Amethyst Emissaries Affiliate Program

am Amethyst Emissaries Affiliate Program

How about it? I am so very grateful to those of you singing the praises about my classes. ((BIG HUGS)) And so many of you have been spreading the word of my sacred crystal biz around for me that I wanted to create a way to thank you while continuing to spread the word even more! My dream is to teach the world all about the joys of crystal healing, but I can’t do it all by myself.
Would you like to help me & bring prosperity & abundance your way while you’re at it? A legion of Crystal Hottie Amethyst Emissaries.
I’m blinded by the Light!!
So I created the Amethyst Emissary Program to reward your generosity in sharing this gift of Crystal Healing with your friends, family & peeps of all sorts!
In becoming an Amethyst Emissary, you’ll receive happy financial rewards just for letting others learn from my classes, eBooks, etc…all leading to SPARKLY positive change for all those involved! Plus, you’ll be helping others on their path (just read all the testimonials throughout the site)…as well as for yourself, if you feel called to doing so. You may even finance your own personal investment in becoming a Certified Crystal Healer! How cool is that?
As an Amethyst Emissary, you can generate a significant additional stream of income simply by sharing the crystal-y goodness!! With all the wonders & joy in working with crystals, its actually pretty easy to share the love with those in your circle. You’ll be working towards your own prosperity while helping others discover this enchanting path. Its a 3 way win-win-win!!!
Being a Amethyst Emissary means you will be an affiliate of this sacred crystal business, earning 25% appreciation bonuses on Crystal Healer Certification course sales and 50% on eBooks sales that you make.

So How Does it Work?

* You tell your peeps about my classes, eBooks, kits & meditations & other forthcoming products available here at Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy (does not include my Etsy Crystal Shop). Do it by Facebooking, email, blogging, tweeting & any other way you can think of! Talk it up, interview me, write a review about any of my classes or products you’ve tried out or make it SUPER-EASY & simply add a link or graphic on your site.

* Each month, I will gratefully send you your appreciation bonus on all sales!

* You’ll get 25% commission for selling the Certified Crystal Healer Course and 50% on eBooks. (Etsy sales are excluded).

* I provide you with easy step-by-step instructions for selling any of my goodies with our super-easy program.

* You’ll get your own special sparkly link to use when talking about my stuffs!

* All sales made through your link get recorded (both you & I can check your transactions log here).

*Then each month, I’ll deposit you your Appreciation Bonuses into your PayPal account!


How much money will I make?

Your share of every sales is 25% appreciation bonuses on Crystal Healer Certification course sales and 50% on eBooks sales. Yeppers, so a healthy % of every sale you make is yours. Even an entire course – 25%.

I pay out Emissary appreciation bonuses on or around the 7th of each month (for the month before).

I LOVE sending out this money… and LOVE knowing how good you’ll feel receiving this sparkly bling-bling-abundance!

When do Emissaries get paid?

You’ll receive your appreciation bonuses each & every month. The only thing I can’t give a bonus on is if you purchase the products for yourself.

How will I get paid?

Your sparkly appreciation bonuses will be sent straight to your PayPal account!

What if people buy something else from my site?

You’ll get a % of that too!


What if someone buys the certification program on the payment plan – how do I get paid for that?

You’ll get 25% of each payment, so long as the person keeps paying. So for the 6 monthly payments you’ll automatically receive 25% each time.

Where can I get inspiration and ideas on how to promote Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy?

Got you covered!! The Amethyst Emissary Inspiration page is absolutely bursting at the seams with ideas, images and sample tweets and statuses all ready for you to use.

Who do I contact if I need support of any kind?

If you have questions or issues with any of this, just let me know. I or someone on my support staff will help you with whatever you need. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Just email me. No worries. We’ll make it sparkly, fun & easy for you!!

A friend purchased one of your classes but didn’t use my affiliate link. Can I still be paid for this sale?

Sorry, but no. Only purchases made with a valid affiliate link will receive appreciation bonuses.

Can I create a domain to use as an affiliate link?

If you choose to set up a domain for your affiliate link, you cannot use “Hibiscus Moon” in the main domain name but it can be used after the domain name; for instance is OK.



Please note that when you sign up to the Amethyst Emissary program you will also be added to a special mailing list. I won’t contact you often, but I will let you know of any new products or information to help you be more abundant & successful in this program! Thank you so so much. icon smile Amethyst Emissaries Affiliate Program

NOTE: The terms and conditions of the Amethyst Emissary affiliate program may be changed at any time. In the event of any changes you will receive 7 days notice via the mailing list.

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