Gem Elixir Bliss!

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Today, we have a guest post from 1 of our most prolific Crystalline Cohorts in the Certified Crystal Healer Course, Sue Dicker. Sue jumped right in with both feet & has been working her crystal mojo in all sorts of ways. She really impressed me with how intuitive she was at creating gem elixirs. So, I introduce you to Sparkly Sue!
Here’s her guest blog post all about her gem elixir journey:
Here is a pic of my very own Gem Elixir Kit… all I need now is to intuitively choose my crystals… hmmmm! ★ Just love creating…. ★

I knew there was something a-brewing… after I’d created my Comfort Grid for my dog LouLou… and boy it was a doozie!!

I’ve been on truly strong painkillers since being involved in a car accident a few weeks ago and they send me off daydreaming or catnapping any ol’ time of day. On this particular daydreaming occasion I had the most wonderful dream, of waterfalls and pools of water cascading over crystals… Shimmering in the sunlight and there I was collecting the water for my very own gem elixirs, straight from source! Now, I know this particular dream could have had something to do with the fact that I’d been watching how Dr. Masaru Emoto had been sourcing water for his fantastic water crystals through prayer, music and just talking to water, earlier in the day, but however it materialized in my dream, my “light bulb” moment came when I remembered I had a Zen stone water feature, I used to use in my conservatory, tucked away in a cupboard.

So with thoughts of crystals and spring water cascading tirelessly over them, I scoured through my crystal collection for those stones which I intuitively thought would bring a sense of tranquility, inner-peace, joy and happiness into my home. I chose the following:

  • Citrine – Joie de vivre
  • Rose quartz – Love
  • Green Tourmaline – Joy & Happiness
  • Amazonite – Tranquility and Inner-peace
  • Clear quartz – To protect and enhance all energies

Unfortunately in my haste to produce an Elixir maker which I knew would emit beautiful powerful energies into the rooms’ atmosphere, I failed to note that Amazonite is, in fact toxic, and therefore couldn’t be used in an Elixir created this way. I messaged Stephanie as I wanted to use the elixir as a spray and wondered whether having the Amazonite and Green Tourmaline (also potentially toxic)  would be a problem as it would be airborne and not actually ingested.

I couldn’t wait for her reply as my heart wouldn’t allow the Amazonite to stay so I changed it for Ametrine and also changed the Green Tourmaline for Aquamarine.
New Crystals:

  • Citrine – Joie de vivre
  • Rose quartz – Love
  • Aquamarine – Joy & Happiness
  • Ametrine – Tranquility and Inner-peace
  • Clear quartz – To protect and enhance all energies

I’ve added my Thai Buddha heads to make the area aesthetically pleasing and use my Om Tingshas each morning to set the beautiful energies on their way.


And the last words came from Stephanie in her reply:

“A spray is perfectly fine. It’s not enough (as it’s so diluted) of the copper or aluminum to be harmful.”

But somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have been hearing Stephanie’s words of “when in doubt, leave it out” as neither the Green Tourmaline nor Amazonite were eventually used!

Thank you so very much Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to share my newest Healing Tool with everyone.

Much love n crystal blessings x,

Sue Dicker
Born in the East End of London within the sound of Bow Bells, I am a “true cockney girl”. I am married and have been with my hubby for 35 years, married 27 of those. I have 3 adorable sons aged 26, 23 and 19 whom I love unconditionally. Since turning 50 I have found myself on a path that is being fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams. Taking the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Certification Course has been the ultimate dream, as apart from teaching me more about the crystals I already know and love, Stephanie has taught me the science, (which by the way, I detested at school), of planet Earth and the Universe beyond, gifts to us. This is now my journey and I’m blessed and so very grateful to be walking this sparkly path together with those who love crystal healing as much as I.

Twitter: @CrystalEnigma or @myspiritualpath

P.S. If you’re interested in learning how to make your own Gem Elixir fun, please check out the popular Gem Elixir eKit. :)

My New Biz Focus Crystal Grid

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My New Biz Focus Crystal Grid

This sacred crystal biz o’ mine makes me so blissfully happy. And my creativity has been through the ROOF as of late. I’m coming up with crystal ideas like a glorious sparkly field of flowers growing everywhere!

But this is also not good for getting current goals & projects completed.

My last business-focused crystal grid did so well I decided to do a more focused 1 to get my creative-brainiac state more zero’d in on narrowing & completing projects at hand …then moving on to the next fun project.

So with that focus in mind, here’s my latest crystal grid:

Crystal Grid Components:

  • The whole grid faces South. Native American teachings tell us that south is all about manifestation
  • A Flower-of-Life grid cloth (yes, this is a silk one, which I no longer carry)
  • My grid centerpiece (the Intention Antennae) is “Big Baby”, my personal clear quartz intention transmitting crystal.
  • Under the centerpiece I have personal pictures & an affirmation
  • A gold mojo bag from a prosperity & abundance ritual I did not too long ago (contains some money, an affirmation, a citrine tumbled stone & a cinnamon stick)
  • The pendant you see wrapped around everything is an authentic Maori Toki, hand-carved Jade piece with a carving that harnesses Good Luck,  Strength & Power. It was a gift from Michelle, our Tech Princess. She lives in New Zealand. :)
  • Next I surrounded the grid with tumbled pyrite cubes. Pyrite is a stone that has a big male manifestation push while also good for anything having to do with business
  • Around that I placed rainbow fluorite cubes. Fluorite is a great stone for decision-making & concentration.
  • Around that I used clear crystal quartz lasers to push you the intentions & help amplify
  • Then I wrote an activation affirmation that I use when activating or freshening up the grid

As I write this, I’m thinking up more ideas to further focus & tweak this grid.

The 3 crystals I’ve used here in this grid are all from the cubic crystal system. If you’ve read my book on crystal grids then you’ll know that I like to use stones from the same system to ease their energetic communication with each other & to Source Energy. I feel the message is so much more clear (less static & interference) when its done this way. So the message is sent out to Universe UBER-clear.

I hope this grid also helps spark some creative focus in you! Let me know if it does.

Many Crystal Blessings,




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Gem Elixir Giveaway! Pin it to Win it.

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The give away is over & the lovely winners are:

  • Michelle Cormier
  • Alice Dilts
  • Vicki Clark
  • Tess Riley
  • Robin Linke

You’ll receive your Gem Elixir eKits via email this weekend. Enjoy!!


Its been way too long since I’ve done a giveaway…especially given how much I love doin’ them!

This time I’ll be giving away 5 Gem Elixir eKits to 5 lucky Crystal Hottie winners!!

Here are the 2 easy but super-important rules, Jelly Bean:

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2. Re-pin the pin below on your Pinterest  Board and tag with the hashtag:  #GemElixir (if you don’t also do this part we’ll never find your re-pin)

Five winners, who complete both steps by Friday, 8/31 at 8pm EST, will be randomly chosen to win a Gem Elixir eKit!

*Good Sparkly Luck to you all!!!*

Crystal Cleansing with Energy, Baby!

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Crystal Cleansing with Energy, Baby!

I was inspired to do this video on re-tuning our crystals using sound acoustic energy by frequent questions I get about this. If you’re involved in crystal healing then you do need to “cleanse” or re-tune your crystals from time to time.

However, re-tuning or “cleansing” your crystals doesn’t have to be difficult, inconvenient or some long drawn out affair, Jelly Bean!

This method is good no matter how soft or water soluble  your crystal is. Its quick + easy too. And if you’re a professional crystal healer, this is a great way to do a quick re-tune between clients!

It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

CAUTION: Geek-Speak ahead.
Crystal Cleansing with Energy

So, what do you think? Please let me know your opinions in the comments below. :)

Mwaaah! Oceans of of sparkles showering down upon you,

5 Healing Stones for Your Toolbox

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Recently I was asked an excellent crystal healing question:

If you could only have 5 healing crystals in your toolbox, which would you choose?

Five?! Whatchya trying to do to a girl?

I’m trying to turn out some serious Crystal Junkies over here! 5. Pfffft~!

Heeee! All kidding aside…you do want to build up your crystal collection slowly & purposefully & we don’t want you breaking the bank while doing it. So, I’ll be good & stick to 5. 😉

I usually like to choose crystals/stones that are easy to find & inexpensive. We have so many to choose from so why not make it easy?

1. Green Aventurine

For physical healing, vitality & good health, green aventurine is my go-to stone. Its also a heart chakra stone & a must have for most ailments. These pictured here are on the light side…aventurine comes in many shades…can be dark, light to in between.

2. Apache Tears

For times of grief, apache tears are good emotional supports & healers. A type of black obsidian, apache tears are beat-up looking & usually not smooth (as black obsidian is) due to their violent creation (being thrown in volcanic eruptions). Grief can follow divorce, a break up of any relationship or death of a loved one. The soul needs to heal, as may the body. Apache tears can help with that.

Here I’m holding an apache tear that I was putting into a grief mojo bag.


3. Pink Calcite

From Peru, pink calcite can be either opaque or transparent & is often confused with rose quartz. Its a great stone to have around for over-all health & emotional well-being. Its also great for physical tissue repair & being a heart chakra stone, it works very well with any heart issues.

Photo by my man (he’s not really “MY” man…but he’s da Crystal-Photo-Taking-Man…ya know?) Rob Lavinsky of


4. Black Tourmaline

Since so many health issues point back to being ungrounded, I feel its ULTRA-important to have the Big Daddy of grounding in the house: black tourmaline. This stone has the unique ability to transmute energy & help any being to ground & connect back to Mother Earth, alleviating so many health issues. Make sure if nothing else, you have some of this around.

5. Amber/Copal

Lastly, amber (technically not a crystal or stone due to its organic nature) this is a great stone for good emotional hygiene. It chases out depression & melancholy with it’s sun-shiney rays. Often sold as “amber”, copal is not technically the fossilized, hardened resin that is known as amber, but rather an immature recent resin/amber. Copal is the same thing, just not as old and the names are often used interchangeably. Even so, copal can still be very old dating back to the Tertiary period, 65-2.5 million years ago! The commercial value of amber is related to its scarcity, age, inclusions of extinct species & durability. True fossil amber is more valuable than copal & very, very expensive in comparison. We don’t need the super-amber version for our purposes here as both copal & amber have the same healing properties. :)

Amber/copal is a wonderful healer, stimulates metabolism, physical energy & energy flow or chi within the body’s energy meridians. Good stuffs!

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Right?

What are your fav. healing stones that you could not do without? Please post in the comments below so we can all share!

Deep Healing Sparkly Love,

The Crystal Healer Interviews: Cheri

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I love doing these Crystal Healer guest posts! Can you tell!?

Today we have recent graduate, Cheri DeBorba, CCH joining us.

Warm Sparkly Welcome to Cheri. Yay!

Cheri Anne


What brought you to the world of crystal healing?

As far back as I can remember I always collected “rocks.” I started to notice that there was an attraction to specific crystals and was curious as to why that was. I had purchased “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall, which gave me the understanding that crystals could be used in healing.

What made you decide to become a Certified Crystal Healer?

I had a multitude of ailments that occurred in my body proceeding diagnosis of a malignant tumor on my ovary.  I was landing in surgery every 4 years due to painful cysts and endometriosis.  My abdomen was weakened and cause for herniated discs in the lower lumbar and a hernia which was repaired through another surgery in the upper abdomen. During the time of the consistent patterns were developing I took up studying spirituality and was introduced to holistic energy and crystal healing.

My attraction to crystals grew stronger.

I’d gotten different crystal healing sessions done and each one though felt different, made me feel great.

After personally feeling the effects of healing with crystals, I wanted to share the experience with others combined with other energy healing techniques and decided to become a Certified Crystal Healer.

What is your favorite crystal(s) & why? Amethyst. Many years ago, I had purchased random sacks for crystals and gemstones off eBay. Amethyst bonded with me at once. I recently visited the largest amethyst mines in the world, Ametista do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and the energy is something I have never experienced with other crystals. It’s a permanent bond. :)What do others in your life think about this path that you’re on?

My closest family and friends think that what I am doing is great.

There are others that don’t quite understand it, but still give their support.

What is something new that you’ve learned about crystals that you didn’t know before you took the course?

Oh man! Where do I begin!?

I work for Piezoelectric Engineers and never quite understood what it meant.  Learning how quartz is piezoelectric  and the difference of pyroelectric, I have a much better understanding now! Makes my job a little easier when answering technical questions.

“Dominating Oscillary Rate” is definitely something I wasn’t aware that crystals had!

What was/is your favorite part of the whole experience so far?

My favorite part is knowing the endless possibilities  that crystals have when working with our energies.

What are your BIG DREAMS now that you’ve graduated?

My big dreams are to continue to use my newly learned Crystal Healing techniques combined with my other healing techniques to help others reduce their stresses in their lives and to later have my own holistic healing center.

Do you have any advice for anyone else who is considering this path?

My advice, if it is something you’ve always had an interest in than go for it!!

You definitely will be surprised and excited with how much you learn and how much you can do for yourself and others!!

Bio: Cheri was born in Massachusetts and is a holistic healer. She’s “married to the one man who could made my energy zip up down and around from across the room.”  She’s certified in both Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki II and Usui Tibetan Reiki III and Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.Through her studies she’s become not a victim but a survivor of physical and mental domestic abuse, sexual abuse, endometriosis; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical pain. Her healing specialty is neutralizing stress and from her experiences can go beyond energy healing to help those in need. You can contact her here:

Thank you for sharing so much with us Cheri! Mwaaaah!



P.S. If you’re also interested in becoming a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, hop on over & take a look, enrollment will be opening up again in September.

Crystal Healing Scientific Debate ~ BRING IT!

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OK, this is not meant to be confrontational at all. I just couldn’t help myself with that title! LOL.

So, from time to time, those in the the scientific community (I do consider myself part of that community so not saying that with a curled lip or anything) stumble across something metaphysical, whether it be about crystal healing or other topics, that really rattles their cage & take it upon themselves to challenge the author of said “hoo-hoo”. Sometimes, the “hoo-hoo”writer is silenced by the attack. I’m not sure if this is b/c they’re blind-sided by the science or what. But very rarely do I see them stand up to this. The writer also may be simply choosing to ignore the nay-sayer & there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not their style. Turn the other cheek, I get that. And often do it myself in other situations. But, not this 1.

Sometimes the attack comes b/c the writer made a simple yet understandable mistake…everyone is entitled to a mistake now & again, no? However, the attacker then chooses to discount the entire writing or book due to the mistake that they found, stating the entire piece is wrong.

Anyhow, I usually make it my business to always stand up to these confrontations & not back down. I’ve been dealing with them for years with my YouTube Crystal Channel & over the last year with my book.

Of course, I may not know the answers to everything but I am certainly not afraid to keep an open mind, do more experimentation (if I’m able to) & research. I just follow the empirical evidence. I also have the right to change my mind too as I learn new things…hey, we ALL do! I really try not to buy in too strongly to any 1 belief system b/c we’re always learning new things & I may need to change my stance on something, so I like to leave that door open.

And that’s OK, Chick Pea. This goes for everything, you know…not just scientific/metaphysical debates.
The Crystal Healing Debate
So never being one to back down from a good meaty scientific debate, here’s a reprint of 1 that took place in the comments section of a previous blog post (thought you might get a kick out of it):
Honestly, a simple google search will show you that this is NOT science based. Believe what you want to believe, but don’t go around calling it science. There are NO peer reviewed studies showing that crystal healing has any benefits other than a placebo effect. Nothing wrong with the placebo effect, but just stop calling these things science. There is no such thing as the DOR. JUST GOOGLE IT, you won’t find anything. Does that seem like a scientific fact? If you think I’m trolling, I’m not. I wanted this to be true, I really did. I wanted to come here, and see sound science of why crystal healing works. Instead I found some made-up pseudo-scientific stuff that doesn’t hold up to five minutes of googling. The only reason I’m sort-of OK with you charging money for people to learn this is because you probably are helping some of them, whether through the placebo effect, or just to give them a silly hobby.
Moi: Sidney, ty for your views. I enjoy a mature debate. DOR is the same thing as the more commonly used Base Resonant Frequency. “Placebo Effect” occurs in everything…even surgeries…you can look that up too. As for peer-reviewed research you can look up the work of Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Richard Gerber and Dr. Bruce Lipton who are not afraid to buck academia & will back the science I speak of here. Most research scientists stay well away from this stuff b/c they know it usually means the death of their careers. In addition, research is usually funded by a company or individual with a vested interest. So who would fund this sort of research? The only thing most of us can do is try it for ourselves. Then you will know. BUT if you go into it “knowing” it will not work, it won’t….placebo effect at is BEST. 😉
Thanks for your reply. That helped a lot actually. Having looked into the sources you suggested, I am intrigued and will do further research. My only suggestion would be to cite these sources at the end of this article, and perhaps adjust wording to be more scientific (though I do understand you’re writing for a certain audience. But all the same…). Also, about your comment that one needs funding from a company or individual to do research – Not so, many Universities will fund grad students/professors who have sound, solid hypotheses, even if they might be controversial, or “only” beneficial to public health/safety rather than corporations. Thanks again.
Moi: “Sidney, I’m so glad you’re pushing me to substantiate here. It benefits us all! Yeah, I know I should cite sources but its the one thing that I detested about completing my graduate studies. I’m a free-being now & choose not to do it. I could do the community a great service by doing that but that would shoot all the JOY out of blogging for me, then I wouldn’t do it at all. Hope you understand that. As for the later part of your comment, I love Dr. Gerber’s take on it (this applies to University research as well since I am very familiar with the out-casting that occurs when an academic so much as mentions studying an alternative healing method) & I will cite here (from his book Vibrational Medicine, p. 23):

“Many alternative-medicine studies are unfamiliar to the mainstream medical practitioners, who vehemently claim there is no good evidence to substantiate the effectiveness of practices like psychic healing (ed note: or crystal healing). One of the reasons why most doctors have never read about alternative healing studies in their medical journals is because there is a Catch-22 associated with vibrational healing research. The Catch-22 is that an established medical journal would never publish anything of a controversial nature without references from another established journal. Since no one in this controversial field can get anything into the orthodox medical journals to being with, there are obviously no sources of credible references to quote. Therefore the medical journals are safe in their ivory towers of scientific dogmatism.”

So, Crystal Hottie, I invite you to jump in here & weigh in on either side in the comments below. I truly enjoy talking all this stuffs through!!

And I’ll leave you with 1 of my favorite quotes:

All truth passes through three stages.

  • First, it is ridiculed.
  • Second, it is violently opposed.
  • Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
  • ~Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher
    Many Crystal Blessings!!


    Chrysocolla; Our Guide through Fear, Paranoia, Uncertainty & Anger

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    Today we have another guest blog post by Shellee Moon LaCombe, CCH, one of our very own Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers!!

    Take it away Shellee!
    Beautiful Chrysocolla
    Like many souls on this Earth plane at this time of 2012, most of us are experiencing drastic changes in our lives. For a lot of us, life feels like a whirlwind, as we are realizing we have out grown our old patterns of belief, yet are fearful and anxious about what the future holds. Though it is sometimes through life’s many storms that we grow, it’s hard to imagine at times the rainbow that waits in its wake.

    Through all the fear, paranoia, uncertainty and anger we are experiencing at this time, there is Chrysocolla.

    Chrysocolla came into my life two years ago and told me she would help me find the courage inside to brave the storm.  The qualities she told me she possessed are:

    • She is a feminine energy, but balances both male and female
    • Soothes the heart chakra when it is “on fire” with fear, stress and conflict
    • Calms panic attacks brought on by the adversities in life
    • Helps you to understand the role YOU play on your journey, understanding your patterns of behavior
    • Calms the seas of emotions

    She also wants you to remember how important it is to be gentle with yourself, that sometimes it’s OK to withdraw from the world in a healthy way from people, places and events so that the healing may occur, and to forgive yourself for doing so. She may be placed on the throat chakra so you may express exactly what needs to be said, yet she’ll let you know when silence is golden.


    She may be placed on the heart chakra for soothing heart ache and reducing blood pressure, and on the solar plexus to calm the adrenaline glands and to “pull out” others energies, as well as heal stomach aches and ulcers. Chrysocolla may also be placed on the root chakra for when fears of safety and security arise.

    I have passed on the knowledge I learned about Chrysocolla to others that are in crisis, who seemed to benefit from her gentle energy as well.  My personal storm has calmed, and my life is going in directions I only dreamed of. Beautiful Chrysocolla is one of many crystals that I have to thank for that. She is a dear friend that you can count on, and if you haven’t worked with her before, and you or your clients are experiencing life changing events, I strongly recommend her.

    Working with crystals is all about trust. I trust what the stones are telling me, and this is just my personal experience with Chrysocolla.

    Take from this information what resonates with you, but please enjoy your own experiences with crystals. Some of the information I receive I am able to verify in books, some I am not. Please don’t get discouraged if you can’t validate your experience in a book.
    Trust what the stones are telling YOU!
    Shellee’s Bio:

    As a small child I knew there was more to this world than meets the eye. There were always Angels and spirits communicating with me, and I knew from a young age my purpose in this life was to help them and those of us in this world communicate with each other. For the past 12 years I have professionally assisted clients in receiving guidance from the Angels, Guides, deceased loved ones and crystal spirits. My goal is to unite our realms and form a beautiful relationship that empowers, as well as brings about a sense of spiritual healing, peace, love and joy. Shellee is a Psychic Medium, Certified Crystal Healer and Doreen Virtue Certified Medium, 248.909.6713.

    Thank you Sweet Shellee!! Thank you for always sharing your gifts with us all.

    Namaste + Sparkly Blessings of Abundance,



    P.S. If you’re also interested in becoming a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, hop on over & take a look, enrollment will be opening up again in September.

    4 Sparkly Ways to Beat Pessimism

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    Sparkles + crystals + pessimism? Whaaaa?
    It’s not always hunky-dory ♥’s & glitter ’round here. That would be totally unrealistic. So let’s get real for a sec.

    I’m having a down day…this is very rare for me but its here just the same.

    Today is my day during the week where I sit down & write my blog posts for the following week along with my newsletter. I usually have 40-50 blog post drafts floating around in my WordPress dashboard at any one time & I filter through them, slowly adding to them here & there as things come up; little gems that go perfectly with the topic. Then on Fridays I sift through & see what tickles my fancy to flesh out & finish up for the following week’s posts.

    Today, while sifting through I saw my draft post with a working title of  “Beating Pessimism” & I thought “Nahhhh…not a good day to work on that one. Not in the mood.” Then I did a mental slap in the forehead…

    “Dope! Today is THE PERFECT day to work this shiz!

    You need it!”

    OK so here we go. Ready?

    You know…pessimism (glass-is-always-half-empty-attitude) has been linked to a higher risk of dying before age 65. So that’s a pretty good reason to stop this Debbie Downer attitude right now.

    When we let our positive side SHINE  we simply feel better.

    Is it b/c we’re not stressed out or anxious? Is it the cause or the effect? Chicken or the egg?

    Don’t know.

    Who cares.

    It doesn’t really matter does it?

    All that’s important is that it goes hand in hand. See, when we have the bright positive, sparkly attitude, we rack up a slough of  good health side effects:

    • boosted immune system
    • less stress due to less production of the stress hormone cortisol
    • reduction of chronic diseases from decreased inflammation
    • PLUS…it just FEELS a whole lot damn better (& you can get rid of those little frown lines between your brows…added bonus!)

    So if you’re feeling the Woe-Is-Me Stuffs Creeping up on you try some of these ideas:
    1. Take good care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly & get enough sleep. We all know it. Depleting any of these wreaks havoc on our attitudes & health. (Lack of sleep is partly my reasoning for being in the pits today…not my fault…but you don’t want to hear me yammer on about that!)

    2. Throat Chakra Crystal Infusion. Express the emotions you’re feeling honestly yet calmly & rationally so you can effectively deal with what’s eating you. This is all about the throat chakra, baby. (And again, partly the reason for my predicament today…I didn’t do this…kept it bottled up & released it incorrectly *sigh*).

    So, my prescription to help correct this is a throat chakra healing session with either blue lace agate or a combo stone of azurite/malachite. This is the lovely free podcast I’ll be listening to while doing that meditation: Emotional Ease by Meditation Oasis. I’m also going to be drinking a gem elixir made of blue lace agate today as my only drink. All day long.

    Blue Lace Agate Azurite Malachite

    3. Tell someone how you’re feeling. Make sure that person isn’t a negativity monger though…that could just make things worse. You need a supportive ear. If you don’t have a trusted person to talk to then journal it out…its just as good. Getting it out in various healthy ways also helps us to figure things out…sort of what I’m doing right now. *I’m making some HUGE realizations as I type this.*

    4. If the pessimism seems to creep in more often than it should, make a crystal grid focused just on this so that whenever you look at it it reminds you to look at the SPARKLY Silver-Lined side. And remember that the more you work with your grid, the better it will work for you.
    A good affirmation for such a grid could be: “I call forth my positive self & ask for the ability to see the good while expressing myself in a healthy & optimistic way.”
    OK, lots of work to do over here. I better get busy. 😉

    (HUGS) & Many Crystal Blessings Chick Peas,



    P.S. If this has helped you in any way or you have tips of your own to share please post them below for others to benefit from. We’d all love to hear about it.

    The Crystal Healer Interviews ~ Debbie

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    What a Sweet Treasure to have Debbie as a Certified Crystal Healer with us for another installment of The Crystal Healer Interviews:
    What brought you to the world of crystal healing?
    I began using crystals in my Reiki practice to help to balance chakras. I fell in love with them the first time that I touched one! I realized very quickly that I was drawn to crystals, though at that time I didn’t know why.
    What made you decide to become a crystal healer?
    I no longer believe in coincidences. Things don’t occur “randomly” in my life. I may not understand the reason why at first, but when I look backwards, the answer is always “crystal clear”!

    I had been working with chakra stones and pendulums for a few months in my practice and had grown to love them. I had used them to help those within my community to learn about energy and how it works.

    I realized on my first Reiki Share that I was the only one attuned to Reiki and most of those that attended were there to learn more about what it was. My Reiki Shares turned into teaching moments, the first one using the pendulum and stones to show the difference between before and after the use of energy. I had been trying to come up with more ways to send the visuals to the community when I saw the ad for your Crystal Healer Course beside my Facebook page. One click and the rest is history!
    What is something you learned you didn’t know before taking this course?
    I had no idea of the Science behind the way that crystals work. I found this to be very interesting and it is so much help in getting people to understand why the crystals actually help them.

    Even the most skeptical can not deny the science behind it.

    I didn’t know about crystal grids and that has been really helpful in my ability to both set up personal grids and to continue my education on how energy works. One way that I used to show energy and make a lasting impression on those in the class was to make a crystal grid. I used divining rods to show the level of energy as we added more layers to the grid. The first layer was just laying the crystals out, check with the rods. Then I lit a candle behind the grid, the energy level was further out in the room. The next step was to use my crystal activator (I try not to use terminology at this point that connected the dots to magic, so my wand is an “activator”) on the grid and connect all of the crystals. The energy level shot up and those present could walk into the energy field and feel the difference. By the end of the class, the energy level had gone beyond the walls of the Center!
    What are some of your favorite crystals and why?
    I use Rose Quartz in my practice often. I prescribe it to my Clients along with affirmations at times. Several of my Clients have emotional issues that need to be taken care of so that their physical needs can be met. Rose quartz works well for this.

    I have had Clients that have drained the stones of all their color. I explain to them that the stone gave them all that it had to help them to heal and now we need to allow the stone to heal. I normally bury it in Mother Earth to allow the stone to rejuvenate itself. I also always put a smokey quartz double terminated point between the Clients feet to help ground them with Mother Earth.

    My Client’s have discovered that these stones change at times, depending on the needs of the Client. They now like to look at them prior to placement and then check again to see if anything has changed after I am finished!

    I have my Reiki/Crystal room set up as a very large crystal grid, the energy from my room expands out through the walls and into the rest of the building.

    I love my selenite cluster as well!
    What do others think of the path that you’re on?
    They are very happy with my path and have no idea where it all will end up. Neither do I, so I guess we all agree! I have become the “crystal” lady at the Center. I guess I’m the go-to person now.
    What advice do you have for anyone considering this path?
    Go for it! Jump in with all the enthusiasm and love that you have. The crystals will begin to talk to you as you work more and more with them. They are amazing and I feel that they are very much alive.
    What are your BIG DREAMS now that you’ve graduated?
    I plan to continue my Crystal/Reiki Practice. I have discovered that I can give Crystal Healings via distance as with distance Reiki and that excited me beyond belief! I want to help people heal their hearts and learn to love the person that looks back at them in the mirror each morning. True healing begins with pure love from the heart. The crystals are powerful allies in this work. When they learn to love who and what they are unconditionally, the rest will start to fall into place.
    Debbie’s bio:
    I married my high school sweetheart and we’ve been married for 35 years now. I have four grown children, all happily married as well. I have six grandchildren. I am an Usui Reiki Master, a Practical Reiki Master Teacher, and now a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer!

    My business is called “Ethereal Touch”. I have a brick and mortar practice in Centralia, Washington and I’m working to expand my Practice through the internet. I am on the faculty of OLN (Ohio League of Nursing) as a teacher for the Reiki Awakening Academy to teach Practical Reiki to Nurses and offer am able to offer them 8 CE’s. Connect with Debbie at her blog:

    Thank you so very much for this interview Debbie!

    Bright Sparkles to Everyone,