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This post was inspired by Enchanted Inspirations. How appropriate!

I had an enchanted moment today when I felt overwhelmed by SUPER mundane numbers and stress in a banker’s office today after work, going through tax returns, pay stubs and surrounded by calculators, buttoned shirts and ties. I looked at my handy calendar to check on a date and saw where I have little enchantments listed like the New Moon days and Imbolc and I remembered what’s really important and I just smiled. Ahhhhh. The stress simply melted away. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

Award for Gratitude or Great Attitude

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I was awarded this Triple Award from Barefoot in the Sand and Confessions of a Kitchen Witch which I love to read b/c kitchen witches fascinate me and I love to collect recipes. 🙂 Thank you so very much! That was a nice surprise. Please be sure to visit her blogs.

Tattoo Saga

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Ah, the story of my tattoo. It used to be a small one…for about 8 years. Then I wanted more. I wanted lots of color! I loved it while it was going on. Session #3 was the best.

Then the last session happened and I gave too much creative freedom and I am not happy with the blue and red outer shading.

So now I am getting the parts I don’t like lasered off. Its a long invasive process. Let this be a lesson to anyone. This is after session #1. I now wait 12 weeks for my body to slowly break down the ink and carry it away with my waste products.