Sparkly Success + Gratitude!

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One of my greatest joys with this sacred crystal biz is all the amazing success & transformation stories we get from our Crystalline Cohorts on a daily basis…I love hearing about your progress, revelations, transformations & of course…your successes.

In prepping for the 2014 Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy courses, we figured out a fun way to showcase some of that positive feedback & get you involved in it too. This is a first for the HMCA & it’s quite exciting!! It’s our first-ever Hibiscus Moon CCH Video Contest.:D

(BTW, this is completely different from our annual Crystal Healer Scholarship Contest.)

This was a contest we did with students from our Certified Crystal Healer Course. Here are the 20 videos that were entered…

(Here’s where you come in. I would be honored if you can help us out… see my note at the bottom about helping me pick out the winners among these videos!)

Sparkle Engineer Note:
Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all your help in choosing the top videos – it’s a hard job. I’m working on adding up the votes (and don’t worry about “bots” – we can verify IP addresses), but only the ones who follow the rules are going to count – that means you need to provide your TOP 3 choices .. not just one or two. Stay tuned!

Here they are:

Rev. Brian Glenn: took the course while homeless (unbeknowst to us!)…& is no longer homeless, but starting his own biz! Dropped 100 lbs!!! plus found stability & friendships.

Danielle Looby: Massage therapist who knew something was missing…and found it with crystals!

Jo Dean Poirier: has come out of her shell, has received clarity in moving forward, 1st 1 in her small town now working as a Crystal Healer.

Jeannine Spencer: gave her structure, science & guidance to run her own practice + snow angels!!

Chelsy McAllister: shared sacred intimacy & deep connection with her husband…through crystals


Sarah Schneider: shy girl who found a supportive group of friends, “scientific stuff about crystals”, has more confidence

Treana Schwab: massage therapist & Reiki Master who’s amplified those practice with the science behind crystal healing, amazing results with her clients

Emily Willen: explains a lesson she learned regarding black tourmaline

Jeanna Billings: an animal communicator & canine massage provider who now confidently provides specific explanations on how the crystals work

Elisa Kitt: a heartfelt video, profound lessons about love

Angie Yingst: experienced profound changes, didn’t realize how interested in the science of crystals she was, has since opened a sacred crystal biz & was immediately busy

Mary Oquendo: helped heal her dog & gave her the confidence to open the area’s first Wellness Center for both people & animals!

Joseph O’Connell: found a supportive group of Crystal Cohorts, now venturing into a whole new career of vibrational healing

Jamie MacGregor/Ruby: now owns her own sacred crystal shop, empowers others to heal themselves, has also gained confidence

Kim Grandal: gained the confidence to come out of the crystal closet, opened up her own online crystal store while learning how to get her geek on icon smile Sparkly Success + Gratitude!

Marie Claude Fraser: helped with her Reiki practice & to share her passion by integrating it with her art sculptures

Patty Held: a school teacher who has taken healing & understanding to a whole new level with crystals & even uses them with her students

Joy Howard: a nurse & Reiki healer who’s increased her Reiki treatement effectiveness with crystals

Jessica Miller: got acquainted with her true soul’s calling, started a crystal healing biz upon graduation that is going so well that she gave her 2 week notice!

Tara Grenier: flourished creatively, has her own biz making crystal creations & has influenced the skeptics around her the crystal-way

Of course, I’m not saying you’ll have these same results if you take my course.

It’s all up to you, Sweet Pea. Always!

We’re simply having a good time, celebrating, Holiday Cheer & all that jazz!! And hey…,watching vids of glittery happy peeps saying great things about me, our Crystal Cave, my Sparkle Team & the HMCA is super-FUN way to do it, right?

So, how about helping me out? These 20 videos were the entries in our CCH Video Contest. We’re going to choose 1 Grand Prize Winner + 2 additional winners! The Grand Prize winner will get a free scholarship to my Advanced Crystal Master Course. I would love it if you could help me narrow it down to the top videos – please leave a comment below & tell me which were your 3 fav’s. ♥

Much Glittered-Up Gratitude!

signature3 Sparkly Success + Gratitude!

P.S. Voting for this round ends on Jan. 2 @ midnight EST.


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