Coffee, Inspiration + Crystals!

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Last week I had a great time hanging out with Advanced Crystal Master, Crystal Starshine & Friends on Coffee & Inspiration for an interview. We had a BLAST & discussed dozens of crystal topics including:

  • crystals to include in your kit
  • how to choose a crystal to work with
  • how to start out working with them
  • what to do when you’re not connecting with your crystals
  • the ethics behind crystal mining
  • PLUS so much more!

I hope you enjoy as much as we did!! Leave any comments or questions you may have below. icon smile Coffee, Inspiration + Crystals!

Namaste & Crystal Blessings,

signature3 Coffee, Inspiration + Crystals!


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Crstal Connection

Excellent!! Fun and Helpful! Thank you


Crystal Connection

what happened to my comment about caffeine being a toxic substance and why you haven’t researched this?? did you just censor me to remain ignorant and not care about helping people to poison themselves??


Dawn Martinello

Your comment was removed because it had nothing to do with the topic we’ve posted. The title of the owners show just happens to have coffee in it.


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