Q&A: Cleansing Pyrite

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This is a really practical question I received recently about cleansing pyrite specifically & think its a great 1 to share:

What’s the best method to cleanse pyrite?  I wouldn’t want to do a salt bath on it, so I’m supposing sound?




You don’t want to go with water on any iron-containing stones (like pyrite) b/c you’ll cause them to rust. No bueno.

So, yep, I’d say sound. In fact, this is my favorite method for re-tuning crystals now & the most practical, IMHO.

Check it out!

Crystal Energy Cleansing using Sound: How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystal Blessings Lima Bean!

8 Crystal Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

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In our crystal practice, we may have collected many various crystal tools for this, that or the other. Next thing you know you have a ton…but I find that there are a select few that I end up using most often. I call them my Go-To Crystal Buds. I’ve mediated with them, have a closer bond with them & seem to pull them out for working with most often. they’re like my Inner Circle Crystals. 😉

So, how about  a behind-the-scenes look at the crystal tools that I use most often?
My 8 Top Crystal Buddies
1. Big Baby – if you’re familiar with my blog, you’re well familiar with Big Baby. This is my large natural clear crystal point that I often use as the center crystal for many of my powerful crystal grids. He’s perfect for focusing & then amplifying my intentions.

Big Baby

2. Big Mama– Again, if you’re a regular, you know Big Mama Rose Quartz Chunk-a-Lunka is a staple in my Love Grids. I usually use her in a grid where I send loving, compassionate healing energy out to many all at once. She’s my 18.3 pound-er from the South Dakota Badlands National Park & was gifted to me by a very special client. She’s glorious, isn’t she?

Big Mama

3. Amethyst pendulum – After messing around with an old washer & chain as a pendulum since the early nineties I finally felt I was due for an upgrade about 7 years ago & gifted myself with a very simple amethyst pendulum on a sterling silver chain that I keep in a purple little pouch. I’ve developed a good reliable relationship with it & its never steered me wrong.
4. Selenite massage wand– selenite is a very useful tool for working with chakras & sealing up energy (which we teach all about in my course). This wand is polished & finished with a rainbow fluorite tip. Its even great for just rubbing on the temples & relieving headaches. Good medicine.

My trusty amethyst pendulum & selenite wand hangin’ out.

5. Sacred Healing Rattle – this guy is incredible for breaking up the energy in a space or area in the energetic body. I made with my own hands & energy of bamboo & buffalo hide. I’ve outfitted him with green aventurine & clear quartz to make this an even more effective healing rattle.

My hand made sacred healing rattle

6. Rose Quartz Buddy- This little baby’s been with me a long time…through thick & thin, ups & downs. And he’s always gotten me through. I usually keep him by my bedside as I often use him during before bed reflection time or even to fall asleep holding on to. I usually use it when in need of some heart medicine & consolation. A trusty little rock, this one.

7. Auralite 23 Wand – This wand was a gift and I’ve had it about 2 years now. I often use it conjunction with my Rose Quartz Buddy or just on its own. Its home is also by my bedside as I often hold onto it while relaxing or getting ready to fall asleep. Its a good go-to piece when I need clarification on something or a creative spark. Sometimes I also use it to direct energy towards my head for headache relief.

My auralite 23 wand & my rose quartz buddy.

8. Bedroom Amethyst Druse – this plus-sized gorgeous gal is a deeply colored Uruguayan amethyst cut from a druse geode interior. She lives in our bedroom to bring a calm stress-free energy into the room while also radiating the correct vibrational frequency for dream time & serene sleep.

My bedroom amethyst druse

My BIG DREAM is to get everyone using crystals to help bring about positive change + to heal. We CAN do this!

Super Sparkles to you today!!!

P.S. Please share with us all below what crystals you can’t live without!!

Q&A: Healing & Get Well Mojo

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Here’s a great question from 1 of our thoughtful & caring Crystalline Cohort students (seems they’re all like that!!) on how to provide crystal healing to someone who may not be familiar or open to it specifically for some “get well” mojo. I thought many could benefit from this Q & A.

So let’s share!


My landlady is pretty sick, and she has had some health issues lately. She’s going in for surgery on Friday, and I wanted to pass by tomorrow to give her a little “healing + quick recovery” mojo to keep with her while in the hospital. Like, a little sachet with some charged crystals. Any suggestions?

She’s terrified to go in on Friday but really isn’t into crystal healing or energy work. Just want to send her some light and some good vibes, so she knows she’s not alone going through this painful experience!


How caring of you!

There are many different things you can put in the little mojo bag but if she doesn’t know much about crystals then I would just give her an easy general healing bag of green aventurine, clear quartz, jade & red jasper.This will be a sweet little gesture & should be able to ease her into it.

You don’t have to put all of them in there but a mix of them would be nice.  She may ask of you…as people often ask me when I do this sort of thing…“What do I do with them?” No complicated instructions or anything.  Just tell her to keep it close by or under her pillow & let the crystals give her the energy that she needs to heal. ♥

So how about you Chick Pea? Do you have any special things you like to do for a similar situation? Please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear!

Crystal Blessings to all the Crystal Hotties!!


5 Tips for Crystal Shopping & Bargain Hunting

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OK, I’ll tell you right now. I don’t like shopping.

I never have. Nope, never got my sox off at strolling through the mall & ogling at purses, shoes & clothes. In fact, I avoid malls like the plague.

BUT…take me crystal shopping…that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I’m all in!

Perhaps its b/c its not quite as easy as just driving over to the mall & this makes it more like a hunt. You have to wait for a gem show to come to town, shop at your local metaphysical store, which for some may be well out of the way or do your shopping hunting online with a vendor that you really trust.

So, perhaps its the fact that its more of a quest, a challenging chase, or a MISSION even that hooks me in…

But I’m HOOKED; line & sinker.

As you know, I get most of my wholesale inventory (which I don’t really keep too much of these days) & shop for special order clients once a year at the big annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. And the entire trip is a joyous shopping adventure for me! I’ve come to love it more & more each year.

I’ve noticed that crystal shoppers, myself included, tend to behave just like any other shopper…falling victim to all the usual psychological shopping baits, sales, clearance mark-downs, etc. As all shoppers do, sometimes you make some really stooopid buying decisions or buy way too much of something that you have no use or need for when items are stamped  with “50 % off”!

Oh how easy it is to overspend or buy the wrong thing. Except with crystals you really never know if you’ll ever see those specimens again. Really. Even miners don’t know if they’ll ever hit another pocket or vug of a particular crystal. Sometimes they do know that the supply is dwindling, Mama Earth only made so much & they’ll tell you the area is almost entirely mined out so “grab it while it’s hot!”

In addition, each & every crystal is an entirely unique specimen. You will NEVER find another one just like it. So there’s that added twist of psychological shopper’s arm-twisting & traps, except no one is really setting them up as traps. Its the geological reality, Lima Bean…most of the time.

How can you NOT fall prey to that?

  • How often have I scooped up a lot of 50 rough azurite/malachite that no one else really wants & I end up hoarding for 5 years?
  • How many times have I snatched up entire lots of mica thinking I’ll use them for something but never really do & they end up just gathering dust?
  • Or how many times have I grabbed up way too many Navajo unakite pendants just because they were two-for-one & been stuck with them for years?

Well, I’ve only ever done each of these things once…but once is enough.

Oh yeah, this was all well-justified at the time. *wink, wink* After all, just think of all the $$ I was SAVING!

So over the years I’ve learned a few crystal shopping lessons & thought I’d share these golden nuggets with you, my Crystal Hottie.
Here are some ways you can make your crystal shopping/stone bargain-hunting useful yet cost-conscious:

  • Inventory your crystal stash. You really need to know what you have. If you’re like me , you’ll even forget what you own & purchase duplicates *ahem…or triplets* of things you already own but forgot about.
  • Make note of stones you use often, your “work-horses”. Do you need more of a certain kind, for instance you may need more small clear crystal quartz points or some more citrine tumblies for grid-work. Take time to think on this over a few months or even longer & really put some thought into what you’ll be needing & using.
  • Next, keep an on going list of your NEEDS . You can even break your list into categories: tumblies, jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, rings), large points, wands, chakra stones, crystal healing sets, etc.
  • Only purchase from reputable sellers…do you know someone else who has good experiences from this seller? Do they come with good recommendations? Gem shows can be tough unless your really know your rocks b/c if you end up with questions or aren’t happy with what you purchased, that seller may be gone next weekend. Ebay can be good if you stick to sellers with really high ratings. People always ask me if I still sell crystals. I don’t do so as much any longer but do some occasional Special Order pieces here.
  • Now that you’re all inventoried & organized & can clearly see your crystal need gaps, if any; you can PLAN. Now you can decide what you’ll purchase at a bargain price & what you’d like to save up for & spend for a good quality piece or 2 without overdoing it, busting your budget or really getting something you truly don’t need.
  • If your goal is simply to collect rather than use & work with your crystals then your strategies will be a little different. Just be careful to not let it fall into the crystal-hoarding category. That’ll be a different blog post for another day. 😉

    So do you have any organizing or shopping tips for us? Please post them in the comments below. I kindly ask that we please refrain from promoting various crystal shops & links here at this time as there are way too many out there & that can get a little hairy as I’m sure you can understand.

    Sparkly Blessings!



    BTW…like this sort of stuff? Then grab your FREE handy downloadable Crystal Fakes 40 page Reference eBook!

    This is the EXACT eBook you need in order to navigate the gem shows, crystal shops & eBay, get the REAL thing & get what you pay for. Don’t get scammed or duped into buying FAKES!

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    Q&A: Mojo Bag Crystals for Flying

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    Here’s a question I recently answered for one of my Crystalline Cohort students & its actually a question that I get asked frequently.

    My wife has to fly this week & is dreading it.  She gets really air sick & nervous about flying, so I was thinking about making her a little bag, but I’m not sure what to put in it. I was thinking lavender (she loves the smell), carnelian, citrine & rose quartz. Any suggestions that would be better? Thanks!


    Lovely when the spouses willingly sacrifice themselves as our lab rats, huh?

    My Frankie does it all the time for me. Bless him!

    This is so sweet of you to do for your wife. ♥ As I always say, if your intuition is guiding to those stones then go with it.

    If you want to try something different, how about a little ginger root (carries the vibrational frequency of anti-nausea) along with a light brown/golden tourmaline (aka dravite or champagne tourmaline) for the nausea from air sickness & hematite is always good for flying. Another well known stone to accompany us on our travels is turquoise as it protects us on our journey.

    Champagne tourmaline hematite

    This little bag is my personal flight mojo bag:

    My travel mojo bag which includes a rough turquoise & hematite

    Happy & safe travels, Crystal Hottie!


    Escape from Stress by Using Crystals for Stress Relief

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    How To Use Crystals for Stress Relief
    We all experience stress from time to time. No one’s immune from it, especially not in our Western culture.

    Its when we let it spiral out of control that stress may become too much for our bodies to handle; bamboozling our health. Stress causes energetic imbalances. If those imbalances aren’t dealt with, released or redirected that energy becomes denser & begins to manifest as poor health, injuries, inflammation, etc….in essence it’s saying:

    “Oh! You’re not going to pay attention to this? Well, let’s just sideline your ass.  Now,  you have no choice but to deal with it. How do ya like them apples?”

    Why let it get to that point, Chick Pea? Especially when taking care not to get to stressed out is such an enjoyable pure-bliss-out experience in the 1st place?

    Having a tool box of  stress relieving tools that work for you is vital to restoring your inner peace & physical health. And crystals are the PERFECT additions to that tool box.

    So here’s a useful yet practical list of ways to use crystals to relieve stress. Plus the more you enjoy your stress relief tool, the more likely you are to stick with & keep reaping the benefits of it…b/c you’ll actually look forward to doing them.

    I personally have a weekly Monday evening ritual of stress relief INDULGENCE. I call Monday my Soul-Nourishment Day & do a combo of some of the things listed below. I always change it up too so I don’t ever get bored. Its totally BLISSFUL!

    If you choose to start doing this…and I sure hope that you do, don’t ever feel guilty that you’re taking time out for yourself! As I said before…if you don’t do this, the universe has a way of forcing you to sit your ass down & deal with in the most uncomfortable of ways.So just do it without guilt but with compete knowing that you are benefiting everyone by doing it. Everyone gets to continue to share in your lovely gifts when you are happy, serene, peaceful & HEALTHY.

    Crystal Stress Relievers

    • Crystal Bath Time– crystal baths are heavenly. I include crystals that I feel I’d like to make a deeper connection with or specific ones to work a certain chakra. I’ll also light some candles, add Epsom slats and/or essential oils. Crystals + water go hand in hand. You can watch my video here to understand why:
    • Crystal Meditation– meditation allows us to learn how a specific crystal works best for us while also reaping all the amazing health benefits of meditation. Scientists have found when we meditate we shift our brain activity to different areas; brain waves in the stress-prone area of the brain move on over to the serene-calm area leaving the test subjects more happy & calm than before they meditated. Pretty powerful stuffs this meditation!! So you get to know your crystal + you get the health benefits of meditation. 2 for the price of 1! A-N-D, meditating with a crystal makes meditation easier b/c you have a tangible object as a mental reminder to keep the focus. Once you work with & entrain with your crystal in meditation, you’ll witness their powerful magic & learn to work with your stones to manifest all sorts of dreams, intentions & needs…specific to you.
    • Crystal Healing Work- Whether you have it done for you by a professional or you do this for yourself, its just a good practice & I highly recommend everyone try it & then make it a regular practice if it resonates with you. What is crystal healing work? 

      Its a ždeeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals & stones on the body in relaxation.

      ž  It allows for re-alignment of energetic frequencies & removes emotional & energetic blocks while enhancing soul learning, healing & spiritual growth.

      ž  It promotes good health through physical & energetic crystal entrainment.

    • Create Sacred Space- this is the fun-destress-shiz right here! Crystals have the unique & mystical ability to transform our spaces into something magically enchanted & sacred. Used in just the right way, crystals can create a retreat allowing you to breathe…& each restorative breath allows you to spiritually replenish. Crystals can create a serene environment that uplifts your spirit, allows love to flow, restores & soothes your soul & will connect you with Source Energy. If you haven’t done so already, you can grab my Free Create Sacred Space with Crystals eKit where you’ll have everything you need to create your own stress-reducing crystal haven. 

    Now, go have a Glittery Stress-Free Day!



    P.S. If you’d like a little help + guidance in meditating & getting to know your crystals, I’ve developed a convenient eKit that’s super cheap ($9.97) to help you get on with that; my Get to Know Your Crystals Ekit.

    Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2013

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    If you’ve been following me for a bit you know that late January/ early February is TUCSON TIME!!

    This is when my Sweet Hub & I make an annual trek to Tucson, Arizona to shop for the most exquisite crystals in the world for all my GORGEOUS SPARKLY Crystal Hotties.

    This was our recap from last year.

    Now on to Tucson 2013!!

    Me & Frankie: Muppet-Wanna-Be’s!

    You know, this sacred crystal biz that I’ve created for myself…its the BEST GIG in the WORLD!!

    I get to go into the gorgeous + magical Tucson desert, visit amazing side trips while there & SHOP FOR CRYSTALS the whole time too. ♥ magical

    Yeah!! I KNOW!

    All I can tell you is dream it up, Chick Pea & then start working towards that dream, every single dang day. It will happen.

    OK, so back to Tucson. In case you hadn’t seen my pics on Facebook or vids on my YouTube Crystal Channel, here’s a little travel log montage thing-a-ma-jig.

    *I had planned on explaining all the pics w/ caption, etc. but my blog editor is giving me fits & starts today & I’ve got to get going on those other vids, photos, writing classes, etc. (plus my eyelids feel like they’re about to close up shop. So I’ll just let the photos tell the stories, OK?…or you can fill in whatever little storyline makes sense to you. I’m down with that. ;)*

    Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2013 – Day 1

    Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2013 – Day 2

    Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2013 – Day 3

    Crystal Treasures Tucson 2013

    (There’s only a few of these beauties from the above video left for sale. You can check out this page for the most up to date info on that).

    More Tucson Crystal Treasures video to come! Just stay tuned to my Channel as I will post them there, Sweet Pea.

    Still a lot of work to do but I am verrry happy to do it. Immensely happy.♥

    Many Crystal Blessings!! Mwaaaaah!

    Crystals for Spring (or Autumn) Equinox

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    Spring equinox is coming up!! Do you know what crystals to use with this event?

    No, I don’t have a religion or dogma that I subscribe to but I’ve said it before, I really feel a strong pull towards following the cosmic cycles. Back to nature, ya know? Back to what the ancients intuitively did & many still do. There’s a reason it worked so well for so long.

    When it comes to feeling what resonates with my soul, I go with natural cycles & have this aversion to our modern Gregorian calendar. Oh yeah, its all fine & good for day to day getting shiz done but when it comes to health, soul nourishment + spiritual balance, the natural cosmic cycles ring my bell.

    So before I get to the crystals, let’s tawk equinox stuffs for a sec.

    The  Spring Equinox (or Autumn Equinox for those in the Southern Hemisphere) is upon us (Wednesday, March 20, 2013).
    2 Cosmic Cycles Toys:

    • Here’s a great site that explains all about the upcoming equinox.
    • How about an awesome FREE app that keeps track of the Sun & Moon, Equinoxes, Solstices + more (iPhone + iPad only)?

    If you live on the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox represents renewal time. We just had our introspective hibernation time & its time to emerge & start the growth cycle again. I view this time as the NEW beginning. My new year! Its a time to set goals & plan them out. What am I going to do & how am I going to do it? This is so exciting & so much FUN for me!!! Is it b/c I’m a Capricorn? Nah, I think if you have the right perspective on it, this can be fun no matter what sign  you are. 😉
    Spring Equinox Crystals for Growth + Goal-Setting + Planning
    The crystals that embody ideal energies for growth + planning for me are:

    • green aventurine
    • dendritic agate
    • chrysoprase

    I will usually set them out as I fill out planning sheets, work with my biz coach, plan vacations with my hub-bub, Frankie, etc. This is for BIG PLANS & GOALS…for the whole year. If I need mediation time to figure things out then I will mediate & work with 1 of these stones.

    Luscious green aventurine tumblies. Dendritic agate aka tree agate

    Chrysoprase, photo credit: Ra’ike
    Spring Equinox Crystals for Balance
    No matter where you are on Mother Earth, the equinoxes are all about balance & harmony b/c this a time that we receive equal amounts of sun & moon energy. EVERYWHERE on the planet.

    So 2 more crystals I like to use are:

    • moonstone
    • sunstone
    Rainbow moonstone…YUMMY, no? Sunstone aka oligoclase. Photo by Ra’ike

    I’ll use these stones on my altar within my sacred space or in a crystal grid to honor these energies.

    My sacred space & altar

    I REALLY LOVE this time of year!

    These stones…for me…embody balance between masculine & feminine energies, ying & yang, sun & moon, 2 polarities. The vibrational frequencies of these stones are PERFECT for reminding us to stay balanced in all aspects of our lives.

    Welcome Spring (or happy Harvest if you’re below the equator!)
    Super Sparkles to you today!!!



    P.S. Not quite sure how to “work with” & meditate with your stones for clarity, Lima Bean? My Get to Know Your Crystals eKit can get you all set on that path for the cost of 2 coffees. :) You can check that out here.