Underrated Crystals + Stones

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This week a Crystal Hottie asks:

What are some of the most underrated crystals? What stones do you think deserve more recognition?

I really had to think about that one. I mean really…that’s a TUFF (geo-geeks, get it?) question!! When you have over 4,000 minerals to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming. But this was fun to think about none the less!

And when I thought of my answer I decided to give you 2 options that were really practical & easy to obtain.

So take a look & see which 2 I chose:
Underrated Crystals + Stones

Here’s that other video I mentioned on calcite.

If you’d like to submit your own question voice-mail, where I pick out a few good questions to use on air during a future video response please do so! I’d love to hear from you!

Now, I would love to hear from you! What are you choices for underrated crystals? Please tell me in the comments below.

Peace, Rainbows + Crystal Sparkles!


Peace, Rainbows + Crystal Sparkles!


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Working with Crystal Grids

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Today I wanted to tackle a few common questions I get frequently asked about Working with Crystal Grids…and “Thank You” to AnnMarie for submitting these great ones:

  • How long should you leave a crystal grid up for?
  • Is OK to move a crystal grid?
  • What would happen if you DID move a crystal grid?

Now, if you’re a total NEWB to all this Crystal Grid stuff, you may want to hop over here & read my blog post article here first…then be sure to hop on back here. 😉

Reason is that, in this video I discuss some aspects of working with a crystal grid that you may want some background info on.

So, do we have to have a grid up for a certain amount of time?

And does it always need to stay in the same place, un-touched?

Go ahead & watch the featured video & you’ll get those answers, Lima Bean!
Working with Crystal Grids

And, as I stated in the video, hey…I just so happened to have written a book on this subject:

If you have any tips to add here OR if you’re actively working on any kind of crystal grid, please tell us about it below. The Crystal Hottie Community wants to know!

And if you found value in this Crystal Grid video, please share it with your sparkly friends — that would make my day almost as much as re-watching Breaking Bad all over again as if I had never heard of Mr. White & Jesse ever before…but that’s just a pipe dream…so what I’m trying to say is that leaving me a comment is really really cool in my book! 😉

Cosmic Crystals to you today!!!

100,000 Crystal Hotties

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Wooohooo! Last week I hit a gigantoid milestone; we reached 100,000 Crystal Hotties on my Facebook Page. I’m truly grateful & so deeply honored that you’ve chosen to follow me there.

Over 100,000. Can you believe it?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were celebrating 25,000? Myself & the Sparkle Team have come up with a couple sparkly ways to celebrate this BIG event with you. I’ve been waiting for this important mile-marker (100,000 peeps) to party it up big-time.

This give-away is my way to say THANK YOU to all the lovely Crystal Hotties who visit my Facebook page everyday & help to make it the inspiring crystal community that it is for us all. ♥
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    Balancing Chakras using Crystals, Part 3

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    Ready for Part 3 of this Chakra Crystal Healing Blog Series?

    In case you missed…Part 1 is here & Part 2 is here.

    After discussing those 2 parts the next question I get is:

    How do we go about balancing our chakras using crystals?

    Let me start by saying that the methods I discuss here are certainly not the ONLY methods or the “right” way.  Ancient Japanese saying ~ “There are many paths up the Mountain, but the view of the Moon from the top is the same.” :)

    Also, please know that you do not need to have someone else do chakra balancing for you…you can do your own chakra crystal healing sesh, no problemo. In fact, I do this all the time for myself. But, but , but!!…I do love getting crystal healing sessions done by a professional Crystal Healer & I HIGHLY recommend it. That’s the ultimate! If you’ve never had a professional crystal healing session…see if there’s someone in your area & gift yourself with a booking. You won’t regret it!

    OK, so let’s get on with it. Please note that what I’m presenting here is a very basic step-by-step method. I have not included all the correspondences for the chakras, the why’s & hows, foundational info & special nuances  that I teach in our Certified Crystal Healer Course. But this is a great place to start:

  • Create some ambiance or sacred space for yourself were you won’t be disturbed for at least 20 min. Have some relaxing or new age music on, light some safe candles, burn a little bit of incense or diffuse some essential oils, have a comfy spot to lie down
  • Lay your chakra stones out by your side: 1 for each of the 7 main chakras in their color coordinated order as discussed in part 1. An inexpensive tumbled set like these work great (& you can use the code HM10 to save 10%) . Also include a grounding stone: my favorite is a nice shiny black tourmaline chunk. You can also use smokey quartz. Some people like to use hematite. Others prefer loadstone; your preference. Oh yeah! Have a glass of water nearby for later as well.
  • Lie down  & place your grounding stone between your feet, just six inches below your feet; this is considered our Earth Star Chakra (technically not 1 of the main chakras but known as a “transpersonal chakra“). This is going to be the 1st crystal you place  & the last crystal you’re going to take off
  • Then continue placing the rest of your stones, placing the corresponding stone directly over each of your 7 chakras.  You can use a chart like the 1 on the right to determine approx. where each chakra is located. OR this is 1 that I recommend to my students
  • Chakra balancing can be as short as 15 minutes or you can go half an hour or more…whatever feels comfortable. Your goal here is to get active with it. Beginning with the root chakra & moving up, visualize each chakra, 1 at a time; each colored chakra spinning, a nice healthy balanced spin, not wobbly…all while focusing on what the chakra represents & corresponds to. You don’t want to see dark patches or heavy black shadows or a chord coming from the chakra. That means there might be some attachments there, debris…stank junk needing to be cleared out. That’s a sign that chakra needs more focused attention & remedies. Your mental focus at this time should be on the positive attributes of that chakra. Focus on dissolving any physical problems or any emotional blockages, seeing them visually dissolving away. If you’re not very visual, then feel the problems & blockages dissolving. Sense what it would feel like to be free of those attachments! Imagine what it would be like to be so happy that all those issues are gone.
  • Once you’ve completed clearing all 7 main chakras you can begin to end the session with grounding. This is a very important step. PLEASE don’t skip it! The purpose of grounding is to make sure you feel stable & centered; well-grounded to Mother Earth. See, you might think that you feel OK, but when you sit or stand up you may feel a little woozy & light-headed. So, at the end of any chakra session, leave that earth star chakra stone (just below your feet) in place for no less than 5 minutes…or maybe even 10 minutes if you’re feeling really kind of floaty-flighty. Also do some relaxing grounding breaths with slow deep breathing. Now, go ahead & drink your glass of water while you’re still seated to further help ground yourself. If after 10 or 15 minutes you still feel out of sorts, pick up the grounding stone & carry it with you until you start to normalize & you eventually will.
  • This whole un-grounding thing might sound a little “out there” for you, but after doing a lot of crystal healings & my students telling me about their crystal healings, I’ve determined that this is a very common occurrence. The energy really gets moved around when we’re doing this sort of work; removing stagnant energy or blockages, energy is moving all over the place…it’s the sort of thing to be expected when we do this kind of work. But the more often you do it, the better balance you’ll be in & the less jarring it will feel each time. It’s all a part of recalibrating your energy body, getting back to balance…part of a sound energetic hygiene plan.

    Just like working out, right? ‘Cept I look forward to a chakra session much more than I do a work out. 😉

    I hope you enjoyed this Crystal Chakra Healing Blog Series. If you know someone who may be interested or may benefit from this info, share this post with them… I hope this will inspire more people to become aware of & care for their chakras.♥

    SUPER-Sparkles to you today!



    P.S. If this sort of stuffs is really tickling your fancy-schmancy, perhaps you’d like to learn more? My Certified Crystal Healer Course, which delves deep into using crystals with the chakras (+ so much more!), will be enrolling again this spring. Want in? For more info & to get on the waiting list click here.

    Super Sparkles to you today!!!

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    And the winners are…

    Hibiscus Moon give away 24 Comments


    Oh my! I just have to say that this competition was fierce.

    We had so many great videos & the final 7 in the Final Round were all such inspirational stories from graduates of our Certified Crystal Healing Program. We had over 500 votes in the final round alone (plus over 350 in the 1st round) helping to choose the winners! Crazy, right??!

    But everyone who entered is a total Mac-Daddy Winner in my eyes – b/c it takes a winner to be brave enough to put yourself out there on video & take serious action to work towards your dream, impacting in your own life & the lives of others!

    In round 1 I posted our 20 entries, then we moved onto the final 7 in our Final Round. Boatloads of comments between the 2 rounds~!
    So, let me introduce to our Grand Prize winner below along with our two runner-ups:

    ~GRAND PRIZE: Marie Claude Frasier (prize: scholarship to our Advanced Crystal Master Course)

    ~RUNNER-UP: Kim Grandal (prize: 8″ Clear Crystal Singing Bowl in her choice of Chakra Tone)

    ~RUNNER-UP: Elisa Kitt (prize: 8″ Clear Crystal Singing Bowl in her choice of Chakra Tone)

    ♥Congratulations to our winners!♥ Please contact us at support@hibiscusmoncrystalacademy.com so we can get you all set up with your prizes.

    But wait!!…there’s a little twist

    I’d also like to present a 1st prize scholarship to our Advanced Crystal Master Course to Rev. Brian J. Glenn because he did something behind the scenes that was beyond generous & he certainly deserves it.

    I want to thank everyone who left a comment, helping me with the voting. Picking the winners wasn’t easy.

    And once again, I want to thank everyone who entered a video in the contest – you Crystal Hotties are all winners for putting yourself out there! You’ve sent a very clear message to the Universe. Now go make it happen!!

    And, finally thank you to all my HMCA students & graduates (the Crystalline Cohorts)– you motivate & inspire me to keep making our courses better & better.

    Sparkles & Glitter!

    Which Chakra needs Balancing, Part 2 of our Chakra Series

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    After reading Part 1 of our Chakra Series last week, you’re next question may have been:

    How do I know which chakra needs balancing?

    Well, there are several ways. :)

    There are actually 4 main ways that I teach about…
    1. Take a chakra test
    There are several different ones online. You can do an a search & turn up many! And they’re quite reliable. Here are a few you can try out right now:

    • chakra test 1
    • chakra test 2
    • chakra test 3

    2.  Glaring, physical or emotional issues
    Here are some simple examples…

    Like I mentioned in part 1, feeling anxious tells us there’s an issue with the root chakra.

    If somebody has their creativity totally shut down that’s all about the sacral chakra.

    If somebody has a very low self-esteem that’s solar plexus chakra energy.

    Issues with love, expressing love, showing love, being very clingy in their romantic relationships or any kind of relationships; that would be heart chakra issues.

    Not being able to express themselves or not being a good listener, that’s throat chakra stuffs.

    Not being open to your intuition or your spirituality, closing that down…that’s third eye shcist, Jelly Bean.

    Not having a good connection to source energy, being fearful with death that would be crown chakra.
    3. Energy sensing
    In my Certified Crystal Healer Course, I teach various ways you can learn & use to sense energy. And by doing this  type of sensing, you can determine if a chakra is overactive, underactive, needs some slight re-tuning or is in balance.

    *Wish those energy-sensing methods were something I could include in a blog post but it’s a bit involved, requires lots of background knowledge & some demonstrations, precautions + practice time.

    I brought my clear quartz pendant to Sedona & we used it to sense the energy of chakras while we meditated at the vortexes!!! This is a friend of ours checking on Frank’s crown chakra.
    4. Tap into your intuition
    This means you get an inner knowing from various senses & picking up messages & measurements regarding the chakra energies.  There are various ways to get an inner sense of the energy of each chakra. Some people have the gift of different types of clair-senses:

    Here’s a quick list (some of these can fit into each other & some say there are even more than these):

    • Clairaudience – receive messages in the form of an audio; sound, speaking, vocalizations
    • Clairempathy – receive messages in the form of feelings
    • Clairsentience – an inner knowing that comes from within
    • Clairvoyance – receive messages in the form of visual pictures, sights

    Some people can also do a meditation and get intuitive hints or messages regarding the chakras.
    Chakra Balancing Combo Time!
    If you’re not too confident or you’re getting mixed signals or it just doesn’t seem to clear to you…then I recommend using 2 or 3 of the above suggested methods to get a chakra consensus. If you get 2 contradictory results then try a 3rd method & go with the majority. 😉

    You’ll find that over time & with practice your abilities to figure out which chakras are out of balance will get better & quite keen. You may even “just know” without needing to check.

    So that’s part 2. Part 3 will be about exactly what to do with the crystals to help balance our chakras.

    I hope you’re enjoying this series so far. Thanks so much, as always, for reading, sharing & joining in!

    Mega Sparkles, Glitter, Jelly Beans & all that jazz!!




    P.S. If this sort of stuffs is really tickling your fancy-schmancy, perhaps you’d like to learn more? My Certified Crystal Healer Course, which delves deep into using crystals with the chakras (+ so much more!), will be enrolling again this spring. Want in? For more info & to get on the waiting list click here.

    The Final Round

    Dawn Martinello give away 521 Comments


    OK, it’s time for the Final Round~!

    Below are the top 7 entries into my CCH Video Contest (you can see the previous round of 20 entries here.)

    Will you please help me choose the 3 winners by leaving a comment below telling me which was your top choice?

    NOTE: Anonymous or multiple votes from same person or bots will not be looked at. These votes are helping us to make a final decision. Thanks so much for your input.
    Here they are:
    1. Rev. Brian Glenn: took the course while homeless (unbeknownst to us!)…& is no longer homeless, but starting his own biz! Dropped 100 lbs!!! Plus found stability & friendships. WOW!


    2. Elisa Kitt: a heartfelt video, profound lessons about love.♥♥♥


    3. Patty Held: a school teacher who has taken healing & understanding to a whole new level with crystals & even uses them with her students. :) How cool!


    4. Kim Grandal: gained the confidence to come out of the crystal closet, opened up her own online crystal store while learning how to get her geek on. 😉 Yeah, Baby!


    5. Marie Claude Fraser: helped with her Reiki practice. Wants to share her passion by integrating it with her art sculptures. Totally UNIQUE!


    6. Jessica Miller: got acquainted with her true soul’s calling, started a crystal healing biz upon graduation that is going so well that she gave her 2 week notice!


    7. Mary Oquendo: helped heal her dog & gave her the confidence to open the area’s first Wellness Center for both people & animals! AMAZING.

    So, now I need your help. :)

    These are the finalists in my CCH Video Contest, which was open to graduates of our Certified Crystal Healer Course. The Grand Prize winner gets a free scholarship to my Sep. 2014 Advanced Crystal Master Course!  The other 2 winners will each be gifted a clear quartz crystal singing bowl.  And I would love it if you could help me pick the winners. Simply leave a comment below telling me which of these 7 is your absolute fav!

    Voting for this final round ends @ midnight EST, Sunday, Jan. 5. The Winners will be announced in the my newsletter on Wed., Jan. 8.

    Once again, thank you so much for your input!

    Crystal Chakra Healing, Part 1

    Hibiscus Moon chakras, Crystal Healing, healing 31 Comments


    Another way you can work with your crystals…

    & this is a really easy way with lots of benefits

    is with crystal chakra healing.

    I have a whole lot of info on this so I’m going to break it up into a 3 part series. This 1st part is my fav. thing to do…break it down into the How & Why with some science thrown in for good measure. Ready? Let’s go!
    The science behind crystal chakra healing
    We’re going to talk about the 7 main chakras. We have many more than just the 7 main ones but these are the most familiar ones…the familiar main 7 chakras are the major portals or the major energy hubs on our body.

    Each chakra has a corresponding color associated with it. The colors are really easy to memorize…they follow the color of the rainbow, which always follow the same order:

    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Indigo
    • Violet

    Remember from school? ROY G BIV?

    OK, I can’t resist…(please don’t yell at me if you end up with an ear-worm)

    That’s the same exact color sequence that the chakras follow. And it’s no coincidence that they’re exactly the same sequence. It’s just science, Jelly Bean. 😉

    Each chakra is also linked with a specific body part, specific body function & certain emotions, among other correspondences. One book I HIGHLY recommend you get to learn more about this is:

    In addition, each chakra has a specific vibrational frequency. See colors, or more specifically “light” in various frequencies that we can actually see with our eye balls is just a teenie tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM spectrum). The colors (light frequencies) arrange themselves in order of decreasing vibrational wavelengths. Of these specific light frequencies, red is the longer wavelength  (lower frequency) & violet is the shortest wavelength (higher frequency). I haven’t lost ya yet, right? Stick with me here. 😉

    Actually…everything on the EM spectrum is a type of light. Just a little smidge of the spectrum is the visible light that we can see with our eyes.  The chakras encompass all these colors that we can see. Each one has a very specific vibrational frequency.

    In summary, each chakra has a specific vibrational frequency & a color that it expresses itself as.

    These specific frequencies are aligned to certain known energies. This allows us to focus on one aspect at a time. For instance, if we want to zero in on anxiety & fear, we can focus our attention on the root chakra & improve it efficiently by just focusing in on that 1 particular chakra.

    I’ve found chakra work to be very efficient & highly effective for clearing out all sorts so energetic imbalances. I’ve it heard over, over again…people saying things like,

    “I’ve been going to therapy for a long time; going to see a therapist, a psychiatrist, etc. to work on my fear & anxiety issues.”

    Not to belittle that at all. But if someone has been working on a specific issue for a long time…once that person addresses the associated chakra & works on clearing & balancing that chakra…most of the time the issue clears itself up much quicker by using chakra work alone or in conjunction with the therapy. Not to say this will work for everyone every time, but it’s certainly worth giving a try.

    More Physics & Chakras?
    As a former physics teacher, I can’t help but throw in more physics here. In my courses I teach the principle of entrainment when working with the chakras. This is a physics principle that basically says that energy of a higher amplitude will dominate & influence a similar frequency of a lower amplitude.

    This is often demonstrated using tuning forks. When the tuning forks are tuned to the same frequency, if I rang 1 with a lot of energy (high amplitude) & then rang the other just gently (with a little bit of amplitude), the higher amplitude will dominate & influence the fork of the lower amplitude & it will get louder & raise its energy up (become higher amplitude) b/c the higher amplitude will dominate the lower amplitude.

    Why do I bring this shiz up?

    B/c we also will entrain with the higher amplitude energy.

    If there is a similar frequency that comes into our environment & it happens to be of higher amplitude, it’s going to raise us up to match its frequency…to become a vibrational match.

    Now…this is a big foundational brick of my teachings…a crystal is always going to be higher amplitude frequency b/c it has a more stable frequency in its inherent molecular structure. SAY WHAT?

    So again…the reason for that stable frequency is it has a very precise atomic structure.

    Sodium chloride molecule (salt crystal)…look at that precise crystal structure!

    That’s what makes a crystal a crystal. A crystal has a precise geometric pattern in its molecular blueprint. Although we are human & we’re made of some crystals, we are not entirely crystalline. So, we are not as geometrically perfect as a crystal. Not even close.

    Crystals are going to be in a higher amplitude energy field than us due to their geometric perfection. We’re going to entrain with the amplitude of their higher energy when similar frequencies are present.
    OK, Geek! Get back to the chakras!
    So, if you have a chakra that’s out of balance. For example, let’s say my third eye is completely whacked out. Not really…but just say…

    I can take a nice amethyst natural point & I place that on my third eye.

    The amethyst is of a similar vibrational frequency to my third eye but it’s higher amplitude energy, higher frequency, more stable because of it’s crystalline structure. Ya with me?

    It’s going to vibrationally stabilize my third eye chakra. My third eye is going to entrain with that similar frequency. It’s going to move into resonance with the similar yet more precise & higher amplitude vibration of the amethyst.

    Crystals have higher amplitude due to that geometric perfection…due to that, they are going to clear out & balance our chakras, making them more stable, entertaining them with their higher amplitude energy. Thereby, changing the emotional & biochemical state of that chakra to the correct frequencies & also helping to maintain their stability.

    Each chakra will entrain with that specific vibrational frequency of its color. For instance, the third eye chakra’s color is indigo,so it entrains with indigo.

    This is certainly not the only chakra balancing method but it’s a very easy one; simply choose a crystal within the same color family as the chakra you’d like to balance. So for the third eye, indigo stones like lapis lazuli, iolite or amethyst are great to work with.

    lapis lazuli from Pakistan

    Or for the heart chakra, green aventurine, jade or green tourmaline would be perfect.

    Luscious green aventurine tumblies.

    Matching up the color is a pretty foolproof & simple way to go.

    Now some people say,

    “You shouldn’t match the color of the chakra to the stone because whatever color you’re seeing is actually the color that’s being reflected & not absorbed by the stone. That’s not actually the color of the stone.”

    Then I’m like,

    “Yup. And that’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for, because if that’s the light frequency that’s being reflected & bounced off, then that’s the color that’s bathing the environment of the chakra.”

    That’s exactly what we want. Is it not?? I think it’s a great way to do it. Not to mention that I have confirmation from case study after case study as do my students. Color works, Baby!

    OK, so that’s part 1. Hope I didn’t burn you out on the science. Part 2 is about how to determine which chakras need balancing & Part 3 is about what to do with the crystals.

    Thanks so much, as always, for reading, sharing & joining in!

    Super Crystal Blessings to you,
    Super Crystal Blessings to You,

    P.S. If this sort of stuffs is really tickling your fancy-schmancy,  perhaps you’d like to learn more? My Certified Crystal Healer Course, which delves deep into using crystals with the chakras (+ so much more!), will be enrolling again soon. Want in? For more info & to get on the wait list click here.