Crystals for Grounding, Prosperity, Drip Stone & What is Entrainment?

Hibiscus Moon grounding, prosperity, science

I squeezed it ALL IN! Yep, 4 questions answered in 1 short video!! On today’s featured video, listen in as I help Crystal Hottie Trudy zero in on several topics:

  • stones to use for grounding
  • crystals for prosperity
  • What is a “drip stone”?
  • What does “entrainment” mean?

You’ll also see some of my current favorite sparkly buddies. 🙂

In the comments below the feature, I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have some fav. stones for grounding or prosperity? Did I miss some common popular ones that work wonders? Please share them with the rest of our Crystal Hottie Community in the comments below & go ahead & get really specific too. Those specific details give us lots more case studies &  examples to assist us in growing &  learning from each other.  I LOVE this glittery community!!♥

Thanks so much for reading, watching & diving into the discussion below. 🙂


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