How to Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes ~ Step by Step ~ PDF Download

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When I posted a photo on my FB page of 1 of my recent crystal growing specimens, I got a ton of questions asking how, how, how?

So, if you’re one of those who always wanted to know how to grow your own crystals, this is the blog post for you!

You know I love my crystals for their healing props but I feel it’s really important to also get to know them in a different way; to learn how & why they grow, how Mama Earth cooks them up in her kitchen. This FUN activity gives us a little insight into that process. And you end up with some drop-dead gorgeous crystals in the end!

Plus this gives me a good excuse to geek out all the way!!

I know from many years in my old science classroom days that kids, teenagers (& adults!) really enjoy seeing the crystallization MAGIC at work! So, pretty sure you’re gonna eat this up with a spoon!

grow your own crystals

So first…

What’s a geode?

Basically, geodes are round rocks that have a hollow interior usually from a gas bubble, in which some sort of usually volcanic  hydrothermal fluids got trapped in. These hollows create the perfect crystal growing environment since they usually contain a supersaturated crystal growing solution (Yes, I know…CRAZY-GEEK-FEST terms! I explain what that  is in the featured video…but, Yo! you’ll love it…that’s a little hint).

Geodes can take thousands or even millions of years to grow…but these babies will only take a couple of days. How lucky are you?!


  • Halloween: how about a fluorescent twist? Just sub the water & food coloring solution with glow water
  • Winter Holidays: grow some snowy white geodes, skip the food coloring & you’ll get clear crystals that will look like clear or milky quartz!
  • Easter/Spring Equinox: just make ’em! Any color, go wild

Oh! In case you didn’t know…I have a slight obsession with the TV show Breaking Bad…just a slight, barely there kind of thing. 😉 Yes, even without TV I managed to get completely addicted to it.

How To Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes – Step by Step

Click here for my FREE printable PDF of the step-by-step instructions!

So are you amazed that Mother Earth takes these (yet much more complicated) steps stretched over a longer period of time & creates over 4500 different types of minerals & crystals and has been doing so for the better part of 4.6 billion years!? I KNOW I AM! Completely & totally amazed & respectful of the entire process.

I hope you have a ton fun trying this out all on your own or with your kids or some friends. If you do try it out please post your results on my FB page or comment below & let us know how it worked out or if you discovered any cool tips to share! I’ll add them to this post so all the Crystal Hotties can benefit!

Happy Crystal Growing!!



P.S. If you enjoyed this post, please share it along so others can try this out with us & share in the FUN!!

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  2. After reading your post it makes me want to try to grow my own crystals. This looks amazing. It also got me thinking about growing rock crystal candy so I looked up that process and inadvertently came across a blog on baking. The cake she made was named Breaking Bad Cake! The top of the cake was covered in blue rock crystal candy. And her post was complete with references to the show and baking with the precision of a chemist. (I wasn’t sure if you want me to post the blog address here)

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      1. Hi Hibiscus, sorry to have taken so long to reply. When I went back to find the post I uncovered a couple more including how to make your own chocolate-rock candy crystal geode! Now, we can grow a geode and eat it to 🙂
        Blue rock candy crystal cake

        Blue rock candy

        Chocolate and rock candy crystal geodes!
        I have yet to make any but really wanted to try your version as the pictures you’ve posted look amazing!

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  4. I am totally going to do this and post my crystals on FB for my grand kids to see!
    Thanks. I used to love do this kind of thing when my boys were young!

  5. @Melissa and Hibiscus Moon,

    I wonder it would work with the essential oils to have the energy properties in the same context with the candle wax you make. What do you think, hmmm??

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