Ten Crystal Blog Posts ~ Hidden Gems

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I know you don’t read every single blog post I put out.

Perhaps you’ve missed quite a few or maybe you’re totally new ’round here. So, I made a list here of some crystal blog posts that were quite popular or were spurred by frequently asked questions. Some of these posts also may have gotten buried (especially when I was churning them out quicker than people could read them) but might really ring your bell.

Check ’em out:

  1. Will my crystals still be powerful if they faded in the sunlight?
  2. 8 Crystal Tools I Couldn’t Live Without
  3. Can you prepare foods &/or medicines using crystals & stones?
  4. Escape from Stress by Using Crystals for Stress Relief
  5. What does it mean when your crystal disappears?
  6. Charging Crystals Under the Moon
  7. How to Use a Pendulum to Find Anything
  8. 4 Crystals to Improve Dream Recall
  9. Crystal Myths Debunked
  10. 4 Totally Rockin’ Ways to use Crystals for Fear and Anxiety

I hope you found a hidden gem there among the bunch!

HUGE HUGS & BIG Spirit Blessings!


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