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Wanna be part of The Sparkle Team?

What or who is a Sparkle Team? We’re a 100% heart-centric small team of A-Players who are as passionate & proud about the work we do as we are about our crystal community. We plan for big successes, big plans b/c we have BIG things to do here on Mama Earth.  We’re a virtual team & all work from our comfy homes…yep, we’re 100% remote. You can work from bed in your sweat pants & no make up…we don’t care, as long as you’re getting a bang-up job done like a champ with glitter on top!

We’re Hiring for a Project Manager/Executive Assistant

Hibiscus Moon, LLC is looking for a full-time project manager/executive assistant with experience to join our dedicated team of A-players to expertly manage projects AND people.

This is a full-time employee position with benefits beginning with a two-week trial to ensure a good fit. This is not short-term…we’re looking for someone equally dedicated & passionate to join us long-term.

We’re looking for someone excellent at translating big ideas into projects & action-steps, from seeing the “big picture” to figuring out exactly which details need to be executed to whom & when.

We’re a virtual office – that means everyone (including you!) works from your own home office. This means you get all the best parts of interacting with a super fun team, with none of the commute and cubicles! Although your day-to-day will involve working closely with our small team, you need to be the kind of person that enjoys working from home and impeccable at managing your own time.

Tasks & Responsibilities – please keep in mind; your role and tasks may expand and change as the company evolves and grows.

  • Work from home from anywhere in continental US; full-time hours (40 hours a week), Mon-Fri, 9-5, full-time, no weekends or holidays.
  • 30 min. weekly meeting with development team to clarify goals, break down priorities into smaller actionable tasks and estimate due dates
  • Being a gatekeeper for me, Hibiscus Moon, handling my calendar, speaking with vendors, setting appointments with JV’s, interviews, etc. via email or phone
  • Participate in the overall improvement of processes and efficiency within the business with a goal to always simplify, reduce costs & redundancy and remove admin tasks off my plate so I can focus on content & creation, acting as my main point of contact with all team members
  • 2 weekly hour-long meetings with me to get emails & questions answered, reporting on all projects, discuss potential issues and concerns, come up with solutions & reporting back to team
  • Monitoring team tasks, weekly updates, keeping team members focused and productive, working closely with the Hibiscus Moon Sparkle Team to develop strong working relations & good project communication
  • Impeccable digital file, systems & operating procedures management with continual organizing for simplification and efficiency while always looking for storage improvements
  • Overseeing organization, structure, logistics and solid systems for driving projects forward
  • Managing small and large-scale projects, breaking down goals into deliverables, handing off to the right people then following up & providing feedback to keep all on track & on time – translating big ideas into projects, deliverables & timelines. Incredibly skilled at both micro and macro thinking – making sure big picture is always moving forward by way of all the tiny details, actively look for bottlenecks & roadblocks and make sure everything is progressing smoothly
  • Bringing projects to completion within allocated time-frame
  • Support the customer service team during peak periods
  • Working with tech, OP contractors & team to troubleshoot and resolve issues, intervening when necessary, opening support tickets and following up with various companies we work with, chasing up refunds when needed
  • Hiring & managing duties for team contractors; interviews, quarterly reviews, improvement plans
  • Reviewing invoices, comparing with team hours & paying contractors
  • Managing & paying affiliates
  • Scheduling team meetings, running team meetings, creating agendas, delegating action steps afterwards.
  • Manage complete funnel set up & launch details; create & improve systems & checklists for all launches & management of all email sequences, course content + bonus materials.
  • Assist with product preparation (not content, but materials once content has been delivered…assigning proofing & prep of PDF’s, slide-decks, worksheets, etc)

You need to be/have –

  • 2 – 3 years experience in a digital/online project management/producer role
  • a highly organized, precise person who has KEEN attention to detail. Type-A personalities are appreciated & well-loved!
  • a sparkly positive heart-centered person & a loving “people manager” with impeccable communication skills ♥…you love coaching people to do their best, seeing people’s strengths and talents and drawing it out of them even more.
  • love to complete projects well before deadline. Procrastinators really get under my skin & it’s just not gonna work. :/
  • A passion for online biz, but being an entrepreneur is not your thing. Running your own biz on the side is not going to work for this position. We need your full focus
  • a “systems thinker” – recognizing where systems are missing and implementing them immediately
  • A high level of self & time management
  • My time and energy is precious and I’ll need you to uphold strong boundaries for me while keenly discerning what needs my attention and what you can handle on your own
  • Take responsibility for both your success and your failures. Accountability is highly valued.
  • Customer service experience and/or experience managing a customer service team
  • Experience using and managing projects in cloud-based project management software (i.e. Teamwork or Basecamp)
  • Able to work remotely and have access to your own working-in-great-condition laptop, high-speed internet and mobile phone
  • Have at least 2 available references relating to a similar previous role
  • Willingness and ability to research & learn new software and skills as needed, taking initiative and research things as needed…even if it’s “not my area of expertise” or “I’m not sure”. You’ll be expected to find out, research or find the right people who know or can do it for us
  • You don’t get stressed easily or get negative about things getting challenging, but instead are passionate about strategizing & organizing our way out of it; a solution-based thinker who investigates why things went wrong with the goal of improving the process. You believe that a process problem lies at the root of every apparent people problem.

Preferred Pluses

  • Intermediate to advanced Ontraport skills
  • Experience using HelpScout & Teamwork
  • Familiarity with the Hibiscus Moon brand and products (being a customer/follower is a major plus!)

Salary Estimate:  start at $65K/year with bonuses/increases based on performance. 4 weeks paid-time-off plus US holidays, 401K matching when eligible, monthly house cleaning reimbursement, health insurance coverage negotiable.

NOTE:  Please do not email to ensure that we received your application or to add anything that you forgot.  You must do it right the first time. (HINT: This is how we weed people out). Please do not apply unless this sounds like your DREAM JOB. We’ll get back to you if we think you might be our DREAM project manager. 🙂

We’re not currently taking applications. Thank you.

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