My Wand ~ a Guest Blog Post by Tia Johnson

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TiaToday, I proudly bring to you another in our series of Crystal Healer Interviews from 1 very dedicated & prolific Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, Tia Johnson…on top of everything else she does (read her bio below) she has her own freakin’ Radio Show! Yeah! OK, here she is with glorious beautiful self… ENJOY!

It’s not so much that we pick our crystals, but it is the crystals that pick us!

Just as in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the wand chose Harry!

While in Ollivander’s Wand Shop, Harry Potter gave a few wands a flick of the wrist, but there was that one particular wand that was a ‘match’ for Harry.

Well, this is how crystals work with us!

Have you ever been attracted to a particular crystal and can’t explain why besides the fact that you find it to be beautiful?  I can guarantee you that it is more than just the looks of a crystal that draws you in and captures your attention! This is what happened to me when I purchased my first crystal wand!

My crystal wand, pictured below, consists of my two favorite crystals, clear quartz and amethyst!

However, I have to mention that this was NOT my ideal wand. Before I became a Certified Crystal Healer, I didn’t completely understand how crystals work. What I did know, at the time, was that I wanted an awesome and mysterious looking wand to use for crystal healing.

Per my awesome formal crystal training I now know that:

  •  Crystals are vibratory tools that vibrate at different rates
  •  Crystals align our chakras, change frequencies, and promote emotional and physical healing
  •  Wands are great to use to direct energy
  •  Clear quartz crystals are amplifiers


Little did I realize at first glance of the wand that I was already being healed!

There were two other crystal wands on display in the glass case, but my crystal wand was already sending out ‘the vibes’ that I could instantly feel.

I just could not stop looking at this wand, as if I was hypnotized and I could hear it say, “Purchase me.”

Since I was looking to increase my healing abilities and gaining more wisdom about all things spiritual, I actually purchased it because it felt right and my two favorite crystals made up the wand!




Here’s what I have learned:

  •  There’s always a master plan
  •  We may not always see that master plan, but if we just follow our intuition we will not have regrets
  •  The crystal wand attracted my attention because the crystals were vibrating at a frequency that I wanted to achieve: increase healing abilities-clear quartz amplifies and gain spiritual knowledge-amethyst promotes understanding of sacred knowledge
  •  Working with the wand has proven to be very beneficial for me and my crystal practice
  •  The crystal wand definitely chose me!

Based on my experience, I can say that working with crystals is a calling. The crystal path chose me! I didn’t fully understand why I had to purchase the wand, but there was plan in motion.

So, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  •  What path am I on now?
  •  What’s the background story of that path which has lead me to this point in my life?
  •  Who can learn from my experience?
  •  Is it a path that involves me getting training?
  •  How have I changed from when I first started the path?
  •  What’s the overall message?


BIO: Tia Johnson is the intuitive healer and creator of The Violet Sanctuary Spa, LLC.  Tia is an attuned Reiki practitioner, Gateway Dreaming™ Coach, certified by Denise Linn, Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer and ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. She is the author of the forthcoming e-book, To Be Goddess: Every Woman is a Goddess; Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme. She has been gifted with the metaphysical since early childhood and fascinated by dreams and their meaning. You can learn more about Tia at

Thank you Tia! Wasn’t that inspiring? I’m certainly all amped up now. *Where’s my wand?*

Abundant Crystal Blessings!




P.S. If you’re also interested in becoming a Certified Crystal Healer we’re currently enrolling now for our course beginning on May 1st! Click here for info.

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