Want to Become a CERTIFIED Crystal Healer Sweetness?

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Hey Crystal Hottie! So, you’re thinking about becoming a Certified Crystal Healer? You stopped by just in time.

The Certified Crystal Healer Course begins on Sunday, July 1! Enrollment closes tomorrow @ midnight!!!

There’s a lot of excitement lately around using crystals for healing while learning the SCIENCE behind how & why they work. If you’re caught up in the excitement…this is definitely the place to be!

This isn’t an academy that’s super-stuffy although it is super smart!

You’ll be learning how & why crystals work by learning the SCIENCE behind it all.
Then you’ll be confident & able to share these gifts with others!
What Does This Course Include?:

  • 10 pre-recorded webinar-style classes (each approx. 90 min.), which you can download to your computer or device & watch at your convenience (from the comfort of wherever you like!!) All course materials are to be downloaded by you (no physical stuff will be sent) & are yours to keep FOREVER & EVER.
  • An auto e-course that guides you through week by week
  • FUN suggested homework assignments
  • Auto-graded class quizzes for each class
  • Live Monthly Internet Q & A sessions
  • One on one email support with me for 6 months
  • Kind & loving tech support whenever you need it
  • 1 year membership to our private yet SUPER FUN social networking website exclusively for students  in the program (Crystalline Cohorts)!!
  • + so much more

Have Questions, Jelly Bean?  Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions here!

Once the course begins, you’ll get a weekly email with all the course materials (class video & pdf resources) for a particular class, cheer-leading & inspiring you through, getting you certified in 10 weeks if you follow the course pace. Whoop~! You Crystal-Rockstar!! OR, you can choose to hang back & take it a bit slower, having up to 1 year to get it all completed.

Learn more + register right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to heal + improve their lives using crystals!!

**Throwing Handfuls of Glitter + Chocolate Cake** (b/c that’s just how we roll ’round here!)



P.S. Please remember that this is the last time the course will be offered at the current enrollment rate. The course will be closed until the fall & the rates will be increased at that time. If you’re feeling the need to learn all you can about working with crystals then don’t miss the opp. to jump in now with both feet & get CRYSTAL -SOAKED!


The Crystal Healer Interviews

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Today we have another in our series of Crystal Healer Interviews with Shellee Moon LaCombe, CCH, one of our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers. What a beautiful soul inside & out.

You can’t help but fall in love with her & her inspirational message here.

Here we go!♥

What brought you to the world of crystal healing?

Crystals have been a part of my life since I was four or five years old. I was at the beach with my parents when my mom found a large amethyst point and gave it to me.

How it got to the beach I’ll never know, why it made its way to me was very apparent.

It was the first of too many crystals to count!

What made you decide to become a crystal healer?

I decided to become a crystal healer about 10 years ago, when I brought my love of stones into a Reiki session I was doing. The energy of the session was insanely intense! I couldn’t imagine doing a session without stones after that.

What is something you learned you didn’t know before taking this course?

In my work, I communicate with the stone spirits, so all of my knowledge of the crystals is learned intuitively. I place them in the palm of my left hand and I can hear them “talking” to me. They tell me what they are for, where to place them, what they can help me or my clients with, how long to leave them, if they are mine to keep or need to be passed on and the list goes on and on.

They have a lot to say!!

But I had no knowledge of why they work. I just knew they did. Then by guided “chance” I found Hibiscus Moon, and the beautiful energy and incredible knowledge of Stephanie. After taking the Crystal Healer Certification course, I now know the reason crystals work.

These classes are filled with not only the information I have been longing for, but are taught in a way that my brain can comprehend! The science side of crystal healing was something I knew nothing about.  Now I can relay the information on not only what the crystals can help my clients with, but HOW they do it as well. This has improved my experience with healings, teaching and connecting to the stones, and to my clients.


What are some of your favorite crystals and why?

I have many, many favorite stones, and one of them is Labradorite. With her beautiful shining surface, she reminds us that we too shine, and are part of the light. She helps us to remember that we are here for a divine purpose, and she guides us in trusting that purpose as well. She can be placed on the upper chakras for higher balancing and spirit communication, and on the lower chakras for soothing emotional pains and mistrusts. If you’re new to her, she’s a beautiful stone to work with, and trust what she tells you she’ll help you with.

What do others think of the path that you’re on? 

In my experience on this path, there will always be people that doubt you and don’t believe in what you are doing. I send them light and love, and continue on my merry way. I almost pity those that are not “in” on this like we are. They sure don’t know what they’re missing!

But then there is the people that do get it, and when you can assist them in understanding, whether through a reading or crystal healing or both, AHHH! That’s what makes your heart sing!

What advice do you have for anyone considering this path?   

If you’re new to crystal healing or just considering this path, my advice is trust it and go with it!

There is a reason Creator instills passion in us, and that passion is obviously what your life path is about.

If what you’re doing you’re not passionate about, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

I believe if we ignore these “pulls” on life’s path, that’s when we create imbalances in our lives and in our energy.

What are your BIG DREAMS now that you’ve graduated?

My biggest dream is to take what creator has given me, including this wonderful Crystal Healer Certification, and help others awaken to the gifts inside them, and to trust their own intuition and be empowered in their lives.

Whatever your passion is, have the courage and faith to pursue it.


As Archangel Michael always says, there are no mistakes in life, only experiences!

Shellee’s Bio:

As a small child I knew there was more to this world than meets the eye. There were always Angels and spirits communicating with me, and I knew from a young age my purpose in this life was to help them and those of us in this world communicate with each other. For the past 12 years I have professionally assisted clients in receiving guidance from the Angels, Guides, deceased loved ones and crystal spirits. My goal is to unite our realms and form a beautiful relationship that empowers, as well as brings about a sense of spiritual healing, peace, love and joy. Shellee is a Psychic Medium, Certified Crystal Healer and Doreen Virtue Certified Medium shelleesmanymoons@yahoo.com, 248.909.6713.

Thank you Sweet Shellee!! Thank you for sharing ALL your gifts with the world!

If you’re also interested in becoming a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, hop on over & take a look, enrollment is open for just a few more days.

Also, our enrollment fee is going up when the course opens again in the fall so now’s a good time to get an excellent value!

Crystal Blessings to all the Crystal Hotties!!







4 Reasons You Should Learn Crystal Healing Now. Enrollment Ends June 30!

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4 Reasons You Should Learn Crystal Healing Now. Enrollment Ends June 30!

In less than a week, the Crystal Healing Certification Course begins on Sunday, July 1!! Weeeeee! I’m so excited to be getting a whole bunch of new Crystalline Cohorts joining in on the SPARKLY FUN!

We have many new peeps who’ve already signed up (wooohooo, you ROCK!) – but my sparkly staff & I have been getting many questions asking things like when the next course after July 1 will be, how the course works & what taking the course will be like.

So let’s get some of those questions answered here:

4 Reasons You Should Learn Crystal Healing Now:

  • You can earn GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE & SHARING IT WITH OTHERS or add to your existing income! You’ll be opening the door to a rewarding, inspirational, creative career for a Creative Spiritual Person such as yourself! Yep, start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals!! Yes, you can. This is a whole new skill set you’ll be adding to your resume making you more marketable. This course will cultivate the courage within you to go for your BIG dreams & create a wildly successful career as a creative spiritual person. Woohoo!
  • The next course will be opening on Sept. 1, however the price will definitely be going up so if you’re looking to take advantage of the current enrollment price, you’ll need to act now.
  • If you’re IN LOVE with crystals but just not sure how to use them or not sure what to do with them, you’ll FINALLY learn how to utilize Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support!! You’ll learn how to use crystals to their fullest & profound potential. Recognizing & remembering your talents, you Crystal Hottie! You’ll also BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE when explaining to others how & why crystals work by giving you the scientific knowledge to back it up.
  • Our classes for the Certification program are recorded (the Live Crystal Cocktail Hour Q & A sessions are live). The classes are webinar-style: that means in addition to the recorded online video class, which includes many visuals, there’s a recorded chat room where students have already asked many great questions. The entire recorded class can be downloaded, referred to & viewed at anytime, anywhere, as many times as you like FOREVER! Each class is approx. 90 minutes. BUT, the best way to totally GET it is to view a sample. So here’s 15 min. of one of our classes:
  • Still have more questions??

    Check out our FAQ here & if your answer isn’t there, please don’t be shy & drop us a line!

    I completely & totally believe in everything that I’ve created here with my sacred crystal academy. I’ve poured every ounce of my heart & soul into every little thing from all my YouTube videos to my book to the products to all the classes.

    All of it.

    So come join in the fun. You’ll be so radiantly happy that you did!



    Enrollment ends this Saturday, June 30 at midnight for the course beginning on July 1!

    The course can be completed in as little as 10 weeks…or you may take up to 1 year (whatever is comfy for you). If you’re called to do it, join us, enroll now… & let the sparkles begin!

    Any questions? Concerns? I’m here for ya, Sweets. Contact us!

    Wanna read through the Fun FAQ’s? Right over here.

    Learn more + register right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals!!

    Have a delectably splendid day Gorgeous Ones!!

    I’m Giving Away a FREE Sparkly Scholarship!

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    We’ve chosen the scholarship winner! My Goodness, you all made this very difficult b/c we actually felt every entrant deserved it for one reason or another (some for several reasons!). You’re all SWEET sparkly souls & can manifest all of your dreams. You all have the power to do it!!

    So, the winner is…SuLilly1975. She did it all spectacularly showing unique originality, imagination, heart, soul, inspiration, spreading the word & of course, following the directions precisely.

    My Sparkly Support Team & I have been getting many requests for a scholarship opp to my Certified Crystal Healer Course beginning on Sunday, July 1.

    Soooooo Crystal Hotties, guess what?

    I’m  giving away a free scholarship to the entire course to 1 lucky winner!!

    What’s gonna win it for you? Your unique originality, imagination, heart, soul, inspiration, spreading the word & of course, following the directions precisely, Jelly Bean.

    There are 2 ways to enter (pick one):

  • Video! Make a video (2 minutes or less…do it now from your phone but don’t go over) & tell us:
    • Why you’d like to learn more about crystal healing
    • What challenge you’ll conquer by becoming a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer
    • Exactly how you’re Sparkly BIG DREAM Come True will look once you ROCK IT & manifest it!!!

    Then upload your video to YouTube with “I Want to Be a Certified Crystal Healer” as your video title & include the link to your video below in the comments (please don’t send it to me on YouTube or Facebook).

  • Written Essay! You can alternately enter by typing your answers to the above questions in the comments below. 500 words or less! Don’t go over, Sweet Pea.
  • How To Boost Your Odds:

    Its Easy! Use social media to amp up your chances of winning! Tell others about the Scholarship on Facebook & Twitter. We’ll see you spreading the word & that will give you some brownie points!! Here are some sample posts you can use or make up your own!:

    If I win a scholarship in the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, everyone gets an ice cream on me! http://tinyurl.com/hmscholarship  #HMCCH

    I’m getting sparkly with @hibiscusmoon1! http://tinyurl.com/hmscholarship #HMCCH

    Have my eyes set on a scholarship spot to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer! http://tinyurl.com/hmscholarship #HMCCH

    You can do up to 2 social media posts/day on each Facebook or Twitter. To qualify, your posts must contain the #HMCCH hash-tag, plus the included link to this blog post (http://tinyurl.com/hmscholarship). OK-dokeee?

    The Deets

    • The entry deadline is Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at midnight, EST. No exceptions. The winner will be announced before the course begins on July 1.
    • Must be at least 18 years of age.
    • No multiple entries.
    • If you’ve already enrolled, no problemo, Jelly Bean. If you win the scholarship, I’ll promptly refund you– or you can choose to gift your scholarship to anyone you choose & share the dream & knowledge of crystal healing with someone else.
    • Pretty please know that if you don’t follow ALL the rules mentioned above or if you email us to see if we received your entry it will be disqualified.
    • Oh! Who’s judging? Moi + Tech Princess Michelle + our newest sparkly team member, VA Jewel Dawn. :)
    • Remember what we’re looking for: Unique originality, imagination, heart, soul, inspiration, spreading the word & of course, following the directions precisely.
    • Violations of the rules will mean that your entry is disqualified. Sorry Sweet Pea!

    Much Love + Crystal Blessings to you ALL!



    PS. If you’re wondering what the heck the Certified Crystal Healer Course is all about, CLICK HERE My Sweets! And please don’t forget that enrollment ends on June 30.

    Current Price for Crystal Healer Certification Course is ENDING!

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    I love this baby o’ mine; my sacred crystal academy. Our student body is FILLED with glorious sparkly souls that teach me new things every single day & I am so grateful to each & every one of you!  And I love every minute of teaching about the stupendous power of working with energy & crystals. And the Academy is growing by leaps + bounds!!!!

    I know down deep in the center of my heart chakra that with this Academy I am helping people to be happy, have fun, have a prosperous business, to heal…AND those peeps are now, in turn, going out & helping even more people & animals too, all through the power of energy & crystals!! How cool can this get??!!!

    Its just so amazing that its growing the way that it is. This is something that REALLY resonates with so many of us!!

    Some New Frequently Asked Questions I’ve been getting most recently:
    When will the course be offered again & what’s the hub bub that the price is going up?
    Our next course will begin on September 1, however the price will be going up considerably to accommodate our growing pains & need for more administration. So if you’ve held back from enrolling before or have been on the fence…waiting for the right time – NOW may be that right time for you! The course closes on July 1.

    So how does it work?
    Once the course officially begins on July 1, you’ll begin getting a weekly email with all the course materials (class video & pdf resources) for a particular class, cheer-leading & inspiring you through, getting you certified in 10 weeks if you follow the course pace (which you can choose not to…totally up to you, Jelly Bean). Whoop~! You Crystal-Rockstar!!

    Learn more + register right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals!!
    I don’t live in the United States. Can I still take your course?
    YES! We have students & graduates all over Mother Earth. Since all our class resources are digital + available as a recording you can access them anywhere you are as long as you have an Internet connection. Even our LIVE monthly Q & A sessions are recorded & a link is sent out to you in case you missed the event or the time is not convenient for you.

    What are the Continuing Education Credits all about?
    If you’re a licensed massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker you may need to accumulate CE’s to renew your license or certificate depending on the state you live in. In addition,  continuing education plays an important role in NCBTMB’s recertification program. As a Nationally Certified CE Provider, we are required to go through the thorough NCBTMB approval process to be an  Approved Provider every 3 years. This ensures that you’ll be receiving quality instruction of the highest standards through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. You can find out more info on this here.

    If you have more questions, you may find the answers here on our FAQ page.
    Commit to the life that is woo’ing you. Are the crystals woo’ing you?
    **Throwing Handfuls of Glitter** Wooohooo!



    P.S. Remember, the Crystal Healer Certification Course will be closing on July 1 & going up in price in September. If you’d like to lock in the lower enrollment fee now–& embark on your Crystal Path–click here to enroll now. Please note: there IS a payment plan available too!

    Certified Crystal Healer Course is Open for Enrollment!!

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    Certified Crystal Healer Course is Open for Enrollment!!

    So many of you Sweet Souls have been asking & patiently waiting…the course is finally open again for enrollment for the course beginning on July 1!! Weeeeee!


    Are you attracted to working with crystals? Do you wanna be supported & inspired while traveling deep into your healing creative spirit,  & create a career as a Certified Crystal Healer in just 10 weeks? Do you wanna have FUN while you gain confidence learning the science behind crystal healing?

    “Everyone has a purpose in life… a unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.” —Deepak Chopra

    Take a ten week journey, preparing to live your Sparkly Crystal Dreams!! This course will help you step into the life you were born to live!!

    The next course group journey begins July 1! (Enrollment closes on June 30). In addition, this is the last time the course will be offered it its current price. Due to increasing numbers of students & admin. the course price will be going up next go round. 

    Enroll today in the Certified Crystal Healer Course to join up & be supported by other Crystal Hotties like yourself!

    Would You Love To Be a Crystal Healer?

    Are you drawn to working with the energies of crystals & stones but just not sure how to use them & what to do with them? Do you feel you have a special connection with them & would like to enhance that connection? Would you love to learn the science behind how & why they work? Then this course is for you!

    Is the Course SUPER-STRUCTURED?

    I’d say, “no, not really, but yes”. heeheehee.

    Once you enroll, you can dive right in…dive in to all your course materials right away (we believe in INSTANT GRATIFICATION ’round here!) or wait for the course to officially begin on July 1 or begin whenever you like.

    But research has shown that most peeps peter out on courses like this after 6 weeks no matter how juicy & exciting they are. I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO YOU!! I want as many Certified Crystal Healers out there in the world making this a joyful happy GORGEOUS planet, soooo I developed this course to cheer-lead you on through with a group to give you abundant support & accountability…works wonders for motivation!!

    You get to move along with a group on a guided journey through the Certification course. Once we get going, you’ll get a weekly email with all the course materials (class video & pdf resources) for a particular class, inspiring you through, getting you certified in 10 weeks if you follow the course pace. Whoop~! You Crystal-Rockstar!!

    If you don’t keep up with the course pace, no biggie….you do what you can do. You’ll be able to watch the class videos, do the suggested homework (or not) & then take the required quiz at whatever time is most yummy for you.

    How can I find out more about the Certified Crystal Healer Course?

    Check out my handy-dandy FAQ’s page, please or click any of the links above. :)

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” —Mark Twain

    Would you like to use Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support? You may even like to help others realize these powerful healing benefits by becoming a Certified & Accredited Crystal Healer earning GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or adding to your existing income or services!

    “You are a fantastic teacher!!! I am going to go back and watch it again before the next class!” ~ April F.

    Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy is a new & exciting healing modality. I, Hibiscus Moon, have developed a curriculum & certification program like no other! Believe me when I tell you…like no other!

    Here’s a list of our Frequently Asked Questions regarding this course…go ahead read it…lots of juicy details!

    This is not your run-of-the-mill crystal healer program. This course brings together physics & metaphysics in an easy to understand way to explain why & how crystals work while also serving up a healthy dose of FUN! We’ll explore all the newest research & use the science behind crystal vibrations to develop you into a different kind of Crystal Healer!

    You may view a sample class here to get a feel for what our classes are like! And take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions here!

    What Does This Course Include?

    • 10 pre-recorded webinar-style classes (each approx. 90 min.), which you can download to your computer or device & watch at your convenience (from the comfort of wherever you like!!) All course materials are to be downloaded by you (no physical stuff will be sent) & are yours to keep FOREVER & EVER.
    • An auto e-course that guides you through week by week
    • FUN suggested homework assignments
    • Auto-graded class quizzes for each class
    • Live Monthly Internet Q & A sessions
    • One on one email support with me for 6 months
    • Kind & loving tech support whenever you need it
    • 1 year membership to our private social networking website exclusively for students (Crystalline Cohorts) in the program!

    The Certified Crystal Healer Program Includes These 10 Classes 

    • Basics of Crystal Healing & Therapy
    • Create Sacred Space & Self-Protection using Crystals
    • Working with Crystal Grids
    • Chakra Balancing Using Crystals
    • Working w/ Pendulums & Sensing Crystal Energy
    • Advanced Crystal Healing & Therapy
    • Crystal Healing for Animals
    • Crystal Healer Toolkit: Crystal Energy Tools
    • Advanced Chakra Balancing & Body Layouts
    • Becoming a Professional Crystal Healer

    Want to know more or ready to enroll now? Hop on over, Crystal Hottie!!

    I hope you choose to join us on an a truly exciting 10 week journey!!!

    Still have questions, Sweetness? Do not hesitate to ask.

    Super Sparkles to you today!!!

    How To Make Your Big Dreams Come True

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    I did it!

    Today was my last day at work. *(I wrote this early summer of 2012)*

    By work I mean my fluorescent-lit windowless classroom where I taught gifted kids (whom I LOVED) physical science. I will miss them terribly but I won’t miss the red-tape, the stress, the 20 min. lunch scarf-down, waking up @ six o’ frick in the morning, the negativity-mongers, blah, blech, boo.

    Each day this last week of work, when I got home & peeled off my black nylon work socks I threw the pair away in the trash (they were so done!) & said to myself  “I peel away another soul-sucking layer.”

    I am envisioning all the closets & drawers I will be cleaning out in the next coming weeks getting rid of all the things I won’t need any longer; all that no longer serves…and there will be A LOT!

    I’ll also be creating a whole new productivity schedule for myself that includes plenty o’ time for exercise & walks outdoors to pick up a leisurely lunch absorbing vitamin D, afternoon grounding sessions for video time at the local beach less than a mile away (even if its just for 10 min.), choosing new & interesting spots to do my creative work, a whole new healthy eating plan & recipe experiments, & of course, crystal, meditation or chakra  time.

    I gave away all my monogrammed work polo shirts to someone today who will use them next year & everyone said to me, “Why are you doing that? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to keep them just in case?”
    Just in case of what?

    I forget my dream?

    I turn my back on the law of attraction & start worrying that things won’t work out?

    Just in case I dump all my hard work down the drain?

    Just in case I totally lose faith in all my crystal grid work and it all goes sour?

    No, I don’t think so!

    If I play the “just in case” game…then that’s EXACTLY what will happen! I will end up needing that stuffs again. Where thoughts go, energy flows. So since I’m not interested in playing the worry game…No, I won’t be needing any of that stuff at all. :)

    This didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been workin’ my sacred crystal biz for 3+ years. Plugging away, some days taking baby steps & some days taking HUGE leaps of faith, but each day doing SOMETHING. I’m living proof that so many SPARKLY things can be accomplished from taking steps towards my dream every single day, consistently. Who ever had or has time for worry? And even if I did, what purpose would it serve?

    Of course, I’ve had my days where its crept in, but I’ve learned how to use many spiritual techniques & my crystals to get me back on track. I’m so grateful to know these lessons & be able to WORK them.
    “I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love and abundance.  Then, whenever doubt, anxiety or fear try to call me, they keep getting a busy signal – and soon they’ll forget my number.”  ~Edith Armstrong
    What about you Sweet Pea? What if you also took the time you would have  spent thinking up excuses or worrying & instead put it into taking baby steps towards your BIG DREAM?

    I try to remember as often as I can, that I AM a super-powerful, fun-loving Co-creator of the Multi-verse!! So are you. Remember it, Jelly Bean.

    ROCK ON!



    If being a Certified Crystal Healer is one of your BIG DREAMS & you’re ready to take the steps towards it, our course begins enrolling again in 2 days & begins on July 1!!  Have you always wished you knew how to work with crystals? How about the BIG confidence boost you’ll get when you know the science behind it?  Start investing in you & your dreams, Sweetness. How would that feel? Please tell us below. 

    The Crystal Healer Interviews – Allie Phillips

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    The Crystal Healer Interviews – Allie Phillips

    We’re back with another Crystal Healer Interview & today I bring to you one of our very own Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers, Allie Philips. Allie certainly has a gift with working with both crystals & animals. Its so awe-inspiring  to watch & she has such a sweet calming energy, no wonder the animals love her so much (you’ll notice that energy in her videos). And I love her animals too. ♥ Eeeeeeee!

    Meet Allie & Oscar


    What brought you to the world of crystal healing?

    In February 2011, I felt the strong urge to learn about crystals. Before then, I just thought they were pretty stones and did not realize their healing power. I took a basic crystal healing class where we learned about a few crystals and meditated with them. The spark was lit and I then steadily progressed to learning more and starting my collection of these gorgeous healers. Then a friend shared a newsletter with me from Hibiscus Moon in early 2012 and I started thinking about becoming certified.

    What made you decide to become a Certified Crystal Healer?

    After I learned about the Hibiscus Moon certification program, I checked out many other programs, but Hibiscus Moon was far and above any of the other programs. I signed up and started my first class at the end of February 2012 and I just graduated! I felt that becoming certified would solidify my knowledge about crystals and give me the tools and expertise necessary to benefit my clients (both people and pets). I learned so much more in the class than I ever expected.

    What is your favorite crystal(s) & why?

    Oh my, do I really need to choose just one? To me, they are all part of my healing team and they are friends. But if I had to choose just one, my favorite crystal (right now) are my Manifestation crystals.

    I just recently discovered them through Alli Pacha (in Florida). I now have two (and anticipate obtaining more). These crystals have a spark of energy that is unique from others. It is not only beautiful with its inner crystals (and one of them has 3 inner crystals), but they are powerful. Within a few days of welcoming my first manifestation crystal, which I programmed to help grow my healing and book business, I received more healing clients asking for sessions and 2 interviews with national radio shows about my books. It was almost a little overwhelming, but it was beautiful.

    What do others in your life think about this path that you’re on?

    People are either silent about it (maybe because they do not understand it), or they are incredibly supportive. I have not encountered anyone who has objected or criticized my path. My parents have been supportive of this path for me, my kitties love it (and soak up the energy whenever they can), my friends and healing students have been ecstatic and urge me to learn and share more, and even some of my attorney co-workers have gotten a few crystals to help them with the stressors of the work. I’m very vocal about my healing work (I’ve come out of the healing closet!!!) and I think due to my upbringing as an attorney (where I need proof and evidence for everything), I think that helps people to realize that there really is legitimacy behind all of these healing modalities.  I truly believe that it is my mission to educate people about healing (for themselves and pets).

    What is something new that you’ve learned about crystals that you didn’t know before you took the course?

    I had no idea about the Dominant Oscillary Rate and that a crystal’s DOR is set, whereas people and animals have a shifting DOR. By putting crystals with people and animals, our DOR will sync to the crystals’ energy. I love that!

    What was/is your favorite part of the whole experience so far?

    It is difficult to choose what I most enjoyed about this experience so far because I have enjoyed everything equally. The amount of information that was shared in the certification class to validate and educate about crystals is amazing.  They are all tools and resources that I will continue to rely on into the future. Of course, the class about animals was dear to my heart and I have been conducting crystal healing sessions on my cats and the cats where I volunteer. Some of the volunteers at the cat orphanage keep asking “what are these little bags of stones doing hanging from the ceiling and on some of the cat cages?” (tee hee hee)  I have gotten 3 other volunteers involved in crystals and together we are working on some of our challenging cats, like Hazel and Pandora who strike out and bite without warning or reason. I am already seeing success in calming Pandora and we are just starting our work with Hazel (she just received her Aura Dog crystal charm of rose quartz and howlite).

    What are your BIG DREAMS for when you graduate or now that you have graduated?

    My plans for the immediate future include creating and teaching three classes on crystals through my business Manifested Harmony: Basic Crystal Healing, Advanced Crystal Healing, and Crystal Healing for Pets.  I have already scheduled the Crystal Healing for Pets on August 18th. I am a natural-born teacher and feel that I am called to share the powerful energy of crystals with others.

    My BIG DREAMS are to move in to this work full time in the next few years and really focus on helping animals (particularly those in shelters and those that have been traumatized).

    I do not consider this work at all and I could do this 24 hours a day.

    Do you have any advice for anyone else who is considering this path?

    You will know when you’re ready. For me, I started my healing training in January 2008 (with Reiki) and never dreamed of being a master, or teaching, or starting a business, or getting involved in crystals. As you take one step and then go through that door, when you’re ready another door will appear for you to step through. This path is a process so be cautious about trying to do everything at once. I’ve seen people do that and they become overwhelmed and burned out.

    Take this one step at a time and wait for the doors to appear and open. Then you will know that you’re ready.

    If you live in the greater Washington DC area, check out my classes or contact me for a session. And if you live in mid-Michigan, I am considering setting up some classes when I visit with my parents. So contact me if you’re interested! www.manifestedharmony.com

    Allie Phillips has spent her 17-year career as a prosecuting attorney and training criminal justice professionals on investigation and prosecution of child and animal abuse best practices. She is an author and expert on animal protection matters and to the surprise of many, she is also an energy worker. She is certified as a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, Law of Attraction Coach, Life Coach, and most recently as a HM Crystal Healer! You can learn more about her work at www.manifestedharmony.com and www.alliephillips.com. You can also connect with her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manifestedharmony

    OK, its moi, Hibiscus again! Don’t you just LOVE Allie & the way she has with working with animals & crystals. I would love to just loll about with her & her kitties!! Wouldn’t you?!

    So what are your BIG DREAMS? Please share below!



    Does Crystal Healing Go Against Your Religion?

    Hibiscus Moon ceremony, Crystal Healing, Gem Elixirs, spirituality 59 Comments

    I am often asked what religion I am.

    OR if using crystals or crystal healing is “evil” or “goes against the bible”.

    That last bit ASTOUNDS me.

    As the founder & teacher of the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course,  I must to address this topic.

    I’m taking a risk here again.

    I usually don’t like to discuss religion or politics but I feel that in this case…it needs to be addressed. I am not looking to start a firestorm here at all but just state my opinion. It doesn’t mean that my opinion is the best one, its just mine. That’s all.

    By writing this, I’ll also have a post to refer peeps to next time I get asked this question. :)

    PLEASE NOTE: Flaming will not be tolerated here. This is a negativity-free zone. (Although I enjoy a healthy & mature debate be forewarned that any nasty, negative or demeaning comments here on MY BLOG will be promptly deleted so don’t waste your energy…go post it on your own blog.)

    As for a religion, I have no desire to follow a religion. Too many rules & I don’t like labels. I like to have the freedom to change my mind as I explore various philosophies or energies & discover new things. I used to refer to myself as an “Earth-based spiritualist”, but I no longer want to limit myself to Mother Earth, as much as I love it here! So that doesn’t fit anymore.

    I’ve also decided to try not to use the word “believe” b/c I feel that implies some type of “buy-in” & I want to allow myself to be free to do & feel what I like at any particular time. I have the right to change my mind & so do you…if you want to exercise that right.

    My uncle recently summed up what I currently am doing when I heard him utter this phrase a few weeks ago (sort of making fun of it, but my heart skipped when I heard it!): “SMORGASBORD OF FAITH: THE ALL YOU CAN BELIEVE BUFFET”. I love that! Genius.

    YES! Whatever makes sense & intuitively resonates with me + FEELS right to me is what I explore & try on for size these days.

    I also don’t just hang out with those who believe what I “believe”. I don’t judge or discriminate. I’ll hang with whomever lights me up & who I vibe with! That could be a priest, rabi, witch, nun, new age guru, shaman or atheist. As long as the goal is to make the world a better place, deliver joy & eliminate harm whenever possible, then it’s all good with me. I LOVE HAVING THAT CHOICE!! :)
    How Crystals Relate to Religion
    I feel that crystals & crystal therapy can be incorporated into your life no matter what religion you follow…or don’t follow. 😉 Beautiful + scrumptious crystals and stones have been a part of many religions for thousands of years. They’ve been used in various rituals, traditions, altars, tools, laying on of hands, carried around & used as medicine as far back as history has been recorded.

    What really floors me is when some who consider the Bible a most influential book also claim crystals are EVIL.  YET the Bible itself, one of the oldest books known to man, has  over 200 references to uses of crystals & stones. The purposes mentioned run the gamut from representing tribes to protection to healing.

    There’s also reference to crystals & gems in many ancient Religions going as far back as 6000 years. Chinese, Egyptian, Ayurveda, Aborigine, Native American, Polynesian cultures & traditions among many others all made extensive use of stones.

    In addition, these practices have been essentially unchanged all this time. When something stays unchanged for so long, that means its essentially been perfected…even Mother Nature subscribes to this. Sharks haven’t evolved much b/c they don’t need to. Their design is pretty darn good as is!
    I’ve noticed: in nature, when a design or program is successful, it changes very little, if at all.
    So, in a nutshell, people all over the world of all backgrounds, traditions, cultures & religions can, have & continue to use crystals as they always have.

    Its all good when you follow your own deep intuition & heart. You know what’s right for you & your path. Don’t you, Sweet Pea?

    So what feels right to you Jelly Bean? Please feel free to comment below.