Crystals, Angels and Guides; a Crystal Healer Blossoms

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crystal healer interview

Hi Crystal Hottie!

I’ve got another “Crystal Healer Interview” today! Yes, another fresh, new & inspiring crystal perspective from someone else living & breathing this crystal path.

Well, I’m excited to let you meet Certified Crystal Healer Amber Jacobs-Southgate. We worked closely with each other in my Blue Sapphire & Emerald Levels & she’s now gone all the way as a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master.

I think she’s a fairy incarnate, really.

Look at her!

Magical Amber shares with us her love of crystals + passion for learning while working with crystals to connect with her guides.

Here’s Amber…

What brought you to the world of crystal healing?
The start of my own healing and spiritual journey. Around 6 years ago I started to have reiki, the lady who I went to used crystals during the healing. I started to collect some small crystals slowly, however 3 years ago my obsession began to take hold as my collection began to get more serious.

Then, I broke my back in a car accident just under 2 years ago which propelled my healing and spiritual journey. Literally, my life began to change at quite a pace. My guides no longer wanted me to take my time, they were pushing me forward onto my life path and brought me to the space where I am today.
What crystal has had the biggest effect on you?
Amethyst for its healing and spiritual advancements (I was bought a beautiful amethyst geode by my husband 2 years ago for Christmas) and clear quartz for helping me to realize what it was I wanted in life (this crystal was one which I sat with during meditation most often after I broke my back) and given it is such a highly programmable crystal I know that it helped me on so many levels – it’s hard to choose just one crystal!

Selenite is close behind these two, it has such a beautiful energy which lifts me in my work with the Angels, it really helped me to connect with the angelic realm and I became hooked on it during my healing too. I have 2 stunning selenite lamps which remind me of ice castles as well as helping to cleanse the rooms they live in (my healing room and my bedroom).

What do others in your life think about the path you are on?
There are some who are skeptical, my husband is starting to understand more and to see how much this means to me. It’s more than a collection of crystals it’s an intensely spiritual way of life.

This is who I am rather than just something I do and it’s never going to stop, this is so important to me.

I feel so lucky to have found crystals and to have been able to bring so many of them not only into my own life but also the lives of others.
What do you think made the biggest difference to you on this path?
Meditation with my crystals.
Through sitting with my crystals and simply relaxing into the moment I began feeling my guides and angels with me.
Through using the appropriate crystals during meditation such as selenite, angelite and angel aura to name a few examples my crown chakra was opened more and my third eye opened – this has all helped me so much in my life.

I’ve been healing so many areas of my life, and working on healing the past – so many traumatic events which have affected me. Meditation has been key in enabling my moments of realization, understanding, forgiveness and ultimate release.
How do you navigate being a crystal healer and a mama on a daily basis?
My babies are 19 and 15 so I have less navigating to do but it’s all about balance and compromise.  Now that my children are able to live their own lives with less of my time it’s been a great way for me to continue my journey. It’s a little like being reborn!

I must confess that I’ve told my husband that if I had to choose him or the crystals and in particular my spiritual work then I’d have to choose the spiritual work. It’s who I am. It’s why I am on this planet.

I’ve been reincarnated so many times, lived through so much in those past lives and all of this has been leading up to this moment. I am ready to help others, to be a powerful lightworker, healer and teacher. I’ve been ready for longer than I realized.

Do any ridicule you for being interested in crystal healing? If so, how do you handle that?
I’ve had some people make comments but I just let them know it’s all about personal preference and journey.

If they’re ready to hear me out with regards to the science behind crystals and the effects my crystals have had on my clients, as well as me, then I will tell them.  Otherwise, I will simply respect their opinions and ask that they do the same.

I still currently work full-time in London, my workplace is not the kind of place to be open to crystals and spiritual work really…so I’ve had some comments but I simply answer questions and explain different rationale to those who ask. I feel that they accept my beliefs now and seem to ridicule me less and less (at least to my face anyway) but then perhaps that is because they see how I have changed over the years of working there – and all for the better absolutely.
What is your go-to crystal for grounding?
Smokey Quartz.

I find black tourmaline a little too heavy for me. I do like hematite as well but smokey quartz is a beautiful gentle energy  and I have a stunning ring I wear often.

What is the primary way you utilize crystals in your practice?
Chakra balancing, crystal prescriptions for stress relief and self esteem issues which seem to be really common issues for my clients.

If anyone I know has issues or problems or becomes ill I will always make up a mojo bag of crystals for them.

My dad had skin cancer diagnosed and I gave him a little bag of beauties which included seraphinite, shungite, selenite and amethyst. He’s been given the all clear after using a cream (he refused an operation to remove the cancer which could have meant he could have gotten worse). Whether the crystals helped or not may not be scientifically provable but I believe they were helpful.
From where do you draw inspiration in your crystal practice?
My guides and the Angels inspire me and I feel inspired in life, drawing from everything and everyone around me. Hibiscus Moon is an amazing teacher, I love they way she encourages her students to use intuition in their work and to go with whatever feels right within.

When I was taking the Certified Crystal Healer course I felt only encouragement and value.
I felt that I was absolutely growing with confidence through each and every lesson. It was an amazing experience.
I have also connected deeply with my past life in Atlantis. This has enabled me to connect at a deeper level with the crystals and I definitely feel that many of my personal crystals have been with me during past lives. I keep 2 collections – one is for myself and one collection is purely for healing others. I feel that this is a healthy way of keeping boundaries at the moment particularly given the fact that I’ve been healing so much of myself too.

Take us through a typical workday for you as a crystal healer.
I get up and meditate, connect with my guides, clear and cleanse the healing room and make sure it’s ready, full of relaxing and healing energy.

It’s a sacred space in itself and I invite my guides, the angels, archangels, ascended masters and various light beings to work with me. I ask them to help me to come from the heart, to let go of ego and not allow ego to get in the way of what is best for my clients.

I look after myself first and foremost each day and then help my clients. That way I know I’m giving my best too.

I only have 3 clients a day maximum so that I can really take my time with them and make the experience all about and for them.

I also receive healing regularly too, that’s so important – I practice what I preach and make sure I live life as an example as much as I possibly can.

Amber’s Bio: Amber is a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer who lives and breathes crystals, she often gives clients tumbled stones to take away and use because she wants to spread the love of crystals far and wide. Amber has presented a workshop on crystals and crystal grids.  Her incredible spiritual journey accelerated after she broke her back in September 2014. Recovery and self love and care have enabled Amber to really connect with the Universe and embrace life in all its glory. You can find Amber on her Facebook page Amber’s Angelic Light & Guidance.


Hibiscus again here…

Thank you Sweet Amber for sharing your inspiring personal journey with us & all your wonderful crystal insights.

If you resonate with anything Amber has shared with us here, please leave a comment below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

Announcing our 2017 Scholarship WINNERS

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Wow, wow, wow!

Just when we think this cannot get any more difficult… it does. We’ve been doing this scholarship giveaway since the summer of 2012. And that year I only gave out 1 scholarship. Well that has defo multiplied! 😀 This year we have 2 Instagram winners & 7 YouTube winners.  Yeeeeha!

Why is it so difficult?

Because you all bring such good energy, joy + love into your videos. You truly pour your hearts out into this!

The Sparkle Team & I are blessed & honored that you allowed us into your lives, to witness your vulnerability & to hear your story.  As always, it was SO hard to narrow it down as there were so many great entries!
Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship Winners!
Based on our Rules & Criteria, here are our fabulous winning scholarship recipients in no particular order:

Teresa Cassidy

Luisa Silva

DeeDee Stolz

Joy Woodward

Lauren Wightman


Tjoep Stil

Nelena Brown

Ana Pino

Moving Forward
For all of you who entered, but were not selected, please consider doing these 3 things (my goal is to strive to help others in many ways; be someone who enables others to help themselves):

  • Please join our Crystal Hottie Community & me in congratulating our winners. Our collective support, love, encouragement & good vibes will greatly assist them in making their big dreams a reality (while also reflecting back to you & assisting you in creating the same for yourself…law of attraction, baby!) ♥
  • Feel & KNOW down to your core that you are an amazing being & and that you possess all the gifts, talents & abilities to live out all of your dreams…this was just the tip of the crystalized iceberg of a mega message-transmission to the Universe. Don’t stop here, don’t stop now….KEEP ON TRUCKIN’! If you can dream it, then you can ROCK THIS THING!
  • Now…go watch…or look at your entry again. Re-absorb some of that fantastic BRILLIANCE & DAZZLE that you’re made of. Listen/read all of the amazing things you said you’d do & bring forth if you won. DON’T LET THOSE DREAMS DIE. They deserve to breathe, live, be fed & be deeply cherished. They’re your precious babies. Ask yourself what’s stopping you from doing all of those things right now? Hmmm? Don’t let anything get in your way of making your glittery crystal healing dreams a reality. NADA. If you truly feel in your heart that this course is part of your path, then make it happen. Are you on our Interest List? If this is not possible for you right now, then choose to do what you CAN do – keep tuning into to my blog here & my Glitter Updates, working with your crystals, reading crystal books & eat glitter for breakfast…b/c you deserve it!

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    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm & participation. I’m so grateful for you!

    Namaste & much love to you all,

    Hibiscus Moon

    P.S. Because we’re getting many questions about it, for more info on registration for my Certified Crystal Healer Course, head over here.

    If you still have questions about our 2017 registration, please email us here.

    Win a FREE Scholarship to the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course!

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    Crystal Healer Course Scholarship

    It’s the day you’ve been waiting for all year.  I’m incredibly excited to kick off our Certified Crystal Healer Registration with our annual Scholarship Contest!  Wheeee!! This is one of my most favorite-ist  things to do all year!! YES!

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    4. The deadline to enter is 11:59pm ET, Sunday, April 9th, 2017. We’ll announce the winner here on my blog on Friday, April 14th, 2017 (the week of April 17… sorry for the delay, lots of entries to sort through. Thank you for your patience.) All those on my newsletter list will get an email announcement once the winners have been announced along with a link to that announcement.
    5. My sparkly team & I are the judges & our decision will be final. Our decision is subjective & will be based on originality, creativity, imagination, commitment, heart, soul & inspiration.
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    • You must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Pretty please know that if you don’t follow ALL the rules mentioned above or if you email us to see if we received your entry it will be disqualified.

    Spread the word about the Scholarship giveaway on Twitter & Facebook & you’ll earn yourself some sparkling love. You can share up to 3 times per day & you can use any wording you want – but it must have the hashtag #HibiscusMoonCCH and Here are some sample tweets or posts to get you started:

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    What makes a winning combo?
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    This may push you outside of what normally feels comfy but this is just the 1st very important step towards committing to your dreams & desires.  This is telling the Universe YOU ARE READY!

    Good luck to you, Lima Bean!

    Hibiscus Moon

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    Sacred Crystal Biz Tips for You – Online Marketing for Your Soul-Centered Biz

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    Anyone that’s got an online sacred crystal business, this one’s for you!

    If you sell things on Etsy, if you provide crystal healing or energy healing of any sort, or you’re just in the business of dealing with crystals in some way, shape, or form, this blog will apply to you.

    Watch the video + read on for more sparkly details below!

    In my Certified Crystal Healer course, one of the things that I feel really passionate about is helping my students carry on & flourish if they would like to start a Sacred Crystal Business.  So I give them lots of business resources and bonuses, lot of materials including …
    Content Calendar for your Sacred Crystal Business
    One of the bonuses I’ll be giving out this year to those that register for our CCH Professional Level is a content calendar, or a marketing calendar specific to Crystal Healers.  In there I give an entire year’s worth of planning ideas that highlights:

    • a theme for the month
    • a crystal of the month to use with promoting their sacred crystal business
    • and a business focus with lots of bulleted items to check off to fuel your sacred biz.

    Yup, this is an entire calendar for the whole year.  Each month, there’s a business focus and something to be working on for that month to enhance your sacred biz.

    Plus there’s a purpose, a plan for the whole calendar, month-by-month, from January to December.  Everything that you’re working on, it all ties together.  Doing the content calendar, you see some of the things that you did in January will start to come to fruition with the next steps that you have maybe 6 months later.  It’s really easy and it’s super fun.

    If Crystal Healing is what you want to do in your career, that you actually want to earn an income from…it’s a lot of fun the sacred crystal business side of things.   So I give my students lots of business resources. Because we all have to earn an income in some shape or form, right?  To keep ourselves alive.  It’s an energy exchange. And if you choose that you want crystals to be part of that energy exchange for you, then I help you along on that path.  🙂

    Calendar Snippet
    Now I’m going to give you just a snippet;  I’m going to share an example of this marketing calendar tool for your sacred crystal biz for the month of August.

    It goes like this…

    1. The theme is value infusion & gratefulness.

    Why?  Because it’s really really important in business!

    I’m not shy about telling you this—I am really good at marketing and operating my sacred crystal business. You can see, you can watch everything that I’ve done right from the beginning, you can see that I’m good at it. So I’m not going to be modest or shy about telling you that because I’m really confident in telling you that. These are the principles I follow and gratefulness is a huge part of it.

    2.  The crystal of the month is pink sapphire.

    Pink sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that helps to bring appreciation to anything that you’re doing.

    You could wear pink sapphire if you have any in your sparkly collection:

    • pink sapphire earrings
    • or a little pink sapphire pendant
    • maybe put a small piece of pink sapphire in a mojo bag or put a piece near your work space. 

    If you have a check-in area, put a piece of pink sapphire there, maybe put a little card there that says, “Gemstone for Appreciation,” and you can even tell your clients, your customers the theme you’re working on; value infusion and gratefulness, and simply appreciating your customers and clients. Then if you sell those items, put them on sale. Or give a pair of earrings away if someone books a package of services with you. Many ways you can go with that.

    If you don’t have a face-to-face business, like I don’t, you can put a little picture of it on your website, on your Facebook page, on your Instagram.  You could also put it in little notes that you send out to people if you sell products and explain why…why you’re telling them about pink sapphire. Let them know it’s because you’re focused on value infusion to your customers, to your clients, and gratefulness this month. And tell people how you’re appreciating your valued customers.

    3.  Our Sparkly Biz Focus for August is “client appreciation(hence the pink sapphire!)

    Ya know it’s nice to always build your client or email list BUT for the month of August we want to try to focus on the existing customers.
    We want to appreciate the customers that you already have.
    So many times in online marketing, all the focus is on growing your list, growing your list, adding people to the mix.  What about all the people who have already done business with you?

    You’ll expend a lot less energy for this month just taking care of, valuing, and being grateful for the people who are already doing business with you.  It’s a lot easier to get them to do repeat business than it is to acquire new customers. And so many business owners forget about the customers and the clients they already have.

    Something that I do is randomly send out gifts or cards to our client list or take a look at who’s been doing biz with us for a long time and reward them in some way.

    Even if you only have one customer, spend the entire month of August taking care of that one.  (This might happen if it’s your first month doing business or something, but if you’re following my calendar, you won’t have just one customer because at this point they’ve proven that they love you, they love what you do, they’re open to exchanging, doing that money exchange with you, exchanging energy with you, so you’re going to spend a lot less energy talking to them & doing business with them).

    So remember this month to honor + nurture your existing customers & clients.

    How many people have forgotten about that?  If you have a business and you’ve forgotten that bit; you’re focusing on growth, growth, growth, keep in mind there’s a lot of growth to be had by just focusing on the people who you already have in your circle.

    Think of ways that you can offer value to your existing clients for the month of August.

    You can do things like:

    • offer foot baths, or gem elixir teas with services, that’s if you’re working one-on-one.
    • If you’re a crystal healer, you can send out or give out extra goodies (a few tumbled stones in an organza bag, a mini smudge wand, a small vial of a more inexpensive but high quality essential oil) with purchases if you do any kind of retail.
    • offer a personal holistic coaching session with any package booked, but only for existing clients! Makes them feel so special yet you’re not depleted b/c this is all about an even energy exchange…not giving things away.  
    • Record a special meditation mp3 & send it out digitally to your most valued customers
    • Fun event! This is something that I did in the beginning when I used to do one-on-one with people—you could put together a potluck Saturday event where everybody brings a dish that you host, and you can play some crystal singing bowls for them & give a 10 min. intro explaining how the work you do benefits others. I made it very valuable info that left peeps wanting lots more & asking how they can hire me for services or take my classes. I organized it on & charged $5 from each person just to allow for some form of energy exchange. We had about 35 people show. It led to a lot of future & repeat business. Plus it was a great way for people to meet others in our community. But remember the goal with this >>> to bring in future clients or customers, not to make revenue directly from this event. Some of you out there may remember that local event. That was a huge hit & a perfect way to get my name out there. 🙂

    Let them know they’re appreciated + valued! Do something to make them feel special.

    If you do crystal healing sessions in your sacred crystal business:

    • You could add on a complimentary 1/2 hour to any sessions booked in the month of August, only for pre-existing clients. This is the focus for August, to give these offers, the special perks to existing customers only. And then watch them sign up. They’ll be like, “Well I’m coming in twice a week every week for the month of August because I get an extra half-hour on my session, or I get an extra discount when I make my purchase with you,” or whatever it is that you want to do.
    • You can go old-school & hand write a note to thank your best customers. Or if you have only a small amount of customers, thank ALL your existing customers with an old-school, handwritten note. Who’s even getting those these days? Not very many of us so it’s certainly going to stand out among the e-mails that are coming in people’s inboxes…a handwritten thank you note.
    • How about you randomly WOW one or two really special clients?  (It  can be random or you can choose to honor your best ones) and send them a favorite crystal book that you think is just amazing or a new mineral find; something that you don’t think that they have, and send it to them completely unexpectedly. Also you can write a personalized note that goes along with the book; put that thank you card in with the book so that your client knows that this thank you is meant just for them, and who it came from, and how much you appreciate them.

    Okay, I have a couple more but, again, this is part of an entire year’s worth of calendar ideas that I give out to my students in my Certified Crystal Healer course. Here are a few more examples for you now though:

    • Feature your existing clients randomly if you have a website or Facebook page.  Of course, ask their permission to get a picture of them and feature them. This makes them feel really special.
    • Or, if you have a place of business, you can put their picture up on the bulletin board or something. And it makes them feel like they’re valued and treasured (and that’s the whole theme of this month!). It gives them a sense of pride in doing business with you because they’re proud to be up on a pedestal with you, and they’re going to be telling everyone about you. They’re going to be so excited, they’re going to be showing everybody, “Look, look, look, I’m on their website, I’m on their Facebook page today, go in there, you can see me up on the bulletin board.” Of course, ask them again if they’re comfy with that first and don’t make it about you, make it about them. This is about value, appreciating, and valuing your customer.
    • You can also choose to take an extra 10 to 20% off their purchases all month long.  10% is kind of, not too exciting, 20% is really exciting! There’s a big difference. It’s just a 10% difference for you, as the business owner, but for the customer…that makes an impact–if you really just can’t take it to 20%, give 10% but consider offering 20% off on existing client purchases or services.  Again it’s going to increase the number of purchases or services they’re going to book with you because they’re getting this extra appreciation discount just to say “Thank you” for their business. It’s a great act of good will on your part to do that.

    If you’re looking for more juicy sacred biz info like this…if you’re done with “hoping” your biz does well or sick of hearing about how you need to HUSTLE to make your sacred biz work…you may want to take a look at my Energize your Heart & Soul-Centered Biz Mastermind registering only this week for an exclusive LIVE round…plus I’m giving you $100 savings on it…but it’s for this week only >>>

    You can check that out here.

    Are you a Sacred Business owner?  A soul-preneur? Or thinking of just starting up your own sparkly biz? Will you be trying any of the ideas I mention above?  Tell me in the comments below, let’s share the creativity & inspire each other to shine!

    Crystal Blessings,

    Hibiscus Moon