The Ultimate Guide to your Most Embarrassing Crystal Healer Situations & Questions

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Over the years of certifying others in the art & science of crystal healing, I think I’ve heard it all.


I’ve been in the unique position of being able to collect some great info & tips to share with not only Crystal Healers, but also those looking to receive a crystal healing session as a client.

Actually, these tips can apply to any energy worker or body worker. I feel sharing these with our community is a great service to all involved. Maybe there’s some stuff here that you’ve been wondering about…or stuff you hadn’t even thought of yet!

I have to say a BIG “thank you” to those of you have submitted stories to use in this blog post. You just can’t make some of this stuff up!

OK, let’s dive right in.

Embarrassing Questions/Situations for the Crystal Healer

How do you place the root chakra stone on your client?



The root chakra is located at the base of the tail bone. In between the anus & the genitals.

In our course, I teach our students to either let the client place this stone themselves or use 2 stones & place them were the leg joins the torso.

That’s it. Awkwardness avoided.

What do you do if a client farts?

Go ahead & snicker, you know you want to.

Passing gas during any sort of energy or body work is normal. It’s a form of energy release. So get used to it.

Won’t happen all the time, but it will happen.

Angie-CrystalCoachI had someone release by giggling on the table. Like uncontrollable church giggles. Before my sessions, I always tell my clients that release is normal–crying, laughing, stomach grumbling and passing gas, as well as falling asleep or snoring. One of my clients said, “Oh, I will definitely fart, maybe fall asleep. I had a burger for lunch!”

~Advanced Crystal Master and Crystal Coach, Angie Yingst, The Moon and Stone Healing

How do you handle it if a client has really bad body odor or wears a strong perfume/cologne?

As for perfumes & other strong scents, you could have some prep material ready to go (whether you provide it in an email, brochure or verbally) that instructs on what to expect during a crystal healing session (we provide this lingo to our students) & also explains how to prepare for a session.

For example: peeps should arrive clean & with no scents or perfumes.

Perhaps you can even add some gentle guidelines regarding showering & grooming as a good idea before a session; letting them understand that strong odors of any sort (perfume, body odors, lotions, etc) will interfere with the energy vibrations of your session. How you communicate this is totally up to you & your style. You can also choose to include this info in a mass emailing to your clients; talking about body odor & perfumes, why it interferes & some solutions.

If the offending client has ignored this advice when they arrive, you can simply inform them that part of the prep is to use your bathroom to wash their hands & rinse off any added scents or strong odors. Actually, this is a good idea anyway for everyone to do.

Worst case scenario? Crack a window during the sesh, use a fan & spray some essential oils to help you get through (always get client permission before using the essential oils), then afterwards (if you have the nerve) take a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach to help this person by having a soft, supportive but inquisitive convo. 

What if someone comes in with a really strange request? Or wants you to cure a physical ailment on the spot? 

First, explain to your client that you are not a doctor & you’re not curing, giving medical advice or care.

Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations. Our Certified Crystal Healers have been expertly coached on this & provided paperwork that explains all this to their clients.

I explain a whole lot more on this topic in this post here.

1607107_741254822574872_8477955185266939153_nI had a bikini-clad, sun burned client come in and ask ‘Can you stop the itching?’……Oh, how I love living in a tourist town during season.”

~Certified Crystal Healer, Rev. Brian J Glenn

keep a bottle of aromatherapy oil close by. If an offending odor should start to permeate the space – See more at:


How do I handle it if my client falls asleep?

It’s totally normal & means it’s needed & some deep healing is being done. It may be disappointing for the client since they don’t get to remember the experience consciously, but much-needed therapy did indeed occur.

Falling asleep during a session has actually become very common since our culture has so many poor sleep-deprived people in need of deep healing.

Continue with your session as normal. The client usually wakes up at some point, but if they’re still snoozing by the end of your time together, leave the room & close the door. Allow for 5 min. rest time then knock & say “It’s time to wake up.” & listen for response. If you don’t get one then go back in & gently shake them awake explaining that you have another client arriving soon. Also, explain to them what occurred & how important it is that you allowed them that time to rest.

So, really…anything can happen.

Be prepared.

We’ve even had one of our cert. crystal healer’s report that she had a client who, at the end of the session, gathered all the practitioner’s crystals up & popped them in her purse! She assumed they were part of the session price. LOL! 😀

Embarrassing Questions/Situations for the Client


Lots of people don’t have crystal healing sessions & the like b/c they so unsure of what to expect & they may be too embarrassed to ask. 

Here are some common questions:

Do I have to take off all my clothes?

I cannot speak for other modalities, but a Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Session conducted by a Certified Crystal Healer is a clothing-on therapy, so “no”, you do not take off any of your clothing, except for your shoes so you can get comfy.

You’ll even generally have a sheet and/or blanket draped over you as well. It’s usually recommended that you leave your socks on too as you tend to get cold during any sort of energy session.

crystal healing8

Do I need to leave a tip? And if so, how much?

tipsOf course, tipping is totally up to the customer.

I asked this question on my Facebook Page & the general consensus among our Crystal Hottie community is that: it’s not expected, but it’s gratefully accepted.

A tip is a show of gratitude for a service well done. If you do choose to tip, it’s generally accepted to do so at 15-20% of the service fee.

I’m ticklish & don’t like to be touched. Can I still do this?

Again, I cannot speak for other modalities, but a Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Session conducted by a Certified Crystal Healer is a minimal contact therapy of placing crystals & stones on the body in relaxation.

This is a no-touch therapy so anyone with this concern should be fine.

What if the session gives me an erection?

OK, this is something that no one ever wants to talk about. All the more reason why it needs to be brought up. PUN INTENDED!

Erections are part of being human & we need to keep in mind that erections are usually not about the practitioner at all. *Get over yourself* 😉

It’s just something that happens so we need to grow up & move on. Generally, if your client has an erection, but behaves appropriately…and the crystal healer feels comfortable continuing with the session, then simply ignore & continue.

Now, there may be instances where someone is behaving inappropriately. In that case, you’re fully entitled (and I HIGHLY encourage you) to stop the session cold.

How? 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Ring your tingshas loudly
  2. Say “Take a few minutes to slowly get up. I’ll be waiting outside to end your session.”
  3. Then leave the room.

They’ll get the picture!

What if I snore during the session?

Hey, it happens to all of us. You loll off to sleep then suddenly your startled awake by an awful grow-ly noise only to realize…it’s YOU! Believe me!!! You will not be the first to have ever done this. I’ve done it over & over again.

As I said above, it’s very common to fall asleep during any sort of energy or body work & even the best of us have been caught doing it.

You’re practitioner will be very used to it & not mind 1 bit. They’re not going to run out & tell everyone else how loudly you snored b/c it will be OLD NEWS. No one cares.

Besides, your snoring tells your practitioner that you were able to completely release,  relax, unwind & leave your stress behind. What a compliment!

Do I carry on a conversation during the session?

Generally, no, this is not appropriate during a crystal healing session. Talking will be distracting to the energy work taking place. You should be prepared to have a discussion of your goals for the session before hand & discuss any findings afterward, but try to keep the talking to a bare minimum during the session.

However, don’t be too shy to speak up during the session if anything seems out-of-place, you’re cold, something is hurting or bothering you. Your practitioner will greatly appreciate you speaking up in the moment rather than waiting until afterwards.

So keep the open communication flowing at the appropriate times.  You become a better crystal healer &/or client by being open & honest.

I hope these “embarrassing or awkward” questions & situations will help you feel more confident whether as a client or practitioner.

Please, remember: no question is stupid & that you shouldn’t ever feel embarrassed about expressing your concerns, Jelly Bean.

Sparkly Blessings!



P.S. If you have more situations or questions to add to this please add them to the comments below. Maybe we can do a Part 2!

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  1. I once had a client that shook quite visibly during the entire session, on both front and back. I wouldn’t have a problem with it normally as it’s part of the energy release, but her daughter was also in the room (I was treating them both) and she didn’t like what she was seeing. After the session I explained that this was perfectly normal and part of the release that crystal healing brings. What should I have done?

    1. Post

      Hi Chris, For this reason (& others), its best to not have other people in the sacred space with you & the client. Just as a massage therapist would not have someone else in the room while performing a massage. Best to have the other person come in later when its time for their session or wait in a lobby with a magazine, some tea & filling out their paperwork. 🙂

      1. Yes and normally I wouldn’t have, but neither felt comfortable about sitting outside on their own – being a mother and daughter I can see why.

  2. Hibiscus,
    I’ve heard different reasons explaining why feet and hands get cold during therapy. The most common is that as the client relaxes body temperature lowers. What are your thoughts on this and is there any thing we can do during a crystal healing session that helps keep the client’s hands and feet warm (other than warm towels).
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  3. I had a client go thru many many crystal healing in her own home. We do house calls.
    12 to be exact, in a months time. Not full hour sessions as we did not want overload, but a gradual shorter, but with more eventful restorative result orientated sessions.

    When a client wants a more concentrated Holistic program we ask their permission to photograph, for our own research, not to be shared, unless permission is given, of their feet for our Reflexology and their face for the overall map if you will.

    This meticulous, but time staking process produced a more youthful looking, and you can actually see worry and stress disappear from the facial features on this client. You could see the peace in her soul. Seeing this client 3 times a week, it was a gradual process for us as well, and without the photos we would not have this positive proof.

    The photos for this client were dramatic, you can visually see the stress gone from this clients face. It gives new meaning to your ability as a Holistic Healer and has keep us inspired to be the best you can be after seeing this kind of evidence. It is proof, we feel, that the science behind Holistic Alternative Medicines, such as Reflexology and Crystal Healing can be backed up. Be creative, you will help humanity as you never thought you could, build your confidence, and infect people with some conditional love and light.

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  5. Thank you very much for this information. I am not a crystal healer, but am a Reiki Master, so I encounter many of the same types of situations. It’s always nice to get feedback from others who do similar work. Namaste!

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    1. Post
  6. Hibiscus Moon, I have question about my system. I need crystal healing I get hives and shingles. Is there a spicific crystal to help me with these conditions. My immunity is low. Please help. Thanks
    Rhonda Sutherland

  7. I’m looking to take the course next year but I’m curious have you ever had a customer ask for a refund because they didn’t experience what they expected in the session. Thanks 🙂

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