How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing

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Powerful Crystals to Help Lower Your EMF Risks

Hey Sparkly One!

Have you  noticed over the last few years people have become much more concerned with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation &  now a new possible threat; nuclear radiation in the atmosphere? AKA, EM Pollution.

Some symptoms of excess EMF radiation are fatigue, joint & muscle pain, decreased attention span, memory loss, difficulty focusing & insomnia. Yuck.

In my analysis & research I noted these are the same symptoms of being ungrounded! Of feeling Yuck & Stuck!

Could it be that too much EMF causes us to become ungrounded?

cell phone How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing

EM Pollution

If you’d like to learn more about how to lower your risk and avoid EMF exposure around your house, residual magnetism, static build-up, wireless EMF along with radioactivity, here’s a great recording of an interview with Vicki Warren, the past executive director of the Institute for Bau Biology & Ecology.  Here she talks about all of these things & gives excellent advice on examining your house for EMF dangers! Awesome stuffs!

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. Truly eye-opening! Be informed & get protected:

In my Creating Sacred Spaces & Self Protection Using Crystals Class we discuss  specific crystals & stones you could use to counteract EMF pollution. Crystals you don’t want to use are any kind of silicate crystals: quartz, lepidolite, etc.

Why? For the simple reason that they easily slide into resonance with electronics & microwave radiation. That’s what we don’t want. That property is why silicon (what silicates & quartz are made of) is so widely used in technology! It’s an excellent semi-conductor.

The best stones to use for EMF protection are ferromagnetic (iron containing) stones like lodestone, magnetite, hematite, pyrite.

BUT, be certain not to have any magnetic stones near your laptop = CERTAIN LAPTOP DEATH due to hard-drive being erased.

I also like black tourmaline for this (even though its a silicate). The reason I throw that 1 into the hat too is b/c it’s got just the right combo of elements & it has the added yin-benefit of having iron in it. Black tourmaline is known for its ability to transmute & “cleanse” energy & it actually has pyroelectric properties too. But I don’t want to slam too much science into 1 blog post. Since I can’t tell if your eye are glazing over yet, I’ll have to trust that this is enough. icon wink How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing

Another recent favorite for this sort of protection is shungite:

Capture2 How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing

These are 2 shungite pieces from my crystal grid that surrounds my wifi router.

Now! Here’s the KICKER that I’ve discovered!! Most of these are the same exact stones many cultures teach to use to ground ourselves!!! How perfecto! Don’t you just love when the ancient knowledge & new dovetails together like that?

So here are some things you can do; both using stones & otherwise:

  • Make a lodestone (magnetic magnetite) pendulum, spin it through your EMF to strengthen weak areas
  • Place Kernite or Colemanite crystals (just got a SWEET specimen!) in a low dose nuclear radiation area to absorb; these crystals are Boron-based, thereby accepting & ionizing radiation
Kernite   USGS Mineral Specimens 696 300x294 How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing




Colemanite 213180 252x300 How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing

Colemanite Photo by Rob Lavinsky of

  • Unplug your bedroom (listen to Warren’s recording above for how’s & why’s)
  • Children should not use cell phones due to their higher susceptibility
  • Reduce your own cell phone use
  • Use a land line whenever possible
  • Reduce or eliminate your use of wireless (you can put it on a timer so at least part of the time its not radiating throughout your house, physical body & auric field). This is a tuffy for me seeing as I live in a busy suburb-y/city where I receive 3 5 wireless signals radiating from my neighbors!
  • Turn your cell phone off when not in use

I don’t like to fear monger but I feel its good to get this info out there from time to time & remind ourselves to clean up our energy & balance.

If you have other tips or ideas, please share. We’d love to hear them here! And if you found this post useful or helpful, please share it with others. ♥

Many Crystal Blessings!

signature5 How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing


P.S. If you think you may be interested in learning more about this PLUS steps on how to create Sacred Space, you may be interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. icon smile How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing



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I use black tourmaline right next to my laptop and it works like a dream! Sometimes, when I type, my hands get a burning crawly feeling that is downright gross. I hold the black tourmaline in my hands and within a minute or two, the EMF energy is *gone*. I might look into getting hematite for this, too–another great stone. :)

Awesome post!



Wow. Good information to know seeing as I live in a student apartment complex. I just counted and my computer receives 15 different signals from wireless routers. Might be time to space out my hematite and invest in some black tourmaline. And I think I’ll try moving my pretty piece of quarts away from the desk. : ( Oh well. It can look pretty elsewhere.


Hibiscus Moon

Whoa Angela! You’re getting bombarded. Yes, protect yourself.



Great advice. I never even thought of this use for crystals before. Awesome!


Hibiscus Moon

Crystals are so versitile. 1 of the reasons I love working with them so much!


Melodye Diwell

Wow. Just changed everything I thought I knew.


Alice Dilts

What about Shungite for the EMF? I have it by my computer and I carry a piece with me as well.


Hibiscus Moon

That could work well since its mostly petro-carbon. Good choice Alice!


Jessie Matthews, HHC

I read in “The Crystal Bible” that Fluorite helps with “electromagnetic smog.” Can you comment on that?



So if we should not put magnetic crystals near the lap top, what are the best ones we can actually have close by that have the same affect, without our lap top dying?! :) Thank you for such an informative post! xx



I also recently learned of an amazing mineral that helps with this… Shungite! HM, do you have any experience with it? Thanks, RW



Hi Hibiscus I really value your science perspective about crystals. But you say that silicate crystals are bad for EMF. Almost all of my crystals are made up of some sort of silicate compound. Surely not all of these crystals will amplify EMF. For if they do then I’m screwed! My belief is that crystals are here to help us not make us feel worse. Please advise your opinion?



I’d like more clarification on this too. I’ve been told quartz crystals are great for absorbing radiation emitted by cell phones. Which is it?


Hibiscus Moon

Well, to go deeper into than my post here would require a full on class on it which I do in our Cert. Crystal Healer course. Not all crystals are silicates and some that are contain other elements that counteract & help shield from EMR.



I have bought orgonite which is a mixture of metal filings and crystals set in resin. This converts all the ions to the beneficial ones. They are also used s tower busters such as radio masts etc.


Hibiscus Moon

Hi just wondering about Carolyn question it was’nt anwsered. Orgonites are they ok


Crazy Bear

Hello Hibiscus Moon,
First, let me applaud you (as should not only your crystal “hotties”, but all those that currently work with and those in the future that want to work with crystals). With your scientific mind and love for crystals…paved the way for those that want to learn daily, become accredited, and earn college credits. I know I have worked with crystals for a couple I’d decades. There weren’t many around that could teach…and to be honest, many of them were book-learned and had to gather their experience on their own…very few mentors. You have not only made it easy for people to learn…you make it fun. And, not everything is known about every crystal…and, different crystals are different for different people (different energy vibrations)….everybody learns something new. In your forum…people all over the world bring their experiences to the table…no one owns all the knowledge…but, it sure has been interesting, enlightening, and a down right a blast to watch. So, again, I applaud you Hibiscus Moon…and I thank you for what you have brought to the world…and the legacy you will leave to the world.

Having said that…I have been using the Nebula Stone..either in my pocket, next to my computer, and taped to the back of my phone. There have been a few Scientist say there is quartz in it…some not. What is your take on it. And, thanks for the info on quartz, I did not know that. My grizzly claw amulet has a little quartz crystal with 6 other stones per my request. I will just have to choose what would be best for me…as the amulet is very very…did I say very…powerful. The end. :)


salman ghani

Hi there,

My iphone and wifi from laptop are giving me headaches, body aches and brain fog. I’m dissociating myself from technology as much as i can and striving to bring my body back in harmony with the earth.

Ill have to start working soon and wanted to purchase black tourmaline to keep my energy level sustained for the day. I noticed there are lots of dubious suppliers out there (esp on amazon). Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your time and advice,



Paul W.

Salman, has black tourmaline of various sizes and shapes.
Other good, grounding stones for EMF protection are apatite and aegerine.



i’ve got amazonite taped to the back of my mobile phone. well, it didn’t die :-)



HI Hibiscus Moon,

Infinite thanks & blessings for your dedication in sharing this important awakening information!

In “The Crystal Bible” Judy Hall describes Lepidolite as an excellent crystal for clearing and mopping up EMF Radiation, including that this attribute is amplified when in its Raw Mica form. I hear you w/ the Silicon – whats your take on why JH is recommending it for this purpose?



Hibiscus Moon

TY for the support & the share Jennifer!


Hibiscus Moon

Ty for the share ♥ Stella~!



@ Hibiscus Moon
I’m confused: in your videos you tell us you have one citrine on your laptop… it’s not dangerous?


Hibiscus Moon

That must be an older vid you’re referring to & at that time, I WAS keeping a citrien at my laptop when I worked on my Etsy biz. I no longer do that even for a short period of time. No way Jose. :P


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