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Today I bring to you a guest post from Antara, a simply adorable spirit…Enjoy!!

crystal healing

This is Antara. Look at that sly smirk!

Crystal Tips for Whole Living.

Like many of you I have a demanding job in a pretty conservative industry.  Whilst I enjoy my job it is not as creative, artistic or sparkly as perhaps I might like and it can be stressful.  I take my work seriously and want to give it my best and that means that I can end up piling work stress monkeys on my back until I collapse under the weight of them.

Over the years I have developed whole set of tools to help me live a magical life and have a good time at work.  Recently, after a long break, I started using crystals again as part of my practice and importantly as a bridge to help me live a more integrated life.

Integrated Living has become vital to me over the last two years. 



This is a huge, amazing dream for me, and I now seek that in every waking moment of my life I will be:

  • as soulful and creative as I am in ritual space
  • as clear, focussed and organised as I am at work
  • as loving and open as I am in my closest relationships

Crystals help me achieve and live this dream in three ways:

1. Each of the crystals has its own energy and I have my own association with them.  I use rose quartz when I need some gentle stress free vibes, some citrine when I want to write a really successful report at work.  There are a huge amount of crystals with a dizzying array of properties but it is important for me to remember I can use crystals at work and in my sacred ritual space.

2. I always associate Crystals with magic, they conjour images of New Age Shops soaked in mystery and incense and help me enter my creative and artistic headspace by reminding me of all the beauty and wonder in the world. Using Crystals at work brings that sense of magic and wonder right into my job.

3. One of the amazing facets of Crystals is in their ordered and crystalline structure.  Just like my work headspace, Crystals are logical and organised. This, in turn, serves to give me a constant reminder in my magical, dreamy life of the clarity and focus I want to keep with me always.

Once a week I am lucky enough to work from home, I have a large piece of Rose Quartz and in setting up my working space I take this piece of quartz, light the candle inside it and have it with me on my desk all day.  I use it to help me inhabit a gentle place of loving energy, and a place of mental clarity and success simultaneously.  Living in those headspaces simultaneously is a very empowering experience, in and out of work, and helps to build a life not segmented and fractured but gloriously whole.

crystal healing
I say I am lucky to work from home once a week because placing a candle light, piece of rose quartz the size of a grapefruit on my desk in the office would raise some eyebrows.  But even taking a small and discreet piece of crystal to the office can serve the same purpose and give you access to all the amazing part of You, every moment of every day.

My only note of caution is that I do end up cleansing my crystals more regularly. Taking them to work and using them to help manage the stress and negativity which exists in an office from time to time means that they get clogged up more quickly but having a regular cleansing/charging practice is never a bad thing.

So get on with some gorgeous joyful, Whole Living!


Antara is a Pagan and Witch in constant dialogue with herself and the world around her. Described by others as “relentlessly cheerful,” she is a woman on a path to help people connect with their own divinity through being very, very organized … when she isn’t knitting. She writes about the wonders of being witchy here:

I like Antara’s ideas for bringing crystals into your concept of “Whole Living” but you don’t need to be a witch to do this. Crystals are for everyone!!!

Do you have any more ideas we can add to this lists? So many can benefit from this type of information, so please do share!

Mwaaaah! XOXO

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