Crystals + 2014 Eclipse Energies

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OK, time to do an updated lunar eclipse and crystals post for 2014 & just in time for our 1st eclipse in April. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love to ride our cosmic local Solar System energies. I also LOVE to layer various types of similar vibrational frequencies together for lovely harmony…and that, of course, includes crystals!

Big eclipses, Big letting go…Exciting stuffs!

What makes the upcoming eclipses really exciting is that most of these eclipses will be visible form North America (bit selfish, I know).

So the party gets started on April 15th for a spectacular midnight eclipse! As, I’ve mentioned before eclipse usually occur in pairs of lunar & solar. This year’s set is known as a lunar eclipse tetrad; a series of 4 consecutive real-deal full eclipses occurring about 6 months apart (some of these flowing into 2015). I say real-deal, b/c these aren’t partial eclipse but the FULL-ON ENERGY. So put your seat belts on. And…the really unique thing is that with this tetrad; all visible somewhere in the US. 

Upcoming Eclipses

Here’s what’s on tap for our 2014 eclipses (click on links to see NASA maps showing where on Mama Earth the eclipse will be visible):

  • 2014 Apr 15: Total Lunar Eclipse – Lunar eclipse happens when our Mother Earth moves in between the Sun & the Moon & blocks the reflection of the Sun’s
    moonstone 300x225 Crystals + 2014 Eclipse Energies


    light on the moon with Mama Earth’s shadow. I feel the energies of a Lunar Eclipse are the same as a really powerful Full Moon. High amplitude, no doubt. For me, the Full Moon is a time to be grateful for what the last lunar cycle has brought about & to take a look at my plans & evaluate any necessary changes for the next cycle. Lunar Eclipses are a good energy to bring about change Crystals to Work with: moonstone, fluorite, selenite

  • 2014 Apr 29: Annular Solar Eclipse – This type of eclipse happens when the Moon is a wee bit closer to the Sun leaving a bright ring of light around the Moon (the corona). Solar eclipses can only appear during a new
    stellar beam calcite Crystals + 2014 Eclipse Energies

    My stellar beam calcite

    moon & in the day time. This means that you are working with new moon energy (this is said to be great for BIG TIME cleansing, purging, ending things & letting go). Good time to clean out closets & such. This sort of eclipse has less amplitude than a Total Solar Eclipse. If you feel good about that then work with it & give it a go. Click on the link for a NASA map of where you need to be to see this event. Crystals to Work with: herkimer diamond, sunstone, citrine, stellar beam calcite

  • 2014 Oct 08: Total Lunar Eclipse – same as above
  • 2014 Oct 23: Partial Solar Eclipse - In this type of solar eclipse, the Moon only partly covers the Sun as seen from Mama Earth. So, the energy from this event is the same as an Annular Solar Eclipse (see above)


For some great tips on how to watch a total lunar eclipse, click here.

For a little more of a science lesson on the eclipses & working with their energy please take a look at my older blog post here. I also explain in that post why I’m leery to work with Solar Eclipses. However, I ♥ to work with Lunar eclipse energy since it can make for some supremely special edition gem elixirs difficult to replicate!

eclipse Crystals + 2014 Eclipse Energies

And no worries if you can’t visibly view some or any of these eclipses due to where you are on Mama Earth at that time…it’s not necessary to SEE the eclipse for its energy to still affect you. icon smile Crystals + 2014 Eclipse Energies

Here are just a few ways I like to work with the Lunar Eclipse and Crystals:

  • Concoct special Gem Elixir blends
  • Crystal Grids
  • Program a special quartz crystal
  • Put together a lunar energy crystal mojo kit

Are you planning on working with the Eclipse Energies of any sort? I’d all love to hear what you’re up to so please comment below. icon smile Crystals + 2014 Eclipse Energies

Lunar Blessings!

signature3 Crystals + 2014 Eclipse Energies

softwareboxopentop1 150x150 Crystals + 2014 Eclipse EnergiesP.S. If you’re interested in working with crystal energies in the form of a Gem Elixir, you may be interested in checking out my Gem Elixir eKit; click here to check that out.


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  • Karen says:

    The astrologer Benjamin Bernstein talks about the upcoming peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross on 22nd April as the biggest astrological event he’s ever seen (you can see him talking about it here:

    Do you have advice for working with that huge, longer-term energy?

  • Amber says:

    Thank you so much for this info! And your site! I use it alot! I had no idea about this lunar phenomenon :-)

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you for the great post. What oracle card deck is pictured in this post?

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