How to Listen to Your Intuition

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Do you doubt your intuition?

Think it’s not real?

Then you start listening to others who say that you can’t do this or that. Others who say you’re being foolish or that you’re going to fail. Others who say you can’t use crystals for anything. They’re just ROCKS.

“You can’t do it. You’ll never be good enough. You’re going to fail.”

How does reading that feel? Do you believe those who say that to you? OR…Does it feel like BULLSCHIST to you???

Do you want to let the nay-sayers crush your dreams?

Do you doubt that you have the abilities to truly use crystals to heal & manifest?

Maybe you’re intuition whispers to you that you do have a deep connection with crystals. But sometimes a low confidence level keeps us from listening to our intuition. It causes us to brush it aside.

So, let’s check in on your confidence level.

Do you think to yourself?:

“Everyone will think this is another of my hair-brained woo-woo ideas. They’ll think I’m wasting money on myself. I may be wasting energy in this course & still not know what to do with the crystals!”

Well…if that does sound like you,…then you’ve found the course to break through all that SCHIST & BOOST your confidence so your intuition can truly shine!

Enrollment for my highly acclaimed Certified Crystal Healer Course closes tomorrowwe officially begin class on Sep. 1st! And please note that this is the last course for 2014.

There’s been a whole lotta of recent buzz around using crystals for bettering our lives & we’re right in the middle of it. Yeah, Dr. Oz, Oprah…c’mon, these people KNOW WHAT’S UP.

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy was even recently mentioned in this article in Massage & Bodywork magazine. So, yes…major excitement around here about crystal healing being used more & more frequently in the holistic & healing arts & definitely becoming more mainstream!! That’s a huge confidence boost right there.


In addition, I stuffed this course with the SCIENCE to back up how & why the crystals work, giving you a SUPER-confidence boost to work your crystals like nobody’s biz.

Now check in with your intuition again: Can you see yourself doing this work? Dare to think “what if?” Does it seem exciting to you? Full of possibilities? Or do you worry that you’ll be wasting your time? Do you worry others will think you’re wasting your time?

No time-wasting over here!! The HMCA is a school of merit, high standards & integrity, as an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. That means through this program you’ll be receiving quality instruction of the highest standards & also earning you 18 CE’s if you’re a massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker. Click here to learn more. BUT…you don’t have to already be licensed in anything at all to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.

So, do you have the courage to follow your heart’s desires…your intuition?

So, would you like to start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals?
Take a gander at our FAQ’s. They’re filled with juicy details.

Now, this course isn’t for everybody.

Some of us just aren’t truly ready & I’ve blogged about that before, but if you find that this Certification is really calling to you & your intuition is telling you that you ARE READY, then I’d be delighted for you to join us today. There isn’t much time left and this is the last course for 2014.

This course will CERTIFY you & teach you the SCIENCE behind crystal healing, while still keeping it fun. Believe me, its fun!


Want to join the most joyful + positive band of crystal lovers on Mother Earth? Well, we’d love to have you! Our Crystalline Cohorts are a loving, supportive + sparkly community of like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself just waiting for you to jump into & get CRYSTAL-GIDDY with! In our private members-only “Crystal Cave” you’ll explore & discover plenty of quality inspiration & encouragement from your fellow Cohorts, not to mention all the glorious new friends you’ll make! All of this sprinkled with crystal delight & FUN.

– See more at:

PLUS we have a band of like-mined people like no other!

Want to join the most joyful + positive group of crystal lovers on Mother Earth? Well, we’d love to have you! Our Crystalline Cohorts are a loving, supportive + sparkly community of like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself just waiting for you to jump into & get CRYSTAL-GIDDY with! Here you’ll find a place that you can call your Glittery Home with classmates who may become lifelong friends (has happened too many times to count) in our sparkly community of Crystalline Cohorts. In our private members-only “Crystal Cave” you’ll explore & discover plenty of quality inspiration & encouragement from your fellow Cohorts + Mentors, not to mention all the glorious new friends you’ll make!

This is a sure-fire recipe to give you even more support & confidence & BUST through that doubt.

Learn more + enroll right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & joyous career living out your BIG DREAM….and having so much fun while doing it!!

Many Crystal Blessings!! Mwaaaaah!

How to Finally Work with All Your Crystals: 4 Action Steps

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I have a question for you. Too many crystals, not enough time?

I was wondering if this is a common problem in our crystal-lovin’ community? I recently asked this question on my Facebook Page & got a lot of very interesting answers.
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Post by Hibiscus Moon.

I thought this response from Mary was classic!:

  • Maybe you keep telling yourself you need the perfect sacred space before you can start working with them, or you don’t have the right combo of crystals, or the right crystal books, or enough time.
  • Maybe you’re waiting & waiting  for the perfect blend of magical sparkly ingredients. And maybe you tell yourself that you’ll get to all that someday. I KNOW how this plays out b/c I’ve done it myself!!
  • Or do you even think that someday you’ll finally remember what all the crystals are & what to use them for? Ha! Good luck with that 1. It’s a noble goal, but…forget it. THIS IS KEY & what I’m always preaching: Just use your intuition, Crystal Hottie. Forget about learning all the crystals. You’ll never do that. There are over 4,500 and counting!! That should relieve some overwhelm right there.

Let me tell you a little-bitty secret:

“Someday” usually never comes.

Sometimes, we create all sorts of reasons that can indefinitely support our “putting it off”. C’mon…think about it. How many things have you said “Someday” or “later” to & actually completed?

Hey, if you’ve decided you’re totally OK with just collecting crystals & never actually putting them to any use, that’s great. There are many other people in the world who do that & I think its’ wonderful to collect something of such beauty.

BUT if you do want to actually get to working with your crystals, learning what they can each do for you as well as others, then how about finally getting to that? 


Procrastination. All of us do it & all of us get stuck. And you may not even realize that you’re procrastinating at all. But if you do realize you’re just putting off working with your crystals, and you do really want to realize their full potential & get your motivation going, I have some tips for you:
Action Steps to Finally Learn How to Work with all your Crystals


Eliminate Crystal Overwhelm. If you’re like me & have a TON O’ CRYSTALS then you may be suffering from Crystal-Overwhelm. It happens to the best of us. All of a sudden you realize you’ve amassed too many stones & crystals & you find yourself paralyzed.  Here’s what you can do: break the task down into chunks of easy steps. One way to do this is to commit to learning to sense & feel the energies of just 1 crystal for 1 entire week. Sit down to meditate with it committing to just 1-5 minutes each day if possible. Yes, 1 minute will be fine. Work with just 1 crystal for just 1 minute/day for 1 week. You can do that. Call that a success. Vow to work with only 1 crystal all week long. Eliminate temptation to do something else. Throughout the week, journal any messages, sensations, visions or special dreams. At the end of the week look over your journal and see if you note a theme. This is how that crystal is resonating for you personally. It may sound simple but it’s POWERFUL STUFFS.



Focused Blocks of Sacred Time. Not enough time? You’re too busy? I call BULLSCHIST. First, you need to decide that its important enough to you. Make that time sacred, and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way. In step one all you need is 1 minute/day to work with your crystal. Make the time if it’s important. Stop watching TV, get off of social media, watching the negativity news stories. Yeah, if you cute 1/2 of that stuff out, I bet you’ll find all sorts of time. It’s just about breaking habits, deciding what’s important & making it a priority. Put it on your calendar daily (go…go schedule it on your phone now) and make it happen.


Overcome the Fear of Failing at Crystal Healing. I really hesitate to call it “crystal healing” (but cont. to do so b/c so many don’t understand what you’re talking about if you call it anything else). So; “crystal healing, therapy, energy work”…whatever you want to call it, many think to themselves…“Who am I to think I can do this? I’m going to fail. It won’t work.”

I say…you cannot fail. Yes, you’ll have to do some work, but if you do the work, you cannot fail. Simply think about who you’re helping, find inspiration in the people you’re going to help.

And always bear in mind that when working with crystals, the “healing” taking place is a 2 way street…it goes both ways. You’re simply acting as a facilitator, so that takes a lot of the pressure off & diminishes the fear that so many of us have around this. You can do this. I believe in you.


Publicly Commit. …this is the MOST powerful. If you’re comfy with it, social media is great for this!! In fact, social motivation is one of the most powerful motivators there is.

When I wanted to commit to doing a daily crystal oracle card reading, I told my YouTube followers that I was going to do this for 7 days in a  row. I knew then that if I didn’t or skipped a day, that they’d be asking me about it. Did that keep me motivated to stay on track? you bet it did! OK, you don’t have to shout it from the rooftops but at least let your inner circle know what you’re doing & tell them you they would really help you out if they asked you about your goal to learn more about your crystals when they see or talk to you. Ask for some accountability.

What To Do Right Now
Review the steps above, and right down on your calendar when you’re getting started.

That’s what you need to do right now.

Don’t think or talk about finally learning to work with your crystals, do it.

If you would like to know some of my own personal researched methods that I teach about Crystal Healing, you may be interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

Cheering you on, Crystal Hottie!


It’s Back-to-School Time: Crystal Healing School!!

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Oh yes! Its Back to School Time!! The day is here again to roll out the virtual purple shag carpet, fling open the doors & warmly welcome some new students into our Certified Crystal Healer Course.

Enrollment is open today & our next course begins on Monday, Sep. 1. Enrollment closes on Wed., Aug. 27. This is the very last session for 2014.

  • Are your pencils sharpened?
  • New notebooks ready?
  • Shiny new crystals & stones all set?

Then come join our Crystalline Cohorts & find out what all the Sparkly Excitement is all about! Enrollment is open today & it’s the very last session for 2014.
What is the Certified Crystal Healer Course?
Crystal Healing is a new & exciting healing modality. Over the last five years, I’ve poured my heart & soul into developing a curriculum & certification program to teach you the art & science of crystal healing & get you Certified. It’s a Crystal Healing Course like no other! Believe me when I tell you…like no other!

  • Are you drawn to working with the energies of crystals & stones but just not sure how to use them & what to do with them?
  • Do you feel you have a special connection with them & would like to enhance that connection?
  • Would you like to use Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support?
  • You may even like to help others realize these powerful healing benefits by becoming a Certified & Accredited Crystal Healer earning GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or adding to your existing services!

Here’s a list of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding this course…go ahead read it…lots of juicy details!
Sparkly School Supplies List!
I always got excited buying school supplies…but I bet you never got this excited!! Check out our supplies list, should you decide to take my course:

(This is a basic list. As you work through the classes you may be guided to add more to your collection, but it’s not necessary. This is our recommended seller.)

  • Basic chakra stone set (natural stones or tumbled)
  • 1 stand-up picture frame draped with a square of black fabric
  • 1 clear crystal quartz natural point at least 2″ long
  • 1 pendulum of your choosing
  • 2 small smokey quartz stones, natural or tumbled
  • 2 black tourmaline stones, natural or tumbled
  • 1 1″-2″ piece of natural lodestone (make sure its magnetic)
  • Basic Crystal Kit (some of these may already be a part of your chakra stone set, natural or tumbled) which includes 1 of each: clear crystal quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine & citrine
  • 3 Books are required for the course: Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, my book, Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work: A Science-Based, Yet Practical Guide by Hibiscus Moon + The Book of Stones by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons


See? I’m tellin’ ya! This is not your run-of-the-mill crystal healer program. This course brings together physics & metaphysics to explain why & how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of confidence + FUN! And you’ll meet many other like-minded Crystal Hotties, such as yourself, making sparkly friendships along the way. 🙂

  • What Does This Course Include?
  • What Happens When You Graduate?
  • What are the Program Requirements?
  • What Supplies Do You Need?

Find all that out & much more by clicking here for all the deets! This is it for 2014. I’d love for you to join our sparkly family if this is the right time for you, Jelly Bean.

Super Sparkles to you today!!!

I Have a Confession to Make

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I have a confession to make.

A few months ago, I was in a bad place…I’d missed a lot of energy healing sessions, meditations & even self crystal healing. My Energetic Hygiene was pretty bad at that time. Embarrassing really…I had the aura-equivilent of hairy-unshaven legs.

*Sigh* Yeah…the lady running a Crystal Healing Academy hadn’t made Energetic hygiene a priority. Doing the very thing I warn all my students about.

I was just off a long period of supreme self-care, inner work & tip-top energetic hygiene. But…I got busy & fell off the wagon. It started with my scheduled healing sessions getting cancelled for one reason or another, then many biz things taking over, then family relations with major health issues, lots of travel required, eating & exercise hadn’t been great either. I finally succumbed to a bad cold after not being sick for many years! That was the major wake up call.

Now, I won’t complain that I don’t have time to get the shiz done that I need to, because we all know that is a lame excuse. I know you need to MAKE TIME to do the things we know  are important. Time is all relative & it’s totally up to you.


What happened was that I made the lazy, yet very conscious decisions not to make consistent Energetic Hygiene a  priority.

But WHY? It’s not like this is exercise that I would be sort of dreading. This is pleasurable stuffs! Maybe I subconsciously felt guilty about “indulging” in myself? But I KNOW & teach the whole Oxygen-Mask Theory of Self-Care. I know I’m no good to anyone else if I don’t care of myself first. I’m always preaching that self-care is essential to living a healthy & well-balanced life.

I know this so very well.

And yet…

I still fell off the wagon.


I’m telling you all this b/c I just want you to know that NONE of us are perfect. We’re all here on Mama Earth to learn & continue to strive to do our best. We fall down…and this is our test.

Will you get back up & press on, continuing to strive to THRIVE & always attempt to live at your Full Potential?

Or will you just say “ah, it’s too hard. I didn’t see enough of a change. I give up. I quit.” And then later wonder how it all got so turned around & grim?

Once I realized what I was doing I had a good pep-talk with myself & then I knew as soon as I felt well I’d be back at it FULL FORCE.

And guess what?

Despite being lazy about it for 2 months or so, I attended a sound energy healing/mediation session bringing along my own crystals & I was back at it with passion & conviction.

[caption id="attachment_13992" align="aligncenter" width="606"] Crystals, yoga mat & back jack (sprinkled with magical cat hair from Topaz) in tow. I was back![/caption]

In addition, I got so much out of this session, my energetic sheath felt stronger than ever!…despite thinking that I had totally lost it due to lack of momentum or something. Nope…not at all.

We’ve all been there: all gung-ho about it for a while, all excited to do this stuff…especially when it’s all new to us & then something happens, we get busy, life gets in the way or we get bored & our enthusiasm wanes.

I feel all our passions go through cycles like this. Like the Moon & the tides, our passions ebb & flow, but if we take control we can make sure we never lose those passions that we know are necessary & good for us. And then the passion returns again.
So here are words of motivation for you if you’ve fallen off the Energetic Hygiene Wagon:

  • Every meditation or energy session counts…even if its only 5 min. long. It all helps, adds up & is good for us.
  • If you can only stop & sit & do a mini- 5 min. session on yourself 1/week that’s better than nothing! DO IT. It will keep you in the game. 😉
  • If you can manage to book a session with a professional healer, having it in your calendar greatly helps to keep to it: whether it be a mediation class, a crystal healing session (With a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer if you really want something out of this world), a Reiki session, etc.
  • Schedule something bliss-filled on your phone’s calendar (set a reminder); like a crystal-healing bath. Even if it’s just 10 min. long. 
  • Use a Meditation App on your phone to remind you sit at a certain time & meditate for just 5 min.
  • Make healthier decisions in other areas of your life (sleep, exercise, diet, people you spend time with, bad habits) & this will keep the momentum going & will spill over into your Energetic Hygiene area.

And please don’t be hard on yourself for what you didn’t do or how you messed up. I’ve tried that & it helps no one. It just makes things worse. Its part of being human. Accept. Get up. Brush off. Keep on truckin’ w/ a smile on your face. It’s all part of this fun Mama Earth School.

What other ideas can you share in the comments below to help when 1 of us Crystal Hotties falls off the Energetic Hygiene wagon?

Super-Sized Crystal Blessings to you!