FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

 Can you take these classes at your own pace?

Yes!  That’s what makes this crystal healer program so great! We all know life gets in the way. The course is designed to guide you through taking 1 class per week (plus 1 integration week in the middle)…finishing up the classes in 9 weeks. BUT, for some people, that’s just way too fast-paced & that is totally OK. You can simply opt-out of that pace & take up to 1 year to complete the course. Whatever pace is most delicious for you is what you do.

You can go faster or slower, whatever works best Crystal Hottie! You can do this!

You’ll get unlimited one on one support from our Crystal Coaches throughout the 9 week course in our private Crystal Cave Forum. You’ll also have 1 year membership with your fellow Crystalline Cohorts, which includes The Crystal Cave, our private forum, LIVE Monthly Q & A Events with Hibiscus Moon & our private newsletter.


How does the Crystal Healer Course Pace Work?

You get to move along with a group on a guided journey through to your Crystal Healer Certification. You don’t have to stick to this pace (you have up to 1 year), but some peeps like the support; helping them to stay on track & focused until they graduate.

Once the course begins, you’ll get a weekly email & access to all the course materials (class video, mp3 & pdf resources) for a particular class, cheer-leading & inspiring you through, getting you certified in 9 weeks if you follow the 9 week pace. Whooop~! You Crystal-Rockstar!!

If you don’t keep up with that pace, no biggie….you do what you can do. You’ll be able to watch the class videos, do the suggested ohhhm-work & then take the required quizzes and graduate at whatever time is most yummy for you. As long as its within 1 year from your start date.

When will I get access to all my goodies?

As soon as the course date begins. You’ll receive an email with instructions for downloading the class video for that week & along with the corresponding mp3 & plump class resource pdfs, moving you through with 1 class/week (except for 1 integration week in the middle) for 9 weeks. By the way, the class resource pdf’s are an added bonus that all the Crystalline Cohorts really look forward to!


certified crystal healer

You’ll have immediate access to our private Crystal Cave where the crystal convo’s never stop. :) The “Cave” is a magical place where you’ll find kindred bonds & friendships forming with like-minded peeps from around the world or just across town. What’s happening in there is simply astounding; revelations, profoundly deep soul-renovation  +  lives changing galore! You’ll get to connect with & gain support from other like-minded people…learning the power & science of crystals.

You’ll be learning, changing or adding to your healer skill set; polishing up your career resume, making you more marketable, living your dreams & having FUN while doing it! Yes!

How will the course be run? How do I graduate?

You’ll download the class videos, pdf’s & mp3’s, allowing you to watch or listen from your computer, ipad, phone, whatever, at your convenience…as many times as you like!

In addition, you’ll also be given immediate access to our super-friendly private forum & galleries, The Crystal Cave…our private Crystalline Cohort site.

So, get comfy wherever you like; on your sofa, the local coffee shop, in your backyard, wherever & take the classes whenever its convenient for you! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. :) The video downloads are yours to keep forever & watch & refer to as many times as you like!

After each class, you may do the fun suggested homework (ohhhm-work!) assignments (yes, you CAN use the words “fun” & “homework” in the same sentence) & activities, then take the class quiz. The homework is not required, the quizzes are. You’ll need an overall average of 75% or better to graduate, but you have 2 chances to take each quiz & you’ll get to see which answers were incorrect the first time. Your last class requires you to do 3 practice crystal healing sessions on 3 different peeps (good practice for you & totally fun to do for all involved!)

My goal here is for you to get a high-quality education, for you to learn & enjoy the power & science of crystals & be able to apply them to your own & others’ lives as a Certified Crystal Healer. This is a rich learning environment but we never forget to still have FUN!

THEN….as 1 of your BONUSES, you’ll also get to participate in my FUN monthly Live Crystal Hottie Q & A Events (10/year). These are extra special-sparkly fun live events with Hibiscus Moon. And if you can’t attend for whatever reason, they’re recorded for you.


Doesn’t all this sound like fun? It is! But you’ll be learning tons & tons too & be all puffed up with scientific info & mega-confidence backing up your practice.


Are the classes live or recorded & what are they like?

Our classes are recorded & webinar-style: that means in addition to the recorded online video class, which includes many visuals, there’s a recorded chat room where students have already asked many great questions. The LIVE Q & A Events are just that…LIVE. :) But those are recorded as well just in case you can’t make the time. If you have your own questions, you can pop them into The Crystal Cave to ask our Crystal Coaches during our 9 week term or bring them to any of the Live Q & A events.

The entire recorded class can be downloaded, referred to & viewed at anytime, anywhere, as many times as you like FOREVER! Or listen to your mp3 audio recording instead while you run errands around town. Each class is approx. 90+ minutes.

BUT, the best way to totally “GET IT” is to view a sample. So here’s 15 min. of 1 of our classes:

How long does the program take to complete?

Realistically, in as little as 9 weeks (1 week per class plus 1 integration week in the middle), BUT  you can take up to 1 year to do this, so don’t fret. It’s whatever is most nurturing to you & your own perfect learning style, Chick Pea.

What happens after I graduate?

Upon completion of the Crystal Healer Certification Program you will be a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer (CCH)! Yes, you get to use those letters after your name from now on, my Sweets!

You’ll also be sent a paper signed Certified Crystal Healer Certificate of Achievement and Graduation from The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy suitable for framing (not 1 that you print out online). In addition, you’ll be automatically eligible to apply for lifetime accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association for a discounted fee available to our graduates.

Crystal Healer certificate

Jessica Garcia, CCH of www.TheEnergyFlows.com

AND…if you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker, our comprehensive Certification earns you 18 GORGEOUS CE’s through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork!! Click here for more info on that.


You’ll also be given many marketing tips, useful documents & resources to get you started on your way should you choose crystal healing as a career path or a new healing modality to add to your skill set. So, you’ll be all prepped & ready to go!

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still take your course?

YES! Absolutely. We have students & Crystal Healer graduates all over Mother Earth. Since all our class resources are digital & available as a recording you can access them anywhere you are as long as you have an Internet connection. Even our LIVE monthly Q & A sessions are recorded & a link is sent out to you in case you missed the event or the time is not convenient for you.

Will I need any special supplies for this course?

Ahhhh, looking for an excuse to buy more crystals, are ya? Teehee. Of course, I know what you’re thinking! You’re talkin’ to the Ultimate Crystal Junkie over here!

So, here’s a basic list for you, Crystal Hottie.  As you work through the classes you may be guided to add more to your collection, but it’s not necessary:Hibiscus_Moon_Binder_Render

  • Basic chakra stone set (natural stones or tumbled)
  • 1 stand-up picture frame draped with a square of black fabric
  • 1 clear crystal quartz natural point at least 2″ long
  • 1 pendulum of your choosing
  • 2 small smokey quartz stones, natural or tumbled
  • 2 black tourmaline stones, natural or tumbled
  • 1 1′-2″ piece of natural lodestone (make sure its magnetic)
  • Basic Crystal Kit (some of these may already be a part of your chakra stone set, natural or tumbled) which includes 1 of each: clear crystal quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine & citrine
  • 3 Books are required for the course: Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber,  my book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-Based, Yet Practical Guide  by Hibiscus Moon + The Book of Stones by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons

If you’re looking for a place to buy your crystals online, we recommend this great shop, earthegy. You can click on this link to be taken to our kit in their online store.  And you can save 10% by using the coupon code HM10


Do you do refunds?

Yes. Here at the HMCA we’re fully invested in your transformation. So we have a Glitter Guarantee in place. You can take this course for a full 21 days. If you do the ohhhm-work, participate in our forum, complete the required quizzes and don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promises here, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money, Jelly Bean.
Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed ohhhm-work, noted forum participation & quiz grades from all available classes. The reason being for this is b/c I KNOW that if you dive in, take action and do the crystal work, you’ll see the transformations. If you do the work in this course and don’t get the sparkly value, then I’ll happily refund you 100% of your enrollment fee.
The reason I’ve implemented this policy is to put it out there into the Universe that we’re looking for committed students only. I know that if you do the work & invest in the process, you will see the value & transformation. We take our learning environment seriously & maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement & inspired, action-oriented learning.

There are no refunds due to technical issues. Why? Our stuff is bug-free & we use industry-standard popular download formats for you to choose from. So, we have no technical issues. Seriously. :) However, should you run into tech-y difficulties with downloading or accessing anything on your end, my Sparkly Support team will very happily assist you until the problem is solved.

You will need to have at least a basic level of computer & Internet skills, & Internet access that is faster than dial-up speed. If you’ve got that, then no worries.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

Forever Baby! You’ll have access to the files on our server for up to 1 year in which time you are encouraged to download all your course materials & they are YOURS to keep forever & ever, happily ever after. :)

How do I pay for my Course?

You can choose to pay upfront for a significant discount or you can take advantage of our payment plan. You can use any major credit card or PayPal. Sorry, no money orders or checks. PayPal does offer an eCheck option.


How does your payment plan work?

If you selected our payment plan, your 1st payment will be taken the day you enroll & your next payment will be charged to your credit card in 30 days. A payment will be taken every 30 days until your number of payments have completed. Sorry, Chick Pea, but we do not offer any “special” or extended payment plans outside of what is offered at the time of enrollment.

You may also choose to take advantage of PayPal’s Bill Me Later plan to get 6 months special financing. Find out more here.

Still have a question not answered here?

Ask away over here. My Sparkly Support Team will answer your question within 2 biz days.