Gem Elixir Bliss!

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Today, we have a guest post from 1 of our most prolific Crystalline Cohorts in the Certified Crystal Healer Course, Sue Dicker. Sue jumped right in with both feet & has been working her crystal mojo in all sorts of ways. She really impressed me with how intuitive she was at creating gem elixirs. So, I introduce you to Sparkly Sue!
Here’s her guest blog post all about her gem elixir journey:
[caption id="attachment_6172" align="aligncenter" width="502"] Here is a pic of my very own Gem Elixir Kit… all I need now is to intuitively choose my crystals… hmmmm! ★ Just love creating…. ★[/caption]

I knew there was something a-brewing… after I’d created my Comfort Grid for my dog LouLou… and boy it was a doozie!!

I’ve been on truly strong painkillers since being involved in a car accident a few weeks ago and they send me off daydreaming or catnapping any ol’ time of day. On this particular daydreaming occasion I had the most wonderful dream, of waterfalls and pools of water cascading over crystals… Shimmering in the sunlight and there I was collecting the water for my very own gem elixirs, straight from source! Now, I know this particular dream could have had something to do with the fact that I’d been watching how Dr. Masaru Emoto had been sourcing water for his fantastic water crystals through prayer, music and just talking to water, earlier in the day, but however it materialized in my dream, my “light bulb” moment came when I remembered I had a Zen stone water feature, I used to use in my conservatory, tucked away in a cupboard.

So with thoughts of crystals and spring water cascading tirelessly over them, I scoured through my crystal collection for those stones which I intuitively thought would bring a sense of tranquility, inner-peace, joy and happiness into my home. I chose the following:

  • Citrine – Joie de vivre
  • Rose quartz – Love
  • Green Tourmaline – Joy & Happiness
  • Amazonite – Tranquility and Inner-peace
  • Clear quartz – To protect and enhance all energies

Unfortunately in my haste to produce an Elixir maker which I knew would emit beautiful powerful energies into the rooms’ atmosphere, I failed to note that Amazonite is, in fact toxic, and therefore couldn’t be used in an Elixir created this way. I messaged Stephanie as I wanted to use the elixir as a spray and wondered whether having the Amazonite and Green Tourmaline (also potentially toxic)  would be a problem as it would be airborne and not actually ingested.

I couldn’t wait for her reply as my heart wouldn’t allow the Amazonite to stay so I changed it for Ametrine and also changed the Green Tourmaline for Aquamarine.
New Crystals:

  • Citrine – Joie de vivre
  • Rose quartz – Love
  • Aquamarine – Joy & Happiness
  • Ametrine – Tranquility and Inner-peace
  • Clear quartz – To protect and enhance all energies

I’ve added my Thai Buddha heads to make the area aesthetically pleasing and use my Om Tingshas each morning to set the beautiful energies on their way.


And the last words came from Stephanie in her reply:

“A spray is perfectly fine. It’s not enough (as it’s so diluted) of the copper or aluminum to be harmful.”

But somewhere in the back of my mind, I must have been hearing Stephanie’s words of “when in doubt, leave it out” as neither the Green Tourmaline nor Amazonite were eventually used!

Thank you so very much Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to share my newest Healing Tool with everyone.

Much love n crystal blessings x,

Sue Dicker
Born in the East End of London within the sound of Bow Bells, I am a “true cockney girl”. I am married and have been with my hubby for 35 years, married 27 of those. I have 3 adorable sons aged 26, 23 and 19 whom I love unconditionally. Since turning 50 I have found myself on a path that is being fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams. Taking the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healing Certification Course has been the ultimate dream, as apart from teaching me more about the crystals I already know and love, Stephanie has taught me the science, (which by the way, I detested at school), of planet Earth and the Universe beyond, gifts to us. This is now my journey and I’m blessed and so very grateful to be walking this sparkly path together with those who love crystal healing as much as I.

Twitter: @CrystalEnigma or @myspiritualpath


My New Biz Focus Crystal Grid

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This sacred crystal biz o’ mine makes me so blissfully happy. And my creativity has been through the ROOF as of late. I’m coming up with crystal ideas like a glorious sparkly field of flowers growing everywhere!

But this is also not good for getting current goals & projects completed.

My last business-focused crystal grid did so well I decided to do a more focused 1 to get my creative-brainiac state more zero’d in on narrowing & completing projects at hand …then moving on to the next fun project.

So with that focus in mind, here’s my latest crystal grid:

Crystal Grid Components:

  • The whole grid faces South. Native American teachings tell us that south is all about manifestation
  • A Flower-of-Life grid cloth (yes, this is a silk one, which I no longer carry)
  • My grid centerpiece (the Intention Antennae) is “Big Baby”, my personal clear quartz intention transmitting crystal.
  • Under the centerpiece I have personal pictures & an affirmation
  • A gold mojo bag from a prosperity & abundance ritual I did not too long ago (contains some money, an affirmation, a citrine tumbled stone & a cinnamon stick)
  • The pendant you see wrapped around everything is an authentic Maori Toki, hand-carved Jade piece with a carving that harnesses Good Luck,  Strength & Power. It was a gift from Michelle, our Tech Princess. She lives in New Zealand. 🙂
  • Next I surrounded the grid with tumbled pyrite cubes. Pyrite is a stone that has a big male manifestation push while also good for anything having to do with business
  • Around that I placed rainbow fluorite cubes. Fluorite is a great stone for decision-making & concentration.
  • Around that I used clear crystal quartz lasers to push you the intentions & help amplify
  • Then I wrote an activation affirmation that I use when activating or freshening up the grid

As I write this, I’m thinking up more ideas to further focus & tweak this grid.

The 3 crystals I’ve used here in this grid are all from the cubic crystal system. If you’ve read my book on crystal grids then you’ll know that I like to use stones from the same system to ease their energetic communication with each other & to Source Energy. I feel the message is so much more clear (less static & interference) when its done this way. So the message is sent out to Universe UBER-clear.

I hope this grid also helps spark some creative focus in you! Let me know if it does.

Many Crystal Blessings,




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Gem Elixir Giveaway! Pin it to Win it.

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The give away is over & the lovely winners are:

  • Michelle Cormier
  • Alice Dilts
  • Vicki Clark
  • Tess Riley
  • Robin Linke

You’ll receive your Gem Elixir eKits via email this weekend. Enjoy!!


Its been way too long since I’ve done a giveaway…especially given how much I love doin’ them!

This time I’ll be giving away 5 Gem Elixir eKits to 5 lucky Crystal Hottie winners!!

Here are the 2 easy but super-important rules, Jelly Bean:

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Five winners, who complete both steps by Friday, 8/31 at 8pm EST, will be randomly chosen to win a Gem Elixir eKit!

*Good Sparkly Luck to you all!!!*

Crystal Cleansing with Energy, Baby!

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I was inspired to do this video on re-tuning our crystals using sound acoustic energy by frequent questions I get about this. If you’re involved in crystal healing then you do need to “cleanse” or re-tune your crystals from time to time.

However, re-tuning or “cleansing” your crystals doesn’t have to be difficult, inconvenient or some long drawn out affair, Jelly Bean!

This method is good no matter how soft or water soluble  your crystal is. Its quick + easy too. And if you’re a professional crystal healer, this is a great way to do a quick re-tune between clients!

It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

CAUTION: Geek-Speak ahead.
Crystal Cleansing with Energy

So, what do you think? Please let me know your opinions in the comments below. 🙂

Mwaaah! Oceans of of sparkles showering down upon you,