3 Crystals to Mega Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Have issues with worthiness? Self-Worth? Self-esteem? Self love?

Well, I’ve got some crystals for you today!

Yes, I’ve got some crystals to help boost your feelings of worthiness, or boost your self-esteem, your self-worth. 

You know, a lot of us have issues with this.

Because…maybe we’ve been bullied.  Perhaps, there are people in our lives that talk negatively to us or criticize us for every little thing we do. :(

After a while you start to believe that stuffs.

Keep in mind, they’re being this way b/c you’re not just like them, because of their own feelings of low self-esteem & low self-worth.

These people make themselves feel better by coming at you, belittling you, talking down to you & making you feel that way.  That may be exactly where your feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth come from.

Of course, there may be more extreme things that people have done to you or circumstances behind it: abusive relationships, both physical & emotional that do that to you as well. ((HUGS))
Crystals for Self Esteem & Worthiness
Let’s get back to feeling worthy & the crystals you can use to help reinforce those feelings.

Of course, in addition to your sparkly tools, you want to be working on yourself in lots of different ways:

  • self-care
  • therapy (group or one on one or both!)
  • journaling
  • surrounding yourself with supportive people
  • self-help books, etc.

You know I don’t ever rely just on crystals alone, but I definitely like them as a healing tool & support to help us along with other healing modalities that we’re using to achieve the goal of whatever we’re trying to achieve.  In this case, it’s self-worthiness & self-esteem.

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White Precious Opal

This stone looks like Common Opal, BUT it has an iridescence & some flashes of blue, green + red in there!

White Precious Opal or any kind of Opal is great for boosting self-esteem. ♥ It’s also known for purifying & removing blocks.

Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Cinnabar is a powerful stone, great for boosting self-esteem!

I have a blog post and video all about Cinnabar that I will link to here. A lot of red stones are good for boosting self-esteem, but Cinnabar is especially known for that.


WARNING: Cinnabar is a stone is you want to be careful with because it’s a toxic stone. It has Mercury in it.  But I’m not afraid of handling it.  It’s not so crazy-toxic that I can’t touch it.  I just wouldn’t put this in my mouth or make a Gem Elixir with it or anything like that. And I’m always mindful of washing my hands after I do handle it. Maybe I’m a little too cautious, but it can’t hurt, right?

Always err on the side of caution with any kind of crystal that may have elements in it that could be toxic, like Cinnabar.

Here’s an affirmation that I really like for worthiness in general b/c…you know…you need to know internally that all of us, every single one of us, are worthy and that we deserve to receive good in all forms.  All forms, we all deserve it:

We deserve to receive good in all forms.

Spirit Quartz
It has a slight Lilac-tone to it, or hue.  Some are more vibrant than others.  Look how purty-sparkly it is!

Spirit Quartz is a great 1, again, for boosting self-worth, feelings of worthiness.  It’s also known for purification & protection; freedom from fear. Get yourself some Spirit Quartz if you need to boost that up.  And a cluster would be really good for sending out energy in all different directions, if you’d like to radiate that energy into your sacred space or office perhaps: send out that energy in all different directions!

We all need a self-worth boost sometimes, right? Please tell me & our Crystal Hottie Community if you use these crystals & how you work with them in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,



Living in Alignment with Your Life’s Purpose

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Hi Crystal Hottie!

I’ve got another “Crystal Healer Interview” today! Yes, more fresh, new & inspiring crystal perspectives from others that are living & breathing this crystal path.

And just in case you’re not familiar with what exactly is goin’ down…these Crystal Healer Interviews allow me to introduce you to crystal healing from another perspective (other than my own). So we’ve got a few Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers & Advanced Crystal Masters who are so generously sharing their stories with us. 

Well, I’m excited to let you meet super-cute, ambitious & talented HMCA Advanced Crystal Master, Ryelle Eterna of www.crystalrockstar.com.

Today’s message is about living in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Ryelle shares with us some amazing ideas she’d like to realize in the future: think “uber-lux-crystal-spa-experience”! Plus, a warning about working with moldavite.

And Here’s Ryelle …

What crystal has had the biggest effect on you?
Moldavite has had the biggest effect on me lately.

A few years ago, I purchased a raw piece…didn’t affect me at all. Then earlier this year, I felt called to work with moldavite again. I purchased and started wearing a faceted moldavite and diamond pendant and the combination of these two high vibration crystals really worked on activating my energies and clearing out my throat chakra issues. WARNING: I would limit wearing the pendant for only a short period of time because keeping it on too long would result in my throat getting really sore and raspy; almost to the point of losing my voice! [{Insert from me, Hibiscus} I also warn of working with moldavite too much in this blog post].
Since working with that combination, so many synchronicities of new-found knowledge, meeting like-minded people and connecting with guides started to occur!
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What is your most favorite crystal in the whole wide world and why?

By Parent Géry (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia CommonsI first learned about it in the Book of Stones when I was taking the my Hibiscus Moon courses. I consider this crystal my favorite because of tugtupite’s properties of tenebrescence and fluorescence, and the metaphysical stories centered around it being a mineral aphrodisiac!

I fell in love with this crystal without even being able to touch it in real life. I even wrote about it in my blog a while ago to plant the seed of hoping to own this crystal one day.

For a while I searched for the perfect tugtupite piece, but I couldn’t find just the right one.

Then one day while visiting a gem show, I found the perfect sized pendant and it was love at first sight!

I even grabbed a few extras to put in my shop in case others were interested in experiencing this crystal’s energies. ♥

After working with tugtupite for a bit now, I also consider it my current fav because of my attraction towards crystals from Greenland (like Nuummite). Also, since this crystal “lights” up with sunlight and UV light, I feel like it’s energetically working on different dimensions and auric layers that are not seen with the human eye. I think of it as my multi-dimensional spectrum crystal!
What do you think made the biggest difference to you on this crystal-path?
The expansion of conscious awareness in how I live my life and how I interpret my current reality.

Introducing crystals into your life can bring on a paradigm shift where you start to live more in alignment with your spiritual purpose and the veil of 3D life starts to dissipate. I believe a greater understanding of your purpose and your life experiences start to unravel once you entrain your body and subtle body with the positive energies of vibrational tools…like crystals.

{Here’s a video of Ryelle on a rock-hounding adventure!}:

What are your BIG DREAMS now that you’re an ACM (Advanced Crystal Master)?
My biggest dream would be to create an ultimate crystal healing spa that involves all things crystal and includes color, sound and light therapies…that uses crystal charged, healthier water alternatives instead of harmful chlorine and fluoridated water. It would be a dream to have a spa like this aligned with a positive energy ley-line that has an ocean view amidst nature with beautiful weather!

I would also love to one day perform healing retreats in beautiful tropical locations. It would be a dream to allow people to heal, relax and rejuvenate during their vacation time. I envision a retreat with crystal healing sessions, nature hikes, organic vegan menus for detoxing, yoga, sun and star-gazing, meditation, dance, water activities  and body/massage treatments!

Our society is so programmed to work so much, that we are so disconnected with our inner selves and don’t have enough time to nurture ourselves. Creating a healing retreat where people can raise their vibration, consciousness levels and heal at the same time would be a dream come true!
What do you love most about working with crystals?
What I love most about working with crystals is when you work with them for a while and then start to feel their vibrational effects.
The energy crystals exude can bring such profound experiences!
I feel everyone should experience the feelings that crystals can bring. For some it takes time, and for others, the effects are instant.

Another reason I love working with crystals is the feeling you get when you find the right crystal by using your intuition and connecting with it. It’s like finding a long-lost soul mate or treasure!
Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering this path?
Believe in yourself and follow your intuition.

Don’t feel pressured to have to purchase every type of crystal on the market. I was overwhelmed at the amount of crystals out there at the beginning of my practice and would sometimes fall into the hype of what everyone else was trying and using. Different crystals have different vibrations, just like how people are different and have their unique energies and personalities. What may work for one, may not work for another.

I believe you should tune into your needs and observe your energetic reactions, your intuitive gut feelings and dream messages, to see what crystal calls out to you and what you are strongly attracted to. I believe those crystals will be most beneficial to your healing, conscious awakening and energetic make-up. Then once you become more sensitive and intuitive to subtle energies, apply these practices to your clients’ healing.

Ryelle’s Bio: Ryelle is certified as a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master and Usui Reiki Master. She is the owner of Crystal Rock Star where she offers crystal healing jewelry, mini crystal grids, gem meditation body oils, distance healing sessions & intuitive crystal services. Check out her website at: www.crystalrockstar.com. You can also connect with her on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/officialcrystalrockstar


Hibiscus again here…

Thank you lovely Ryelle for sharing your personal sparkly journey with us & all your wonderful crystal insights!

If you resonate with anything Ryelle has shared with us here please leave a comment below. :)

Crystal Blessings,

Can Crystal Color Determine it’s Meaning? & Who made up the BUNK that crystal energy can be based on color!?

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This question came in & I think it is so funny how this is worded:

Who made up the BUNK that crystal energy can be based on color?

Ha! Here’s the vid…

Yeah! So where’d this bunk come from?
All right, so I don’t know that it’s necessarily a “who made it up” type a’ thing.

Actually, this whole concept of color & crystals aligning with different energy centers throughout our bodies & resonating with different organs & glands has been around for thousands & thousands of years & is a common thread through many different cultures. It goes back to ancient teachings.

And it’s actually something that we can scientifically back up & even measure in some instances (I get much deeper into that in my Certified Crystal Healer Course).

Rather than someone “making it up” I feel it’s actually a case of many different cultures tapping in at the same time to a particular teaching or Universal Knowing…a collective tapping in of collective consciousness (or unconsciousness) & all coming up with the idea at the same time. This has been known to happen with scientists , inventors, discoverers, etc.; actually where 2 different scientists in different parts of the world will all of a sudden make identical discoveries…like this vibrational wave comes through and then they will both tap into the same discovery or invention at the same time! Then there’ll be these accusations flying around that someone stole it from someone else. But back in the days when the only way to share information was via a letter on a ship, that was most likely not the case at all, but instead, that they tapped in vibrationally at the same time to the same collective idea. Pretty cool, right? (Biologist, Rupert Sheldrake has based his theory of the Morphogenic Field on this concept.)

…or perhaps “others” brought that knowledge here to Earth at one time. (If you’re interested in that look into the teachings of  Zecharia Sitchin)
Back to the Crystal Bunk
So, about different crystals & mineral energy being based on their color: for instance, the teachings that say all blue crystals are for gentle calming, all pink crystals are for love, etc.

I don’t feel that is always 100% the way that it goes every single time.

I feel that not every single green-hued crystal is going to exude the same exact sort of energy. However, due to specific light frequencies of the green wavelength many of your green crystals will be aligned to heart chakra energy to prosperity, to health, to vitality. Not every single green crystal (due to many other variables), but many will generally fall into those general categories.

In addition,  keep in mind that not every single person is going to get the same “feeling” from an emerald due to individual varying vibrational frequencies of the person.

See, I feel that around 85% of the people will tap into the same vibrational frequency, but I’ve said it time & time again we all have a different vibrational frequency slightly different on average to each other. That’s going to not allow everybody to neatly fit into “the rigid box” of everyone picking up the same exact energy from a green emerald in the same way. Get what I mean?

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What is Crystal Color?
In order answer this question we need to understand what color is.

Color is a visual representation what we are able to visually perceive of electro-magnetic frequency (light). We cannot see all light on the electro-magnetic spectrum. We’re only able to see a very narrow band on that spectrum. And we call that band visible light.

Now, I feel that some people can see a little bit more into the infrared, some people can see a little bit more into ultraviolet & beyond (we know some animals can do this, crystals pick up others parts of the spectrum)…the see’ers! But most of us can see the visible light band & that’s it.

So, there’s all of this stuff over here outside the band that are “colors” that we can’t see.

So as I said, when you see green that is a very specific light frequency. So it’s a very specific wavelength of energy that you are able to see, but it doesn’t just manifest as visible light. It has different octaves that repeat themselves & can be felt & represented in different ways.

What you’re seeing and we talk about “color” is a very specific vibrational frequency.

Now, here’s the kicker!

So, that crystal that looks “green” to you isn’t actually green. In fact, it’s every other color BUT green. What I mean is that it looks green to you b/c it’s absorbing every other light frequency except the green one & reflecting the green. It’s bouncing off the green wavelength.

So, that’s the specific frequency that it’s bouncing off! It’s the green frequency that if you’re able to pick up or perceive in whatever way you tend to do that, with your eyes, with your hands…or you enter the electromagnetic field of that crystal & that’s the energy you’re going to interact with: green energy, Baby!

It makes sense that other stones that are within the same color vicinity will have similar but slightly different energies.

And there you go…hope that explains in a general, but scientific way where this bunk comes from. 😉

Do you feel that all crystals of a color all affect us in the same way? Do you have experiences or stories to share on this topic? Please post in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

Are you cut out to do this work?

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crystal healing16

Are you cut out to do this work?

To be an energy therapist, a light worker, a crystal healer?

Every now & again I like to do a post like this so people know what sort of traits make for the most successful practitioners. After years of receiving, giving, teaching & certifying others to do this important work & watching those who are successful at it, I think I have a pretty good idea.

I also want to make sure that we attract the right kind of student here at the HMCA. I love you all…but we’re not all cut out to do this work & some people have different expectations.

  • I know that many get intimidated thinking “Who am I to be healing anyone?” Here at the HMCA, we realize & teach that we can all heal each other & that healing is a 2-way street…both the facilitator & the “heal-ee” exchange & receive healing energy. Heck, if we waited for all the healers to be PERFECT before they did any “healing” for anyone else….we’d all be waiting a LONG FREAKIN’ TIME!
  • If you’re drawn to being a crystal healer or light worker, you also need to know that this is most likely something you volunteered to do, a sacred contract you agreed to fulfill in this life…before you were even born, Chick Pea! You’re “pull” towards doing this sort of work is most likely your gentle reminder of  your life’s purpose to better our planet & facilitate healing in others. Feel into that now. How does that feel? Do you feel like you’ve just been reminded of something? Does it feel familiar or is it even triggering an “a-ha!” moment for you? If it is, pay close attention there.
  • Now to get really specific, if you’re looking to be spoon-fed dogma & forced into “set in stone” beliefs & not do any of your own self-exploration & inner work to see what’s most in alignment with your own inner knowing, then my course is not the right one for you. I know there are some healer courses out there that force certain doctrines without offering any info on “how” or “why” & some prefer it that way. They just want to be told what to believe & not question it. But that ain’t how we roll over here. I prefer to empower our students. 
  • Along the same lines, if you’re looking for a course that simply spews out crystal properties for you to memorize (“this crystal does this, this crystal does that”) then my course is not the course for you. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that…there are other courses out there for you if that’s what you want. But my method is all about really getting to know your crystals on a whole other level while learning the science behind how they work & taking a more personal approach to that.
  • Now this is the ONE thing that is the BIGGEST obstacle that get’s in the way. If you can’t get over this one…then no, you’re not cut out for this shiz: You must understand that when you really get down to it…YOU will not be doing the actual healing or shifting of energy. Ego gets in the way & sabotages us here. Yes, I know this from my own experience! Instead, you act as the conduit or the “hollow bone” for Source Energy to flow through. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but …you need to get ova yourself. 😉

OK, now that I’ve covered who it’s for & who it’s not for…if you’re interested in doing this thing with us…this is your last chance to enroll for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course for 2015! We’re closing the doors soon.

Do you have a calling to work with the crystals?

That calling?

It’s one that could totally change your life’s path. My Certified Crystal Healer Course will allow you to create a life in total alignment with your dreams + desires.

We have students from all over Mama Earth for you to connect with in our private forum; The Crystal Cave. The Cave is a place to create friendships & mingle with other like-minded people. And I must say…our students are simply the BEST peeps in the world!! I mean, hey! They love crystals! What more do you need to know, right?

Once, again…if this is calling to you, I’m enrolling now for the last time in 2015 & enrollment closes on Friday, Sep. 4!

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So, are you cut out for it?
Would you like to start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals?

Is this your life’s purpose to fulfill?

You can learn more + enroll right here.

If you’re ready to take charge of your future, learning about & expressing your special gifts, talents & spiritual abilities while also making a positive difference on Mother Earth, I’d be honored to help you make that happen!

I also want you to know that if you’ve determined you’re just not cut out for it or if my course isn’t right for you – for whatever reason – I hope to still have the opportunity to serve you & have you be a part of our community, Crystal Hottie. 😉

Crystal Blessings,


Navigating Challenges & Finding Joy

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Crystal sand bath

Hey Crystal Hottie!

Since so many of you expressed to me how much you enjoyed reading my last “Crystal Healer Interview” & I am really also loving this injection of fresh, new & inspiring crystal perspectives let’s do it again!

So in case, you’re not quite sure what’s going on here…I have a few lovely Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers who’ve decided to step out here on my blog & let you into their gorgeous glitter-filled worlds.

I’m so happy to introduce you to HMCA Certified Crystal Healer Roberta Haley, CCH of www.bodyspiritandstone.com.

Today’s message is about finding joy & happiness in your life’s purpose.

Mother of 2, Crystal Healer and Reiki Practitioner, Roberta  so graciously shares  with us her start with Crystals and coming full circle.

Ready? Here’s Roberta …

What brought you to the world of crystal healing?
I wish that I could say that I am a science nerd, but I’m not!  Which actually surprises me because my mother was a science teacher…ironic!

However, I always remember loving to go visit the Museum of Natural History when I was a kid and I could spend the whole time in the Hall of Gems and Minerals.

We had a small set of stones at home that I would play with. I knew they were special in some way but I didn’t know why. I used to talk to them!

It’s truly amazing being a kid because you are so open to things that you don’t realize are spiritual in nature when you’re that little.

I didn’t re-connect with crystals until I started studying Angel Oracle card readings with Doreen Virtue, and came upon a book she wrote on crystals:

That’s when I researched crystal healing and came upon the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course.
What energy work or spirituality books are you loving right now?
When I start a new spirituality book I usually go for a marathon read of a couple of books from the same author.

Right now I’ve been reading some books by Gail Thackray.  She is a medium and spiritual teacher who routinely takes people on pilgrimages to Brazil to visit John of God (a renowned spiritual healer who healed Dr. Wayne Dyer of cancer through a distance healing). I just finished up with The Gift where she talks about her visit to a psychic surgeon in the Philippines.

I had heard about psychic surgery, but I had no idea as to how it is actually performed until I read this book. I’ve gone to her workshops and brought home some small John of God crystals as well as a clear quartz crystal pendulum. The energy from these crystals is amazing!
Do any ridicule you for being interested in crystal healing? If so, how do you handle that?
So far, everyone that I have spoken to about crystal healing has been more curious than anything. It seriously opens up another door that they never knew existed.

Ridiculed? No…Skepticism? Yes.

It’s the kind of thing that they truly have to experience first hand to truly GET IT and make them a believer. One of my friends that was a volunteer for my CCH certification was one of the skeptics!

She since happily wrote a testimonial for me on my website saying how she is now a believer!
What crystal has had the biggest effect on you?
It’s a toss-up between amethyst and selenite.

Amethyst is my birth stone and I’ve just always had that connection to it. It’s my go to crystal for healing and protection, and it has a very calming energy for me. I have an amethyst lamp on my bedside table. It has a little red bulb that lights it up…so cool!

Selenite, I love because it has that angelic connection to it as well as being a stone of protection. I sweep my aura with a big wand that I have…and I like to use smaller ones to frame pictures of family members, such as my sister who has been battling cancer for the last year.

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What do you think made the biggest difference to you on this path?
It’s kind of like my life has come full circle in a way.

I mentioned how I admired and played with crystals as a kid, but there was a huge lapse of time that passed before I re-connected with them again.

Even though I had a very positive experience in my adult life pursuing other career paths,

I can honestly say that I finally feel like I’ve found IT; the path that brings me joy and a sense of purpose.

I’ve also always been empathic and intuitive, having that ‘knowing’, being an avid listener to people’s problems, and wanting to help them release blocks that are holding them back in life.
What is your go-to crystal for grounding?

I’ve always loved garnet and I frequent a garnet mine in the Adirondack mountains in upstate NY. I have a nice little multitude of garnet chips as well as a nice raw chunk that is my go-to root chakra stone.
Any challenges/opportunities on this path?
My crystal healing/Reiki business is a labor of love! (Hibiscus here: keep in mind, Roberta is a single mom to 2 teenage boys!) Since I’m still in that transition phase, it’s challenging to find the balance between working full-time, taking care of my kids, on top of all the other motherly duties, to grow my crystal business. However, I know that this is my calling and where my happiness lies.


Roberta’s Bio: Roberta is a single mother of two teenage boys and has her own crystal healing/Reiki business.  She recently launched her website: www.bodyspiritandstone.com


Hibiscus again here…

Thank you Sweet Roberta, for sharing your personal path with us & kudos to you for juggling it all. Seriously inspiring!

If you resonate with anything Roberta has shared with us here please leave a comment below.:)

Crystal Blessings,



P.S. If you’d like to join us on this Crystal Healing path, my Certified Crystal Healing Course will be enrolling for the last time in 2015 very soon. You can jump on the Wait List here.

Is The Power Of Quartz A Scam?

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Is the power of crystals & quartz energy a scam?

No way! How will I prove that to you?

By throwing some science at it, of course!

Quartz is amazing in so many ways.

It makes up some of our very favorite crystals to work with:

  • clear quartz
  • amethyst
  • citrine
  • smokey quartz
  • rose quartz
  • aventurine
  • jaspers
  • ….I could go on & on

What’s so special about it?
OK, really quick we’re going to dip into some physics here. But I’ll make it painless…I swear.

Oh, c’mon…it’s not that bad.

So a wee bit ago (in the year 1880) in a Paris lab, physicist brothers Jacques & Pierre Curie (husband to Marie) made a new discovery regarding quartz crystals.

Together they found that by wiring a quartz crystal to a recording meter & striking it, they could produce an electric signal. Whoa!
Then they found that squeezing it resulted in the same. Wait! A rock crystal was making electricity here?

Well, not really making it. Crystals cannot create or generate energy, despite that popular name given to quartz crystals of a certain rare shape & size: “Generators”. But,  some crystals can serve as transducers.

So what the flip is a transducer???

A transducer is capable of transforming one form of energy into another…rather than generating it

In this case we’re talking about transducing mechanical energy into electrical energy. Or vice versa: an electric current into a mechanical force. A wee bit ‘o physics. Ya with me so far?

So, what I’ve just described & what the Pierre bro’s discovered is known as: piezoelectricity. And it’s 1 super-geeky reason why quartz is so scientifically magical!

It means that quartz produces a voltage when pressured in some way. An electric charge actually builds up in the quartz as a reaction to the stress.

Piezoelectricity Demo.
Graphic provided by Tizeff (Template:Ownnn) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

In fact, some scientists think that “ball lightning” may be the result of electrified gas in our atmosphere from quartz-bearing rocks being subjected to tectonic stress & pressure from Mama Earth moving her crustal plates around, like granite. How cool is that?
Great Balls of Lightning!
Ball Lightning. By Joe Thomissen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
How does Quartz do this shizzle?
Let me show you.

Quartz is able to conduct an electrical charge b/c of its precise crystalline nature. Because of this, it vibrates at a very specific frequency making it ideal for use in watches & other technologies.

The next question I often get from my students is:

“What frequency is quartz crystal? I heard it was ‘High Frequency’.”

And my answer is…

From a scientific point of view, that’s the wrong way to look at it. See, a particular quartz crystal’s resonant frequency depends on many variables such as:

  • its particular size
  • shape
  • flexibility
  • unique crystalline structure
  • the speed of sound of the material
  • or even the environment that’s it’s in at the time

Yeah, I know! Not so simple.

So this piezoelectric thing was a HUGE discovery for the Pierre Bro’s & gave quartz crystal a whole new importance…while validating what the metaphysical community had inherently known since ancient times, but didn’t have the relatively new science to back it up! BTW, that’s the whole premise of my crystal courses…science backing up & giving confidence to our crystal healing & therapy practices.


Today, piezoelectricity is commonly used in our modern technology in so many ways. (Since I fear losing too many of you with this physics-stuffs, I’ll just link to examples if you care to dig deeper into that.)

Quartz is unique; its flexible yet resistant to temperature-induced expansion & contraction, unlike other materials.
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So what?

Well, this makes quartz perfect for use in the accurate mechanics used in things like a watch!

Busting the Fantasy Bubble: Now, I know we’d all like to imagine a mini crystal like this one below lives inside our quartz watch…

But instead, they actually are high quality, high-purity quartz crystals laser-trimmed in a lab into the shape of a tuning fork & vibrate at a very specific frequency. B/c of its piezoelectric property, this teeny quartz tuning fork is manipulated by applying a voltage with this specific vibrational frequency (usually 32,768 Hz) until it entrains & sets…& they look like this…

This is a quartz crystal resonator, (basically a cute mini tuning fork!) used as the timekeeping component in quartz watches and clocks, with the case removed.

But, quartz isn’t the only crystal that’s got this cool property!
Crystals that are Piezoelectric

  • All quartz
  • Berlinite (a rare phosphate mineral)
  • All Topaz
  • All Tourmaline
  • Macedonite (lead titanite)

BTW, I consider quartz, topaz & tourmalines to be some of the most powerful & potent crystals to work with. Now you know why. 😉
So how does all this science help us with Crystal Healing?
Piezoelectric crystals are highly beneficial to our energy fields.

I always teach that we really need to pay attention to our energetic hygiene b/c anything neglected there will eventually become more dense; condensing & manifesting in our physical bodies.

In my Hibiscus Moon Method, I teach a very specific technique in detail that allows our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers to tap into all the power inherent in this pyroelectric property…and I teach you more on the physics behind why it works.

Just to quickly explain, the piezoelectric property of quartz allows us to tap into the body’s polarity. We also couple it with other properties & involve the transducing aspect to play a big role in crystal therapy. Pretty cool, huh?

BTW, quartz also has some other cool physics properties like pyroelectricity &  triboluminesence, but I think I’ll hold over to see how this blog post goes over before I dive into those aspects. 😉

So please let me know if this blog helped you to learn a bit more about the science behind crystal healing in the comments below…or if it sent you running for the hills, let me know that too!

Crystal Blessings,


P.S. If this sort of thing appeals to you & you’d like to go way deeper in your crystal practice, I teach all about this & so much more in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. We’ll be enrolling again for our fall term very soon. You can get on the Wait List here.

Drawing Inspiration from your Crystal Healing Practice

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Hi Crystal Hottie!

I have a special treat for you today! Remember when we used to do those Crystal Healer Interviews here on my blog? I very rarely accept guest posts, but from time to time I like to bust out of that model & invite some inspiring Crystal Workers into my space.

I know many of you soooo enjoyed hearing from others who are also passionate about using crystal therapy everyday. It fuels us to keep doing more of what we’re doing, right? And then go out & share it with the world. :)

Well, the Crystal Healer Interviews are back! I have a few lovely Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers who’ve decided to step out here on my blog & let you into their gorgeous glitter-filled worlds.

I’m so happy to introduce you to Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master Angie Yingst of AngieYingst.com. I am so blessed to work with Angie as she is also part of our Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Faculty as one of our beloved Crystal Coaches.

It’s a true honor to share her here with you.

Angie shares with us how she continues to draws inspiration from her crystal healing practice among many other motivational tid-bits.

Ready? Here’s Angie’s interview…

What brought you to the world of Crystal Healing?
My sister and I would lay stones on the chakras in a completely intuitive way during Reiki sessions with each other.

Then Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy started showing up everywhere I went on the internet, plus I subscribed to the newsletter. Even in day-to-day life, people would randomly say things like, “I’m drinking hibiscus tea under the full moon.” I realized I needed to take the path unfurling in front of me.
What is your most favorite crystal in the world and why?
That is like asking which is my favorite child! I love the dark grounding stones, particularly love garnet and black tourmaline.

a large almandine garnet

I think grounding is the key to all spiritual work from psychic work and meditation to dealing with bad drivers and temper tantrums.
What is something new that you’ve learned about crystals that you didn’t know before you took the course?

The science behind why crystals work remains the most important aspect of taking the coursework.

And not just science in one class, but throughout the coursework in the Certified Crystal Healer coursework, and the Advanced Crystal Master coursework. We are given examples, studies, links, books, more articles, and it just helps me volumes in my day-to-day client work. I am incredibly passionate about that part of crystal healing. Working as a Crystal Coach for HMCA students helps me stay in that mindset of the science behind what we do.
What do others in your life think about the path you’re on?
My husband works in the medical field, and could not be more supportive.

I believe medicine is moving toward a more integrated approach rather than split into two factions. Allopathic medicine and complementary medicine can work hand-in-hand for one amazing path of healing.
What do you think made the biggest difference to you on this path?
Realizing that I am not special nor am I capable of “healing” anyone.

My job is to raise someone’s vibration so they can do their work more easily or begin that process of energetic alignment with their intention.

I pray before every session that the person on my table receives the healing for their Highest Good. Then I do what I was trained to do as an Advanced Crystal Master and a Reiki Master/Teacher. I am simply a channel for healing energy.

I place stones quietly, perform Reiki without making it about me, practice meditation so that my mind can be a blank slate when I’m entering the auric field of my client, and introduce crystals in a way that empowers my clients and students. These are all part of that larger humility we need to accept when working as healers.
How do you navigate being a crystal healer and a mama/teacher, etc. on a daily basis?
I blend them together quite naturally–

  • mother
  • writer
  • artist
  • crystal healer

In meditation the other night, I just kept hearing: “You are the Mother” and I saw myself holding my babies, then working on the client in session, nurturing their soul into their next spiritual incarnation. Then painting, and birthing art from conception to finished piece.
What is the primary way you utilize crystals in your practice?
I lay stones on the body. I also teach crystal workshops each month on a topic of interest–this month is Intuition, next month is Empowerment–and my co-teacher Kate and I talk about ways to use crystals around this topic. They are really incredibly powerful classes.

We also teach day-long workshops on crystals. In those classes, we make gem water, create grids, lay stones on the body, meditate with crystals, and discuss crystal healing.

I also do distant crystal healing sessions.

From where do you draw inspiration in your crystal practice?

I am constantly studying, learning from my colleagues in groups online, Facebook, and through crystal healers I admire, like Hibiscus Moon and Naisha Ahsian…and researching.

I have grown in my practice, and find that information comes to me in session that I integrate and learn more about on my downtime. I also take classes that interest me, knowing that I can incorporate it into my practice, if I resonate with it. I do not limit myself to one modality, and see my gift as being able to take these disparate ideas and bring them together for my clients.
[Tweet “Drawing Inspiration from your Crystal Healing Practice. http://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/inspiration-angie-yingst/”]
What 3 energy-work or spirituality books are you loving right now?
I am reading Shamanic Reiki by Llyn Roberts, which is so powerful and reads so true to me.

I’m rereading the Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizidek.

And right now, I keep revisiting the book Crystalline Illumination: The Way of the Five Bodies by Katrina Raphaell. I have been incorporating her techniques and ideas into my sessions and my clients move mountains after the vibration we raise.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering this path?
Know yourself and do your own spiritual work. That is the first thing I can recommend.

Go see healers, psychics, shamans, vibrational healers, energy workers, and pay attention to what works for you and what isn’t working. Ask questions. Find mentors and teachers, and take classes. Follow the path that unfurls in front of you without pushing. I always wanted to be a medium, but it is not my gift. I would have been miserable doing that anyway.

Be the healer whom you would want to see.

Angie’s Bio:   Angie  is an Advanced Crystal Master, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Tarot Reader, Writer, and Sacred Artist. Angie works out of Alta View Wellness Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she sees clients for private crystal healing sessions, as well as facilitates monthly crystal workshops, teaches classes on Tarot, sacred art, and crystal healing, and leads moon circles and meditations. She also creates jewelry through her shop the Moon + Stone Healing. Angie writes about crystals and tarot on her blog. http://angieyingst.com/blog. And you can find her at http://angieyingst.com.


Hibiscus again here…

Isn’t Angie amazing? Now you know why I had to have her on the Sparkle Team to help mentor our Crystalline Cohort students. She’s walking cosmic-inspiration in such a well-grounded package. There are absolute golden nuggets of wisdom in this interview. I hope you caught them all. 

Thank you Angie, for sharing your personal path with us.

If you resonate with anything Angie has shared with us here please leave a comment below, Chick Pea.

Crystal Blessings,



P.S. If you’re interested in beginning your own journey as a Certified Crystal Healer, my course will be opening up for the last enrollment of 2015 soon. You can get on my Wait List here.

The Ultimate Guide to Shungite

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Shungite, shungite, shungite!

This stuff came out on the new age stone-lovers scene about 3 years ago & made quite the big splash. I’m not sure why it suddenly became so popular but it’s not usually listed in the older, more popular crystal property books so people are often left wondering & asking me lots & lots of questions about it.

There are numerous web articles out there that make lots of unfounded claims about shungite so I really felt the need to finally get this blog post out there.

Raw Shungite Stone. By Amrith.de (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
What is it?
Estimated to be about 2 BILLION years old, shungite gets its name from its discovery deposit-site near the Shun’ga village in Karelia, Russia & is more than 98% pure carbon.

Location of Shun’ga village, Karelia, Russia. Credit: Google Maps.

Most geologists now agree that the shungite deposit was created by layers & layers of ancient organic remains, however some claim that it came from a carbon-rich asteroid strike originating from our Solar System’s own asteroid belt.

Hmmmm, I do like that last scenario.


(OUTER SPACE!)…but there just isn’t enough geologic evidence supporting that claim at this time. :(

So What’s the Big Deal About Shungite?
There are lots of shungite claims.

Some say it can do EVERYTHING & cure ALL.

I’m not going to blindly jump on that bandwagon b/c, you know, I always like to back up my info w/ science or other evidence. So I’m only going to list out what I’ve been able to find evidence for (doesn’t mean I’m still not researching & trying out other theories).

So, here’s what I’ve got:
1. Water Purifier
FACT: “Shungite is an effective sorbent for removal of organic and inorganic substances, pathogenic bacteria and heavy metals from contaminated water.” ~ as quoted from respected scientific source; Science Direct. In other words, it purifies water & has anti-bacterial properties.

Apparently, Peter the Great first noticed shungite water’s powerful healing & antibacterial properties in the 18th century by testing on himself & his soldiers. Then he set up a spa in Karelia so others could benefit from it as well. Nice guy. 😉

Spas in the area have been taking wise advantage of the area’s healing waters & coming up with such luxuries as trips to natural shungite springs & serving shungite vein tea with local cowberries + wild Karelian honey. Yum! I wanna go.

Pure well-washed shungite (not the un-pure varieties that aren’t mostly carbon) is totally safe to put directly in your water-glass. That’s how I get the most benefit from it (easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!)

2. Energy Conductor
FACT: Shungite has a unique property of being able to conduct energy…as I demo for you here in this video:
SHUNGITE: Demonstrating Energy Conduction

3. EMF Shield
Another claim is that shungite can neutralize the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

I’ve done some testing & data collection of my own as well as researched what other reliable sources have come up with  &…sorry to say…there just isn’t anything (yet) to back this up. I’ve experimented with my own electronics & testing devices to see if I’ve noted anything, but I haven’t been able to come up with any data as of yet.

However, carbon is known for having diamagnetic shielding proprieties (basically this just means it reverses magnetic fields & creates an energy shield). I haven’t been able to gather data on this specifically with shungite. Hopefully, some evidence about its ability to do this will be on its way to us soon.
General Shungite Healing Properties
In working with shungite over the last few years & in hearing from our student body in the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course, I’ve compiled a list of general shungite properties:

  • aligned with the Earth Star Chakra and Root Chakra
  • very grounding
  • cleansing
  • purifying
  • protective
  • boosts the immune system
  • improves general overall health & vitality
  • transmutes & shields from negativity

For quite some time Shungite was thought to be the only natural source for  fullerenes (carbon nanotubes & spheres with very unique properties) but recent studies have disproved this too. Geez! 

Despite that, it’s still obviously a powerful stone to work with.

BEWARE: “Shungite” used to mean that the rock was 98% pure carbon, but recently sellers have taken to applying the name willy-nilly to any rock that has some shungite included.  Not coolio! So, be sure to ask the seller about the purity of their shungite & if they’re not sure, move on to someone else.

Have you worked w/ shungite?  If you have any shungite info or stories to share, please post in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

The MacGyver Approach to Crystal Healing

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MacGyver Approach

Teenagers sure are funny.

I miss teaching them science in the classroom. It was so amusing to me that they had discovered older 80’s shows on Netflix that my generation used to enjoy; Walker, Texas Ranger, Magnum PI & MacGyver to name a few. And they would often come to me in the very hands-on, unconventional classroom that I ran, wanting to try to “MacGyver” something up.

Of course, I always encouraged it (as long as it didn’t involve blowing something up!) So off they went with duct tape & paper clips seeing what they could cobble together. Hysterical!!

Years later, this “MacGyver” term has seeped its way firmly into our everyday vocab:
From the Urban Dictionary:

MacGyver (verb): v. 1. To use ingenuity to fix or remedy a problem using only the tools available at hand. 2. To jury-rig
Many of you have asked me this question on my Facebook page;
“Why can’t I just teach myself all this crystal healing stuff with books or the info available online?”
So, you want to MacGyver it up?

My answer?

Nothing’s stopping you. You can totally do that! Many have…including me. :)

Maybe you feel you can do a great job gathering up all the info yourself from books & the internet.

I mean, hey…I recently thought this myself…Why should I pay for that barre method training when I can just YouTube it up for free?!” (Well…I learned quickly that was NOT the way to go…talkin’ swollen painful right knee cap for a few weeks). Oy.

So you may do a really great job or you may not. It all depends…on you really.
5 Reasons why you may NOT want to MacGyver your Crystal Healing Education:

  • Sifting through many viewpoints & conflicting info – be prepared to sift through tons of random or conflicting information (or bunk internet info with no credibility…remember to always consider your source!) I had quite a time doing this & had to learn from trial & error over many years what was bunk info or just wasn’t going to work for me. (CAUTION: the internet is crawling with this).And that was years ago when there was a lot less info out there than there is now! I mean, what good is FREE bunk info? Also, be prepared to spend lots of time experimenting & researching on your own. Nothing wrong with that method. I did it, but that’s what I do. There are also inexpensive crystal healing classes. Some great, some “meh” (have you taken any of those “meh” ones?) So think about it: are you prepared to possibly waste time on crystal healing teachings & methods that may or may not work?
  • De-coding the SCIENCE – OK, so you get the top books recommended by Amazon on Crystal Healing. They must be good, right? “I’ll just read these & then I’m good to go!” Well, besides the conflicting info & some books being better than others, some of the science may not be explained in a way that you can understand, if there’s any science to it at all. Or perhaps you’d like to have the scientific stuffs clarified in way that you can easily digest. Can a book or website do that?
  • Info Arrangement – once you have all the info that you think is right for you, you need to piece it together, creating a system or structure. A lot of us like to have a strong foundation; steps to follow.  If you’d rather not reinvent the wheel, then MacGyvering may not be for you. For example, my course keeps all our curriculum, content & methods presented & painstakingly prepared & organized in a very specific way.  My Masters of Science is in Curriculum, Instruction & Technology, so doing that kind of shiz is my pride & joy, Baby!
  • Going it alone –  “MacGyvering” it means you’ll most likely be going it alone, Jelly Bean…with no community & no mentor. The value of having a community in place is immeasurable. You get built-in motivation, inspiration & accountability partners! In my course, you also get reliable mentors to coach you through. That’s totally absent when you go it alone. Not to mention the fabulous friendships that spring up from just such a community. :)
  • Certification – hey…I’m the first to say that certification is not necessary, but some are looking specifically for an accredited & approved certification to take you seriously… and you can’t get 1 of those suckers on your own. Now, offering a serious certification makes it much harder to run my sacred crystal biz, but due to my level of integrity, I feel this is the only way to do it. It brings a whole other level of complexity & accountability to my biz. For me, certification means the HMCA is responsible for the people certifying through us & making sure that my graduation process is one of integrity, so we have lots of checks & balances in place along with a strict grading process & verification checks. 
  • You don’t know what you don’t know – You can only hunt & research for what you already know to research, right? Through my years of working with the crystals, having case studies & also benefiting greatly from my students’ & alumni case studies there are things I’ve learned, verified & include in our curriculum that you won’t know to investigate on your own. What I teach is a specific method that you won’t find online.
  • “Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.”
    ~Daniel J. Boorstin

    Blood, Sweat & Tears (and some glitter!)
    To create a genuinely superior crystal healing certification & education takes constant contemplation, planning, effort, passion, commitment + energy all dedicated to the success of our Crystalline Cohorts. It never ends. This is a constantly evolving organism that needs continuous care…as do I. I’m always investing in myself to learn more so I can bring that to my academy. Like I said, no part of the HMCA is static. I’m confident in saying that I provide a ROCK-solid education & I’m committed & happy to do it!

    You know…the HMCA has really grown up over the years. It’s matured into an extremely successful & well-known go-to resource for all things “crystal healing”. We have grads from 33 countries, many of which are listed here on the alumni page. Crystal Healing is all over Mama Earth & touching lives everywhere!

    My Certified Crystal Healing Course has been providing confidence & igniting transformations for our students for 5 years now! We just did a complete upheaval & upgrade on our systems & tech making the course the best it can be for our students in order to to give them the best learning environment. We choose to do that on a regular basis b/c that’s how we roll ’round here.

    One of our recent grads summed up how “MacGyver’ing” her way through was working out for her,
    “I had read some of it (crystal healing) in several of the books I have, but it just didn’t seem to stick with me. I didn’t absorb it, but when explained by Hibiscus Moon during this course, everything started falling into place for me and I totally understood and retained it!”  ~ T. Stroh, CCH

    What To Do Right Now
    Review the steps above. Does “MacGyvering” your education on crystals sound like it’s for you? Maybe it is! Then go for it.

    But if it doesn’t…then don’t keep wasting money on a little class here & yet another stack of books, not knowing where you’ll eventually land. If you’re ready to get it all figured out once & for all, while making some serious crystal realizations & transformations then make the commitment to have someone properly guide you.

    If you’d like to learn the Hibiscus Moon Method & become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, you may be interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.  Are you ready to join?


    Crystal Blessings!




    P.S. If you know this is right for you & don’t want to MacGyver your way through, you can find out more info here & get on my Wait List so you’ll be notified next time I enroll for this course.

    Are you an Introvert? The 5 Best Crystals For Introverts

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    Are you

    Are you an introvert?

    What most people think of as an introvert is a hermit, someone who’s very, very shy, who never wants to speak to others. And definitely NOT someone who’s putting themselves out there on the Internet in blog form, video form, newsletters what have you….like I do.

    So many people would look at me & what I do & think I’m definitely an extrovert, right?

    Well, they’re wrong.
    It’s all about Energy, Baby!
    So what does introvert/extrovert actually mean?

    Swiss psychiatrist, C. G. Jung used these 2 terms a bit differently than how many of us may use them, but his explanation makes the most sense to me.

    So, most of us think of an extrovert as being very sociable & outgoing. And an introvert is often thought of as withdrawn, quiet & shy

    Jung, on the other hand, described these terms as a way to measure the favored way to direct energy:

    • EXTROVERT – prefer to focus your energy outwardly, to the outer world & to other people, you get an energy boost from being around others, energy gets zapped when you spend too much time alone.
    • INTROVERT – prefer to focus your energy inwardly, on your inner world, you get an energy-suck from being around people for long periods of time, need to be alone to recharge your battery.

    Now, before you clearly label yourself as 1 or the other, know that most of us usually  lean more strongly towards 1 or the other, BUT we’re all some sort of a mix of both:

    “There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.” —Carl G. Jung

    One thing I’ve found is that many of us Crystal Hotties (& those who enjoy crystals or consider themselves light workers of any sort)  consider themselves to be introverts.

    Would that be you?

    Yep, I’m very much an introvert,  even though I may seem very much out there & come across as quite social. This introvert-stuff seems to be a common thread that runs through a lot of us in our community.

    Yes, I’m rockin’ & marketing an online business as an introvert. Seems impossible, right? Actually, I’ve also noticed that those of us that do enjoy putting ourselves out there online; putting our faces out there, our writing out there, making ourselves vulnerable online….can be quite the opposite & very introverted in our private lives.

    Sometimes, even the online stuff can get to be a bit much & you just need to take a break. I’m currently on a month-long social media fast. As much as I love interacting on there, I also feel the need to take that break…lovin’ the time off.

    Currently posted on my Facebook Page. ‘Tis the Season!

    As far as my private life goes, I definitely would label myself as a hardcore introvert.

    Oh my. If you asked my neighbors [heehee] they would think I’m a total anti-social hermit introvert. Maybe it’s a balancing effect of being so extroverted online. I just know that when I’m home, I feel like it’s my sacred-sanctuary-safe-space. I really need to pull in my energy when it comes to my private life. So I don’t feel comfy going out there & mingling with all the neighbors on the sidewalk & sharing all kinds of personal stuff.

    Another wacko-doodle quirk about me?…I also like to know when someone is coming over for a visit. It’s like I need to prepare myself energetically. And the longer the visit, the more prep time I need.

    When I’m at a live event, I make certain to keep to my break time boundaries in place (alone time & retreat to some place quiet), b/c if I don’t, then I can’t give my full energy to the teaching or event.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a hugger, I like to mingle, take photos & laugh & meet with peeps at these events. In fact, I love it! So, this does not mean that we introverts aren’t completely enjoying the company and the event itself.

    It just means that an introvert simply can’t handle as much of it or for as long as an extrovert can.

    So, although, I’ll probably have a great time, afterwards I would be drained for DAYS….until I figured out how to mange my energy.

    I also feel like my everyday life needs to have certain boundaries & restrictions too so I can feel comfortable & safe. I even have really strict boundaries about [I’m laughing right now typing this]…when I will answer the phone or look at texts, where voice-mails can be left, when I talk to my friends & family on the phone.

    Yes, I know, I know!! I’m kind of weirdo like that & I OWN IT. Definitely introverted in that way.

    For a long time I used to beat myself up or have lots of shame around how I am….until I realized WHY. #IntrovertSideEffects

    My close friends know these things about me, make fun of me (I’m totally OK with that b/c it DESERVES being made fun of) & accept me with all my quirks. Family? They may not be as easily accepting, but they deal. You know how that goes. 😉

    When I’m traveling or when I’m out & about running errands I usually don’t just strike up random conversations with people unless something really strikes my fancy or the person looks like they really need that in that moment. Mostly because small talk doesn’t interest me in the least. I love deep meaningful introspective conversations. Can you imagine striking one of those up with the checkout person at the store that you’ve never seen before? Hey, it can happen. *shrugs shoulders*

    I’ll often times send people energy,  that I don’t know, that I feel look like they need it. Heart-centered energy. So it’s not like I don’t have any compassion or I’m not thinking of these people or anything, but small talk is like a slow drain on my energy.

    I’ll go out to local energy healing events, classes & things, but I won’t make a huge effort to go out & find a whole bunch of new friends and say, “Hey, I’m Hibiscus Moon. Crystal Blessings!” So if you ever see me at anything like that do come up and say “Hi”. I love when people do that. Don’t feel like this is laying down a barrier, but people might be surprised that I’m not out there with a billboard on myself being an extrovert in my every day life, b/c of how non-shy I am about promoting online.

    One thing that I know helps me in keeping my energy balanced as an introvert is working with crystals. I’m not talking about wiping out the introvert tendencies completely.  I feel they are important & serve a vital purpose.

    For me, the goal here is not to become more extroverted. Instead, I prefer to nurture & support what we know works for an introvert; like needing time alone to recharge & neutralizing energy that could be felt as harmful.
    1. Gold

    Any sort of gold jewelry will work so this is a very practical mineral to work with. Gold comes in really handy for introverts b/c it has a very bold, strong & masculine energy so if you know you’re going to be in a social situation for a long period of time you may need a Golden Boost. Or if you feel your energy starting to wane & be depleted, maybe you can eek out another hour or so by tapping into your gold-energy. It’s great for amplifying & stimulating what energy you have left to make it last just a bit longer. It’s also great for giving you the stamina you need to navigate through a social situation that’s starting to wear on you.
    2. Black Tourmaline

    Black tourmaline’s supportive energy is an all time favorite for being a sort of shield while purifying & transmuting any energy that may feel negative to us in any way. So I usually try to wear my black tourmaline jewelry, carry some in a pocket. And b/c this stone is great for purifying us of anything that feel toxic to us, I may also work with it when I’m done with an event or situation that may feel energy-depleting to me.
    3. Smokey Quartz

    Smokey quartz is another go-to fav. for these sorts fo things. It’s a champ at transmuting negative-feeling energies and for strengthening you to be able to last the energy-depleting situations a little longer. It’s practically interchangeable with black tourmaline so it really just depends on what you have at hand and what your preference is.
    4. Clear Quartz w/ Indicolite inclusions (aka Blue Quartz)
    Blue Quartz available from Earthegy.com. Use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off.

    This crystal will allow you to be emotionally balanced while you are in the company of others. It allows you to make meaningful connections with others & will help you to shift your energy so that energy leaks aren’t happening before they should. Just be sure to monitor the amount of time you’re in the company of others & take regular breaks for alone time as needed.
    5. Mahogany Obsidian
    Mahogany Obsidian available from Earthegy.com. Use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off.


    This gorgeous obsidian is perfect for helping those of us with Introvert-Shame (me! me! me!) simply get over it! It’s great for shifting our energy around this so it’s a good stone to work with on a regular basis or to create a crystal grid with for the purpose of dissolving that shame. We Introverts have nothing to be ashamed of!

    Now, in the midst of the Holidays, you may need these tips more than ever so I hope you find them helpful. If you have some others you’d like to add to the list, please share them in the comments below for our Crystal-lovin’ Crystal Hottie Community!

    Crystal Blessings!


    Can You Sense & Feel Crystal Energy?

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    Why are some of us so sensitive to crystals & others don't feel anything at all? Are you doing anything wrong?| Hibiscus Moon

    So, some people can handle crystals all day long…and feel nothing.

    And some people can walk into a room of crystals and have to run out b/c they say the energy is too overwhelming.

    Why are some people so sensitive & others don’t feel anything at all?

    A student of mine asked me this question:

    Q: A used a stone on my client. They then purchased the same kind of stone used during their healing session, and although it became warm and made their hand tingle during the session, when they got home to use it- nothing happened.

    What happened?

    Also a similar situation came through on my public voicemail:

    A: In the 1st situation, it was most likely the energy work you were doing in conjunction w/ the stone that made the impression on your client. This can’t always be felt but your client obviously did, so don’t discount the work that you yourself are doing in collaboration with the crystals! 😉

    I’d say to them, “Forget about what you felt this or that time. How does the stone make you feel in general, overall, over time?” and go from there.

    Now, having said that, the stones don’t always “do” or “say” the same thing every time we work with them.

    That would be boring, right?

    Think of it as a relationship or a conversation.

    If you or a client did perceive that energy once…that’s a gift!! Doesn’t mean it will be sensed or picked up on each & every time. Some never feel it at all, ever….doesn’t mean it isn’t happening again right now.

    Keep in mind that crystals “communicate” via vibrational frequencies & sometimes we don’t sense what’s happening b/c we, on the other hand, usually just depend on our 5 common senses. But vibrational frequencies can “communicate” in so many varied ways that we’re just not evolved to perceive (most of us anyway).
    The 5 senses we’re used to keep us trapped in a very limited “reality”.
    Think of what’s going on around us that most of us cannot perceive outside of our 5 senses (though there are the lucky minority)...including from our crystals. The crystals are doing their work; whether we’re picking up on it in that moment or not. Just like radio frequencies are flying around you right now, but you can’t perceive them, at least not without a radio receiver. Doesn’t mean they’re not there, right?

    There’s so much more data going on out there (including from our crystals) that most of us don’t have the ability to pick up & receive…doesn’t mean it’s not putting info out there! 😉 

    Can you sense the energies from your crystals? If not do you believe it’s working anyway? I’d love it if you tell us your experiences in the comments below.

    Crystal Blessings,



    P.S. If you haven’t seen my vlog on sensing crystal energy & your looking for some tips, take a look at  The Insiders Guide to Connecting with and Sensing Crystal Energy!

    Down & Dirty Debate Over Crystal Healing

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, science 26 Comments


    You know I love me a good debate on the scientific accuracy or claims of crystal healing. I’ve been known to indulge a time or two.

    Here’s one that took place on my Facebook page that I thought you might enjoy reading here on the blog.

    Anonymous FB Poster (aka AFB): If you have even one piece of evidence for your scientific claims you will change the world. Please post some links to your academic peer-reviewed studies and trials. Or you could just block anyone who disagrees with you from commenting.
    Hibiscus Moon (HM): I only do that if someone spews disrespect or negativity on my page. I simply won’t allow that in my space. Just as Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor has taught us, I ask that people take responsibility for the energy they bring into any space or transaction & if they cannot do that, then yep, they’re banned…without hesitation. I never block anyone for disagreeing with me. You’re still here, right? And are always welcome.

    I’m happy to entertain such debates with those that do it in a mature & respectful way. Heck, I live for this stuff! Please check out my blog post here on the subject.

    AFB: Your link does not provide any evidence. It’s simply a list of your counter arguments that you give when you are asked for evidence. You are very defensive. I am always mature and respectful. I have an open mind and I’m asking for you to prove your theories.

    HM: I don’t feel I’m being defensive…but maybe so as I am defending my point of view.  And you are certainly welcome to yours…always. That blog post I refer to does explain exactly why you won’t find crystal healing evidence in academic and peer-reviewed journals. In addition, if you’ve decided that your mind is closed to it and it won’t work…then it won’t. Here’s another post that may interest you.

    AFB: There is a reason they can’t get their stuff into medical journals. Because it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. That is not the fault of the scientific community. Science doesn’t mind being “wrong”, if you have evidence this would really change the world. You’re entitled to your opinion but you can’t claim to be “scientific” if you don’t follow the rules of science.

    HM: I’m a product of very scientific academia with a Masters in Science as well as a former Science Dept. Head of 10+ years & very much admire the scientific community. Truly. Having been immersed in it for so long, I am also all too aware of the discrimination that occurs when you don’t follow the mainstream scientific dogma & have to disagree with you  on this: sometimes the scientific community does mind very much when it’s wrong. At times, some scientists will put up quite a fight to defend old dogma that has been proven incorrect.

    Case in point: After decades of contradictory evidence regarding atom physics & “the proton problem”, scientists finally have no choice but to come to terms with it & admit there may be a whole new realm of physics that the current “laws of physics” do not fit…not something they really wanted to do & some are still kicking & screaming about it.

    And don’t even get me started on how scientific genius, Nikola Tesla was ridiculed.

    Remember…we all used to believe with great conviction that the EARTH WAS FLAT!


    HM: I hardly find it to be anti-intellectualism or ignorance that some scientists seem to be much less stubborn than others. I do admire skepticism, yet keeping an open-mind. Dr. Richard Gerber said it best,

    “Since no one in this controversial field can get anything into the orthodox medical journals to being with, there are obviously no sources of credible references to quote.

    Therefore the medical journals are safe in their ivory towers of scientific dogmatism.”

    Some say all this crystal healing is due to a “feel-good” factor or placebo effect. And if that’s all it did, that would be beneficial enough (which is why alternative therapies are indeed being adopted by Western Medicine as well as some health insurances)…but there is so much more to it than that.

    Now, if you’re looking for data & studies referring to this, please read physicist Dr. William Tiller’s work or The Field from Lynn McTaggart.

    It seems you don’t have a clear “backstage” understanding of what goes on. I have years under my belt of witnessing it firsthand. If you care to find out more you can certainly dig in & research, but it’s not my mission to bring all that to light. I have front row seat experience to it & it has nothing to do with scrutiny as it does with politics. Plain & simple.
    Then it got a little yuck for my taste. I deleted those comments but kep the bulk of the convo b/c I felt this was very valuable. Then I ended the convo with this…
    HM: You obviously have your point of view that no one here is going to change. You’ve stated your piece & I’ve stated mine. Now this is starting to feel argumentative to me & it serves no more purpose other than to feed ego. So I’d like to leave this convo up for others to make up their mind, but let’s just agree to disagree here & keep the good vibes. Thanks!

    And now here for my blog I’d like to add one more brilliant quote from physicist, Nassim Haramien:

    “We are still in our infancy of exploring and discovering our local environment. There are people alive today who, when they were young, were told the universe was many many many times smaller than they are being told today. Perhaps this progression will only accelerate when we prove the universe we are in is only one of an infinite number of other universes in the holofractographic multiverse.”

    You know…we think we know everything. We’re so enchanted by how clever we think we are. Yet…where else may great intelligence lie on this planet?

    Some argue that crystals actually qualify as living beings; able to transmit & receive highly complicated electromagnetic frequencies. Perhaps they’re interpreting & communicating them in some unmeasurable way. I often wonder if not only do the crystals hold much more power & energy than we realize, but what else does? Perhaps we’re not NEARLY as smart as we think we are! What if we’re the least intelligent & least powerful of anything on this planet & we’re just bumbling around like so many amoebas in some pond water, while the real amoebas don’t give us a 2nd thought as they go about their genius affairs! Scientists can’t confirm or deny this.

    That sort of thinking used to get me some sideways looks from my science department BUT apparently, a famously celebrated astrophysicist wonders about these things too:

    We all know people LOVE to have proof! I just did a recent blog post on that topic.

    And people LOVE to get some science in with their metaphysics. I know this is why my Certified Crystal Healer Course is so popular. B/c I provide that in spades.

    You know…hindsight is always 20/20…I should have added to this convo on FB (which I will do here now in this blog post)…you know…science doesn’t really prove anything at all. There is always some uncertainty that comes along with our beloved “scientific conclusions”; science never absolutely proves shiz! If you really want to GEEK OUT & wax philosophical on that topic, go read this paper (its a downloadable pdf)

    Sooo, my moral of this story is…hey…all of this could be a freakin’ dream! If you know it makes you feel good to use crystals on your journey then go do it.

    Besides, I have some science to back it up. 😉

    What do you think Crystal Hottie … do you need scientific proof that crystals help nourish and support your well being?  Tell me what you think in the comments below.




    Crystals Tips for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, grounding 19 Comments


    Time for another Crystal Q&A about Crystals for Empaths!
    In this session, we talk about a question that comes up often on my Facebook Page.

    A question about crystals for empaths…

    And so, I’m thrilled that this question came in from Jody which prompted me to make this video for YOU, Crystal Hottie…b/c you may be wondering the same thing!
    But first…let’s get into explaining a bit here…
    In case you didn’t know, an “Empath” (as defined by Urban Dictionary…love that dictionary!) is:

    A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.

    The ability to pick up on & feel/experience the energy of another can be seen as a gift b/c that extra info can allow you to empathize with others or see things from another view-point.

    Or it can be seen as a curse b/c it causes you to be bombarded by extra feelings & emotions you may not want to be dealing with at the moment.
    So what can you do?
    Steer clear of becoming overwhelmed.


  • Be selective of the situations & environments you place yourself in
  • Have tools & supports at the ready (like crystals & stones)…there are many other tools & supports but I’ll save that for a future blog post.
  • What are the best crystals for empaths & highly sensitive people?

    Ok, Yes… we’ll dive into that in a minute…

    Backing up just a little bit – in this video; Jody also mentioned that she is “new to crystals”. I love a newbie! (dropping into the crystal groove + all the glitter of new healing possibilities!)  Welcome to the world of crystal healing! 😉  I’ve got lots to share!  For starter’s here’s a blog post I’ve done on the 5 crystals that all beginners should have in their crystal kit 😉

    So I’ve chosen 2 unexpected crystals to present to you in this week’s featured vid. The theme is going to be choosing crystals that are both grounding & protecting to assist empaths & highly sensitive peeps.

    Watch this:


    Purple Jade – this mama earth beauty is all about spiritual knowledge & associated with the crown chakra & 3rd eye chakra (as well as the Earth Star!!!) It’s a super stone for protecting empaths.

    Another fab crystal for empaths is magnetite…

    Magnetite doesn’t always express itself in a crystalline form that we can see with the naked eye.  But when it does…whoa, Baby! It’s a metal & naturally magnetic, therefore, it helps to align, balance & ground energies.  Magnetite can  balance the polarities within our electromagnetic field while helping with psychic overload or taking on too much energy picked up by light workers & energy healers.

    Sure hope you’ve enjoyed this Crystal Q&A!  If you are an empath or you know someone who can benefit from this information please share!  Tell me, as an empath, have these crystals, or others, worked to help you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

    Crystal Healing, Protection & Blessings,


    How to Listen to Your Intuition

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing Leave a Comment

    Do you doubt your intuition?

    Think it’s not real?

    Then you start listening to others who say that you can’t do this or that. Others who say you’re being foolish or that you’re going to fail. Others who say you can’t use crystals for anything. They’re just ROCKS.

    “You can’t do it. You’ll never be good enough. You’re going to fail.”

    How does reading that feel? Do you believe those who say that to you? OR…Does it feel like BULLSCHIST to you???

    Do you want to let the nay-sayers crush your dreams?

    Do you doubt that you have the abilities to truly use crystals to heal & manifest?

    Maybe you’re intuition whispers to you that you do have a deep connection with crystals. But sometimes a low confidence level keeps us from listening to our intuition. It causes us to brush it aside.

    So, let’s check in on your confidence level.

    Do you think to yourself?:

    “Everyone will think this is another of my hair-brained woo-woo ideas. They’ll think I’m wasting money on myself. I may be wasting energy in this course & still not know what to do with the crystals!”

    Well…if that does sound like you,…then you’ve found the course to break through all that SCHIST & BOOST your confidence so your intuition can truly shine!

    Enrollment for my highly acclaimed Certified Crystal Healer Course closes tomorrowwe officially begin class on Sep. 1st! And please note that this is the last course for 2014.

    There’s been a whole lotta of recent buzz around using crystals for bettering our lives & we’re right in the middle of it. Yeah, Dr. Oz, Oprah…c’mon, these people KNOW WHAT’S UP.

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy was even recently mentioned in this article in Massage & Bodywork magazine. So, yes…major excitement around here about crystal healing being used more & more frequently in the holistic & healing arts & definitely becoming more mainstream!! That’s a huge confidence boost right there.


    In addition, I stuffed this course with the SCIENCE to back up how & why the crystals work, giving you a SUPER-confidence boost to work your crystals like nobody’s biz.

    Now check in with your intuition again: Can you see yourself doing this work? Dare to think “what if?” Does it seem exciting to you? Full of possibilities? Or do you worry that you’ll be wasting your time? Do you worry others will think you’re wasting your time?

    No time-wasting over here!! The HMCA is a school of merit, high standards & integrity, as an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. That means through this program you’ll be receiving quality instruction of the highest standards & also earning you 18 CE’s if you’re a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker. Click here to learn more. BUT…you don’t have to already be licensed in anything at all to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.

    So, do you have the courage to follow your heart’s desires…your intuition?

    So, would you like to start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals?
    Take a gander at our FAQ’s. They’re filled with juicy details.

    Now, this course isn’t for everybody.

    Some of us just aren’t truly ready & I’ve blogged about that before, but if you find that this Certification is really calling to you & your intuition is telling you that you ARE READY, then I’d be delighted for you to join us today. There isn’t much time left and this is the last course for 2014.

    This course will CERTIFY you & teach you the SCIENCE behind crystal healing, while still keeping it fun. Believe me, its fun!


    Want to join the most joyful + positive band of crystal lovers on Mother Earth? Well, we’d love to have you! Our Crystalline Cohorts are a loving, supportive + sparkly community of like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself just waiting for you to jump into & get CRYSTAL-GIDDY with! In our private members-only “Crystal Cave” you’ll explore & discover plenty of quality inspiration & encouragement from your fellow Cohorts, not to mention all the glorious new friends you’ll make! All of this sprinkled with crystal delight & FUN.

    – See more at: http://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/last-chance-saloon-crystal-hottie/#sthash.EJzR8wEz.dpuf

    PLUS we have a band of like-mined people like no other!

    Want to join the most joyful + positive group of crystal lovers on Mother Earth? Well, we’d love to have you! Our Crystalline Cohorts are a loving, supportive + sparkly community of like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself just waiting for you to jump into & get CRYSTAL-GIDDY with! Here you’ll find a place that you can call your Glittery Home with classmates who may become lifelong friends (has happened too many times to count) in our sparkly community of Crystalline Cohorts. In our private members-only “Crystal Cave” you’ll explore & discover plenty of quality inspiration & encouragement from your fellow Cohorts + Mentors, not to mention all the glorious new friends you’ll make!

    This is a sure-fire recipe to give you even more support & confidence & BUST through that doubt.

    Learn more + enroll right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & joyous career living out your BIG DREAM….and having so much fun while doing it!!

    Many Crystal Blessings!! Mwaaaaah!

    How to Finally Work with All Your Crystals: 4 Action Steps

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing 16 Comments


    I have a question for you. Too many crystals, not enough time?

    I was wondering if this is a common problem in our crystal-lovin’ community? I recently asked this question on my Facebook Page & got a lot of very interesting answers.
    // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); // ]]>

    Post by Hibiscus Moon.

    I thought this response from Mary was classic!:

    • Maybe you keep telling yourself you need the perfect sacred space before you can start working with them, or you don’t have the right combo of crystals, or the right crystal books, or enough time.
    • Maybe you’re waiting & waiting  for the perfect blend of magical sparkly ingredients. And maybe you tell yourself that you’ll get to all that someday. I KNOW how this plays out b/c I’ve done it myself!!
    • Or do you even think that someday you’ll finally remember what all the crystals are & what to use them for? Ha! Good luck with that 1. It’s a noble goal, but…forget it. THIS IS KEY & what I’m always preaching: Just use your intuition, Crystal Hottie. Forget about learning all the crystals. You’ll never do that. There are over 4,500 and counting!! That should relieve some overwhelm right there.

    Let me tell you a little-bitty secret:

    “Someday” usually never comes.

    Sometimes, we create all sorts of reasons that can indefinitely support our “putting it off”. C’mon…think about it. How many things have you said “Someday” or “later” to & actually completed?

    Hey, if you’ve decided you’re totally OK with just collecting crystals & never actually putting them to any use, that’s great. There are many other people in the world who do that & I think its’ wonderful to collect something of such beauty.

    BUT if you do want to actually get to working with your crystals, learning what they can each do for you as well as others, then how about finally getting to that? 


    Procrastination. All of us do it & all of us get stuck. And you may not even realize that you’re procrastinating at all. But if you do realize you’re just putting off working with your crystals, and you do really want to realize their full potential & get your motivation going, I have some tips for you:
    Action Steps to Finally Learn How to Work with all your Crystals


    Eliminate Crystal Overwhelm. If you’re like me & have a TON O’ CRYSTALS then you may be suffering from Crystal-Overwhelm. It happens to the best of us. All of a sudden you realize you’ve amassed too many stones & crystals & you find yourself paralyzed.  Here’s what you can do: break the task down into chunks of easy steps. One way to do this is to commit to learning to sense & feel the energies of just 1 crystal for 1 entire week. Sit down to meditate with it committing to just 1-5 minutes each day if possible. Yes, 1 minute will be fine. Work with just 1 crystal for just 1 minute/day for 1 week. You can do that. Call that a success. Vow to work with only 1 crystal all week long. Eliminate temptation to do something else. Throughout the week, journal any messages, sensations, visions or special dreams. At the end of the week look over your journal and see if you note a theme. This is how that crystal is resonating for you personally. It may sound simple but it’s POWERFUL STUFFS.



    Focused Blocks of Sacred Time. Not enough time? You’re too busy? I call BULLSCHIST. First, you need to decide that its important enough to you. Make that time sacred, and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way. In step one all you need is 1 minute/day to work with your crystal. Make the time if it’s important. Stop watching TV, get off of social media, watching the negativity news stories. Yeah, if you cute 1/2 of that stuff out, I bet you’ll find all sorts of time. It’s just about breaking habits, deciding what’s important & making it a priority. Put it on your calendar daily (go…go schedule it on your phone now) and make it happen.


    Overcome the Fear of Failing at Crystal Healing. I really hesitate to call it “crystal healing” (but cont. to do so b/c so many don’t understand what you’re talking about if you call it anything else). So; “crystal healing, therapy, energy work”…whatever you want to call it, many think to themselves…“Who am I to think I can do this? I’m going to fail. It won’t work.”

    I say…you cannot fail. Yes, you’ll have to do some work, but if you do the work, you cannot fail. Simply think about who you’re helping, find inspiration in the people you’re going to help.

    And always bear in mind that when working with crystals, the “healing” taking place is a 2 way street…it goes both ways. You’re simply acting as a facilitator, so that takes a lot of the pressure off & diminishes the fear that so many of us have around this. You can do this. I believe in you.


    Publicly Commit. …this is the MOST powerful. If you’re comfy with it, social media is great for this!! In fact, social motivation is one of the most powerful motivators there is.

    When I wanted to commit to doing a daily crystal oracle card reading, I told my YouTube followers that I was going to do this for 7 days in a  row. I knew then that if I didn’t or skipped a day, that they’d be asking me about it. Did that keep me motivated to stay on track? you bet it did! OK, you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops but at least let your inner circle know what you’re doing & tell them you they would really help you out if they asked you about your goal to learn more about your crystals when they see or talk to you. Ask for some accountability.

    What To Do Right Now
    Review the steps above, and right down on your calendar when you’re getting started.

    That’s what you need to do right now.

    Don’t think or talk about finally learning to work with your crystals, do it.

    If you would like to know some of my own personal researched methods that I teach about Crystal Healing, you may be interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

    Cheering you on, Crystal Hottie!


    It’s Back-to-School Time: Crystal Healing School!!

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing 3 Comments


    Oh yes! Its Back to School Time!! The day is here again to roll out the virtual purple shag carpet, fling open the doors & warmly welcome some new students into our Certified Crystal Healer Course.

    Enrollment is open today & our next course begins on Monday, Sep. 1. Enrollment closes on Wed., Aug. 27. This is the very last session for 2014.

    • Are your pencils sharpened?
    • New notebooks ready?
    • Shiny new crystals & stones all set?

    Then come join our Crystalline Cohorts & find out what all the Sparkly Excitement is all about! Enrollment is open today & it’s the very last session for 2014.
    What is the Certified Crystal Healer Course?
    Crystal Healing is a new & exciting healing modality. Over the last five years, I’ve poured my heart & soul into developing a curriculum & certification program to teach you the art & science of crystal healing & get you Certified. It’s a Crystal Healing Course like no other! Believe me when I tell you…like no other!

    • Are you drawn to working with the energies of crystals & stones but just not sure how to use them & what to do with them?
    • Do you feel you have a special connection with them & would like to enhance that connection?
    • Would you like to use Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support?
    • You may even like to help others realize these powerful healing benefits by becoming a Certified & Accredited Crystal Healer earning GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or adding to your existing services!

    Here’s a list of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding this course…go ahead read it…lots of juicy details!
    Sparkly School Supplies List!
    I always got excited buying school supplies…but I bet you never got this excited!! Check out our supplies list, should you decide to take my course:

    (This is a basic list. As you work through the classes you may be guided to add more to your collection, but it’s not necessary. This is our recommended seller.)

    • Basic chakra stone set (natural stones or tumbled)
    • 1 stand-up picture frame draped with a square of black fabric
    • 1 clear crystal quartz natural point at least 2″ long
    • 1 pendulum of your choosing
    • 2 small smokey quartz stones, natural or tumbled
    • 2 black tourmaline stones, natural or tumbled
    • 1 1″-2″ piece of natural lodestone (make sure its magnetic)
    • Basic Crystal Kit (some of these may already be a part of your chakra stone set, natural or tumbled) which includes 1 of each: clear crystal quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine & citrine
    • 3 Books are required for the course: Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, my book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-Based, Yet Practical Guide by Hibiscus Moon + The Book of Stones by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons


    See? I’m tellin’ ya! This is not your run-of-the-mill crystal healer program. This course brings together physics & metaphysics to explain why & how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of confidence + FUN! And you’ll meet many other like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself, making sparkly friendships along the way. :)

    • What Does This Course Include?
    • What Happens When You Graduate?
    • What are the Program Requirements?
    • What Supplies Do You Need?

    Find all that out & much more by clicking here for all the deets! This is it for 2014. I’d love for you to join our sparkly family if this is the right time for you, Jelly Bean.

    Super Sparkles to you today!!!

    I Have a Confession to Make

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, energy work 33 Comments


    I have a confession to make.

    A few months ago, I was in a bad place…I’d missed a lot of energy healing sessions, meditations & even self crystal healing. My Energetic Hygiene was pretty bad at that time. Embarrassing really…I had the aura-equivilent of hairy-unshaven legs.

    *Sigh* Yeah…the lady running a Crystal Healing Academy hadn’t made Energetic hygiene a priority. Doing the very thing I warn all my students about.

    I was just off a long period of supreme self-care, inner work & tip-top energetic hygiene. But…I got busy & fell off the wagon. It started with my scheduled healing sessions getting cancelled for one reason or another, then many biz things taking over, then family relations with major health issues, lots of travel required, eating & exercise hadn’t been great either. I finally succumbed to a bad cold after not being sick for many years! That was the major wake up call.

    Now, I won’t complain that I don’t have time to get the shiz done that I need to, because we all know that is a lame excuse. I know you need to MAKE TIME to do the things we know  are important. Time is all relative & it’s totally up to you.


    What happened was that I made the lazy, yet very conscious decisions not to make consistent Energetic Hygiene a  priority.

    But WHY? It’s not like this is exercise that I would be sort of dreading. This is pleasurable stuffs! Maybe I subconsciously felt guilty about “indulging” in myself? But I KNOW & teach the whole Oxygen-Mask Theory of Self-Care. I know I’m no good to anyone else if I don’t care of myself first. I’m always preaching that self-care is essential to living a healthy & well-balanced life.

    I know this so very well.

    And yet…

    I still fell off the wagon.


    I’m telling you all this b/c I just want you to know that NONE of us are perfect. We’re all here on Mama Earth to learn & continue to strive to do our best. We fall down…and this is our test.

    Will you get back up & press on, continuing to strive to THRIVE & always attempt to live at your Full Potential?

    Or will you just say “ah, it’s too hard. I didn’t see enough of a change. I give up. I quit.” And then later wonder how it all got so turned around & grim?

    Once I realized what I was doing I had a good pep-talk with myself & then I knew as soon as I felt well I’d be back at it FULL FORCE.

    And guess what?

    Despite being lazy about it for 2 months or so, I attended a sound energy healing/mediation session bringing along my own crystals & I was back at it with passion & conviction.

    Crystals, yoga mat & back jack (sprinkled with magical cat hair from Topaz) in tow. I was back!

    In addition, I got so much out of this session, my energetic sheath felt stronger than ever!…despite thinking that I had totally lost it due to lack of momentum or something. Nope…not at all.

    We’ve all been there: all gung-ho about it for a while, all excited to do this stuff…especially when it’s all new to us & then something happens, we get busy, life gets in the way or we get bored & our enthusiasm wanes.

    I feel all our passions go through cycles like this. Like the Moon & the tides, our passions ebb & flow, but if we take control we can make sure we never lose those passions that we know are necessary & good for us. And then the passion returns again.
    So here are words of motivation for you if you’ve fallen off the Energetic Hygiene Wagon:

    • Every meditation or energy session counts…even if its only 5 min. long. It all helps, adds up & is good for us.
    • If you can only stop & sit & do a mini- 5 min. session on yourself 1/week that’s better than nothing! DO IT. It will keep you in the game. 😉
    • If you can manage to book a session with a professional healer, having it in your calendar greatly helps to keep to it: whether it be a mediation class, a crystal healing session (With a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer if you really want something out of this world), a Reiki session, etc.
    • Schedule something bliss-filled on your phone’s calendar (set a reminder); like a crystal-healing bath. Even if it’s just 10 min. long. 
    • Use a Meditation App on your phone to remind you sit at a certain time & meditate for just 5 min. This is great one!
    • Make healthier decisions in other areas of your life (sleep, exercise, diet, people you spend time with, bad habits) & this will keep the momentum going & will spill over into your Energetic Hygiene area.

    And please don’t be hard on yourself for what you didn’t do or how you messed up. I’ve tried that & it helps no one. It just makes things worse. Its part of being human. Accept. Get up. Brush off. Keep on truckin’ w/ a smile on your face. It’s all part of this fun Mama Earth School.

    What other ideas can you share in the comments below to help when 1 of us Crystal Hotties falls off the Energetic Hygiene wagon?

    Super-Sized Crystal Blessings to you!

    How to Start Using Color Therapy & Crystals

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing 10 Comments

    I was doing some root chakra healing on this day!

    Color therapy is often used in alternative healing involving vibrational medicine. See, color is simply 1 form of visible light, aka electromagnetic energy.

    EM energy = light…one in the same.

    All the colors we can see within the visible spectrum carry their own unique vibration of this energy. Now, the color of a crystal or stone plays a really important part in how it will be used for healing.

    See color, (or more specifically “light”  in various frequencies that we can actually see with our eye balls) is just a teenie-tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum). The colors (light frequencies) arrange themselves in order of decreasing vibrational wavelengths. Of these specific light frequencies, red is the longer wavelength (lower frequency) & violet is the shortest wavelength (higher frequency). I haven’t lost ya yet, right? Stick with me here, OK?

    Actually…everything on the EM spectrum is a type of light. Just a little smidge of the spectrum is the visible light that we can see with our eyes.

    Now, the color of a crystal or stone plays a really important part in how it will be used for healing. As I’ve explained above, color is way more than just something that’s pretty! We may find that we’re drawn to a specific color, that we often wear the same color, or that just seeing a certain hue makes us feel better, uplifted, joyful.  This makes total sense when you consider that each of our chakras correlates with a specific color:

    So how does all this tie into healing with crystals?
    Let’s consider tanzanite. You’re probably used to seeing it as a vibrant, blue, indigo or violet gemstone.

    Tanzanite. Photo credit: Rob Lavinsky / iRocks.com Natural tanzanite. Photo credit: Rob Lavinsky / iRocks.com

    In its natural state, however, tanzanite is usually a greyish-brown tone, a combo of purple, blue & green. Lab heating at low temps brings out the stone’s stunning blues & purples (rarely, they do appear that color naturally).

    So, due to that stunning blue color, it should come as no surprise that tanzanite is a much sought after high ascension crystal–blue, indigo & violet–correlates with the throat, third eye & crown chakras. I can tell you I’ve personally experienced its amazing power in these areas! But when people learn that its original color is grey or brown they wonder how this is so.

    Citrine is another great example of this. Vibrationally, it makes complete sense to me that lab-heated citrine would resonate well with my solar plexus chakra. Citrine is yellow or gold, and it is no coincidence that this is the same color that correlates with your solar plexus chakra. Yes, even though this stone may have started out as a light violet.
    So let’s get into how this works
    I teach in my courses that in order to understand where on the EM spectrum a stone matches up vibrationally, we simply match up their current color with their corresponding chakra color (not what color they used to be). What color is that stone now? It’s no longer of the old color frequency.  It’s current color frequency is going to vibrate & match with its current color. Making sure you use crystals or stones whose current color matches with the chakra colors allows harmonizing photons of light to harmonize & amplify; generating color healing.

    See, what you’re doing is introducing light of specific frequencies–colors–into someone’s electromagnetic field, also known as their aura. This entrains a person’s emotional & biochemical states & encourages balance & good health.

    Using color as a way of healing has actually been practiced for a very long time–many ancient cultures utilized this form of therapy & only now has modern science & alternative healing begun to catch up.

    So let’s say you’re interested in opening your throat chakra to help to facilitate communication. Know that each chakra has a corresponding color associated with it. The colors are really easy to memorize…they follow the order of the colors of the rainbow or you can just refer to that chart above. Blue is the throat chakra color. So you would work with a blue stone: blue lace agate, turquoise, celestite or, yes…even tanzanite.
    There are many ways you can work with a crystal. Just to name a few…

  • You can simply relax with it laying over your throat for 15 minutes
  • You can make a gem elixir with a non-toxic blue stone & drink it
  • You can carry it with you throughout the day
  • Place some stones in places you’ll be spending time in; your work space or bedside table
  • You can also go beyond crystals &  pump the blue into your surrounding environment (think light & fabrics).

    I was doing some root chakra healing on this day! Hence all the earthy-red.

    By doing this, you’re infusing a specific color into your entire electromagnetic field (aura) & not just focusing on 1 chakra. Blue light & blue fabric will help you change up your emotional & biochemical states in a powerful way. Try it! You’ll see what I mean.

    I love knowing what an important role color (light energy) plays in our lives!

    Not only does it infuse us with vibrancy & beauty, it’s also a very important part of healing & can be used hand-in-hand with crystals to help us achieve our best potential–physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually as humans.

    You know, as humans we need tools to deal with all the stress that comes along with being human, right? 😉  I hope you’ll add color therapy + crystals to your fabulous, sparkly tool belt! I know it’ll help.

    Lastly, please post your color therapy comments, experience & questions below. See you there!

    Colorful Crystal Blessings!



    The Ultimate Guide to your Most Embarrassing Crystal Healer Situations & Questions

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing 11 Comments


    Over the years of certifying others in the art & science of crystal healing, I think I’ve heard it all.

    I’ve been in the unique position of being able to collect some great info & tips to share with not only Crystal Healers, but also those looking to receive a crystal healing session as a client.

    Actually, these tips can apply to any energy worker or body worker. I feel sharing these with our community is a great service to all involved. Maybe there’s some stuff here that you’ve been wondering about…or stuff you hadn’t even thought of yet!

    I have to say a BIG “thank you” to those of you have submitted stories to use in this blog post. You just can’t make some of this stuff up!

    OK, let’s dive right in.
    Embarrassing Questions/Situations for the Crystal Healer
    How do you place the root chakra stone on your client?


    The root chakra is located at the base of the tail bone. In between the anus & the genitals.

    In our course, I teach our students to either let the client place this stone themselves or use 2 stones & place them were the leg joins the torso.

    That’s it. Awkwardness avoided.
    What do you do if a client farts?
    Go ahead & snicker, you know you want to.

    Passing gas during any sort of energy or body work is normal. It’s a form of energy release. So get used to it.

    Won’t happen all the time, but it will happen.

    “I had someone release by giggling on the table. Like uncontrollable church giggles. Before my sessions, I always tell my clients that release is normal–crying, laughing, stomach grumbling and passing gas, as well as falling asleep or snoring. One of my clients said, “Oh, I will definitely fart, maybe fall asleep. I had a burger for lunch!”

    ~Advanced Crystal Master and Crystal Coach, Angie Yingst, The Moon and Stone Healing

    How do you handle it if a client has really bad body odor or wears a strong perfume/cologne?
    As for perfumes & other strong scents, you could have some prep material ready to go (whether you provide it in an email, brochure or verbally) that instructs on what to expect during a crystal healing session (we provide this lingo to our students) & also explains how to prepare for a session.

    For example: peeps should arrive clean & with no scents or perfumes.

    Perhaps you can even add some gentle guidelines regarding showering & grooming as a good idea before a session; letting them understand that strong odors of any sort (perfume, body odors, lotions, etc) will interfere with the energy vibrations of your session. How you communicate this is totally up to you & your style. You can also choose to include this info in a mass emailing to your clients; talking about body odor & perfumes, why it interferes & some solutions.

    If the offending client has ignored this advice when they arrive, you can simply inform them that part of the prep is to use your bathroom to wash their hands & rinse off any added scents or strong odors. Actually, this is a good idea anyway for everyone to do.

    Worst case scenario? Crack a window during the sesh, use a fan & spray some essential oils to help you get through (always get client permission before using the essential oils), then afterwards (if you have the nerve) take a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach to help this person by having a soft, supportive but inquisitive convo. 

    What if someone comes in with a really strange request? Or wants you to cure a physical ailment on the spot? 
    First, explain to your client that you are not a doctor & you’re not curing, giving medical advice or care.

    Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations. Our Certified Crystal Healers have been expertly coached on this & provided paperwork that explains all this to their clients.

    I explain a whole lot more on this topic in this post here.

    “I had a bikini-clad, sun burned client come in and ask ‘Can you stop the itching?’……Oh, how I love living in a tourist town during season.”

    ~Certified Crystal Healer, Rev. Brian J Glenn

    keep a bottle of aromatherapy oil close by. If an offending odor should start to permeate the space – See more at: http://www.massagemag.com/awkward-massage-moments-4402/#sthash.ttTbG0ek.dpuf

    How do I handle it if my client falls asleep?
    It’s totally normal & means it’s needed & some deep healing is being done. It may be disappointing for the client since they don’t get to remember the experience consciously, but much-needed therapy did indeed occur.

    Falling asleep during a session has actually become very common since our culture has so many poor sleep-deprived people in need of deep healing.

    Continue with your session as normal. The client usually wakes up at some point, but if they’re still snoozing by the end of your time together, leave the room & close the door. Allow for 5 min. rest time then knock & say “It’s time to wake up.” & listen for response. If you don’t get one then go back in & gently shake them awake explaining that you have another client arriving soon. Also, explain to them what occurred & how important it is that you allowed them that time to rest.

    So, really…anything can happen.

    Be prepared.

    We’ve even had one of our cert. crystal healer’s report that she had a client who, at the end of the session, gathered all the practitioner’s crystals up & popped them in her purse! She assumed they were part of the session price. LOL! 😀
    Embarrassing Questions/Situations for the Client

    Lots of people don’t have crystal healing sessions & the like b/c they so unsure of what to expect & they may be too embarrassed to ask. 

    Here are some common questions:

    Do I have to take off all my clothes?
    I cannot speak for other modalities, but a Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Session conducted by a Certified Crystal Healer is a clothing-on therapy, so “no”, you do not take off any of your clothing, except for your shoes so you can get comfy.

    You’ll even generally have a sheet and/or blanket draped over you as well. It’s usually recommended that you leave your socks on too as you tend to get cold during any sort of energy session.

    Do I need to leave a tip? And if so, how much?
    Of course, tipping is totally up to the customer.

    I asked this question on my Facebook Page & the general consensus among our Crystal Hottie community is that: it’s not expected, but it’s gratefully accepted.

    A tip is a show of gratitude for a service well done. If you do choose to tip, it’s generally accepted to do so at 15-20% of the service fee.
    I’m ticklish & don’t like to be touched. Can I still do this?
    Again, I cannot speak for other modalities, but a Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Session conducted by a Certified Crystal Healer is a minimal contact therapy of placing crystals & stones on the body in relaxation.

    This is a no-touch therapy so anyone with this concern should be fine.
    What if the session gives me an erection?
    OK, this is something that no one ever wants to talk about. All the more reason why it needs to be brought up. PUN INTENDED!

    Erections are part of being human & we need to keep in mind that erections are usually not about the practitioner at all. *Get over yourself* 😉

    It’s just something that happens so we need to grow up & move on. Generally, if your client has an erection, but behaves appropriately…and the crystal healer feels comfortable continuing with the session, then simply ignore & continue.

    Now, there may be instances where someone is behaving inappropriately. In that case, you’re fully entitled (and I HIGHLY encourage you) to stop the session cold.

    How? 3 Easy Steps:

  • Ring your tingshas loudly
  • Say “Take a few minutes to slowly get up. I’ll be waiting outside to end your session.”
  • Then leave the room.
  • They’ll get the picture!

    What if I snore during the session?
    Hey, it happens to all of us. You loll off to sleep then suddenly your startled awake by an awful grow-ly noise only to realize…it’s YOU! Believe me!!! You will not be the first to have ever done this. I’ve done it over & over again.

    As I said above, it’s very common to fall asleep during any sort of energy or body work & even the best of us have been caught doing it.

    You’re practitioner will be very used to it & not mind 1 bit. They’re not going to run out & tell everyone else how loudly you snored b/c it will be OLD NEWS. No one cares.

    Besides, your snoring tells your practitioner that you were able to completely release,  relax, unwind & leave your stress behind. What a compliment!
    Do I carry on a conversation during the session?
    Generally, no, this is not appropriate during a crystal healing session. Talking will be distracting to the energy work taking place. You should be prepared to have a discussion of your goals for the session before hand & discuss any findings afterward, but try to keep the talking to a bare minimum during the session.

    However, don’t be too shy to speak up during the session if anything seems out-of-place, you’re cold, something is hurting or bothering you. Your practitioner will greatly appreciate you speaking up in the moment rather than waiting until afterwards.

    So keep the open communication flowing at the appropriate times.  You become a better crystal healer &/or client by being open & honest.

    I hope these “embarrassing or awkward” questions & situations will help you feel more confident whether as a client or practitioner.

    Please, remember: no question is stupid & that you shouldn’t ever feel embarrassed about expressing your concerns, Jelly Bean.

    Sparkly Blessings!


    P.S. If you have more situations or questions to add to this please add them to the comments below. Maybe we can do a Part 2!

    Celebrities And Crystal Healing Secrets Revealed!

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing 6 Comments

    Oprah even included  this article about Crystal Healing in the Jan. 2014 issue of Oprah!!

    Not to be like the National Enquirer or anything, but ever since I did a popular blog post a while back on Robert Downey Jr.’s love of crystal healing, I’ve been keeping my eyes & ears open to any rumors of other celebrity crystal healing stories…well-known celebrities who are into it too.

    Before we get to the celebs, I recently stumbled across this journalist’s article bashing the use of crystal healing among the celeb-folk. He seems to think that turning to crystals is total bunk AND a complete dismissal of God or belief in any religion. I completely disagree, but I’ll save that argument for when I meet up with this dude. Just wanted to interject a differing point of view for a little healthy debate!

    All right, let’s get to it. Here are a few that I’ve been able to sleuth out…(with some hidden celeb gems in the links).
    1. Kate Hudson
    photo credit: Arniep

    “I have a crystal my mom gave me for Christmas years ago and I take it everywhere with me. She’s really into energy and stones. It’s Rose Quartz, and heart-shaped and it represents love.” – according to ZenJewels.com…which of course set me off hunting for mommie, Goldie Hawn. YUP!!! Jackpot! (go ahead & click…you’re gonna die!!)
    2. Victoria and David Beckham
    Photo credit: Vtornet

    Both have an interest in crystal healing. “We’ve both been into crystals since moving to LA,” said David. Victoria elaborated, ‘‘We both like crystals, as in crystal energy. I have lots of Pink Quartz and Black Tourmaline in my bathroom. It’s quite spiritual out here in Los Angeles, all very positive.” as quoted in ok.co.uk
    3. Anne Hathaway
    Photo Credit: GabboT

    People.com reported that Ms. Hathaway shopped & purchased 2 special crystal pieces with a friend at the Crystalarium in West Hollywood on Melrose. Apparently, it’s quite the celeb hot spot.
    4. Heidi Klum
    Photo Credit: Bob Bekian

    Friend of the Beckhams, Ms. Klum reportedly gave David Beckham a special gem bracelet to help him heal up some injuries. – according to HelloMagazine.com. You can  see a pic here of the bracelets he’s wearing.
    5. Oprah Winfrey
    Photo credit: vargas2040

    Ms. Winfrey has confessed that her greatest indulgence is a crystal bath in this article, “Bathing is my hobby. I love creating bathing experiences—bath gels, bubbles, crystals, salts, lavender milks…”

    Oprah even included this article about Crystal Healing in the Jan. 2014 issue of Oprah!!
    6. Angelina Jolie

    Photo credit: www.promiflash.de – Bitte bei Bildverwendung auch Link setzen

    According to a friend’s report in EntertainmentWise.com, ““She believes they hold sacred, ancient energy and wants that around her. She’s spent hundreds and thousands of pounds on them”, but supposedly, partner, Brad Pitt isn’t too keen on it. He should book himself a session with one of our Certified Crystal Healers. That will change his tune! 😉
    7. Shirley MacLaine

    Photo credit: Roland Godefroy

    This sweet lady is my personal mentor. She’s the person who hooked me deeply into metaphysics at the tender age of 16 with her book Out on a Limb. She’s been into crystals for a long time…this ain’t no secret. She details her journey with crystals in her book, Going Within.
    8. Princess Diana

    The Princess “swore by the healing power of crystals.” – according to The Free Library. In fact, I recently watched the movie, Diana, & there was a scene in which she was trying to calm down & relax and she had her crystals & candles on a side table. Yeah, I got a little excited.
    9. Sheryl Crow

    Photo credit: The Heart Truth

    She apparently chose to wear some citrine & aquamarine gem necklaces.  And CrystalAge.com says that Ms. Crow is a “self-confessed citrine enthusiast.”

    10. Lady Gaga
    Just watch… (warning: there’s some nudity)

    11. Katy Perry
    Katy Perry was reported by Handbag.com as saying:

    “I have rose quartz a crystal in my purse at all times, to make sure I attract the right kind of love.”

    Apparently, Katy talked about it in her Cosmopolitan cover interview;  she says Madonna turned her on to crystal therapy & even gave her the phone number for her personal crystal healer! Could it be one of our own recommended Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers??

    photo credit: mattbuck
    12. Buzz Aldrin

    Bigger than any celebrity to me, astronaut Buzz Aldrin wears several skull bracelets for protection: clear quartz (to which he’s added red & blue stones to the eyes to show his patriotism), turquoise & the 3rd one of a matte black stone (not sure what it is). He’s always photographed wearing them & on a talk show he stated they were for good luck & to ward off evil spirits.  You can see all his bracelets here.
    13. Joan Jett
    I was so excited to find out recently that one of my fav rockers, Joan Jett, has been into crystals for a long time! She was quoted as saying this in an online interview (and I really resonate with the part about working in conjunction with spirituality!!):
    “Crystals are a gemstone, like a ruby or diamond, so to speak. But there are people, including me, that believe these stones can retain positive or negative thoughts. And there are many different kinds of these stones besides Quartz crystal. Amethyst, Obsidian, Tigers Eye, and Agate. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. But these stones work only in conjunction with spirituality. Not just Church on Sunday and Temple on Saturday, but from within. I suggest you get a book on the subject, because there’s a lot of them out there” quoted from interview on JoanJettBadRep.com

    14. Meranda Kerr
    I absolutely LOVE this! Meranda Kerr has created an organic skin care line infused with the vibrations of rose quartz.♥ She talks a bit about it here…

    So do you know of any others I could add to this list? Please post any juicy tidbits in the comments below! Let’s dish!!

    Sparkly Crystal Blessings!

    Want To Step Up Your Crystal Healing? You Need To Read This First

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, Videos 3 Comments


    Are you ready for some soothing, rejuvenating crystal goodness?!
    Watch this vid to get some great ideas on things you can create & ways that you can work with crystals for yourself, your friends, your family & even your pets :).

    These tips include super easy & practical ways that you can work with crystals every day. You know how I love me some PRACTICAL!!

    Ohhh there are some good ones in here! You’re gonna want to check this out! (even Topaz wanted in on the sparkly action!! :)


    For the reviews in the video of Crystal Goodies (that I absolutely love!!!) here are the links just for you, Crystal Hottie!

    • Reiki, essential oils + crystals; what a winning combo at manifestedharmony.com &  to order your own yumminess mentioned in the video, you’ll want to visit  this link.
    • Oohh la la! On to the bio belt ~ super excited about this one! Click here for the Bio mat belt

    Were you  inspired to get creative or use your crystals in a new way for you & your awesome furry companions? Please share your sparkly experience in the comments below.

    Crystal Blessings! Namaste,


    What Mom Never Told You About Autoimmune Diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, healing, stress relief 17 Comments

    Autoimmune Diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia

    …or maybe you’re Mom is really on her game when it comes to autoimmune diseases, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. & DID tell you about this stuff! But with these dis-eases on the rise…I think its time to discuss it here on my blog.

    WebMD.com very generally sums up an autoimmune dis-ease like this:

    general, lingering symptoms, means your immune system is attacking healthy tissue.

    BORING DISCLAIMER: I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations. Let me also warn you that this is a link-rich post. I have lots of good resources here to refer you to. ALL of the products that I recommend are products that I have personally used & HIGHLY recommend. Some of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them, but you can certainly purchase through a different link. Just wanted you to know that I wouldn’t have them here if I didn’t totally believe in them. :)

    OK, let’s get on with it.

    Like I said, it seems that crystal-related questions about these auto-immune illnesses or dis-eases is on the up-tick for me. In fact…Dr. Mercola also notices the trend, stating:
    Asthma, hay fever, eczema, food allergies, lupus, multiple sclerosis and other immune- mediated afflictions are all on the rise.

    According to some estimates, allergies and diseases of the immune system have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in the last few decades, with some studies indicating that more than half of the U.S. population has at least one clinically diagnosable allergy.
    I have several theories on why that is. But I digress…

    So let’s get to addressing these various issues.

    Bare in mind that I don’t usually rely on crystal healing as a stand-alone treatment, but as a handy-dandy & quite effective compliment. I feel strongly that every aspect of our health can benefit from a multi-layered approach & not rely on 1 method alone. Just as with music, several harmonics (vibrational frequencies of varying kinds) all resonating together, is found to be very pleasing…on many different levels. :)
    Here’s the common Q:
    I have some clients or people I know with various autoimmune dis-eases or illnesses such as allergies, lupus, fibromyalgia &  Multiple Sclerosis. I’m wondering what crystals or treatments would be most beneficial?

    *Before I give my answer here I, again, want to be very clear & drive a few points home regarding looking for the “Magic Pill” in a crystal-cure. So you can click on this here link or watch the intro to this video…OR BOTH!*

    Here’s my A:
    Crystals can really enhance an overall holistic approach to treating any auto-immune dis-ease, symptoms or illness. You can also easily merge them with other therapies. For instance:

    • Dr. Mercola recommends allowing yourself to get DIRTY! Quit all this germ-o-phobia. And I throw in Earthing along with this. Get connected back to nature, get some dirt under your finger & toenails & quit using Purell every other second. I use grounding crystals along with my Earthing techniques & this has been very beneficial to my students & clients. In fact, I’ve often referred to my friend & doctor, Dr. Koniver’s Free Earthing eBook to introduce peeps to this whole concept.
    Doing some grounding work with my Grounding Crystals. :)
    • There is usually some inflammation going on along with these dis-eases. Inflammation can be decreased when working with larimar & blue chalcedony. You can mix some anti-inflammatory herbs in with this: boswellia & willow bark. How about a gem elixir tea? Both of these stones are non-toxic so safe to create a gem elixir tea with. :)
    • Regular use of a Biomat has been found to benefit the treatment of chronic pain & autoimmune conditions, including but not limited to neuropathy, fibromyalgia, back pain, Lyme disease & arthritis. Yes, these mats are expensive, but many times a professional Crystal Healer will have 1 on hand that you can book some time with, making it much more affordable. Ask around. You’ll so ENJOY your time on a mat!
    • Thyme, Eucalyptus & Bergamot are just a few essential oils that have been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation. I find essential oils & crystals to be perfect partners! How about a mojo bag with 1-3 suggested crystals from this blog post, some boswellia herb & 5-10 drops of essential oil of choice to carry around, or keep in the car, at work & in your sleeping pillow? Or use these oil in an oil burner while conducting a crystal healing session for a client or if you’re the client, ask your Certified Crystal Healer to use these in your treatment.
    • And of course, sufficient sleep, stress reduction techniques, exercise & diet are all a MUST.

    Specific Recommendations
    Now, here are some stone prescriptions to use for specific illnesses.

    Again, keep in mind, this is in conjunction with a sound holistic health plan. You can use these stones in a body layout during a crystal healing session. (You can find a practitioner near you & request that they use these stones in your treatment.) *Hey! The stress relief that you’ll experience from a session alone will start you on a positive path of healing*. You can also choose to meditate with these stones, create a mojo bag to carry with you, create a crystal grid…I could go on & on here but let me try to keep it somewhat simple for the sake of this post:

    • Multiple Sclerosis – I like to recommend working with natrolite, eudialyte, astrophyllite & green jade. A combo of 3 of those would be great.
    • Lupus – My strong recommendations are: honey calcite, titanium quartz & silver. Now the silver can be in jewelry mineral form (not many of us are carrying chunks or bars around) or you can actually ingest it as colloidal silver (please do your own research on this, but even Dr. Oz is on board, dude!)
    This is the kind we use in our household. Please consult with your own doctor on when & how much to take.
    • Fibromyalgia – friend & highly respected fellow crystal author, Phillip Permutt suggests this combo: abalone shell, amethyst, selenite & rutilated quartz & again, my students & clients have found it to be very effective. I also find that honey calcite is very effective. Choose a combo of 3 for best results.

    A Few Words From Those Who Know the Power of  Crystals

    If you know someone who is suffering from some sort of auto-immune dis-ease, how about making them a little mojo bag of crystals or make them up a tea blend & include 1 tumbled stone mentioned here or share this blog post with them, I know they will appreciate it! And if you have some remedies of your own, please do share them below!

    Healthy Crystal Blessings!


    How & Why Crystals have Healing Properties

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, energy work, science 4 Comments


    Ah, THIS is the question I’m asked to defend over & over. And I love doing it! So let’s talk some crystal energy science, shall we?

    “Why or how do crystals help heal us either physically, emotionally or spiritually?”

    My fav way to answer this question is to show how science & metaphysics agree with each other. YES, you read that right…I said “agree with each other”…as well as discuss all the ways that science is now finally catching up to metaphysics.

    “Science and religion are not enemies. There are some things that science is simply too young to understand.”

    ~(quote from Dan Brown’s book Angels & Demons).

    Oh yeah, us humans…we think we’re so superior. We tend to think that we have power or dominion over “lesser” kingdoms, such as minerals. Don’t we? However, when we  compare the 2; humans are relatively short-lived & quite vibrationally unsteady, therefore easily energetically influenced due to our emotions, which are simply energy, you know.

    I get much deeper into this in my course, but we can do a pretty good summary here. See, our body has a dominant (or average) vibrational frequency which is not very stable…in fact, it’s quite easily influenced. That frequency can get out of whack when we experience any type of stress. Actually, since we are connected & influenced by everything, including crystals & stones, our unstable vibrational nature makes it so that anything can interact with our energy field & can leave its mark!

    Well, I’ve got GREAT NEWS for you:

    The abilities to heal or change your perception of reality & vibrate at your desired frequencies are already present within the cells of your body just waiting to vibe up with the correct frequencies!

    I promise not to bore you with too much physics! But a teeny little bit will really help you to understand the reasons why the crystals and stones work. (I couldn’t help but to sneak a bit of that in here. Forgive me?) There’s another reason why I want to push a bit of physics in here; it has been noted that knowing “why” something works really boosts the effectiveness of a process’ abilities. And we like that!

    You’ve heard this before:

    Where thought goes, energy flows. Quantum physics has proven this. Our conscious thoughts directly influence the actions of subatomic particles. In fact this is the whole premise of physics’ famous Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (yes, this existed before Breaking Bad & Walter White…let’s not go there or you’ll wake up my dormant yet WILD addiction to that series). So the seemingly harmless act of OBSERVING or THINKING about the subatomic experiments influences the velocity & outcome of the particles! Yeah! I know!

    So, see where I’m going here?

    Simply by observing or thinking we are quite literally creating our own reality & perceptions with our thought patterns. (Hang on…I’ll get to the crystal again in a sec!) It’s important to realize that our entire physical universe is made up of pure energy & vibration. In fact, Einstein determined that energy & matter are actually 1 in the same. E=mc2, Baby! Translated into reg. human speak this means that energy equals matter (multiplied by the speed of light…don’t get too hung up on that part…that’s a little mathematical trick).

    So crystals are matter which equals energy. And crystals have vibrations just like everything else does.  See…here are the crystals. 😉

    Different forms of matter & energy vibrate at different vibrational frequencies. These different frequencies depend on different things like the crystal’s specific molecular composition, size, thickness & color (light frequencies).

    What actually makes a crystal A CRYSTAL is that its molecules are arranged in a fixed, regularly repeating geometric pattern. Since they are so geometrically perfect, they have the lowest possible state of disorganization & easily maintain their base frequency, unlike us. So they have the unique ability to entrain the energies around them.

    Now, let me say it again here (I’m always saying this but I feel like I cannot say it enough);  crystals & stones are tools & supports & work best if they’re not left to do all the work all by themselves. The person needing the support needs to put their intentions towards their goal. Where thought goes, energy flows. Or as the Buddhist message says, “Reality exists only where we create focus.”

    Stones & crystals can make this work so much easier.  They act as the guides, tools that support & amplify your clear intentions. Of course, if you cannot resonate with this information & think this will not work for you then that is, most likely, exactly what you will manifest. (I have seen some exceptions!)

    Just remember, Lima Bean…your intention & your intuition are the most powerful factors of whether crystals & stones will work for you!

    Your Turn: Help me to encourage others to look to alternative healing & lifestyle methods! Throwing some science at them usually makes the most stubborn sit up & listen. Please share this blog post about to spread the word & then share your story in the comments below!

    Crystal Blessings, Sparkle Face!

    The Magic Pill…or Crystal?

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing 25 Comments

    magic pill

    One question I often get is:

    “How can I use crystals to help heal this, that, or the other ailment?”

    At first…I used just give the one-off crystal recommendation.

    And then I realized…well, no, I knew…I knew all along that I wasn’t giving the entire picture. That I wasn’t giving the whole story & it was really doing people a huge disservice. My crystal recommendations were usually given in a short YouTube comment or Facebook post & that’s all that a post really allowed for most of the time; and people on smartphones or whatever don’t really want to read anything longer than that anyway so I just recommended this or that stone. Plus, people came right out & said it; they really just wanted a 1 crystal answer. Yeah. If I got too complicated in my suggestions, they often told me this!

    Everybody’s looking for the magic pill…or the magic crystal in this instance!

    Well, Chick Pea: I no longer do that.

    For a while now,  I’ve prefaced my “crystal-cure” answers by stating that crystal healing is part of a sound holistic healing program. In other words, the crystals are not to be relied on all on their own for any sort of cure.

    “Holistic” means that it takes into account all the different aspects that come into play with healing; physically as well as emotionally…and I’m talking about everything. This includes not just your body, but mind & spirit as well.

    Crystals are great b/c they allow us to tap into similar vibrational frequencies (or healing frequencies) more efficiently. Not to say that it can’t be done without the crystals. Of course, it can. You can do everything & anything! It’s all possible. 

    But crystals, as I always say, are here to assist us as a healing tool & support; allowing us to do the required work using less energy.

    That’s the physics definition of a tool, you know!

    Yep. You I used to teach this in my physics lessons all the time…definition of a tool: anything that allows you to do work using less energy.

    Who wouldn’t want that? Of course, we’re always looking for the easy way out, right? A crystal can be that healing tool & support. Having said that though…I don’t think I’ve ever used them 100% all by themselves for healing a physical ailment. I’ve always used them as an accompaniment with other healing modalities.

    For instance, if I feel like I might be getting a cold, I won’t just use a crystal to deflect that cold. I’m going to pool together all my known resources into my arsenal. Yeah, everything!

    • I’m going to use a crystal healing meditation.
    • I’m going to use gem elixirs.
    • I’m going to have a crystal healing session & have all my chakras cleansed & balanced.
    • I’m going to use herbs.
    • I’m going to rest.
    • I’m going to take the right vitamins & supplements that I know that can boost my immune system.
    • I’m going to reduce my stress levels.
    • I’m going to be extra careful to eat properly.

    I’m going to do all those things that I know will help me to heal.

    When people say that they don’t believe crystals can heal– first of all, your mindset is a big part of that sound holistic healing practice. Reducing your stress levels is also another big part of that sound holistic healing practice. Both of those things play a huge role in healing, by bathing each of your individual cells & energetic vibrational frequencies in the correct healing environment. And, yes, that has been scientifically proven for those of you that want scientific proof…check out Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work with epigenetics:

    Through my research & work, I’ve discovered that crystals assist to further enhance & provide that “correct healing environment” required for healing.

    So, yes, as part of a sound holistic healing practice, crystals can be a huge help!

    “In a world of specialization, we have been trained to think of medicine as a separate world—when we are sick, we go to doctors and follow their advice. This is starting to change, with the increasing popularity of alternative and holistic approaches to overall health and well-being.” —Gareth Cook, Boston Globe, 9 June 2002

    Not to say that using a crystal all by itself without these other surrounding healing modalities cannot work. It certainly can; and has many, many times. But I’m always playing the role of Ms. Practical. I tend towards doing things the most efficient way I know of; and for me, I found it to be most efficient to pull in all the things that I know are in alignment with the same goal in mind.

    Why wouldn’t I pull in everything that I know if it’s relatively easy to do? If I know that 1 thing, or 1 modality, isn’t going to cancel out or harm the efficacy of another modality…if I know that they’re all going to work in concert together to achieve the same result, then let’s go for it! Right? Balls to the wall, Lima Bean.

    Yes, taking or doing all these things individually may work wonders; but when you pull them all together, you create a 3rd resonant frequency. And this is, again…the physics teacher in me peeking through again…that 3rd Resonant Frequency (known as the Principle of Interference; google that if you feel like geeking out!) is greater than the sum of its parts & thus, produces a more profound healing effect! OH YES! Now we’re cooking with Hydrogen gas, Baby!

    Isn’t that the epitome of efficiency?  Because it’s going to be so much more powerful & quicker in healing whatever it is you’re trying to heal or adjust.

    And if you use all this alternative medicine in conjunction with Western medicine…well, look the frik out! Yes, I do feel that Western medicine can be a very important part of healing depending on the specific situation. It can provide all sorts of answers & solutions that we’re not able to do as easily (or at all) with alternative or Eastern medicine healing practices. I feel all the healing practices (modern, ancient & in between) are here to be used together & to compliment each other whenever appropriate.

    I also know that adding crystal healing to the mix simply can’t hurt. Crystals – remember – are made by Mother Earth & God or Source Energy (please don’t leave me comments on the semantics of that).

    Crystals are here to assist us; to be used as healing tools & supports.

    Cheers & Good Sparkly Health~!


    Do you doubt yourself?

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing 4 Comments


    Do you doubt that you have the abilities to truly use crystals to heal & manifest?

    Do you think to yourself:

    “Everyone will think this is another of my hair-brained woo-woo ideas. They’ll think I’m wasting money on myself. I may be wasting energy in this course & still not know what to do with the crystals!”

    Well…if that does sound like you, Chick Pea…then you’ve found the course to break through all that SCHIST!

    Enrollment for the Certified Crystal Healer Course closes in just a week next Wed., March 26we officially begin class on April 1st! And please note that this is the very last time for the current pricing.

    There’s been a whole lotta of recent buzz around using crystals for bettering our lives & we’re right in the middle of it. Yeah, Dr. Oz, Oprah…c’mon, these people KNOW WHAT’S UP.

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy was even recently mentioned in this article in Massage & Bodywork magazine. So, yes…major excitement around here about crystal healing being used more & more frequently in the holistic & healing arts & definitely becoming more mainstream!!

    No time-wasting over here!! The HMCA is a school of integrity, as an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. That means through this program you’ll be receiving quality instruction of the highest standards & also earning you 18 CE’s if you’re a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker. Click here to learn more.  BUT…you don’t have to already be licensed in anything at all to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.

    This is definitely the place to be! This isn’t an academy that’s super-stuffy & serious…though it is super smart! In fact, I stuffed this course with SCIENCE to back up how & why the crystals work, giving you a SUPER-confidence boost to work your crystals like nobody’s biz.

    So, would you like to start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals?
    Take a gander at our FAQ’s.  Their filled with juicy details.

    Now, this course isn’t for everybody. Some of us just aren’t truly ready & I’ve blogged about that before, but if you find that this Certification is really calling to you & you know in your ♥ that you ARE READY, then consider enrolling with us today. There isn’t much time left & you can take advantage of the current special pricing that won’t be available ever again.

    This course will CERTIFY you & teach you the SCIENCE behind crystal healing, while still keeping it fun. Believe me, its fun!

    What’s In It For You?

    • Boost your CONFIDENCE in working with the crystals by learning the science behind how & why they work
    • FINALLY learn how to ROCK Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support!!
    • Satisfy your love of crystals, fill your spiritual love cup
    • Help yourself + others to improve their lives using crystals!!
    • Reap the Ohhhm-azing benefits of spiritual healing, grounding, being happy + joyful
    • Increase your intuition + perception
    • Create a wildly successful career as a creative spiritual person
    • Earn GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE

    Want to join the most joyful + positive band of crystal lovers on Mother Earth? Well, we’d love to have you! Our Crystalline Cohorts are a loving, supportive + sparkly community of like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself just waiting for you to jump into & get CRYSTAL-GIDDY with! In our private members-only “Crystal Cave” you’ll explore & discover plenty of quality inspiration & encouragement from your fellow Cohorts, not to mention all the glorious new friends you’ll make! All of this sprinkled with crystal delight & FUN.

    – See more at: http://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/last-chance-saloon-crystal-hottie/#sthash.EJzR8wEz.dpuf

    The course consists of incredibly in-depth, experiential, profoundly informative yet FUN (wooohooo!) online classes taught by me, Certified Crystal Master & best-selling author, Hibiscus Moon, all from the comfort of your HOME. Participate any time of the day, according to YOUR schedule. Take classes & get CERTIFIED virtually, from where ever you are on this beloved planet.

    Want to join the most joyful + positive band of crystal lovers on Mother Earth? Well, we’d love to have you! Our Crystalline Cohorts are a loving, supportive + sparkly community of like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself just waiting for you to jump into & get CRYSTAL-GIDDY with! Here you’ll find a place that you can call your Glittery Home with classmates who may become lifelong friends (has happened too many times to count) in our sparkly community of Crystalline Cohorts. In our private members-only “Crystal Cave” you’ll explore & discover plenty of quality inspiration & encouragement from your fellow Cohorts + Mentors, not to mention all the glorious new friends you’ll make! This is a sure-fire recipe to give you even more support & confidence & BUST through that doubt.

    Learn more + enroll right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & joyous career living out your BIG DREAM….and having so much fun while doing it!!

    Many Crystal Blessings!! Mwaaaaah!

    My Certified Crystal Healer Course is Open

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing 3 Comments


    Would you like to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer?
    So, are you ready to begin something totally new for 2014? Would you like to heal yourself & others by learning the SCIENCE & FUN behind crystal healing?  What BIG DREAMS will you love up, nurture & grow for yourself? What seeds have you planted? What are you going to manifest?

    You CAN grow big, huge beautiful dreams…if you take some inspired action.

    Woohooooo! We’ve spring-cleaned, upgraded systems & spiffied the place all up. I’m now flinging the doors wide open to warmly welcome some new students into our Certified Crystal Healer Course.

    Enrollment is open today & with class beginning on April 1, 2014.

    Do you love crystals & want to learn more about how & why we can use them to better our lives, emotional well-being & health? Would you like to get Certified & add a new service that you can provide to others? Then come join our Crystalline Cohorts & find out what all the Sparkly Excitement is all about! Enrollment is open today & I have a limited number of seats for my all new Blue Sapphire level. This is the last time my course will be offered at it’s current price so this may be the perfect time for you plant that seed of your dream!

    What is the Certified Crystal Healer Course?

    Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy is a new & exciting healing modality. I’ve developed a curriculum & certification program to teach you the art & science of crystal healing, getting you Certified by a highly acclaimed & accredited program. Its a Crystal Healing Course like no other! Believe me when I tell you…like no other!

    • Are you drawn to working with the energies of crystals & stones but just not sure how to use them & what to do with them?
    • Do you feel you have a special connection with them & would like to enhance that connection?
    • Would you like to use Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support?
    • You may even like to help others realize these powerful healing benefits by becoming a Certified & Accredited Crystal Healer earning GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or adding to your existing services!

    Click here for a list of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding this course…go ahead & read it…lots of juicy details!

    See? I’m tellin’ ya! This is a course with high integrity that brings together physics & metaphysics to explain why & how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of FUN! And you’ll meet many other like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself, making many sparkly friendships along the way. :)
    What will you learn? These are the 8 Included Classes:

    • Basics of Crystal Healing & Therapy
    • Create Sacred Space & Self-Protection using Crystals
    • Working with Crystal Grids
    • Chakra Balancing Using Crystals
    • Working w/ Pendulums & Sensing Crystal Energy
    • Crystal Healing for Animals
    • Crystal Healer Toolkit: Crystal Energy Tools
    • Becoming a Professional Crystal Healer

    Find out more by clicking here for all the deets! If you feel like this is calling to you at this time, I’d love for you to join our sparkly family. This is the right time of year for growing our BIG DREAMS…let them flourish. :)
    If you enroll now, you’ll be taking advantage of the current pricing as the course will be going up considerably for our next enrollment. And if you’re interested in one of my coveted Blue Sapphire level spots, please check that out now because space is limited!

    Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask, Jelly Bean.

    If you’re feeling called to do this thing, I do hope you join our Happy, Fun, Wild & Sparkly Bunch soon! I can’t wait to get started on this glitter-paved journey with you!

    Many Crystal Blessings!!! May All Your BIG Dreams Come True. You certainly deserve it. ♥♥♥

    COLOR OF THE YEAR: RADIANT ORCHID ~ 2014 ~ Sugilite + Lepidolite

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Goodness, Crystal Healing, dreaming, protection 10 Comments


    I love color! How about you?

    So, last year I started a tradition of pairing up a crystal video to match up with Pantone’s Color of the Year. To explain sort of what that’s about this is from the Pantone website:

    Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute™ has been designating a Color of the Year to express in color what is taking place in the global zeitgeist.

    Pretty cool, right? You can find out more about that here.

    I decided to create a NEW color collage of my own…with crystals! YOU LIKE?

    In today’s featured video I go over 2 very specific stones that I felt aligned very well with “Radiant Orchid”.

    COLOR OF THE YEAR: RADIANT ORCHID ~ 2014 ~ Sugilite + Lepidolite

    More Crystal Info + Another that goes with the 2014 Color of the Year

    • A potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminum silicate mineral (wooooo!)
    • Mohs Hardness: 6-6.5
    • Chakra Alignments: 3rd Eye, Crown + Transpersonal
    • Assists with spiritual protection, enhances dreams, purifies the aura


    • A potassium lithium aluminum silicate
    • Mohs Hardness: 2.5-3
    • Chakra Alignments: Heart, 3rd Eye & Crown
    • An emotional & mental soother & balancer, calming, assists in reducing stress, brings a calm, serene sense of well-being


    • Very complex element content. For you Chemistry Freaks (that’s a MAJOR compliment BTW!!) here’s the formula: (K,Sr) 15-16 (Ca,Na) 32 [Si 6 O 11 (O,OH) 6 ] 2 [Si 12 O 18 (O,OH) 12 ] 2 [Si 17 O 25 (O,OH) 18 ] 2 (OH,F) 4 · ~3H 2 O  …so there’s that.
    • Mohs Hardness: 5-6
    • Chakra Alignment: 3rd Eye, Crown + Transpersonal Chakras
    • Excellent for de-toxing of inner negative energy, psychic ability stimulator, assists with being/becoming a more effective energy healer, provides protection, assists us in figuring out our life purpose & then to walk that path

    Here are the links to the videos I mention in this week’s feature:

    • 2013 Color of the Year: Emerald
    • Pineal Gland Video, Part 1
    • Pineal Gland Video, Part 2

    OK, so now I’d like you to please post below in the comments…what other crystals & stones do you think would also make a great vibrational match for Radiant Orchid?

    Sugar Pop, thanks for watching & sharing your special brand of glitter-genius here w/ all the rest of the Crystal Hotties!

    BTW, some dude on my FB page said he thought I was excluding the males from our community by referring to us all as Crystal Hotties.

    Ummm, since when is a “Hotttie” gender-specific? Frank (my husbo) will take great offense to that since he is the OFFICIAL HEAD CRYSTAL HOTTIE! 😉

    So, please know; male, female, transgender & all shades in between…we’re all Crystal Hotties!

    OK, much love & Sparkle- Bombs!


    Peridot Paradise

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, Crystals 51 Comments


    On my recent Hawaiian Travels I caught hard-core PERIDOT FEVER!!

    Before going, I already knew that it was on my hot list since I was going to 1 of peridot’s most enchanting birth places but I had no idea that my respect & love for this crystal would deepen as much as it did. This trip introduced me to the magic & spirit of aloha & peridot is now so much a part of that for me. ♥

    Find out why in this week’s featured video. In it I discuss:

    • Peridot’s scientific & metaphysical qualities
    • Chakra alignments
    • It’s volcanic roots
    • Unicorns, Curses & Magic Green Sand…yep, you read that right
    • My signature spitting at the end (I’m not proud of that. What’re you gonna do?)

    Peridot Paradise

    Here’s that other video I refer to in the video. 😉
    A Challenge to You: What 1972 TV Show did I make reference to in the video? Please post your answer (or guess!) in the comments below! Also, please tell me about your experiences with peridot.
    I could not stay away from this spot…visiting almost daily, finding endless peridot embedded in the cooled lava rock.

    Amongst the peaceful green sea turtles sunning themselves on a deserted beach as I searched & made piles of peridot in the sand. We all just went about our business of being…in paradise 1 friendly guy inching his way up to my hubby, Frankie.

    Close up of the green peridot sand

    I hope you enjoyed this “gem of a video”. Yes, cheesy, I know.

    Handfuls of Magic Green Sand!


    P.S. If this sort of stuffs is really tickling your fancy-schmancy, perhaps you’d like to learn more? My Certified Crystal Healer Course, which delves deep into science & FUN behind Crystal Healing, will be enrolling again this spring. Want in? For more info & to get on the waiting list click here.
    P.S. If this sort of stuffs is really tickling your fancy-schmancy, perhaps you’d like to learn more? My Certified Crystal Healer Course, which delves deep into using crystals with the chakras (+ so much more!), will be enrolling again this spring. Want in? For more info & to get on the waiting list click here. – See more at: http://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/balance-chakras/#sthash.4NY9oy2f.dpuf

    Underrated Crystals + Stones

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing, Crystals 23 Comments

    Video thumbnail for youtube video Underrated Crystals + Stones - Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy | Crystal Healing | Crystal Healer | Crystal Therapy | Certified Crystal Healer | Crystal Grids | Crystal Healing Course

    This week a Crystal Hottie asks:

    What are some of the most underrated crystals? What stones do you think deserve more recognition?

    I really had to think about that one. I mean really…that’s a TUFF (geo-geeks, get it?) question!! When you have over 4,000 minerals to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming. But this was fun to think about none the less!

    And when I thought of my answer I decided to give you 2 options that were really practical & easy to obtain.

    So take a look & see which 2 I chose:
    Underrated Crystals + Stones

    Here’s that other video I mentioned on calcite.

    If you’d like to submit your own question voice-mail, where I pick out a few good questions to use on air during a future video response please do so! I’d love to hear from you!

    Now, I would love to hear from you! What are you choices for underrated crystals? Please tell me in the comments below.

    Peace, Rainbows + Crystal Sparkles!


    Peace, Rainbows + Crystal Sparkles!


    – See more at: http://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/crystal-healing-book/#sthash.VNT3sg22.dpuf