Advanced Crystal Master Course

Do you have a deep desire to heal more people,

have a bigger practice & become a true crystal expert?

Want to dive deep into your passion & love of crystals? Are you simply addicted to learning all you can about working with the energies of gemstones & crystals? Looking to propel yours as well as your clients’ spiritual growth while growing your crystal biz so it supports you beautifully? This advanced level course will provide you with all the keys you’ve been looking for!

The Advanced Crystal Master Course will profoundly impact & expand your personal connections with your crystals & stones…with the Universe, while undergoing your own sacred transformation. You’ll learn new levels & techniques of connecting with your chosen crystal path.  Advanced Crystal Mastership is intense, in-depth & requires major growth. It’s perfect for those who will not settle for anything less than reaching their full SPARKLY potential.

“You’ll drool over the content.”

Rita Genovese 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master Course

“The ACM course takes what you already know about crystals and takes it to a whole other level. If you loved the CCH coursework, you will drool over the content in the advanced level courses. If you thought crystals were just pretty items brought to us by the earth, get ready to have your mind blown by the fascinating facts and science behind how and why they work.”

~Rita Genovese, ACM,

test2 1024x582 Advanced Crystal Master Course

 Have you developed a craving for the “how & why” of crystal healing…a craving for the SCIENCE that HMCA has become known for?

In this course, you’ll become super-skilled at the language of the crystals, of your soul, of the Universe itself! These lessons will allow you to deeply bond with your soul’s purpose and, in turn, share your new techniques, layouts & gifts with your clients! Yeah, it’s some exciting, shcist.

So, are you ready to change your life for the better? Discover how to tap into source energy by deepening your crystal connection. Attract abundance in all areas of your life & help others by using crystals & minerals to benefit physical health, subtle energy along with personal & spiritual growth. You’ll learn invaluable tools, hands-on practical exercises & healing techniques for awakening & self-discovery that you’ll be able to implement immediately. Of course, I didn’t leave out our most important ingredient: FUN!

This course is only offered once a year. So this is it.

This course is for you if  you’re ready to expand your knowledge, take it to the next level & move forward on your crystal healing path. By becoming an Advanced Crystal Master you’ll be joining an exclusive assembly of light workers while taking crystal healing a HUGE step further, allowing you to unearth even more of the physics & metaphysics behind crystals. 

test Advanced Crystal Master Course

Super-charge your healing knowledge with a course on the leading edge of energy healing

Envision learning what specific crystal layouts & stones you can use for True Forgiveness, DNA Upgrading, Parallel Life Work & so much more! You’ll explore geology, chemistry, crystallography, cutting-edge advanced crystal healing techniques along with highly developed + deep metaphysics.

This high-integrity advanced-level course will expertly build upon what you’ve already learned as a CCH & allow you to continue to grow, explore & discover! You’ll satisfy that NEED to dig down to all those other layers of sparkly goodness, allowing you to further develop as a healer! It’s the next logical step on your crystal journey!

I’ll be serving up HEAPING helpings of glittery crystal SCIENCE that you’ll simply love.

How do I know?

I know b/c this course was highly demanded & built by you & your fellow Crystalline Cohorts, brick by virtual brick! I asked & asked & got down to the nitty-gritty on exactly what you wanted & needed & then I built it.


“A Complete Life-CHANGER!”

Amy Doyle Advanced Crystal Master Course“Taking the Hibiscus Moon CCH and ACM courses has been a complete life-changer for me. I do not feel like the same person who started these courses. I have learned so much about crystal healing as well as about myself and I feel like I now have the tools I need to help make my life and the lives’ of others the best they can be. I loved every minute of it!”

~Amy Doyle, ACM,



Imagine being immersed in crystal healing instruction in a very structured yet powerful way; gaining more complex & in-depth knowledge regarding the science behind crystals.

“Prompted me to look deep within myself in order to grow & develop as a healer, as well as a spiritual being.”

Jill Bloomer Advanced Crystal Master Course“Hibiscus Moon took it to the next level and beyond with the Advanced Crystal Master Course. The intensity level and content of this course was exciting, challenging, and motivating. It pushed me beyond my comfort level and prompted me to look deep within myself in order to grow and develop as a healer, as well as a spiritual being. The quality of the material, as well as the integrity of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy ensure that my energy was well-spent on this course!!”

~Jill Bloomer, ACM,

test41 Advanced Crystal Master Course

What Does This Course Include?

What Does This Course Include?

I’ve developed 11 course modules that will be part of this new certification elevating you to a higher certification level & holding you to higher standards; Advanced Crystal Master Certification.NCBTMB1 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master Course

This course has also earned approval by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) for an additional 23 CE’s. Wooohooo! You know that’s no easy task.



ACM Assembly With 2Bonus Advanced Crystal Master CourseBinder Render 254x300 Advanced Crystal Master Course

  • 9 must-have advanced modules; pre-recorded video webinar-style class modules (each 90-120 min.), download to your computer or device & watch at your convenience. All course materials are to be downloaded by you (no physical stuffs will be sent) & are yours to keep FOREVER & EVER
  • 9 mp3 module audio downloads; 1 for each module so you can choose to listen to the classes too (learning reinforcement) while driving, working out, whatevs!
  • 9 pdf module transcripts…download & highlight, make notes, digest any way you like!
  • An auto e-course that guides you through week by week
  • 9 module resource pdf’s packed with tons of content
  • FUN suggested ohhhm-work assignments
  • 1 integration week, giving you additional time to absorb & implement
  • Auto-graded module quizzes to assess your learning
  • Private ACM Facebook Group: exclusively for students & grads of our ACM Course, a place to share experiences, collaborate with colleagues on your level, have fun, get advice & encourage each other while FB mingling

FB Group3 300x200 Advanced Crystal Master Course

 More Glittery Goodies!

  • 1 additional year membership to The Crystal Cave ($240 value)
  • 1 on 1 Q & A support with me for the entire 10 week course in our Crystal Cave Forum (in the ACM private Grotto!)
  • Kind & loving tech support whenever you need it
  • BONUS: Live Internet Monthly Crystal Hottie Q & A Play-Dates for an entire year, a value of $240!! (always recorded)
  • BONUS: 2 Bonus Master Lessons taught by experts in the field. You won’t get this content anywhere else. It’s exclusive to our ACM course!

test3 Advanced Crystal Master Course

Upon completion of the Advanced Crystal Master Certification Course you will:

  • be certified as an Advanced Crystal Master by The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy
  • be sent an actual paper Advanced Crystal Master Certificate from The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy suitable for framing
  • be entitled to use the letters ACM after your name
  • have earned an additional 23 CE’s from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)

Program Requirements & Prerequisite

*You must be a graduate in good standing of our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course in order to enroll in this course.

Students must complete the 9 required modules listed below & satisfactorily complete the required quizzes (with an overall average of 75% or better) in addition to a required final assessment in which you will be required to complete your choice of 2 final assignments within 1 calendar year.  The required modules, course time limit & assignments are included in the program to help round out your education, ensure integrity of the Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master Graduates & bring you to an elevated level of professional competency.

Students also must purchase the mandatory required supplies listed in the below supply list.

“Clients love all of the new crystal healing techniques that I now incorporate!”

Sue Haag Advanced Crystal Master Course“If you would like to learn even MORE about the world of Crystals than you learned in the CCH course, the Advanced Masters Course is for you! The ACM extends your knowledge even more. I can’t thank Hibiscus Moon enough for motivating me to explore areas of crystal energy that I would not even thought of trying. My Reiki clients love all of the new crystal healing techniques that I now incorporate into my Reiki sessions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Hibiscus Moon!!!”

~Sue Haag, CCH


The Advanced Crystal Master Course Includes These 9 Modules:

Advanced Crystal Healing & Therapy Module

Advanced Crystal Healing
crystal healing9sm 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseGet ready to dive into cavernous layers with more of the science behind crystal healing. Here you’re presented with a more in depth understanding of the physics of crystal energy along with their physical and metaphysical properties. We will closely examine what to do when crystals break, “cleansing”, storing & programming of quartz with an in-class exercise. You’ll also learn how to profoundly deepen your crystal meditation practice. We’ll take a closer look at Mother Earth as a crystal oscillator, quartz as a powerful amplifier along with how and why this affects us. In addition, the whole concept of Parallel Work (the concept behind Astral Travel Work, Ancestral Work, Remote Viewing, Akashic Record Access, Past or Future Life Recall, etc.) will be examined along with specific crystal layouts to use in conjunction with this work. Supplies for class: 1 natural clear crystal quartz point at least 2″ long for programming

Human Holographs of Mother Earth Module

Human Holographs of Mother Earth Picture1 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseIn this jam-packed class we’ll cover our fractal relationship with the planet we live on as well as our very close connection with silica (aka Quartz!). You’ll be astonished at all the similarities! We’ll learn why our planet’s resonance & magnetism both play such an important energetic role with us.  You’ll be examining the close connection between Mama Earth’s pole reversals & that of human pole reversals as well as detailed prescriptions & a body layout specifically for alleviating symptoms. We’ll also closely examine brainwaves along with the pineal gland, what crystals & methods to use to awaken it & my personal Third Eye & Pineal Gland Awakening Oil gem recipe.

Geo-Infusion Module

8e146d5624161395d5410ef671d80f31 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseGeo-Infusion This is Geology 101! Here we are. Now we’re cookin’ with gas! We learn how it all began starting with the Big Bang (including detours into Sacred Geometry of course). We’ll be delving into:
  • the geologic time scale
  • 4 Laws of Geologic Relative Dating
  • plate tectonics
  • the rock cycle
  • 3 types of rocks (that all crystals categorize into)
  • crystal growth
  • mining ethics
  • behind the scenes crystal-selling tips

Crystal Formations Module

Crystal FormationsCapture1 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseNow we delve into all the juicy crystal formations, most especially learning all about the 12 Master Crystals along with when & how to use them. We’ll also discuss how energy moves through a crystal, generator crystals, lemurians, record keepers, enhydros, rainbow crystals, phantoms, energy wands, massage wands, obsidian blades as well as Vogel-cut® crystals. Ahhh, crystal skulls; you’ll get a complete history on those as well, examining all the conflicting research so you can come up with your own conclusions. This class will also examine two step-by-step cord-cutting techniques with hands-on practice during class. Supplies for class: 1 black obsidian arrowhead, 1 lemurian crystal (any size), jeweler’s loupe (included in your Geo Kit), strong light or little flashlight

Crystal Chemistry Module

chemistry 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseCrystal Chemistry Lots of info packed in this module! We begin at the beginning…with the elements & atomic structure; tying it  all back to compounds, minerals & crystals. You’ll explore the 3 categories of chemical elements on the Periodic Table as well as the 8 mineral classes. You’ll learn precisely how elemental content & chemistry determines crystal color.  We’ll also examine the different types of energy & how they relate to the laws of physics. You’ll closely analyze several types of crystal structures. We also delve into the relationship between crystals (most especially silica) & the origin of life as well as sacred geometry. Whew!

Energetic Grounding, Healing and Protection Module

Energetic Grounding, Healing & Protection
earthing 5 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseIn this module, you’ll learn many ways to get through the energetic shifts that we’re going through, how to protect ourselves & feel even better!! Through our explorations we examine 4 possible cosmically-based reasons why we’re feeling this shifting of energy. Of course, we’ll be taking a sacred geometry detour here again. You’ll learn:
  • specific minerals to work with
  • methods & tools for connecting & grounding to Mother Earth
  • why & how to increase our conductivity
  • how & what crystals to re-mineralize our bodies
  • 5 Advanced Body Layouts

We’ll complete a LIVE Ultra-Grounding Meditation during class that you can also use with clients or events.

Supplies for class: 1 each smokey quartz, black tourmaline, hematite (any size or shape)

Advanced Chakra Balancing Module

crystal healing4 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseAdvanced Chakra Balancing Advanced chakra wisdom will allow you to tap into your body’s energy system & realize the boundless potential available to you through chakras & crystals. In this class we take our knowledge of crystal chakra balancing & alignment even further, going way beyond the 7 main chakras! We’ll delve super-trench-deep into the science behind chakras while exploring the additional “trans-personal chakras” beyond our physical body along with specific vibrational frequencies to help balance them. We’ll discuss powerful vibrational healing methods & crystal treatments for aligning all the chakras. An in-depth study of frequency harmonics is discussed in detail helping you to more deeply understand how this weaves into sacred geometry & chakra energetic hygiene. You’ll also receive an indispensable sparkly treasure trove of advanced chakra methods, body layouts & practical techniques for yourself or for clients; including programming a natural quartz point specifically for chakra work during class. We’ll also explore how to better maintain the vibrational crystal healing achieved during a chakra layout. Supplies for class: a natural clear crystal point (at least 2″)

Mineral Identification Module

Picture11 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseMineral Identification  You’ll be learning the difference between precious & semi-precious stones, the various physical properties of minerals & methods used to identify them properly. You’ll also get an in-depth look at 7 crystal systems & the science of crystallography as well as scientific instruments used to help identify minerals & gems. We’ll also detour into Sacred Geometry again & its relationship with crystal systems & learn our system for chakra classification based on the crystal systems themselves. Along with this you’ll receive some helpful tips in helping to identify common mineral fakes on the market. Supplies for class: Geo Kit along with ID tools *See Supplies List below to purchase

Human Energetic Field Module

chakras 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master CourseHuman Energetic Field This class examines the multiple layers that make up our energetic being & the scientific info that exists to back it up along with an in-depth exploration of energy itself.  You’ll also learn about Circadian Rhythm & its role in the brain & relationship to the pineal gland along with a powerful crystal balancing treatment. We examine the silver cord, DNA Awakening along with LIVE exercises during class for seeing & sensing the subtle energy bodies. Additional crystal healing methods & details for Advanced Body Layouts are given. Supplies for class: natural clear quartz wand at least 2”

PLUS these 2 Bonus Master Lessons taught by experts in their fields:

ACM Assembly Bonus4 Advanced Crystal Master Course

Flora 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master Course

Flora Peterson

Ethics & Boundaries for the Crystal Healer

Flora walks us through many situations you may encounter involving ethics & boundaries. She addresses  legal & ethical issues that may present themselves in our unique field of crystal healing, presenting several possible real-world scenarios along with different legal & ethical rules that may apply & gives very practical solutions. This class is a MUST for any energy worker.

Allie Phillips 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master Course

Allie Phillips

Reiki & Crystals: Natural Partners

Allie is a unique combination of attorney, author, educator, nationally-recognized animal advocate, self-empowerment coach, Advanced Crystal Master, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, and Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor. You’ll learn specific Reiki techniques, how crystals & reiki can be combined for distance/remote healing, incorporating reiki into crystal grids & gem elixirs & even offering Reiki to a crystal.

Supplies Needed:

525419 536962183022729 1400213687 n 300x300 Advanced Crystal Master Course I’ve never been so excited to give someone a list of school supplies in my life (& I have a lot of experience with that)…but this time I’m ECSTATIC! If you’re a Geo-Geek like me, then you’ll see why. You’ll get to work with our primo-quality Geology Kit created exclusively for our course (purchased separately for $75, US, includes shipping & handling, see link for international prices). I am gaga over it.

Image2 Advanced Crystal Master Course

These kits are what go out to all the Graduate Level Geo-programs for the universities….feeling very hoity-toity at the moment & very honored indeed. smiley cool Advanced Crystal Master Course

Capture41 Advanced Crystal Master Course

Upon completion of the Crystal Healer Certification Program you will: – See more at:

*Click here for your School Supplies List Download

“Continue my education, but to do so with a quality program!”

Mary Oquendo 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master Course“I love Hibiscus Moon’s online classes! It makes it easy for me to not only continue my education, but to do so with a quality program. The added bonus is that Hibiscus Moon is approachable and knowledgeable.”


~Mary Oquendo, ACM,


I do want to let you know that this course may not be for everyone. I only want you to enroll in this advanced higher level if you’re READY for the kind of commitment & focus we’re looking for to represent us as a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master.  This course is in-depth & will  require some major growth on your part. Are you ready for it? I want you to really check-in with your intuition on this. Just like the CCH course, you’ll have 1 year to complete the course-work & assignments.

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you ready to reach your full potential on this path? If your answer is YES! then it would be my honor & pleasure to take this journey with you.

“LOVED this class! It’s a MUST to enhance your knowledge. “

crystal 150x150 Advanced Crystal Master Course

“This course was a fabulous in depth look into crystal science and crystal healing. Hibiscus Moon always makes sure you understand and it was more challenging that the first course. I love a challenge and Hibiscus Moon causes you to really learn. LOVED this class! It’s a MUST to enhance your knowledge.”


~Crystal Bates, ACM,

Once again, I’ll only be offering this course once a year! So this is it. Ready to enroll? Woohoo!! I am really looking forward to walking this path with you.

braces 300x300 Advanced Crystal Master CourseAs always…Many Crystal Blessings!

steph1 Advanced Crystal Master Course


P.S. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate & send over an email.



Enrollment is currently closed. You must be a graduate of the Certified Crystal Healer Course to be eligible to enroll in this course. The enrollment fee is $1997 (there are payment plans available). If you’d like to learn more about the Certified Crystal Healer Course (prerequisite course) please visit this page.



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