Does Solar Activity Affect Us?

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So, this solar pole flip energy stuff has some of us really flipped out, right?

As I discuss in this week’s featured video there’s nothing to fear because we’ve all done this before. The flip we’re in now is only the 4th observed since tracking began in 1976.
Does Solar Activity Affect Us? & Crystal Porn!

The Sun’s magnetic field flips regularly every 11 years at the peak of each solar activity cycle…when the Sun’s internal magnetic dynamo reorients itself. We’re not sure exactly why this occurs. Scientists predicted the flip would occur now & say it should be complete by December.

Think back to late 2000, early 2001. Do you remember anything significant happening? That’s when we had our last flip.

What’s happening now is that the sun’s magnetic field has weakened, eventually dying down to zero point before ramping up again with an opposite polarity. So, north is south & south is north. Flip-flop!

It’s important that you know, Lima Bean, that this is not a disastrous event.

BUT scientists do acknowledge the reversal will have ripple effects throughout our solar system, as it always does. So, there’s a lot of solar activity & what we call space weather headed our way during this event.
Reflecting on what I mentioned in the video, re: solar activity & earthquake correlation…check out this email sent out by EarthSkyNews last Saturday morning:

Does it affect us in any way?

YES. Every electromagnetic field in our solar system, including our own, is influenced to some extent & we can feel these effects on multiple levels.
Symptoms of the increase in space weather:

  • Feeling’ tired
  • Floaty
  • Autoimmune disease flare ups
  • Allergy symptom flare ups
  • Cranky
  • Dizzy
  • anxiety
  • Spaced out
  • Overly emotional
  • Uncoordinated
  • Lethargic

Please note: This is how these events effect most people, but not everyone will be effected in the same way. Some people actually get highly energized…it all depends on our individual vibration.

REMEMBER…no need to worry…we’ve done this all before. And here, I’m sharing with you some tools to make these transitions that much easier.

  • Staying in heart center…Remember, we’re all going through this together so be understanding
  • Focus in on the energy of our local stars, the Moon, and, of course, our Sun. We’re a part of this whole system. Lots of moving parts.
  • Crystal work with Black tourmaline, my go-to stone for this. Hematite is also great! In fact, I have what I call My Sacred Grounding Trio: black tourmaline, smokey quartz & hematite. Blizzard stone is another great one for balancing energies & uber-grounding.
  • Do lots of Earthing (check out that book!) Earthing is absolutely amazing! Get barefoot & go outside!!! The Ultimate in Grounding. Your feet are meant to connect with Mother Earth! That’s why animals are so well grounded & in-tune. They’re always barefoot!
  • Working on your root chakra. Many of us have an unbalanced root that needs our loving, caring attention.
  • Nourishing root-based foods (carrots, potatoes, shallots, etc.)
  • Touch therapies (massage, aroma-touch therapy, etc.)
  • Unplug & try to get away from electronic EMF’s & electro-pollution
  • There’s more on my other post here


  • If you’re really into learning about how the Sun’s activity affects & has affected humanity & the Earth you can totally geek out with this DVD; Solar Revolution.
  • Subscribe to SuspiciousObservers YouTube Channel This guy understands the data & the hard science & encourages you to do your own research, which I love!!
  • Up to the minute spaceweather reports & media

So, Sweet Pea…tell me: have you been feelin’ it? How’ve you been doing? Any tips to share? Please do so in the comments below.

Stay safe, hang in…we’re in this together! Mwaaaaaah.


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Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

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Are there crystals that are just “too much” for us to work with? Perhaps some that we’re just not ready for? Like moldavite?


Yep, it’s known as a “high-ascension” stone.

What does that mean?

High ascension stones are known for having powerful metaphysical properties & energy that are very easy for most to connect with…even for those of us who are usually dense to the energies. They are known to have a strong connection divine energies. Since these crystals & stones usually resonate with the higher chakras, working & meditating with them can be quite intense. So, that makes the idea of these stones very appealing.

But are you READY FOR IT?

I think you’re really gonna want to watch or listen to this video. It’s a sizzling-hot topic. 😉 You’ll see why I said that when you watch the vid!

I also give you some gentler crystal alternatives to start off with. :)

After watching, please join in on the convo in the comments below.
Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

Here’s that blog post I refer to in the video.

I can’t wait to see your comments! I would love to hear your story about how moldavite (or other powerful crystals) have affected you. Specifically, I’d love to know:

  • What’s your experience working with high ascension crystals?
  • Have you ever worked specifically with moldavite? What did you get from it?
  • What’s your FAVORITE high-energy crystal?

I also hope this post doesn’t scare you off of moldavite or other high ascension stones. Just take it slow & steady…work up to it & see how you do & what they can do for you.♥

Please also share this with your crystal-lovin’ friends so they don’t have to deal with the fiery chest-burn. That sucker was HOT, let me  tell you!

Crystal Blessings, Lima Bean!

Crystals for Grounding, Prosperity, Drip Stone & What is Entrainment?

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I squeezed it ALL IN! Yep, 4 questions answered in 1 short video!! On today’s featured video, listen in as I help Crystal Hottie Trudy zero in on several topics:

  • stones to use for grounding
  • crystals for prosperity
  • What is a “drip stone”?
  • What does “entrainment” mean?

You’ll also see some of my current favorite sparkly buddies. :)

In the comments below the feature, I’d love to hear from you!

Do you have some fav. stones for grounding or prosperity? Did I miss some common popular ones that work wonders? Please share them with the rest of our Crystal Hottie Community in the comments below & go ahead & get really specific too. Those specific details give us lots more case studies &  examples to assist us in growing &  learning from each other.  I LOVE this glittery community!!♥

Thanks so much for reading, watching & diving into the discussion below. :)





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Crystal Q & A: (‘cept this one is about UFO’s!!)

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OK, right outta the gate…we’re not going to be talking about crystals here…just a little break.

Back in August I wrote a blog post about signs being everywhere & not believing everything you read & hear without doing our own research. In that post I went on again about my various UFO sightings.

None of them are of the 3rd kind…don’t go beyond the 2nd kind…thank GOODNESS!

But apparently I have a knack for sightings. Many an intuitive person has told me those over and over & my life events have proven it.

I win contests if I enter, I see celebs that I really want to see or meet. I manifest the schist up out of just about anything. And UFO’s are no exception, I guess. I’ve been told I’m a trigger of sorts for stuffs that to happen & be seen. All in a good way.

So anyways, that blog post generated many questions about my UFO sightings so I figured I’d go right ahead & answer that here:

Crystal Q & A: (‘cept this one is about UFO’s!!)

In the comments below, I’d LOVE to hear your take on UFO’s. Do you not believe in them, prefer not to talk about them, love the topic? Do you have a super-cool UFO story of your own to share?

I’ve been totally fascinated by this stuffs all my life  & would love to know what you think about it, so please leave a comment below.

Cosmic-Crystal Blessings!

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How to Pick Out Crystal Fakes: Part 5

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So this crystal fakes stuffs is getting to be a popular series here on my blog.

And I’m quite enjoying my role in revealing & educating on the gemmy fakes & frauds that have crossed my path.
You can check out the other parts here:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4

Before I get into the fakes & confusers I want to draw attention to in this blog post, there’s a little sumn’ sumn’ I wanna to discuss.

My aim here is NOT to completely remove the romanticism of stones & crystals. You know I’m all about the sparkly, glittery & spiritual side of them! Who do you know that sings their praises more than me?

But it may be time for a wee dose of reality when it comes to realizing that they may not arrive 100% unaltered in our hungry little hands. I’ve already discussed my stance on the ethics of mining crystals and stones here…different topic.

All righty…let’s get into it.

After stones are removed from Mother Earth, they’re usually given an oxalic acid wash to clean them up & make them more visually pleasing. I demonstrate this in a video here:
How I Cleanse My Crystals

Then they may be further altered through cutting, tumbling or polishing.
Many crystals may then go through the lab heating process.

This is often done with amethyst to deepen its color or turn it into citrine.

Some crystals are even artificially irradiated, a completely different process that does indeed alter & change them molecularly. Certain darker blue topaz & dark, almost black yet reasonably priced smoky quartz from Arkansas are common examples of this.

I feel crystals that have been altered in this way have lost their  original base resonant frequency & essential now have a synthetic 1…no bond to how they were originally created; Mother Earth bond lost & so…I don’t work with them.

Just wanted to throw in the above info before we get into a few more fakes and/or confusing names so that we all are aware of what may or may not have been done to our stones. It’s always good to be armed with info, don’t you think?
Lapis Lazuli
This baby is no fake but is one of the most often FAKED stones.

The more high quality variety comes from Afghanistan & Pakistan & is characterized by a deep & vibrant blue color (from lazurite) & highly sought after pyrite flecks. It’s natural good looks make it popular in the jewelry trade but it is more expensive & a bit harder to come by.

Lapis lazuli from Pakistan. You can easily see the gold pyrite flecks.

There’s a less expensive, less dazzling kind available from South America & Russia that has more gray in it is more of a dull blue & lacks the pyrite flecks, so not nearly as sought after.

This Lapis is from Chile, shows more grey & no pyrite…but its still the real deal.

The attractiveness of lapis & ease of “fake-ability” make it 1 to watch out for. Some will even take less expensive or low quality howlite, jasper or sodalite & dye it up to make it that vibrant blue. Sometimes even plastic, resins or glass (either mixed in with lapis lazuli “powder” to make “reconstituted” lapis or pure) will be passed off as the blue stone.

My Tips for Spotting Fake Lapis:

  • Acetone (nail polish remover) will remove the dye from a fake but may also damage the stone so tread lightly
  • If it’s very uniform it may be reconstituted (which is not technically fake but completely altered by man) or plain ole’ plastic, resin or glass
  • Lapis can be confused with sodalite but will have much less white (calcite), if its heavy on the white then pass
  • If it has a lot of grey, it’s mostly like sodalite; if you know how to do a streak test, sodalite will ave a white streak whereas lapis will have a light blue streak
  • Cheap price is usually an indicator of a fake

Gaia Stone aka The Goddess Stone, Helenite, Mt. St. Helen’s Obsidian, Green Obsidian, Blue Obsidian
This stone is purported to be created from melting volcanic ash from the eruption at Mount St. Helen & then shaping it into various forms, possibly mixing it with other resins & binders. Hence…MAN-MADE. Geologists have yet to confirm any naturally formed green or blue glass in this region.

That would be so totally exciting if this Gaia Stone actually happened all on its own…at the hands of Mother Natures, but  is simply not the case. At least we don’t have any evidence yet to prove this.

Green Obsidian. Thank you to photographer, Susan Jones Gardner Broughton, for sharing her photo. Blue & green obsidian. Thank you to photographer, Jenn Langer for sharing her photo.

Here’s the deal. This is scientific fact so there’s no arguing here on this:

The geological definition of obsidian is it’s volcanic glass; that is…glass created by volcanism that forms when molten rock material cools.

Human hands have NADA to do with it.

So, if Mother Earth didn’t fuse it together during a volcanic eruption herself…then it ain’t obsidian.

But many are taking any sort of glass & calling it obsidian. I just think that’s wrong & misleading to misuse the terminology that way.

So is the glass bottle I’m drinking from an obsidian bottle?

Are my windows on my house obsidian? *Need to remember that when I put the house up for sale*:

*Rare Clear Obsidian Windows in all Rooms!*

C’mon. Same goes for the red, orange & yellow obsidians. Mother Earth does make many natural & darker colored obsidians…but not these colors, Lima Bean.

IF evidence ever dos come to light that this was a natural event then I will gladly take back everything I’ve said here & high-tail it to the nearest seller to buy a HUGE honkin’ piece of this…but until then I’m just steering clear.
Anchi Crystals

I included this “crystal” (seems to be a group of many different crystals) b/c I’ve been receiving several frequent questions about it from my students in our Certified Crystal Healer Course. Since the “discoverer” of these Anchi crystals hasn’t disclosed the locality of where these crystals were supposedly found we don’t have much concrete info about them.

So far they’ve only disclosed that they “are found in only one location on the Earth” & that they are a group of over 50 different types of  crystals including opaque or milky quartz & different types of tourmalines. From what I can tell they are a lower quality group of smaller crystals so not very clear & knocked around a bit.

I’m still not clear why this outcrop of crystals deserved a special name all their own (except that they’re trademarked under that name so there’s that ).

I hope this post was helpful to but…as I always say…your intuition should always be your first guide. If a stone or crystal works for you for a particular purpose then don’t let anyone or anything that you read or hear change that for you. For certain people, certain stones may work very well while not work for others no matter what is said or written about them…you keep on doing your thing, Crystal Hottie!

If you have any photos of to share of these stones, please stop by & post them up on my FB Page. I’d love for you to share with the other Crystal Hotties.

Do you have other views & news on the crystals discussed here today or perhaps other fakes or confusers you’d like me to research for a future post? Please let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading & adding your personal sparkle to the convo! ((HUGS))

Crystal Blessings, Jelly Bean!



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