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  • Can you feel the inherent mystical power in crystals & stones?
  • Are you drawn to working with the energies of crystals & stones but just not sure how to use them & what to do with them?
  • Do you feel you have a special connection with them & would like to enhance that connection?
  • You can feel that there’s an inherent mystical power in crystals & stones, right? How about backing it up with science?
  • Are you looking for a crystal healing course with vibrant community, real integrity & internationally recognized certification?


  • Helping yourself & others with the energy of crystalscertified crystal healer
  • Becoming an accredited + Certified Crystal Healer
  • Forming lifelong kindred bonds & friendships with a like-minded global community
  • Your confidence as a healer soaring because you know the science behind why crystals work
  • Earning glorious income doing something you absolutely love

That’s exactly what the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course is all about, Chick Pea! It’s an all-inclusive and fun step-by-step program to help you learn the science behind crystal healing, so you can finally become a confident crystal healer, step into your true purpose, and help yourself and others. Learning the SCIENCE behind WHY crystals work gives your crystal healing practice a Super Confidence BOOST!

And because this course is accredited & certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, you can:

  • be assured that every part of this course meets the highest levels of integrity
  • rest easy knowing that the curriculum is endorsed and best practice
  • use your internationally recognized certification as soon as your graduate


___CCH-testimonials-jessica-garcia_“OMG I am so busy with Crystal Healings!!!! Totally changed my life and my business thank you!!!!

~ Jessica Garcia, CCH,

KathyRiley cch enroll 2


“As a Reiki Master and homeopathic healer I strongly encourage you to learn via HMCA. It is a wonderful mind, body, spirit approach to learning the healing benefits of crystal healing. Awesome class! Awesome community! Awesome way to live.”

~Dory Jolin, CCH


I believe that we each have a unique purpose in this life & that connecting with universal energy is key to uncovering our true path.

Ever since following my passion for crystals & stones, the universe has unfolded effortlessly in front of me. And many of my Certified Crystal Healer graduates say the same. (I’m sure it’s because of the crystals!)

photoHi, I’m Hibiscus Moon & I absolutely adore teaching & working with crystals! I’m the founder of our method and developer of all the curriculum for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course.

Along with my graduate level degrees in science and curriculum development, I’m a National Board Professional Certified Science Teacher, Certified & Accredited Crystal Master, and author of the best selling book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work.

I’ve loved crystal beauty all my life, but as an adult I began seriously exploring the spiritual and metaphysical facets of working with them as a healing tool. After several years of research and practice I began teaching others about Mother Earth’s natural gifts. When my incredible Hibiscus Moon community asked me to create a Certified Crystal Healer Course, I got to work researching but couldn’t find anything out there that had the integrity and science I was looking for.

As a Discovery Channel STAR Discovery Educator and a former Science Department Head, bridging the gap between science & spirituality – as well as keeping learning FUN – is really important to me. And that’s what I created with the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course.


I feel really comfy saying that because I back what I teach with scientific evidence so YOU can explain to others why & how crystals work. The science gives you mega-confidence when sharing your love of crystals. How about reinforcing your passion with a Crystal Healing Certification backed by merit, high standards & integrity! You’ll be able to clearly explain & convince others of the benefits of crystal healing. All you need is practical guidance for tapping into it!

This is not your run-of-the-mill crystal healer program. Oh no. This course brings together the science of physics + metaphysics to explain why and how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of FUN! We’ll explore all the newest research & use the science behind crystal vibrations to develop you into a confident Certified Crystal Healer who can explain how and why it works.

Teaching crystal healing is my absolute passion & I’ve been honored to guide hundreds of graduates all around the world through this course. The Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course has helped them heal themselves, profoundly transform and take control of their lives like never before!



___CCH-testimonials-susanna-glazeI loved the course, to me it was life-enriching. I developed a deeper connection with my Crystals. And I love to create crystal grids to send healing to all beings. I just looooooved this course and I’ll be grateful to Hibiscus Moon from now on.”

– Susanna Glaze, CCH


____CCH-testimonials-karen-terranova-2At first I didn’t think I would like a recorded class, but I was so wrong…you came through as if I was in a live class. You truly are a wonderful teacher, you kept my attention, you were so interesting, and presented the material in a very orderly way. The resources that you presented had so much information-they were truly an invaluable tool.”

-Karen Terranova, CCH



Through this course, you will become a certified crystal healer able to confidently explain the science behind crystal healing and ready to heal yourself & others.

Once you complete the Crystal Healer Certification Course you will:

certified crystal healer

  • be certified by The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy (a highly acclaimed, internationally recognized & trusted institute!)
  • be sent a Certified Crystal Healer Certificate of Achievement from The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy suitable for framing
  • be able to use the letters CCH after your name
  • have earned 18 CE’s from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)
  • be given approval to apply for optional accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association for a discounted fee available to our graduates

This is a whole new skill set you’ll be adding to your resume making you more marketable, besides the fact that you’ll have total confidence in your ability to  work with crystals at their fullest potential!! Couple that with all the FUN you’ll be having & this is simply a NO-BRAINER.


Many of our grads:

– Experience a new sense of personal power
– Gain super-confidence in working with their crystals
– Heal & transform themselves on many levels
– Join a global community & make like-minded friends for life
– Start & grow a successful crystal biz (even if that wasn’t their original intent)
– Open stores, move to bigger spaces, or work from home and/or online with various creative crystal pursuits
– Increase sales & make a wonderful income doing something they love


____CCH-testimonials-samantha-2“Thank you for providing such a beautifully presented course. I am extremely proud to say I studied with The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.”

– Samantha Leahruth, CCH

FB praise_block2b

____CCH-testimonials-krista-2“This course has been everything I thought it would be and then some!  I’ve been a follower for years and plan to continue. I am continually recommending Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. Thank you for this opportunity!”

-Krista Ducharme, CCH

line heading5

  • Learn the science behind why crystals work at the same time as having heaps of fun!
  • Have total confidence in your ability to work with crystals at their fullest potential
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home & participate any time of day according to YOUR schedule
  • Help others experience more joy & happiness while following your own true path
  • Expand your existing services & add a whole new skill set to your resume making you more marketable & your offerings more appealing
  • Start a wonderful & exciting career helping people improve their lives as a Certified Crystal Healer

___CCH-testimonials-jeannine-m-spencer“To know I could mix my passion to improve my world and those around me was a dream put into action. I have come out of my closet. I used to hide so many facets of myself, now I have no fears, complete acceptance of my path and confidence to back it up. Hibiscus Moon will help you shed light on all the misunderstood areas of crystal healing. She is incredibly knowledgeable, committed, and such a fun personality. You will enjoy every sparkly moment!”

Jeannine M. Spencer, CCH


___CCH-testimonials-kate-rataicThis class was awesome and worth every penny (it was really worth exponentially more pennies than what I paid)! I learned so much and grew as a practitioner and my confidence is through the roof…this is one of the most valuable courses I have ever taken, and I have been a student of healing modalities and energy work for over 14 years. I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I gained from this course and it exceeded all of my expectations.”

– Kate Rataic, CCH,


__CCH_LisaLopez“I have more energy to share with others. My client list is growing from referrals. Sharing crystal healing with my clients has truly been a rewarding experience. The Certified Crystal Healer Course at HMCA was the perfect choice for me because this course bridges the gap between science and spirituality. Hibiscus Moon’s style of teaching is fun, energetic and interactive. This course went above and beyond my expectations and I loved every minute of it!”

– Lisa Lopez, CCH,




This course isn’t just about the theory, it includes a ton of experiential exercises. We get in there & do the work with the crystals in a FUN way while addressing the science behind why it works and maintaining the highest levels of integrity. We want you to succeed. If at any point you have questions or find yourself struggling with certain aspects, our Certified Crystal Coaches & community are available to support you. Together, we’ll get in there & work it on out, focusing on learning methods and practices that work best for you.

heading7class on ipad

The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer Course is a 9 week online course made up of 8 classes that, together, develop you into a confident Certified Crystal Healer. This complete step-by-step course is based on a proven learning success formula. It’s incredibly in-depth, experiential, profoundly informative, and lots of fun!

All course materials are downloadable & are yours to keep forever and ever! The online classes are taught by me, Hibiscus Moon, and you can access them anytime and from anywhere in the world (as long as you’ve got internet access). With a mixture of recorded & live teaching, mentoring and events, this course is intimate, personal, hands-on and action-oriented.


Class 1: Basics of Crystal Healing & Therapy

Unlike any other crystal healing class you’ve ever taken, this is where you’ll learn how and why crystals work by exploring both scientific and metaphysical aspects, forming a rock-solid foundation for working with out crystal-buds.

You’ll discover:
– the physics of how crystals work to heal us
– how to “cleanse” crystals…what does that mean anyway??
– how to meditate with our crystals
– which crystals you should have in you Basic Crystal Kit & why
– my 4 easy methods for selecting which stones to work with

Class 2: Sacred Space & Self-Protection using Crystals

In this jam-packed class we’ll cover specifically how to clear & cleanse your space with crystals as well as how to protect your energy field.

You’ll learn:
– my top 6 recommended crystals for purifying & protecting
– finally understand what “negative” energies are
– how to use crystals to protect your home how to ground & strengthen your aura with 2 detailed crystal body layouts
– practical protective techniques using no-nonsense protective crystal tools, such as a specialized crystal grid to transmute negative energies from any space

Class 3: Working with Crystal Grids

In this class we take an in-depth look at crystal grids & learn how to use them to manifest! Using science as our platform, we’ll explore the sacred geometry foundation of grids, energy fields, the connection to Mother Earth’s crystalline grid as well as how they work with distance healing.

You’ll uncover:

  • learn how sacred geometry plays an important role
  • how to measure the energy around a grid
  • necessary grid components
  • how to select which crystals to use in your grid
  • step-by-step instructions on how to activate & maintain your grid

Class 4: Chakra Balancing Using Crystals

Using crystals we’ll learn how to cleanse & strengthen our chakras so we can achieve our spiritual, physical & emotional goals. Learn how to create the correct energy frequencies to encourage healthy chakras using specific stones for each energy center.

You’ll learn:

– 4 methods to assess chakra imbalances
– 3 methods to choose which crystals to help align them
– 3 ways to sense chakra energies
– step-by-step method to balance chakras during a session
– Hibiscus Moon Exclusive Light Column Activation technique

Class 5: Working with Pendulums & Sensing Crystal Energy

As traditional healers have known for thousands of years—and as modern medicine is now beginning to recognize—our symptoms, health & emotional challenges begin first as imbalances in our energy field.

You’ll cover:

– several active exercises to view & sense energy and learn how to use crystals to work with it
– how to use pendulums in energy work while bringing you clarity & enlightenment
– how to choose a pendulum as well how to ask your questions &what type of info to seek

Class 6: Crystal Healing for Animals

Animals are energetic beings & just as (if not more so!) sensitive to crystal energies as we are.

You’ll learn:

  • the animal chakra system, how its different from ours & how to effectively use crystals in conjunction with it
  • effective, safe & practical ways to use crystals with your animals; gem elixirs, body layouts, aura combing, vibrational healing/diagnosis using a wand and/or pendulum
  • methods for working with difficult animals
  • specific crystal prescriptions for common issues; rescue cases, trauma, health issues, pain, birthing, detoxing, better communication
  • safe, gentle & nurturing crystal methods

*This class is for informational purposes only and is in no way meant to cure or diagnose anything. It is not a substitute for professional medical or veterinary care.*

Class 7: Crystal Healer Toolkit: Crystal Energy Tools

Crystals harness energy & have acted as the preferred healing tool for many a shaman throughout millennia.

You’ll discover:

– how to effectively use various types of crystal wands for maximum benefit
– detailed instructions on how to properly create powerful gem elixirs, gem sprays & oils
– Woot! how to use crystals for readings (lithomancy)
– Crafty yet practical ideas on making your own crystal energy tools. Fun, fun!

Class 8: Becoming a Professional Crystal Healer

Our final class walks you through our exclusive & highly effective Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Method, with step-by-step procedures for before, during & concluding a crystal session. Exciting, huh?! We’ll also cover our professional code of ethics & specific steps on how to build a better more successful practice.

We’ll learn:

  • how to layer complimentary energy vibrations with healing modalities
  • do’s & don’ts
  • precautions
  • client session paperwork
  • recommended crystal healing techniques
  • ideas for client aftercare & maintenance



PLUS…you also get these sparkly tools &
supports to further assist you on your path to
getting to know your crystals…
Live Monthly Q & A Play-Dates
for an entire year, $240 value!
(always recorded, 10 events/year)
Crystal Biz-Building Resources,
including a year-long marketing
calendar to help you build your biz,
$600 value!



In addition, you’re provided with Client Intake Forms, templates, HIPPA forms + more! Included are exclusive Hibiscus Moon Crystal Layouts & services with associated ideas for marketing this novel healing modality. After this class, you’ll be uber-prepared for a highly successful career as a Certified Crystal Healer. Wooohoo!


crystal caveThis course includes experiential exercises embedded within. We DO the work with the crystals in a FUN way while addressing the science behind why it works. If you have questions or have been struggling with certain aspects, our Certified Crystal Coaches are there for you…we’ll get in there & work it on out, focusing on methods & practices while still maintaining a way that works best for YOU.

What’s going on in The Crystal Cave (our private social media/forum)? Simply bucket-loads of FUN…kindred bonds & friendships forming with peeps from around the globe. It’s a sparkly community of like-minded crystal-lovers that you can totally relate to & grow with. Throw in some wonderfully astounding miracles, profoundly deep soul-renovation  +  lives changing all over the freakin’ place & you’ve got the Crystal Cave! All from a crystal healing course?

Yes…with this course, YES.



To meet certification requirements, students must complete the 8 classes listed above, complete the 3 volunteer sessions as described during the course, and satisfactorily complete the required quizzes with an overall average of 75% or better. All required classes & assignments are included in the course to help round out your education, ensure the highest integrity of the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Graduates and bring you to a high level of professional competency.


____CCH-testimonials-tree-cinque“Hibiscus Moon, your courses were truly life changing. Though I have always had a crystal tool box, NOW I know how to use those tools. I have to say that lately it seems that ‘Certified Crystal Healer’ courses are popping up everywhere, but most do not contain the science background that you have shared with us. The scientific aspect is what gets me over the hump with the skeptics. It validates this work….once I throw terms around like entrainment and frequency I can almost hear people’s thoughts: ‘Dang, this chick knows her shizzle’ lol…and I do…thanks to you, Hibiscus.”

-Tree McKenna Cinque, ACM

FB praise_block4

____CCH-testimonials-vickiackland-2“This course has given me the added boost in confidence that I may have lacked to stand firm in my business if anyone was to question me on something. I am glad I took the “leap of faith” and challenged myself to do this course.”

-Vicki Ackland, CCH



certified crystal healer assembly

  • 8 pre-recorded video classes (approx. 90+ min. each), download to your computer or device & watch at your convenience (from the comfort of wherever you like!). These are yours to keep forever! ($2,800 value)
  • 8 mp3 audios so you can choose to listen to the classes too to reinforce your learning while your driving, working out, whatevs! ($500 value)
  • 8 class transcript PDFs so you can consume the lessons in written text format & easily take notes. ($500 value)
  • Comprehensive 53 page course PDF workbook to use as your study guide. This baby helps set a super-strong foundation for the concepts we cover in the course. ($100 value)
  • Ecourse that guides you through everything week by week so you stay on track. ($150 value)
  • Oooooooodles of class resources ($1000 value)
  • FUN suggested ohhhm-work assignments (we don’t like to call it “homework”) to solidify & practice everything you’re learning. ($300 value)
  • Auto-graded class quizzes for each class to assess your depth of leanring ($200 value)
  • One integration week, so you have additional time and 1:1 Q&A support access from our Certified Crystal Coaches (they’re the best in the world!) to absorb & implement as you go. (Priceless!)
  • A full 1 year membership to our provide social networking forum (The Crystal Cave) exclusively for students in the program, giving you access to a global community of Crystal Lovers just like you to support you & form life long friendships with. (Priceless!)
  • 1-on-1 attentive Q&A support from our Certified Crystal Coaches for the entire 9 week course in our Crystal Cave Forum. (Priceless!)
  • Kind & loving tech support whenever you need it ♥ (Priceless!)

TOTAL VALUE: $5,550 + priceless community and one-on-one support anytime you need it. (And that figure doesn’t even include the awesome bonuses included in this enrollment round!)

And you get it all for just a fraction of this cost when you enroll now!



  • It marries science & metaphysics AND FUN to explain the science behind crystal healing.
  • It has more content, more tools, more guidance, more community & more support that any other course of this type!
  • It has curriculum designed & delivered by a passionate & experienced science teacher (and former Department Head), curriculum design specialist, and Certified Master Crystal Healer.
  • You can access classes from anywhere in the world whenever it works with your schedule.
  • It has a global community of like-minded kindred spirits + Certified Crystal Coaches ready to support you.
  • Full of integrity, this course offers an accredited curriculum backed by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and gives you approval to apply for accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association.
  • Many graduates have gone on heal themselves, transform their lives & even start or expand crystal healing businesses while earning the sparkly abundance they truly desire.

Supplies Needed

Here’s a basic list for you, Crystal Hottie. As you work through the classes you may be guided to add more to your collection, but it’s not necessary:

  • Basic chakra stone set (natural stones or tumbled)
  • 1 stand-up picture frame draped with a square of black fabric
  • 1 clear crystal quartz natural point at least 2″ long
  • 1 pendulum of your choosing
  • 2 small smokey quartz stones, natural or tumbled
  • 2 black tourmaline stones, natural or tumbled
  • 1 1′-2″ piece of natural lodestone (make sure its magnetic)
  • Basic Crystal Kit (some of these may already be a part of your chakra stone set, natural or tumbled) which includes 1 of each: clear crystal quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine & citrine
  • 3 Books are required for the course: Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, my book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-Based, Yet Practical Guide by Hibiscus Moon + The Book of Stones by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons


____CCH-testimonials-monica-piotrowski._pngI loved this course. And I can take it over and over again. So much information and lots of fun. I know understand “why” crystal healing works. Can’t wait to take the advanced course!”

– Monica Piotrowski, ACM


__CCH-testimonials-jo-dean-poirer__“I feel more confident now in trusting my intuition and working with the crystals and stones. I was so scared, but I found the HMCA was so amazing and it made learning fun and I actually retained the information. Thank You for being you, Hibiscus Moon, and being your authentic self. It only made me want to trust in me and to be myself and accept myself for who I am.”

– Jo-Dean Poirier, CCH


___CCH-testimonials-angie-yingst“This course far exceeded my expectations, and I am very much looking forward to the Advanced Crystal Master Course. I learned a great deal about the science of why crystals work. I have so much more confidence healing, and I wasn’t shy or shrinking before! The Hibiscus Moon coursework takes you through an entire system of integrating crystals into your healing practice. I am so inspired by this course, and highly recommend it. Just thank you for being so accessible and for sharing your deep love and respect for crystals. It is so amazing to learn from someone who LOVES what they are doing. It radiates through the ether. I have learned so much and feel so grounded in my practice.”

– Angie Yingst, CCH,



FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

Can I take this course at my own pace?

Yes! That’s what makes this Crystal Healer program so great! We all know life gets in the way. The course is designed to guide you through taking 1 class per week (plus 1 integration week in the middle)…finishing up the classes in 9 weeks. BUT, for some people, that’s just way too fast-paced & that is totally OK. You can simply opt-out of that pace & take up to 1 year to complete the course. Whatever pace is most delicious for you is what you do.
You can go faster or slower, whatever works best Crystal Hottie! You can do this!
You’ll get unlimited one on one support from our Crystal Coaches throughout the 9 week course in our private Crystal Cave Forum. You’ll also have 1 year membership with your fellow Crystalline Cohorts, which includes The Crystal Cave, our private forum, LIVE Monthly Q & A Events with Hibiscus Moon & our private newsletter.

How does the Crystal Healer Course Pace Work?

You get to move along with a group on a guided journey through to your Crystal Healer Certification. You don’t have to stick to this pace (you have up to 1 year), but some peeps like the support; helping them to stay on track & focused until they graduate.
Once the course begins, you’ll get a weekly email & access to all the course materials (class video, mp3 & pdf resources) for a particular class, cheer-leading & inspiring you through, getting you certified in 9 weeks if you follow the 9 week pace. Whooop~! You Crystal-Rockstar!!
If you don’t keep up with that pace, no biggie….you do what you can do. You’ll be able to watch the class videos, do the suggested ohhhm-work & then take the required quizzes and graduate at whatever time is most yummy for you. As long as its within 1 year from your start date.

When will I get access to all my goodies?

As soon as the course date begins. You’ll receive an email with instructions for downloading the class video for that week & along with the corresponding mp3 & plump class resource pdfs, moving you through with 1 class/week (except for 1 integration week in the middle) for 9 weeks. By the way, the class resource pdf’s are an added bonus that all the Crystalline Cohorts really look forward to!

How will the course be run? How do I graduate?

You’ll download the class videos, pdf’s & mp3’s, allowing you to watch or listen from your computer, ipad, phone, whatever, at your convenience…as many times as you like!
In addition, you’ll also be given immediate access to our super-friendly private forum & galleries, The Crystal Cave…our private Crystalline Cohort site.
So, get comfy wherever you like; on your sofa, the local coffee shop, in your backyard, wherever & take the classes whenever its convenient for you! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. :) The video downloads are yours to keep forever & watch & refer to as many times as you like!
After each class, you may do the fun suggested homework (ohhhm-work!) assignments (yes, you CAN use the words “fun” & “homework” in the same sentence) & activities, then take the class quiz. The homework is not required, the quizzes are. You’ll need an overall average of 75% or better to graduate, but you have 2 chances to take each quiz & you’ll get to see which answers were incorrect the first time. Your last class requires you to do 3 practice crystal healing sessions on 3 different peeps (good practice for you & totally fun to do for all involved!)
My goal here is for you to get a high-quality education, for you to learn & enjoy the power & science of crystals & be able to apply them to your own & others’ lives as a Certified Crystal Healer. This is a rich learning environment but we never forget to still haveFUN!
THEN….as 1 of your BONUSES, you’ll also get to participate in my FUN monthly Live Crystal Hottie Q & A Events (10/year). These are extra special-sparkly fun live events with me, Hibiscus Moon. And if you can’t attend for whatever reason, they’re recorded for you.

Are the classes live or recorded & what are they like?

Our classes are recorded & webinar-style: that means in addition to the recorded online video class, which includes many visuals, there’s a recorded chat room where students have already asked many great questions. The LIVE Q & A Events are just that…LIVE. :) But those are recorded as well just in case you can’t make the time. If you have your own questions, you can pop them into The Crystal Cave to ask our Crystal Coaches during our 9 week term or bring them to any of the Live Q & A events.
The entire recorded class can be downloaded, referred to & viewed at anytime, anywhere, as many times as you like FOREVER! Or listen to your mp3 audio recording instead while you run errands around town. Each class is approx. 90+ minutes.
BUT, the best way to totally “GET IT” is to view a sample. So here’s 15 min. of 1 of our classes:

How long does the program take to complete?

Realistically, in as little as 9 weeks (1 week per class plus 1 integration week in the middle), BUT you can take up to 1 year to do this, so don’t fret. It’s whatever is most nurturing to you & your own perfect learning style, Chick Pea.

What happens after I graduate?

Upon completion of the Crystal Healer Certification Program you will be a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer (CCH)! Yes, you get to use those letters after your name from now on, my Sweets!
You’ll also be sent a paper signed Certified Crystal Healer Certificate of Achievement and Graduation from The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy suitable for framing (not 1 that you print out online). In addition, you’ll be automatically eligible to apply for lifetime accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association for a discounted fee available to our graduates.
AND…if you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker, our comprehensive Certification earns you 18 GORGEOUS CE’s through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork!!
You’ll also be given many marketing tips, useful documents & resources to get you started on your way should you choose crystal healing as a career path or a new healing modality to add to your skill set. So, you’ll be all prepped & ready to go!

I don’t live in the United States. Can I still take your course?

YES! Absolutely. We have students & Certified Crystal Healer graduates all over Mother Earth. Since all our class resources are digital & available as a recording you can access them anywhere you are as long as you have an Internet connection. Even our LIVE monthly Q & A sessions are recorded & a link is sent out to you in case you missed the event or the time is not convenient for you.

Will I need any special supplies for this course?

Ahhhh, looking for an excuse to buy more crystals, are ya? Teehee. Of course, I know what you’re thinking! You’re talkin’ to the Ultimate Crystal Junkie over here!
So, here’s a basic list for you, Crystal Hottie. As you work through the classes you may be guided to add more to your collection, but it’s not necessary:

  • Basic chakra stone set (natural stones or tumbled)
  • 1 stand-up picture frame draped with a square of black fabric
  • 1 clear crystal quartz natural point at least 2″ long
  • 1 pendulum of your choosing
  • 2 small smokey quartz stones, natural or tumbled
  • 2 black tourmaline stones, natural or tumbled
  • 1 1′-2″ piece of natural lodestone (make sure its magnetic)
  • Basic Crystal Kit (some of these may already be a part of your chakra stone set, natural or tumbled) which includes 1 of each: clear crystal quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine & citrine
  • 3 Books are required for the course: Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, my book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-Based, Yet Practical Guide by Hibiscus Moon + The Book of Stones by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons

Do you do refunds?

Yes. Here at the HMCA we’re fully invested in your transformation. So we have a Glitter Guarantee in place. You can take this course for a full 21 days. If you do the ohhhm-work, participate in our forum, complete the required quizzes and don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promises here, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money, Jelly Bean.
Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed ohhhm-work, noted forum participation & quiz grades from all available classes. The reason being for this is b/c I KNOW that if you dive in, take action and do the crystal work, you’ll see the transformations. If you do the work in this course and don’t get the sparkly value, then I’ll happily refund you 100% of your enrollment fee.
The reason I’ve implemented this policy is to put it out there into the Universe that we’re looking for committed students only. I know that if you do the work & invest in the process, you will see the value & transformation. We take our learning environment seriously & maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement & inspired, action-oriented learning.

There are no refunds due to technical issues. Why? Our stuff is tried & true; totally bug-free & we use industry-standard popular download formats for you to choose from. So, we have no technical issues. Seriously. :) However, should you run into tech-y difficulties with downloading or accessing anything on your end, my Sparkly Support team will very happily assist you until the problem is solved. You will need to have at least a basic level of computer & Internet skills, & Internet access that is faster than dial-up speed. If you’ve got that, then no worries.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

Forever Baby! You’ll have access to the files on our server for up to 1 year in which time you are encouraged to download all your course materials & they are YOURS to keep forever & ever, happily ever after. :)

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Your investment to transform your life & become a confident Certified Crystal Healer with this premier, life enriching & totally transformative course is only $1497. Yes, we do have payment plans.

Imagine what becoming a Certified Crystal Healer could mean for you in your life! This investment represents huge value – not to mention a savings of more than $4,000 (excluding the awesome bonuses!).

Crystal Blessings!

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____CCH-testimonials-courtney-brophy“Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy is a life and game changer to your business… the scientific approach in addition to the metaphysical education behind using crystals creates the perfect blend of knowledge. I feel more comfortable and knowledgeable in explaining ‘the why’ behind what words when holding a crystal healing session for clients. There’s a legitimacy behind this education that goes beyond the woo woo aspect that we ALL love!”
– Courtney Brophy, ACM


___CCH-testimonials-doris-marie-thomas_“I really enjoyed your method of teaching. It is like I can feel your energy coming through the computer. Teachers like you are the true meaning of ‘no student left behind’. I am a Reiki Master, qualified in EFT and have some reflexology knowledge. It just made sense to add crystal therapy to my practice.

Doris Marie Thomas, CCH


___CCH-testimonials-margaret-oldenburger“When I found HCMA on the internet, I knew this course was THE course I had been looking for. Taking this course has made my dream come true! I am finally able to fulfill my Life’s Purpose. I am so very grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– Margaret Oldenburger, ACM


___CCH-testimonials-sandy-norton“As a Registered Nurse, I was educated in the healthcare arena that is based on science and western medicine. However, through personal experience I ‘knew’ that there was so much more to healing. I became passionate about learning other healing modalities. Only with the help and expertise of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy did I finally understand the ‘how and why’ of crystal healing in a way that my scientific mind could understand! Thank you, thank you!!! This course was fantastic!!” – Sandy Norton, ACM

____CCH-testimonials-Roberta-Haley-2“I learned so much about crystals and the science behind it all! I appreciate the way that the class was taught with the scientific knowledge to back it all up. Thank you to Hibiscus Moon for the amazing course and for your Sparkly team! It’s been a truly exciting and uplifting experience.”

-Roberta Haley, CCH

Hibiscus-Moon-Certified-Crystal-Healer-testimonial-julia-austin“I thought I would not enjoy this course because I was not very good in science! I had never understood and no one could really explain to me how crystals worked until this course. The best part is being able to explain to others who ask me how they work.

– Julia Austin, CCH

Hibiscus-Moon-Certified-Crystal-Healer-testimonial-sue-ball“The explanation of the SCIENCE behind crystal healing. WOW – this helped me to understand the WHY and to explain it to my clients. LOVED the SCIENCE! Hibiscus Moon’s personality shines in the videos and her love of teaching and sharing everything she’s learned about crystals….This was by far the best online course I’ve ever taken – very complete, very professionally done and most important – resulted in a great deal of education for me! Well worth the time I invested as well as the money.”

– Sue Ball, CCH