Crystal Healing Q & A: Hormones, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure

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BORING DISCLAIMER: I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations.

I get asked all the time…what crystal will heal this or what crystal will heal that?

This is a highly controversial topic, you know!

Although I do feel crystals are most certainly able to help heal us..on this front, I’m always cautious in what I tell people:

Crystal healing can part of a holistic treatment plan for just about any ailment.

I don’t usually rely on crystal healing as a stand-alone treatment but as a very handy compliment. In fact, I feel every aspect of our health can benefit from a multi-layered approach & not rely on one method only. After all, several harmonics all resonating together in music is found to be pleasing to the ear.

There’s a reason for that, Sweet Pea 😉
Crystal Healing Q & A: Hormones, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure

Gorgeous Crystal Eye Candy
This is a very special jumbo specimen of sodalite, 1 of the stones discussed in this week’s video!

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How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? & Pendulums

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Have you ever wondered…

  • How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? Where did we get this information from?
  • What Causes a Pendulum to Spin when we ask it a “Yes” or “No” Question?

If so, this exactly what we’re talking about today in my video!
How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? Where did we get this information from?
I discuss specifically where most of the popular crystal info comes from & what it’s based on. I’ll also reveal how to find out how each crystal will work best with you individually. Here’s a tip:

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What Causes a Pendulum to Spin when we ask it a “Yes” or “No” Question?
Does it tap into Source Energy? Are you actually moving it? Yep, we’ll discuss that!

I also go over a very  important point about working with a pendulum to get your most accurate results.

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So, have you faced these same questions? If so, what answers did you come up with? Do you have the same or a different point of view? Some juicy tidbit that I’ve left out?  If so, I’m really excited to hear your perspective on this.

Leave a comment below & let me & the rest of our Crystal Hottie Community know your personal experience. Many times, some sparkly nugget of wisdom you share could make a profound revelation to someone else in our community, no matter how obvious or insignificant you think it may be. 🙂

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I’ve got a little something to say about MONEY and Spirituality

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money and spirituality

Ever get that nagging feeling that something is bubbling up inside of you needing to be said?

Before I go any further…

PLEASE NOTE: I’m taking a risk here again…but I feel it needs to be addressed. This of course, is my opinion. It doesn’t mean that my opinion is the best 1 or the only 1, it’s just mine, that’s all. Flaming will not be tolerated here. This is a negativity-free zone. Although I enjoy a healthy, respectful & mature debate be forewarned that any nasty, negative or demeaning comments here on MY BLOG will be promptly deleted so don’t waste your energy.

I recently had this feeling + a number of signs prompting me to get my opinion on this money matter out there into our community. I know many others have done this before but I wanted to add to the mix with my humble take on it since it seemed so many in my circle were/are having trouble around it.

Have you noticed this undercurrent belief in the new age/spiritual community that big abundance should not be made off of big dreams or anything to do with new age-y stuffs?

This whole “$ is a no-no & frowned upon” thinking?
I feel this thinking is powerfully keeping many in a false poverty mindsetunnecessarily.
A sure-fire way to sabotage yourself from ever being prosperous is to keep the embarrassment & shame around making money & charging what your worth. Yep, that will put the nail in the coffin for ya.

I’m also realizing that wishy-washy boundaries is all wrapped up with this money-thing. So, I’ve made it a small mission of mine to empower the spiritual community with FIRM BOUNDARIES.

BTW, amazonite is a great stone to help you with that!!

Your Boundary Ally! Amazonite (photo credit: Rob Levinsky of

Join me in my video below as I push this hot button topic of money, spirituality & simply doing what you’re meant to do on Mama Earth. You’re here to make an impact.

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MONEY and Spirituality

Yes, I feel money CAN be a vehicle for love, for our good intentions & a way to be of BIG service to others. Can we get our spiritual community to get over the idea that Money = Evil? Can we have more spiritual practices organized around making money & then HOW to use it to make those big changes?

Is it possible?
“…a reverent businessman or businesswoman is a person who infuses a new energy into the archetype of entrepreneur, shifting it from a dynamic that is motivated by profits that are generated by serving others to a dynamic of serving others that is made possible by profits.” ~ author Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul
Here are the inspiring resources that I mentioned in my video from people I admire:

  • VIDEO/AUDIO: Discussion between Marianne Williamson & Marie Forleo, very enlightening
  • VIDEO: Money and Spirituality (Is it Right to Charge Money for Spiritual or Healing Services?) by Teal Scott
  • VIDEO: How to Set Boundaries by Marie Forleo
  • AUDIO: Wealthy, Healthy & Wise Interview with Rev. Michael Beckwith & my biz coach, Lindsay Wilson
  • BOOK: Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life by Henry Cloud *this book has a religious Christian slant*
  • BOOK: Setting Boundaries with Difficult People: Six Steps to SANITY for Challenging Relationships by Allison Bottke *this book has a religious Christian slant*
  • BOOK: Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny
  • BLOG: Spirituality and Money; Just How Spiritual Is Money? by Andrea Conway
  • BLOG: Spirituality and Money by Jim Tolles
  • BLOG: How To Change The World Through Business by Leonie Dawson
  • BLOG: How to Use Crystals for Abundance by me!
  • EKIT: my Attracting Abundance & Prosperity with Crystals eKit

So…are you FINALLY ready to let this schist go??
In the comments below tell me (& all the other Crystal Hotties) what’s your limiting belief around money that you want to KICK TO THE CURB?! Please leave a comment below & share your story — including your biggest take-away lesson learned. This helps to pay it forward to the entire community!

Thank you so very much for watching, sharing & contributing, Jelly Bean.

Now, release it, Baby!