGS)) Rosemary. I’m good. Thanks so much for your concern. In my newsletter I explained that I was postponing a marketing program I was considering releasing. My courses will run later this year as usual. 🙂 You can get on the waiting list here: http://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/cch-enroll/

      If you were confused about my medicine staff (did you not see the photo of it in the newsletter?…this is a Native American piece that was created especially for me).

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  7. I saw some gold Lemurian crystals recently. I’m always a little Leary of new claims in that area. They called them healers. What’s the scoop Hibuscus Moon?

  8. Hi thank you . I absolutely love lemurians. I have several different ones, clear smokey pink. I seem to always be drawn to carry one of my small ones with me and also put it under my pillow. Not sure why i am so drawn to them.

  9. I have a beautiful wire wrapped pink lemurian which I have made into a pendulum, along with lava beads. Not sure if that’s a good combo or not, but seems to work for me. Thx for the info on lemurians. I find them absolutely fascinating.

  10. I am also wondering about the Lemurian Golden Healer Crystal? I didn’t see a reply to Merri Lyn’s comment. I seen them in Mt. Shasta…where Lemurian Crystals are plentiful. Makes sense since the claims are they live in the 5th dimension under Mt. Shasta.

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