Meet our Sparkle Team at Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

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Sparkle Chieftess DawnDisguised as a plant-loving, crunchy mom to a cute and clever 7 year old, Dawn is the owner of a virtual assistant company that focuses on helping entrepreneurs build online businesses and devising kick ass answers for new VA’s who are learning the ropes. She’s also a magikal maestro of Reiki and applies that knowledge to the business world.  Dawn and her son live in Southern Ontario, Canada.Favorite Crystals: 
Citrine, Amethyst, and MoldaviteHidden Sparkly Talent: Makes magic happen when she works Reiki into businesses.
Sparkle Engineer LisaLisa loves editing, writing, learning and getting creative on the internet.  Professionally, helping people achieve their dreams & grow their online goals is part of her purpose! She lives high in the Rocky Mountains with her family and dog Luna.  Lisa is an avid student of Yoga, an Aromatherapist and a Crystal Lover.  She is passionate for everything in nature and can sometimes be found under a shady tree working on her laptop.Favorite Crystals:
Moonstone and AmberHidden Sparkly Talent: Sailed a tall ship from the coast of France to Ireland.
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Crystal Coach AngieAngie Yingst is an Advanced Crystal Master, Usui Level II Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Writer, and Sacred Artist. Angie’s lifelong passion for crystals and metaphysics and her dedication for knowledge brought all her seemingly divergent interests into one path of healing. Through the Moon + Stone Healing Studio, Angie combines all of these modalities to facilitate healing in her clients. She has a passion for working with fellow lightworkers to help protect and shield their energy.Favorite Crystal:
Black TourmalineHidden Sparkly Talent: Once wrote an entire novel in a month.
Crystal Coach JoeJoe has always been interested in rocks, minerals and crystals. His metaphysical side is fascinated by astrology and New Age Wisdom, and he is passionate about physical fitness and nutrition.Joe’s theme or ambition in life is to chase balance and  spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally. To find some joy. To live usefully, humbly and to find the grace from the Universe to do so.  Working with crystals has been a beneficial asset to my goals.Favorite Crystal:
AmetrineHidden Sparkly Talent: Was a competitive master power-lifter in the American Powerlifting Association.

And here’s our Sparkly Company Culture Statement:

Hibiscus Moon, LLC is a heart-centered company who’s mission is to share the knowledge, wisdom, fun and science behind working with crystals while radiating abundance, transformations and philanthropic efforts worldwide.