FREE Crystal Hottie Manifesto Poster ~ Crystal Hotties UNITE!

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*Sung to the tune of “All the Single Ladies”*

All the Crystal Hotties

All the Crystal Hotties

All the Crystal Hotties

All the Crystal Hotties

All the Crystal Hotties


I’ve been seeing these great manifestos everywhere lately & decided that us Crystal Hotties MOST DEFINITELY need our own to bring color, glitter, light, joy & passion to the world. So in a bit of a creative mood I sat down & jotted this one up real quick for us all to SPARKLE with!

Here’s the result of late-night doodling while watching Breaking Bad re-runs:

~ The Crystal Hottie poster~ (brandish it & let your Freak Flag Fly!)

Tech Princess Michelle helped cook up every single version of this that she could think of:  desktop wallpapers of all sizes, iPad wall papers, smart phone skins…pretty awesome, huh?

So print out the pdf here OR download any version you need then please share the sparkle around to all your peeps. Just use the Facebook or Twitter buttons below OR pin it easily to Pinterest by clicking the little “Pin it” button.

Put the Crystal Hottie Manifesto on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

Crystal Hottie Manifesto – from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Now put your hands up!

Ooo ooo ooo ooo,


Crystal Grid Inspiration!

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Today we have a guest post from one of our Crystalline Cohorts, Kalpa, whose studying to be a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer. She so sweetly sent me this message to tell me all about her crystal grids complete with photos so I asked her if we could share b/c these are just way too gorgeous to keep all to myself. Their power & energy needs to be SHARED with the world! Here’s Kalpa:

Firstly I would like to thank you so very much for all the wonderful info you share. I recently bought your Crystal Grid Templates Package and would like to give some feedback.

Just thought i would share  pics of some of the crystal grids i made recently.  🙂

For the Star of David grid (below) I painted the board and then had each section represent an area of my life (the colours relate to feng shui).  The main crystals used were a puffy heart rose quartz, amethyst and clear quartz.  Not to sure , just worked from the heart. Placed little Buddhas in different positions to represent what I wanted in that area as well.

I wasn’t too sure which stones to use for the healing grid (below) as I was looking for something to uplift one’s spirits and assist one with an aching heart.  I ended up using rose quartz and amethyst.

[caption id="attachment_3887" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Healing Grid[/caption]


Once again i felt compelled to paint the base for our Bed of love grid.  I used a wooden heart which i painted a deep fuchsia and sprinkled it with some fairy dust (ohhhhhh how sparkly!).

This grid is absolutely amazing and you can just feel the LOVE pouring from it, stunning!!!! 

I have placed it under our bed and lets just say things have GREATLY improved in the romance department ;)!!


The templates are MAGNIFICENT. I have made the bedroom love one and wow! You can just feel the PURE LOVE flowing once the grid was complete!


Once again my deepest GRATITUDE for the amazing teaching you bring to us.

Bio: “My name is Kalpa and i am a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Lightearean TM teacher & soon to be a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer ;). I  LOVE working with the ANGELS and Beings of LIGHT. I am a mom to two very special boys who I feel are crystal kids.  They absolutely love crystals and are always willing to help work with them given the opportunity.  They are 6 & 31/2 years old and work with the angels, archangels, mandalas etc.  They have their own Deck of angel cards that they adore! My other passion is cooking…….I love anything creative.  I am truly HONOURED to have been asked to write this blog post and share my grids with all the wonderful souls out there.  May you all continue to be blessed.” You may contact Kalpa via email:

I am so totally grateful to students like sweet Kalpa who are so willing to share with us all. ♥ Mwaaaaah, Kalpa. XOXO




P.S. If you’re interested in creating your own grids, you may be interested in the Crystal Grid Template Package that so many have used to get their Manifesting Mojo going on! Click here.

I Had NO IDEA How Powerful Crystals Would Be

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I’ve been interested in crystals & stones from as far back as I can remember. I was mesmerized by a Smithsonian Museum Crystal book of my father’s at about the age of three. Instead of kid’s books or dolls, I would leaf through that book over & over again, just staring until the pages were worn. I was totally captivated!

Of course, I had no idea at the time what these beautiful objects were. I was just totally intrigued that something so gorgeous & perfect could emerge from the dirt & rough rocks.

And somehow, I knew they were special.

I came back to my crystals & stones later on with some undergraduate & graduate studies in geology, still attracted as ever. Through science teaching career, I succeeded in getting my students just as excited about rocks & crystals as I was! Well, most of them anyway. All the while I played & read & dabbled in the metaphysical aspects of working with crystals.

But how did I end up here? How did I end up guiding others in the use of crystals? *I am asking myself those questions right now.*

How did I decide to take my crystal-soaked dreams & knowledge & pour it all out, sharing all this sparkli-ness with the world? I knew the world wanted to learn & know more b/c sharing was so easy & joyful!

BUT I had no idea how much everyone would gravitate to it!

NO IDEA AT ALL! As you can see from this video I sent out privately to my YouTube friends a bit over 3 years ago:

The ghostly form of this BIG MAMA DREAM started forming  when I started my YouTube Crystal Channel in 2007. I was vlogging & blogging on my old blog about crystals & how I was working with them simply rambling on about my own personal research with them (probably mostly talking to myself) & my crystal healing adventures. But I began to slowly find a like-minded community that I really enjoyed.

It’s all like a growing crystal. I started out kind of like a proto-crystal (a pre-crystal). As the proto-crystal floats around in its crystal growing solution (that would be the Interwebs in my analogy here), it bumps into other solute molecules (more crystal-loving peeps). The solute molecules feel the attractive force of the proto-crystal & they join in (CRYSTALIZATION!) That’s how the crystal begins to grow! Pretty rad, huh? As above, so below!

There was no fear with all this sharing, putting it out there, just sharing…except for the fact that I had to keep my face off the internet (necessary job obligation) so my minor-aged students would not find my entire personal life out on the web.

Had I known how BIG this would get, there may have been some fear but I had NO IDEA!

It was all just a hobby that kept getting bigger & bigger b/c peeps were so magnetically drawn to working with the crystals too!! Just like I was. And people wanted to know more & more & I was MORE THAN HAPPY to talk about them. 😛

I kept getting lots of questions both on the blog & YouTube. I began selling crystals on Etsy in 2009, doing live crystal healing classes for groups in my local area in 2010 & eventually  decided to do online crystal classes in early 2011 to answer all the frequently asked questions I was getting.

Now it’s all evolved into the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. Once I figured out what was happening I started steering the ship to keep it going in the right direction. I hired the help of business coaches (b/c goodness knows I had no idea!) & I WORKED my crystal grids for all they were worth (which is quite a lot!)

This whole ride has been so fulfilling & joyful & abundant for me. But I am repeatedly told, “Its only just begun.” Whaaaaaaa!*fastening seat belt*

All I know is that I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing in complete alignment with my soul’s purpose. Its a feeling deep down inside. That’s a really good feeling that I hope YOU get to experience or are experiencing right now.

Go be a beaming-sparkly-love-thang today!!



P.S. Would you like to work the POWER of crystals for yourself? If you need some direction my Crystal Grid Templates Package might be what you need. Click & take a look.

The Crystal Healer Interviews: Suzanna

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This is Sweet Soul, Suzanna. She’s a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer & I’m so excited to have her post on the blog today. She has so much to say & show us!!
What brought you to the world of crystal healing?
I have been lovingly collecting crystals for as long as I can remember.  It started with beach pebbles when I was a toddler and grew from there!

My beloved late Granddad was also a huge influence to me; growing up he would take me to metaphysical fairs and treat me to little tumbled stones which he’d present to me in small brown envelopes with the properties  he’d hand-written on the front.  I treasure these dearly and know that he would be extremely proud that I carried on my crystal journey.

What made you decide to become a Certified Crystal Healer?
The energies of crystals have always intrigued and excited me but other than sense their properties and admire their beauty, I’ve never known exactly what to do with them – until I took this course!  Now I feel like all my life I’ve been collecting the tool kit and gaining the knowledge of how and why they work means I can progress to working with them to benefit myself and others.


What is your favorite crystal(s) & why?
Oh this is a tough question!

I find myself drawn to particular crystals at different times, depending on what I’m needing, but one crystal that I can never get enough of is moonstone.  I was given my first piece in a pendant by my parents for my sixteenth birthday and I’ve loved it ever since.  There is something ethereal and magical about moonstone and – besides being gorgeous – I feel it’s the perfect stone for women to bring balance and a sense of calm into their lives.

Amethyst and citrine are also dear to my heart because they are willing to help you with just about anything.

 What do others in your life think about this path that you’re on?
My close friends and family have always been extremely supportive about my passion for stones as it’s been so entwined with my identity for as long as anyone can remember.

Embarking on this course has given me the opportunity to discuss my path with others who might not have known about it and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Many have been curious to learn more about crystal healing and what it entails and I’ve even been surprised to learn how into crystals some of my friends are when I never even knew!
What is something new that you’ve learned about crystals that you didn’t know before you took the course?
The science! 

I have read so many wonderful books over the years about the properties of crystals but no where have I seen accessible information about how they work at a scientific level.  Learning about the electromagnetic fields and vibrational frequencies of stones (and people!) has answered so many of my questions about what it is that I can actually feel and the science behind why crystals are so beneficial for healing was explained beautifully.

What was/is your favorite part of the whole experience so far?
The scientific explanations presented with the study material and the various sources they are derived from are by far the most valuable element of this course in my opinion as I am studying for a Bachelor of Science degree along with a Certificate of Contemporary Science.
Up until  taking this course I’ve always found it hard to bridge the gap between a more alternative side of looking at things and what seemed like ‘cold hard’ science.  This course has opened up a whole new way of syncing my spiritual side and my more logical mind together and has alerted me to the fact that science is just a rational explanation of the magic that we experience in the world!

 What are your BIG DREAMS now that you have graduated?
My ultimate goal is to work with the energies of these gifts of mother earth to benefit others because I feel it is my calling and one that I feel truly blessed with the opportunity to pursue.

My next step on the crystal healing journey is to construct a website where people new to this wonderful world can come to learn more about the benefits of crystal healing.  I have big plans for this online crystal haven and is due to launch at the end of the year! (bookmark it now!)

It’s so exciting that completing the course doesn’t mark the end of my crystal journey but the beginning of a more educated and richer experience and one that I hope can be shared with others.

Do you have any advice for anyone else who is considering this path?
If it’s something that you’re drawn to do and are able to explore – dive in!

Crystals are so much more than pretty ornaments; they have energy and soul just waiting to be tapped into.

My honest advice to anyone considering this path is this: invest in your knowledge.   The more you learn the more value you will get out of working with your crystal collection.  I’m so glad I took the plunge with this course, I’ve loved every moment of it and the knowledge I have gained has allowed me to finally unlock the true potential of my stones!

Enjoy your journey and wherever it leads you 🙂


I’m a part-time student with The Open University, living just on the edge of The Yorkshire Dales, England.  Besides my crystal collection I’m devoted to my fiancé and my large and adorable brood of pets.


I’m currently constructing The Crystal Nymph which will be a welcoming, crystal-based haven of a website due to ‘go live’ at the end of the year If you’d like to keep up to date with the site’s progression or my personal shenanigans I can be found on Twitter at @thecrystalnymph or @andthensuzsaid




How cool & ADORABLEZ is Suzanna? I just love her. And thank you for all these gorgeous sparkly crystal photos, Suzanna. I ooooh’d + ahhhhh’d over all of them!

Waterfalls of Crystal Sparkles,