Amethyst Emissaries Affiliate Program

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Do you want prosperity and abundance while helping others get in on the science and fun behind crystal healing?

Awesomesauce! I am so very grateful to those of you singing the praises about my classes. ((BIG HUGS)) And so many of you have been spreading the word of my sacred crystal biz around for me that I wanted to create a way to thank you while continuing to spread the word even more! My dream is to teach the world all about the joys of crystal healing, but I can’t do it all by myself.

I created the Amethyst Emissary program to reward your generosity in sharing this gift of Crystal Healing with your friends, family, and anyone else you may come in contact with!

When you become an Amethyst Emissary, you’ll receive sparkly happy financial rewards just for letting others learn from my classes and eKits. A positive change for all those involved! Plus, you won’t be able to do anything but smile when you help others on their path (really, check out the testimonials we have on the site). You may even be able to finance your own personal investment in becoming a Certified Crystal Healer .. how cool is that?

Here’s the basics:

When someone uses your link to purchase any of my eKits, you’re going to earn 50% of the sale as an appreciation bonus. When someone uses your link to enroll in the Certified Crystal Healer course, you’re going to earn 25%. Pretty sweet, right?


This is the easy part. You tell folks about my any of my products or courses by way of social media, your site, or any other fabulous way you can concoct! Each and every month, I’ll gratefully send you your appreciation bonus into your PayPal account on all sales.

This is a super easy program, but we do have loving and kind tech support if you need it. Each and every sale that is made through your link will be tracked and you can log it at any time to review your transactions. I LOVE sending out this money… and LOVE knowing how good you’ll feel receiving this sparkly bling-bling-abundance!

Since we pay on first referred with a 12 month cookie, it is very advantages for partners to email their list to our free stuff as well as our paid stuff. If a contact registers for a free product, there is a good chance they if they eventually purchase, you will earn a commission.

We do all the heavy hitting for you. The Amethyst Emissary Inspiration page is bursting at the seams with ideas and sample tweets and blurbs for you to use. Once you’ve signed up (it’s FREE!) you’ll also have access to our professional images to use too.


You’ll receive your sparkly appreciation bonus right into your PayPal account every month. Payments are made no later than the 7th of each month. Remember, you get 50% on eKits and 25% on the certification course. Should someone buy the course on a payment plan, you’ll receive 25% of each monthly payment so long as the person keeps paying – so that’s 6 months of bonuses!  Please note: We do not pay out appreciation monies on refunded products or on delinquent payments.  Your appreciation monies will arrive 2 months after the sale was made so as to allow for our refund period.  (Example:  someone purchases an eKit on March 1st using your affiliate link.  You’ll receive your payment on May 1st)


Yep, I do want to go over a few important bits.

1. If a friend purchases something, but forgets to use your special link, we cannot pay you for the sale. Always be sure to remind your people to use your special link.
2. If you create a domain to use as an affiliate link, you cannot use “Hibiscus Moon” in the main domain name. For instance, is OK. is not.
3. We do not allow paid advertising online or on social media sites. What does this mean? You can boost your own posts, but you cannot create a social media advertisement to promote your affiliate link. The reason we do not allow these types of ads is that it can cause a lot of confusion with respect to the Hibiscus Moon name, brand, and images.
4. When you sign up for the program, you will be added to a special mailing list. I won’t contact you often, but I will let you know of any new products or information to help you be more abundant and successful in this program.
5. The terms and conditions of the Amethyst Emissary affiliate program may be changed at any time. In the event of any changes, you will receive 7 days notice via the mailing list.

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