Sacred Crystal Biz Tips for You – Online Marketing for Your Soul-Centered Biz

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Anyone that’s got an online sacred crystal business, this one’s for you!

If you sell things on Etsy, if you provide crystal healing or energy healing of any sort, or you’re just in the business of dealing with crystals in some way, shape, or form, this blog will apply to you.

Watch the video + read on for more sparkly details below!

In my Certified Crystal Healer course, one of the things that I feel really passionate about is helping my students carry on & flourish if they would like to start a Sacred Crystal Business.  So I give them lots of business resources and bonuses, lot of materials including …
Content Calendar for your Sacred Crystal Business
One of the bonuses I’ll be giving out this year to those that register for our CCH Professional Level is a content calendar, or a marketing calendar specific to Crystal Healers.  In there I give an entire year’s worth of planning ideas that highlights:

  • a theme for the month
  • a crystal of the month to use with promoting their sacred crystal business
  • and a business focus with lots of bulleted items to check off to fuel your sacred biz.

Yup, this is an entire calendar for the whole year.  Each month, there’s a business focus and something to be working on for that month to enhance your sacred biz.

Plus there’s a purpose, a plan for the whole calendar, month-by-month, from January to December.  Everything that you’re working on, it all ties together.  Doing the content calendar, you see some of the things that you did in January will start to come to fruition with the next steps that you have maybe 6 months later.  It’s really easy and it’s super fun.

If Crystal Healing is what you want to do in your career, that you actually want to earn an income from…it’s a lot of fun the sacred crystal business side of things.   So I give my students lots of business resources. Because we all have to earn an income in some shape or form, right?  To keep ourselves alive.  It’s an energy exchange. And if you choose that you want crystals to be part of that energy exchange for you, then I help you along on that path.  🙂

Calendar Snippet
Now I’m going to give you just a snippet;  I’m going to share an example of this marketing calendar tool for your sacred crystal biz for the month of August.

It goes like this…

1. The theme is value infusion & gratefulness.

Why?  Because it’s really really important in business!

I’m not shy about telling you this—I am really good at marketing and operating my sacred crystal business. You can see, you can watch everything that I’ve done right from the beginning, you can see that I’m good at it. So I’m not going to be modest or shy about telling you that because I’m really confident in telling you that. These are the principles I follow and gratefulness is a huge part of it.

2.  The crystal of the month is pink sapphire.

Pink sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that helps to bring appreciation to anything that you’re doing.

You could wear pink sapphire if you have any in your sparkly collection:

  • pink sapphire earrings
  • or a little pink sapphire pendant
  • maybe put a small piece of pink sapphire in a mojo bag or put a piece near your work space. 

If you have a check-in area, put a piece of pink sapphire there, maybe put a little card there that says, “Gemstone for Appreciation,” and you can even tell your clients, your customers the theme you’re working on; value infusion and gratefulness, and simply appreciating your customers and clients. Then if you sell those items, put them on sale. Or give a pair of earrings away if someone books a package of services with you. Many ways you can go with that.

If you don’t have a face-to-face business, like I don’t, you can put a little picture of it on your website, on your Facebook page, on your Instagram.  You could also put it in little notes that you send out to people if you sell products and explain why…why you’re telling them about pink sapphire. Let them know it’s because you’re focused on value infusion to your customers, to your clients, and gratefulness this month. And tell people how you’re appreciating your valued customers.

3.  Our Sparkly Biz Focus for August is “client appreciation(hence the pink sapphire!)

Ya know it’s nice to always build your client or email list BUT for the month of August we want to try to focus on the existing customers.
We want to appreciate the customers that you already have.
So many times in online marketing, all the focus is on growing your list, growing your list, adding people to the mix.  What about all the people who have already done business with you?

You’ll expend a lot less energy for this month just taking care of, valuing, and being grateful for the people who are already doing business with you.  It’s a lot easier to get them to do repeat business than it is to acquire new customers. And so many business owners forget about the customers and the clients they already have.

Something that I do is randomly send out gifts or cards to our client list or take a look at who’s been doing biz with us for a long time and reward them in some way.

Even if you only have one customer, spend the entire month of August taking care of that one.  (This might happen if it’s your first month doing business or something, but if you’re following my calendar, you won’t have just one customer because at this point they’ve proven that they love you, they love what you do, they’re open to exchanging, doing that money exchange with you, exchanging energy with you, so you’re going to spend a lot less energy talking to them & doing business with them).

So remember this month to honor + nurture your existing customers & clients.

How many people have forgotten about that?  If you have a business and you’ve forgotten that bit; you’re focusing on growth, growth, growth, keep in mind there’s a lot of growth to be had by just focusing on the people who you already have in your circle.

Think of ways that you can offer value to your existing clients for the month of August.

You can do things like:

  • offer foot baths, or gem elixir teas with services, that’s if you’re working one-on-one.
  • If you’re a crystal healer, you can send out or give out extra goodies (a few tumbled stones in an organza bag, a mini smudge wand, a small vial of a more inexpensive but high quality essential oil) with purchases if you do any kind of retail.
  • offer a personal holistic coaching session with any package booked, but only for existing clients! Makes them feel so special yet you’re not depleted b/c this is all about an even energy exchange…not giving things away.  
  • Record a special meditation mp3 & send it out digitally to your most valued customers
  • Fun event! This is something that I did in the beginning when I used to do one-on-one with people—you could put together a potluck Saturday event where everybody brings a dish that you host, and you can play some crystal singing bowls for them & give a 10 min. intro explaining how the work you do benefits others. I made it very valuable info that left peeps wanting lots more & asking how they can hire me for services or take my classes. I organized it on & charged $5 from each person just to allow for some form of energy exchange. We had about 35 people show. It led to a lot of future & repeat business. Plus it was a great way for people to meet others in our community. But remember the goal with this >>> to bring in future clients or customers, not to make revenue directly from this event. Some of you out there may remember that local event. That was a huge hit & a perfect way to get my name out there. 🙂

Let them know they’re appreciated + valued! Do something to make them feel special.

If you do crystal healing sessions in your sacred crystal business:

  • You could add on a complimentary 1/2 hour to any sessions booked in the month of August, only for pre-existing clients. This is the focus for August, to give these offers, the special perks to existing customers only. And then watch them sign up. They’ll be like, “Well I’m coming in twice a week every week for the month of August because I get an extra half-hour on my session, or I get an extra discount when I make my purchase with you,” or whatever it is that you want to do.
  • You can go old-school & hand write a note to thank your best customers. Or if you have only a small amount of customers, thank ALL your existing customers with an old-school, handwritten note. Who’s even getting those these days? Not very many of us so it’s certainly going to stand out among the e-mails that are coming in people’s inboxes…a handwritten thank you note.
  • How about you randomly WOW one or two really special clients?  (It  can be random or you can choose to honor your best ones) and send them a favorite crystal book that you think is just amazing or a new mineral find; something that you don’t think that they have, and send it to them completely unexpectedly. Also you can write a personalized note that goes along with the book; put that thank you card in with the book so that your client knows that this thank you is meant just for them, and who it came from, and how much you appreciate them.

Okay, I have a couple more but, again, this is part of an entire year’s worth of calendar ideas that I give out to my students in my Certified Crystal Healer course. Here are a few more examples for you now though:

  • Feature your existing clients randomly if you have a website or Facebook page.  Of course, ask their permission to get a picture of them and feature them. This makes them feel really special.
  • Or, if you have a place of business, you can put their picture up on the bulletin board or something. And it makes them feel like they’re valued and treasured (and that’s the whole theme of this month!). It gives them a sense of pride in doing business with you because they’re proud to be up on a pedestal with you, and they’re going to be telling everyone about you. They’re going to be so excited, they’re going to be showing everybody, “Look, look, look, I’m on their website, I’m on their Facebook page today, go in there, you can see me up on the bulletin board.” Of course, ask them again if they’re comfy with that first and don’t make it about you, make it about them. This is about value, appreciating, and valuing your customer.
  • You can also choose to take an extra 10 to 20% off their purchases all month long.  10% is kind of, not too exciting, 20% is really exciting! There’s a big difference. It’s just a 10% difference for you, as the business owner, but for the customer…that makes an impact–if you really just can’t take it to 20%, give 10% but consider offering 20% off on existing client purchases or services.  Again it’s going to increase the number of purchases or services they’re going to book with you because they’re getting this extra appreciation discount just to say “Thank you” for their business. It’s a great act of good will on your part to do that.

If you’re looking for more juicy sacred biz info like this…if you’re done with “hoping” your biz does well or sick of hearing about how you need to HUSTLE to make your sacred biz work…you may want to take a look at my Energize your Heart & Soul-Centered Biz Mastermind registering only this week for an exclusive LIVE round…plus I’m giving you $100 savings on it…but it’s for this week only >>>

You can check that out here.

Are you a Sacred Business owner?  A soul-preneur? Or thinking of just starting up your own sparkly biz? Will you be trying any of the ideas I mention above?  Tell me in the comments below, let’s share the creativity & inspire each other to shine!

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

Crystal Meditation for Peace – Join Me?

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Won’t you join me in a Crystal Meditation for Peace? 

In these current times of conflict & apparent separation…here it is…just for you.

Watch the video so you can see the special little setup I did for you & the crystals I’m working with for our meditation for peace.

You can bookmark this and come back to it & use it whenever you’re feeling the chaos of the world is starting to pull you into Overwhelm City, whenever you need to find peace.

Alternatively you can download the audio version by clicking on this link >>>

DOWNLOAD: Crystal Meditation for Peace mp3.

If you don’t have the specific crystals that I’m working with, not to worry because that’s the whole point…I’m going to work with the crystals and do a little something to share the energy out to you. ♥

But if you do want to do the same meditation with crystals you have at home, you can use:

  • Lepidolite
  • Gem Silica 
  • Amazonite

I know Gem Silica’s a really hard one to find. In fact, if you can only find 1 of these crystals, that’s fine. If you can’t find any of them, no worries, I have them for you. 🙂

If you have some lavender essential oil go ahead and grab that, but it’s not necessary…just an added serenity component to get in the zone for meditation.
Crystals for the Meditation for Peace
Lepidolite is a wonderful choice for peacefully calming energy.

Amazonite is known as “the peacemaker“.  Don’t we need that right now?   The peacemaker. Plus it has a beautiful hexagonal crystal structure…working the Sacred Geometry.  Just gorgeous! 

[caption id="attachment_10677" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Amazonite (photo credit: Rob Levinsky of[/caption]
Gem Silica
Gem Silica is another peacemaker.

The gem silica that I have is really chrysocolla encrusted with clear quartz. Total sparkly-ness.  I think it’s one of the most beautiful crystals in the world.

And I’m also going to burn some lavender essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser. Any organic brand is fine.
Let’s Meditate
Take some deep breaths and just get into the relaxed state, alpha brain waves state.

In our meditation I use a copper tetrahedron structure to amplify the energies of the crystals.  (In the video you’ll see the one I had made for doing crystal work, for meditation and sacred geometry work.)

And then send peace, this energy that we’re going to work on together here, out into the world.

So we’re going to get quiet and focus on your breath.

Focus on the peaceful feeling in your heart, and focus on the energy of the crystals.
Focus on your breath, focus on the peace in your heart and focus on the crystals.
Inhale deeply, taking the deepest breath you’ve taken so far today and exhale all the air, sending peace out, radiating it around the planet.

Let the energy of lepidolite, gem silica and the amazonite envelope us.  It envelopes us in this bubble of peace that’s around the whole entire planet.

A peaceful energy.

Feel this energy in every cell in your body.
Amazonite and gem silica are working together as peacemakers with our energy, with our vibrations.  Lepidolite adds its calming and balancing effect.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sending out gratefulness for the ability to release this peace and to work together with the vibrations.

So much love and light and peaceful energy radiating out from your being.  Connecting with all of us.

All are one.

We’re all connected.

We’re connected here together, we’re from all over the planet. And our vibrational waves are meeting up with each other in the ether.

Isn’t that a peaceful feeling?

I’m so grateful to all of you for joining in this meditation, for being here joining me and all of us.

Now, visualize beaming love and peace from your heart center. Beam it out!

Thank you love beings, that wraps up the meditation.  We’re going to end it there.

How was that? Nice, huh.

We can really beam this energy around because you know we need it right now, this is all we need to do. We need to send out love and peace.

Stop with the negativity. We’re not focusing on that. We’re focusing on positivity, love, peace from heart center, from us to everyone.

So many blessings of peace going out to you & everyone.  We are the peacemakers, right?

We are the peacemakers.

Thank you for joining me in sending out peace, love and positivity!  I hope you enjoyed this crystal meditation for peace.

During this meditation, were you able to tap into that peace and love and send it out from your heart?  Send it out to the world?  Please share your experience with me in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings to you Peacemakers,

Hibiscus Moon

Crystal Work for an Attitude of Gratitude

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This post is written by our beloved Sparkle Team member; Crystal Content Manager, Lisa D’Arrigo. I am so happy that Lisa volunteered to take over the blog today. She has such wonderful insights to share with us here.

(sidenote: She’s a total style icon too. Check her out!)

Jean – Baptiste Massieu said
“Gratitude is the memory of the heart.”
Gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness all flows from the heart.  It’s the simplest yet most powerful of notions.

It’s the pulse of life… right up there with Prana, Shakti, Chi.  And it undoubtedly opens the doors to greater love & joy.

It clears the pathway, it raises your vibration.  It sparks wonder in the small moments, love in all things. ❤

At the same time, it’s possible it can be dangerously liberating  … it could make you smile & laugh A LOT, burst into song, dance with wild abandon, fly your freak flag.

In my life, this journey, this goal of living from a place of gratitude started many years ago when I was learning about the Law of Attraction.  The LOA teachings gave me insight into how I could make this glorious life even better by using my thoughts to steer the course.

So, I started to notice my thoughts and change them when needed, to change my perspective.  I bought a journal to make a gratitude journal and wrote down a list of things every day that I’m grateful for.

And it’s become crystal clear that after you start to live each day from that heart space, over time it just becomes part of who you are… of how you live.

Now I find myself waking up and having immediate thankful thoughts about that very moment of awakening; the possibility of a new day, the warm security of home, the very breath we breathe.    It’s no longer a conscious effort.  It’s as natural as breathing. (and no, it doesn’t happen like this every single day, after all, I do have teenagers in the house!  But I’m going for a majority of days here) 😉
Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude
Here are a few ideas on how you might spark an attitude of gratitude.  In my experience, these small but meaningful tools & practices help cultivate & grow appreciation, stoking that heart fire to greater love.
Choose a crystal or pick a few different ones as your talisman to tap into appreciation. Carry it with you, keep it on your desk, under your pillow, in your pocket or your purse.   Know that your crystal selections might be different from mine since it’s a very personal choice & experience based on your story & your intuition.

For me there are 3 crystals that radiate gratitude: 

  • Pietersite
  • Green Aventurine
  • Larimar


I’ve always had a connection with Pietersite.  Maybe it’s my fiery nature, my Italian & Irish roots that are drawn in by this storm element. 🙂

Whatever the reason, gazing into or mediating with this beauty has always inspired a sense of awe and gratitude. It naturally awakens a profound feeling of appreciation for the beauty of mother earth and life in general.

Green Aventurine 

A few years ago, I traveled to Sofia, Bulgaria to join a group of people from around the world for an artful, magical & musical yoga experience.  I threw my hat in the ring & was invited to film a series of yoga DVD’s with the amazing international yoga teacher, Micheline Berry.

Before I went, I kept thinking about green aventurine.  That I really needed a piece of Green Aventurine! For some reason I felt this very strongly (and I’ve learned to pay head to those feelings…you know?)  So,  I looked for a piece, but I couldn’t find one that fit the bill.  My local rock shop didn’t have the right piece for me at that time and I didn’t have time to order anything online.

So I flew off…and the day after arriving in Bulgaria, some new friends and I were strolling through an outdoor market in downtown Sofia.  We were checking out the scene & wares for sale.  And there, I found the perfect little piece of green aventurine.   It was such a magical moment!  The most perfect outcome and I’ll always be grateful for that gypsy market. I remember thinking “look how this amazing universe works!”  and how deeply thankful I was for that very moment.  Now, that stone is a constant talisman of possibilities and deep appreciation.


Ahh, this special stone.  I’m filled with awe & gratitude for this one and the peace and calm it brings.

It was the first crystal to give me a super powerful jolt of physical sensation. It was so wild!  It really blew my mind, that first stunning energetic experience.  Now,  whenever I need a reminder of all the blessings that surround us, the ones that we cannot see, the miracles we may not notice; of all that is unseen, I go back to this stone.

Whenever I need some perspective or an attitude adjustment, I reach for larimar.

The piece I work with most isn’t the finest quality larimar.  It’s riddled with lots of red hematite in it.  But when I found it in the Caribbean I knew this was the stone for me.  It took me a while to find it…to look in many shops on that small island, beyond all the beautiful & glittery jewelry, because I wanted a piece specifically to meditate with.  Once I found this slab, it was way overpriced, so I bartered like crazy and brought it home.
You can grab one of your fav stones that help you to connect with your grateful heart or pick up a mala that you might have to dive deep inside.

As you drop into meditation, adding mantra to your experience you could say ‘So Hum’ which means  ‘I am’.

You’d recite ‘So’ on the inhale and ‘Hum’ on the exhale. Repeating it with each breathe.  Soft and easy.

If you use your mala beads, you can recite one mantra per bead to complete a round of 108.  You don’t even need to say ‘I am grateful’, just ‘I am’ and try to feel it in your heart.  Feel the gratitude as you give yourself this gift of meditation time.

If a seated meditation is not your thing, try a walking meditation.  Go for a walk in the woods, hug a tree and say thank you 3 times.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Or find a labyrinth or a beach in your area to walk it out.  You can always recite mantra while you’re walking to tap into your heart space.

Another mantra for gratitude is ‘Dhanyavad’ which translates to something like gratitude, thanks, or thank you.
This exercise is so simple & truly powerful.  Just grab yourself a journal and literally write out a list.  Just a list, no reasons needed, of the many things you are thankful for.

It can be absolutely anything, because this list is just for you.  For sending your thanks out to the Universe and basically flexing your gratitude muscle.

It’s like you’re filling up a wellspring here & I think you’ll find after time, that the stream of consciousness just flows and the more you do this, the longer the list will grow and the more you’ll have to be thankful for.

This is also a helpful exercise to reflect back on.  Looking back and glancing through your lists, you might find something you listed multiple times, like a message from your heart showing you what gives you the most joy.
The Power of Scent
Sweet sweet essential oils.

The nectar of aroma.  People that don’t know have always joked with me … “are essential oils really essential?”  Why YES – LOL, of course they are!

For me the scent of gratitude is Ylang Ylang essential oil.  Ylang Ylang aroma instills a deep, soulful & reverent connection to all that is.

Just like with the crystals, it won’t be the same for everyone.  You’ll likely find or already have your own essential oil that you connect with…an aroma that awakens a sense of gratitude in you.

So work with that oil, wear it, anoint your mala or your crystals with it, bathe with it, diffuse it.  Whatever method works best for you, do that to bring that scent into your life & ignite appreciation.
Give back.  Be of service. Volunteering, or donating, whatever form it takes, whatever you can do, just do it.

Being of service has always been a big part of my life, as far back as I can remember.  You, anyone, can start today.   It’s never too late and the world is always in need of kindness and generosity of spirit.

For some, monetary donations are the way to go and that’s fantastic & so needed worldwide.  But understand that time is also money and giving your time is both valuable & fulfilling.  Share your gifts.  Teach a free yoga class, help with a beach clean-up, work a crisis hotline, fill sandbags during a flood, help someone with their groceries, volunteer in a soup kitchen, join the Peace Corps.  There are so many options & endless opportunities.

Find a way to be of service, that fills you up.  It’s important & it helps keep things real.  It helps keep you aware of all the good that is already in your life and helps you remember to count your blessings.

Hopefully 1 or a few of these ideas give you some inspiration to ignite gratitude in your life.  I know I constantly need reminders!   Little things to help me get back in the flow and stay there for a longer period of time.


Hibiscus here…

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your personal sparkly journey with us & all your wonderful insights on awakening gratitude!

If you resonate with anything Lisa has shared here with us…please leave a sparkly comment below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon

Crystals for the Color of the Year: Greenery ~ 2017~ Sphene + Peridot

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It’s that time of year again to talk about the Color of the Year and the Crystals that I have chosen to go along with it.

Pantone chooses a color of the year every year, and…you may or may not know, I’ve done this crystal video to go along with the color of the year for a few years running now:

  • 2016 Serenity & Rose Quartz
  • 2015 Marsala
  • 2014 Radiant Orchid
  • 2013 Emerald

This year, for 2017, Pantone chose a color called Greenery.

Now, I was excited to find out what the color was and I was really excited to see it!

The first thing I thought of was “nature + freshness + vibrancy”.

And then I saw the color getting some flak from people, people saying they didn’t like the color at all…this specific color green, that it looked like pea soup. Hey, what’s wrong with pea soup?  Well, that wasn’t my first instinct when I saw it.

I thought,
“Perfect. I know exactly what crystals I’m going to go to that reflect ‘greenery’.”
So…here’s how Pantone describes the color:

  • refreshing
  • revitalizing shade
  • symbolic of new beginnings

How perfect!  I mean, it’s a new year, let’s start fresh, we can bring in all of the vibrancy that we want to manifest, especially when working with crystals of this color.

I really like working with color b/c color is light and light is basically information, very specific information, a very specific light frequency or vibrational frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.

I know you hear me talking about this all the time, but it’s just something that excites me to no end, especially when you get very specific with the color, like this one here.

This is kind of like a green with a lot of yellow in it. It’s not an emerald green with a lot of blue. I like to look at colors as to where they align with us in our own electromagnetic field; I look to the chakras for that correspondance. “Greenery” aligns with the heart chakra, but kind of bordering towards the solar plexus because of that yellow tone that it has in it.


The 2 crystals I chose to go along with “greenery” are Sphene (one that you probably haven’t heard much about) and Peridot.
I have a very tiny piece of Sphene that I showed you in my above video.

[caption id="attachment_19432" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Sphene specimen.By Carles Millan ( [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons[/caption]But the color I’m focusing on here is the green, obviously.

It’s also known as “Titanite” due to the element titanium in its chemical makeup.

Although it’s often brown and comes in other colors, you can get Sphene the specific color that we’re talking about today, greenery. It’s a more expensive color variation and may be hard to find so your best bet is going to a gem show and asking if anybody has Titanite or Sphene, or checking out eBay. But be prepared that a little tiny piece, could cost about $75 or so. They are used as gemstones when they are high quality and more transparent. And this color is considered more aesthetically pleasing, so it is more rare, hence the expense—basic supply and demand economics.

This is a good crystal to work with for any kind of physical healing, but one of my favorite crystal healing authors, Phillip Permutt, mentions in his book The Crystal Healer, (which I highly recommend);  that this is a great crystal to work with if you are an astrologer or an astronomer…or may be studying either of those subjects. I thought that was really interesting. I haven’t tried that yet, and I’m not an astrologer, but if you are, give this one a go & please share your experience in the comments below!
The other crystal that naturally aligned with “greenery” was Peridot.  I’ve talked about Peridot a lot. I have a blog post all about Peridot over here. But just to give you a basic overview: Peridot is a beautiful olive to yellow-green color due to the iron content in it and it’s vibration helps with  increasing anything.

[caption id="attachment_18568" align="aligncenter" width="600"] This pendant of mine has a peridot gemstone stop an ocean jasper cabochon below.[/caption]

If you’re looking to increase:

  • the number of friends you have
  • increase the amount of business you have
  • increase the amount of abundance, prosperity, boost your vitality and your health, Peridot is great for that.

Peridot has a lot of masculine solar energy to it, so again, it works very well with the solar plexus, as well as the heart chakra. It was often used in ancient Egypt. It symbolized the sun…so that really great masculine energy.

Peridot is a really great stone that allows you to receive as well. Sometimes we put up these blocks and we sabotage ourselves and Peridot allows us to receive that abundance and prosperity and vitality that may be coming to us.

I hope you enjoyed my crystal picks for alignment with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery!

Please share you experience with these crystals below and if you can think of any others that would also align well with “greenery”, please mention them in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings! 

Hibiscus Moon