Mineral Magic @ The Grand Canyon

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Some of you know that last week was a vacation away spent in Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon (a little gift to myself after writing my tookus off creating curriculum for our Advanced Crystal Master Course….goals & rewards….super-important ’round here). I completed the bulk of the course, opened it up for enrollment to our Certified Crystal Healer graduates (love you all!) then booked the trip to celebrate!! Wooohoooot!

I’ve been wanting to walk the SkyWalk on the canyon west rim since they built it 5 years ago. Its a shame that this photo didn’t capture the glass bottom! This was the most amazing thing ever…to walk out over the crevasse of the canyon on glass…WILD!! The camera did catch a friendly orb right in front of my face (click on the pic to see!). Someone was there watching over me that day. Thank you.


…also harvested some Grand Canyon rocks with their grounding red hematite, quartz & gypsum…& did some much needed meditation & healing time there.

We even mined a little silver. Yes, I found 2 teeny pieces using this panning method!!

Some musings from the Edge of the Grand Canyon:

Vegas was the quickest (& a pretty fun way to get there from South Florida!)

The Grand Canyon’s energies are very healing, grounding & cleansing, no doubt to all the hematite there. So much personal healing was done while I was there. Once you’re there you realize how truly magical it is. Plus its perfect for geo-GEEKING…1 of my fav. past times. 😉 Now that I’ve finally been there I need to go back, stay longer, experience more, go deeper.

Some day.

Oh yeah, hey! I’m putting together a Grand Canyon giveaway to gift some of you with a few magical rocks & other gifties I harvested from the Canyon while there. I wish I had more pockets to get more!! So stay tuned to my blog to learn when I get that all organized.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Did you feel it was very healing & grounding too? OR did you get something else completely? Please post in the comments below! I’d love to hear your take on it.

HUGE HUGS & BIG Spirit Blessings!



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How I Cleanse My Crystals

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Sometimes my crystals come covered in Mama Earth Dust…like this one:

This covering of hematite or clay doesn’t deter me in the least, b/c often times, after cleaning the specimens, gorgeous treasures are discovered!! In this video I explain exactly how I do that:

Ooodles of Glittery Crystal Blessings, 



Power Bowls with Crystals

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Hello Dear Crystal Hottie,

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new gorgeous crystal sister of mine, Tara Bliss. I met her on twitter & instantly fell in love with her energy. Then, unexpectedly, I recently saw her bouncing around with Leonie Dawson, another of my lovely muses in Australia on one of her awesome retreats. That lucky Tara!

I love her b/c she’s got a “pick yourself up by the bootstraps & get to it no matter what” sort of attitude that I love! Some days you just need that, you know? And…she’s into crystals…what’s not to love? So she’s doing a vlog guest post for us today.
So, heeeeere’s Tara!
I’m Tara Bliss from Such Different Skies, and I’m coming at you all the way from Australia with a fun little video that showcases one of the ways I’m using crystals in my life.

Working with crystals can speed up our manifestations.

When we combine our intention with vivid visualisations and the tangible, beautiful physicality of crystals and stones, we can easily create momentum and miracles; and fast!

In this video I demonstrate how I’m using ‘Power Bowls’ (totally made up term I’ve penned!) to assist me with meditation and productivity.

I also give three examples of Power Bowl combinations I’m using at the moment, where I explain what I’m manifesting and what stones I’m using.



[caption id="attachment_7526" align="aligncenter" width="576"] Tara with some of her crystals.[/caption]

Bio: Tara Bliss is easily excitable and regularly marvels at the world around her. A total affirmation nerd; she’s a self-taught spiritual empowerment coach, dream strategist and mind-body-spirit blogger at Such Different Skies. Her life purpose involves illuminating confidence, inspiration and vibrant health in women by virtue of her own life experiences. You can catch her meditating over her crystal collection and guzzling green juices. She’s also a recovering tomboy, and is even occasionally caught wearing lipstick. Tara Bliss – Coach. Blogger. Professional Fear Buster, www.suchdifferentskies.com Facebook . Instagram tara@suchdifferentskies.com

Hibiscus again…so do you love her or what? I really like the idea of Power Bowls. If you give them a try or just have a comment for Tara, please post below!

Many Crystal Blessings to you all!


What does it mean when your crystal cracks or breaks?

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I get asked this question all the time.

So let’s talk about this b/c it can be pretty distressing when a crystal cracks. (I’m excluding weak, easily broken or friable stones here…those obviously can crack or break very easily).

What does it mean?

Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything at all. It could be just plain ole’ science & physics that did it like a heavy impact or thermal shock: extreme hot to cold or cold to hot.

But sometimes a stone or crystal just breaks…with no explanation.

So then we have to look at energy.

Think of it as the singer & wine glass shattering scenario. What causes that to happen?

The frequencies of the wine glass were perfectly pitched or perfectly oscillated with the sound frequency of the note that the singer was holding. This created a 3rd resonant field of greater energy & that cracks the wine glass.

The same scenario may be taking place when our crystal cracks. The vibrational frequency  of the crystal may be synchronizing with a frequency in its environment & BOOM! Crack.

Keep in mind…crystals do not die or stop working b/c they’ve cracked or broken. Please continue to work with them. They are still there for you.

What if this happens more than once with a particular crystal? Well, in that case, its work with  you may be done. Perhaps this is a sign to gift this piece on to whoever needs it more than you. Its work isn’t done, perhaps, it just needs to move on to someone else.

Now, the intense energy that caused the stone or crystal to crack, whether a physical impact or energetic impact was intense (especially if we’re talking about a quartz crystal)…& that my have temporarily altered the crystal’s normal vibrational frequency. So you’ll want to give that crystal a little break for a bit. A little spa vacation with a nice cleansing. But after about a month, it should be rarin’ to go again.

How do you do that? You can do a meditation with the cracked/broken crystal & thank it for the work it has been doing for/with you. Then since this a high amplitude energy that caused it to crack, you can do a good crystal re-tuning. Then, I recommend giving it a little rest or retreat for a month buried in Mother Earth. Ahhhh. Be sure to mark the spot well so you can find it again!

If the crystal has completely broken into 2 or more pieces then this may be a sign to you that a piece of it needs to go with someone else. Who do you know who would benefit from its energies?

So I hope that puts some of you at ease when a crystal cracks or breaks. If any of you have stories to share about this, we’d all love to hear. Please post them in the comments below!

Sparkles & Glittery Blessings!