How To Have Fun with Crystal Healing!

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Here’s a classic video of me playing & creating crystal healing tools…just a tiny smidgen of some of the GLORIOUSLY SOUL-FULFILLING  things you’ll learn if you join us to become a Certified Crystal Healer. 😀

In this video I work on adding crystals to or creating my:

  • Healing rattle
  • Crystal Healing Chakra Wand
  • Smudge Fan

Oh, if you feel any of these tools would be helpful to someone else, please do share this with others who may just need some love & energy boosting.

My BIG DREAM is to get everyone using crystals to help make positive change + to heal. We CAN do this!

Crystals are just our tools, but they sure are the PRETTIEST & FUNNEST tools in anyone’s tool box!!

Sparkling Crystal Blessings!



P.S. If this resonates with you, joining in on the Crystal Healer Certification Program is powerfully transformative! I hear it over & over again.

All the techniques & suggested homework (ohm-work!) allows you to heal & your spirituality grow + bloom in beautiful & fulfilling ways. You’ll be learning how to use crystals while also learning the science behind crystal healing. you’ll also be a Certified & Accredited Crystal Healer earning GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or adding to your existing income!
Remember enrollment ends Sunday, April 1 – so don’t miss out! Enroll now!!

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  1. I love my selenite wands for chakra clearing! and i love love love your idea for making the chakra wand with quartz based crystals! so gonna’ try this!!!! <3

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  3. Thank-you so much gorgeous ? I’m going to make my own wands I like the smudge stick & the feather too very much I will definitely be making myself one. I have a rare disease I don’t have medications to take only my crystal’s

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