New Crystal Grid Cloths ~ Better For All

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New Crystal Grid Cloths ~ Better For All

I get asked all the time about the crystal grid cloth (silks) I used to have made & sell. I no longer condone the use of silk that is not cruelty free so I had to stop having those made.

Why you ask?

Well, a lovely crystal client of mine educated me so I’m going to pay it forward.

Here’s the pdf she shared with me & if it resonates with you please feel free to share it around. I am so grateful to her for opening my eyes to this.

Oh! BTW…people did not like the silk grids going away at all. They really wanted something like that & I kept having to explain why I stopped making them & that I had not found an alternate natural fabric that someone would print a Flower of Life design on for me. And no synthetics since I feel that would clog up the clear communication with source energy that we’re looking for here for our crystal grids.

I was SO HAPPY to stumble upon Zazzle’s custom cotton prints sewn by MOJO moms!! Yes! Natural cotton sewn by sustainably employed single moms in the USA & all while we contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms & their children! Isn’t that cool?

This all worked out for the best in every way possible. My graphic designer created the Flower of Life grid & I had it printed on to this fabric. Wooot!

Now you get 4 cloth grids for less than what you paid for 1 grid silk before. What are you gonna do with 4 of them? (no, cannot purchase 1 individually) You can decorate them for individual crystal grid purposes (watch the vid)!

What’s MOJO all about?. Click here. I just think this is so fantastico!

Here are my new Grid Cloths:
20″ x 20″:
12″ x 12″:

Happy Crystal Gridding!

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

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Fair Warning: This post isn’t so much about crystals as it is about me.  The reason I’m doing this post is b/c I’d like to connect & bond with my readers here, creating more of a personal connection. I feel that sometimes I forget that & leave some personal things out unintentionally.  At the same time I don’t want to get too personal & give you TMI or boring tidbits you just couldn’t care less about. You may be completely uninterested & are really just here for the crystals so I may be totally off track here but I’ll take a risk, throw caution to the wind & for the sake of having FUN, take a chance! That being said, this won’t be a regular thing either. 😉
The last thing I want is a dry and dull crystal blog…if you’re looking for that, you’ve landed in the wrong spot!
So let’s go!
1. I’ve worked some sort of job since I was 11 (babysitting!) & worked full-time paying my own way through college & grad school with no grants or loans. I lived with a roommate in an apartment in Miami & got a full time job when I was 17. I worked in department stores, then waitressed & finally bartended my way through college. No government assistance. It took me longer but at 25 I finally graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Biological Anthropology with an emphasis in Primatology & Geology. Later getting my Masters (started off with Geosciences later switching to Curriculum, Instruction & Technology) while still working full time as a Science Department Chair and teacher. You CAN do it!!

2. My hubby & I met when he was 14 & I was 13 in a bowling alley. I fell hopelessly in love but all we did was talk on the phone. It wasn’t meant to be since we didn’t go to the same school. The stars aligned just perfectly bringing us together just as I graduated high school & we were “just out of high school sweethearts” for one summer. He then moved to Los Angeles & my heart broke. :( I thought of him every day for years & years. I went on with my life & had a serious relationship but as soon as it ended 8 years later…who did I call? My Frankie! He dropped what he was doing & met me & my BFF out that night & we’ve been inseparable ever since. We’ll be married 16 years this New Year’s Eve.  He’s quite literally the love of my life.♥

3. I have a SUPERBAD memory. OMG!! Its so bad that my friend’s have been telling me I have Alzheimer’s since I was in high school. But now its getting really really bad. I could be so much smarter if I could just remember shiz! Plus, my BFF always has to remind me of fun stuffs that happened when we were younger. I can never remember it!

4. I drank a glass of bleach thinking it was 7Up when I was 5 years old. *Wait! how did I remember that? LOL.* Got my stomach pumped & lived to tell the tale!

5. I’m 100% Italian. 1/2 Barese & 1/2 Sicilian. My parents both came over on the boat so I’m 1st generation American. I do speak Italian but its getting very rusty with no one to really speak it with on a regular basis. I miss you Nonni!

6. I wanted to be a dolphin trainer in high school. Instead, college got me interested in primates & I ended up working with them & just about every other animal as an animal trainer in the Miami Metro Zoo daily shows. 3 shows a day! Funnest job ever = Lowest pay ever!













7. My favorite thing to wear these days is cool T-shirts!! I’ll wear rock tees (that would be “rock bands”, although I do have a T-shirt with actual rocks on it!!) but Geek tees are my ultimate! And my fav place to get them are!! Woooooot! T’is a new favorite of mine!

8. I got into crystals very young. I remember leafing through a Smithsonian Museum book of my father’s at about the age of three, the amazing photographs of crystals and gems just stopped me in my tracks! I would leaf through that book over and over again, just staring until the pages were worn. Of course, I had no idea at the time what these beautiful objects were. I was just intrigued that something as gorgeous & perfect as a crystal could emerge from the dirt & rough rocks!

9. I don’t watch TV at all. I just find it all too mind-numbing. We subscribe to Netflix though & watch lots of documentaries (No Impact Man is a recent good one) or watch some shows via the Internet & our kick-but Google box streaming the Internet to our TV. We can watch the local news if need be through the digital antennae but very rarely find the need (except during hurricane season here in tropical Florida). I do read a hellalot of books though! Oh yeah…I have managed to get hopelessly addicted to Breaking Bad with no TV, go figure!

10. I banged my head! Between the ages of 17-19 one of my many jobs was as a TicketMaster (diff. name back then, can’t remember…LOL!) sales girl & record store clerk. My friends & I went to EVERY Heavy Metal concert that hit town during that time period since I could get the tix right away. This was circa 1986-88. I won radio contests, back stage passes, my luck was superb!! I tried hard to win but I also KNEW that I would win…& I would! *law of attraction Party Peeps* I even won a limo ride+ dinner + back stage passes to a Bon Jovi/Cinderella concert. Yes, met them all (& lost the photos!!!) Because it was Valentine’s Day, I brought by boyfriend at the time (not Frankie) instead of my BFF, Cathy! I think she still wants to kill me!! What an idiot I was!

Me & Cathy, circa 1987, going to Poison, Cinderella & Stryper!

OK, that was a fun little detour. We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled crystal posts next time. Promise!!

  • Do we have anything in common, Jelly Bean? Please comment on it below.
  • Tell me something fun about YOU that I don’t know!

With an Open Heart. Mwwwaaaah!♥

How To Learn From 12 Glorious Energy Healing Teachers for FREE!

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How To Learn From 12 Glorious Energy Healing Teachers for FREE!

Its so EASY, Crystal Hottie! Just sign up! That’s it. That’s all you have to do.
So What Is It?
To sum it up…its a HUGE online event that begins on May 28.

Its 12 teachers (including me) gathered up + sharing!

Sharing the tools we’ve picked up & learned the power of straight from the ♥

Giving it all for FREE to whomever needs that.

We want you to join us & bring all those you love along with you too!

Learn the Energy Healing that will allow you to:

  • HEAL

I so want everyone who needs to know this, to experience this.

To be able to learn that they have the power to heal themselves from these amazing souls:

  • Barbara Biziou – teacher of practical spirituality
  • Susun Weed – teacher of herbal medicine for women’s health
  • Dr. Laura Koniver – The Intuition Physician
  • Marie Flora Peterson, Charming Pixie Flora – spiritual empowerment Coach, psychic & everyday pagan
  • Jacqueline DuBois, The Moon Mother – energy worker supreme &  founder of the Mother Moon Pagan Monastery
  • Lynn McKenzie – The Prosperity Alchemist
  • Natalie Hill – teacher of EFT tapping techniques
  • Gina Rafkind – anxiety buster
  • Melanie Wallace – frequency carrier of the One Ascension energy field
  • Ashley Leavey – teacher & crystal healer
  • Nancy Windheart – animal intuitive
  • & me, Hibiscus Moon – teacher & founder of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

The Conference is online & recorded so you can attend when the time is right for you & everything is free! Just show up +  give yourself what you need.
So You Ready To Join In?
Just click here & sign up right now!! It’s going to be so amazing, energy-shifting & life-changing. You’ll see! 
I am SOOO Deeply Grateful
So grateful to all of you who have helped share the word about this AMAZING event to all those who need this in their lives right now.

Thank you for tweeting about it, sharing it on Facebook, writing about it on your blog & sending it out to your mailing list. You guys are THE BOMB!

Please don’t stop sharing now. This baby starts on Monday & goes for 12 days straight. Let everyone light up about it! We want as many people to benefit from the conference as possible!

So many of us are in NEED of this sort of thing right now. I know this will be helpful to so many people. There’ll be deep healing, profound realizations, transformations, illuminations, tips of all sorts, energy healing of all types & HUGE opportunities for so much learning + changing + A-HA moments!!
Here are some SUPER-easy ways to click & share!
Share on Facebook


Also!! Make sure you join in on the conversations & view special videos from some of the speakers on the Energy Healers Conference Facebook Page!!

Get all the details & sign up right here Sweet Pea!

Oh my goodness! EXCITING!!

*Throwing Glitter*


Festivities & Give Away ~ Crystal Grids Book 2nd Edition!!

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Hooray for FUN & BIG DREAMS coming true!! My book Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work has done wildly well & I even obtained 2 excellent reviews from 2 different crystal authors whom I highly respect & recommend all the time, Phillip Permutt, author of The Crystal Healer and Sacred Stones along with Joy Gardner, author of Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras: With Light, Color, Sound, Crystals, and Aromatherapy. Woohooooo!

You can read their reviews here!

So this week is the official launch of the 2nd Edition of my Crystal Grids book!

What’s different about it you say?

  • Author Philip Permutt wrote a forward for it (which I am sooo grateful for!)
  • Corrected the few typos 😛
  • I added some black & white photos of some of my personal crystal grids
  • I added a new section explaining how I put together my own Business Prosperity Grid….which went GANGBUSTERS & allowed my dreams of freedom + financial support to manifest!!!

Yes, I attribute that grid as the driving force behind what’s taken place here with my sacred crystal biz. Its not only helped me but has given me the opportunity to help 100’s of others manifest THEIR dream jobs & biz working with crystals.

Yep. It’s a Best Seller!
What’s New?
So, the book is not very different, just slightly changed. The price of the Kindle version went up to $4.99 but Amazon has it on sale right now for $2.99 & the paperback is on sale for $11.07 as of this writing. If you’re looking for a Nook version click here, or any other version, here’s your spot. If you’d like to wholesale my book in your shop, clickity-clack over here.

1. 2nd Edition LAUNCH GIFTIE!
T o encourage more book reviews on Amazon, here’s a little incentive that will be running for 1 week from Tues., May 22 to Tues., May 29, 2012 . If you’ve already read the book, complete a book review for Crystal Grids on Amazon between those dates & receive my Crystal Grids Template Package ($12.97 value) FREE! To claim your free gift, simply send a link or screenshot of your review to info at hibiscusmooncrystals dot com, subject: “Amazon Review” or use my Contact Form.

2. 2nd Edition BOOK LAUNCH Give Away! 5 WINNERS!
Weeee, another excuse for a giveaway. heehee. The 5 winners will get:

  • a signed copy of the ALL NEW 2nd Edition Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work 
  • a digital download of the Crystal Grids Template Package (goes hand-in-hand perfectly with the book, created specifically to walk you through getting started with crystal grids). All ages welcome & anywhere in the world too~!
  • This giveaway ended on May 27. Winners have been chosen. But read below to enter the Goodreads Giveaway!
    To enter:

    • You must be subscribed to my newsletter so if you’re not already get subbed up here (+ you get sparkly free gifts just for signing up!) If you’re already subscribed then you’re automatically entered!
    • Then you must also leave a comment here on this post about why you’d like to learn more about crystal grids.

    3. A Book Signing to Celebrate Launch #2!
    For those of you in the South Florida area, I’ll be doing a Live In Person Working with Crystals 101 Class & Book Signing at My Energy Place on Friday, June 22 from 6:30-8:30PM. The event is $20 & you must RSVP as space is limited. Here’s more info & where you can RSVP. Here’s the spot:

    View Larger Map
    4. Goodreads Signed Book GiveAway!
    The lovely folks at are hosting another 5 signed book giveaway for this special event!


    Goodreads Book Giveaway

    Crystal Grids
    by Hibiscus Moon

    Giveaway ends May 31, 2012.

    See the giveaway details
    at Goodreads.

    Enter to win


    So how’s that for festivities? There are so many ways to win & things to do. Weeeee! Its all about the fun & BIG DREAMS coming true!

    Waves of Crystal Sparklies to you!


    P.S. Have you signed up for the FREE 2012 Energy Healers Conference yet? Did you remember to SHARE IT with someone you LOVE? Sharing is important b/c everyone’s in need of compassionate tools & energetic support. Everyone should have access & get the help & guidance that will get them on their lives’ true path…all from Glorious Teachers teaching us BIG HUGE incredible insights!!!! It all begins May 28!!

    How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

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    How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

    OK, Crystal Hotties, I know there are very many varying opinions on this topic. Books will tell you this, that & the other. In the end, I feel very strongly that:

    You must do what resonates with you most.

    And this will be different for each of us.

    I will tell you what I feel about this topic & then please let me know how you feel about it in the comments below. We don’t all have to agree. What’s so great is that we can all connect & share ideas & even respectfully debate about it if necessary. I love a mature debate!
    What I do:

    • I re-tune (that’ my term for “cleansing” b/c I feel it more accurately describes what I’m doing…resetting the base resonant frequency of the crystal) my crystals when I first receive them. Not b/c I think they all necessarily need this, but more as a back-up measure. I have no idea what the the crystals have been through recently before they made it to me, so if they’re crystals I will be keeping for myself, they get a re-tune since it can’t possibly hurt them.
    • I will also re-tune if the crystal has been subjected to some high amplitude energy; its been dropped & cracked or broken, its been in an environment with a lot of high frequency energy (good or bad), or its been used like a workhorse for healing purposes or an intense crystal grid, etc.
    • If a rare celestial event (an eclipse, planet transit, etc.) is happening or I just feel a particular Full Moon bath would be beneficial, then I may utilize those energies. Why not? Again, it can’t hurt! But I am not a freak about NEVER missing a Full Moon. Not to imply that you are a FREAK if you do this. Hey! Actually, I adore FREAKS & use the term as a compliment!

    As you can see, I don’t spend a whole of time worrying about cleansing my crystals. I don’t feel they need it as much as everyone seems to think they do. It may sound like something fun to do for most & it gives us all an excuse to work with our crystals a little more closely, so hey, GO FOR IT! Its not going to hurt them in any way. If you enjoy it, keep on truckin’!!

    My video below gets into my WHY I feel this way (which I teach about more in depth in my course). See, there are several authors out there that state that some stones don’t need to be cleansed at all ever. That might be very true…for them. You’ll often hear many others simply parroting this advice without working it out for themselves. If you’ve physically experimented with this & find it to be true for you then I fully respect that is how it works for you, but if you’re simply following this as dogma without testing it out for yourself, then I don’t go for it at all, Jelly Bean. Here’s my opinion on that:

    My New Fav. Cleansing Method:

    So please let us all know how you feel, what have you tried, what do you think, what have you heard, what have you read…comment below. I’d love to share ideas!!

    May You Have Squeaky Clean & Sparkly Crystals ALWAYS!



    P.S. Have you signed up for the FREE 2012 Energy Healers Conference yet? Did you remember to SHARE IT with someone you LOVE? I so want us to share b/c I want to be sure that everyone in need of compassionate tools & energetic support hears about this & gets the help & guidance that will get them on their lives’ true path…all from Glorious Teachers teaching us BIG HUGE incredible insights!!!! It all begins May 28!!

    How To Kick a Cold in the A** with Crystals

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    gem elixir tea crystals for cold and flu

    Yep, yep, yep…crystals for cold and flu!

    Ohhh, the boring disclaimer:  I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care, blah, blah, blah.

    Wrong season, I know…but I ended up succumbing to a cold 2 weeks ago; I got hit hard & I figured this is a perfect opportunity to let you all know how I use my crystals to bounce out of that (although I wasn’t bouncing too much at the time!)

    Now, usually, I’m pretty resilient to these things but some of you may know that I’ve been doing some frequent acupuncture treatments to treat my allergies & I’m pretty certain that moved some energy around & temporarily lowered my immune system, allowing a nasty virus to sneak in.

    I also think my recent excessive work habits & lack of sufficient sleep as of late also greatly contributed.

    WORD TO THE WISE: This is not something that I normally condone but until I’m 100% done on my teaching contract this is how it has to be for me…only 4 more weeks to go!!! Then I’m gonna be full time  BOOBS TO THE WALL Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy! (quipped that little phrase from my chica, TipToeChick). hee hee!

    Crystals Are Here To Heal You: crystals for cold and flu
    Of course, I immediately pulled out my  carnelian & aventurine to self treat.  Carnelian is my usual go-to stone for colds. When I feel a little something coming on, I work with it, pop some garlic or echinacea capsules & that usually nips it in the bud. But I was a little late to the party this time so ended up having to pull out all the stops.


    1. Carnelian: (boosts life-force energy, strengthens the immune system, boosts vitality & fortifies the physical body)


    2. Aventurine – (general health + vitality enhancer )…be sure you’re using the green kind!

    3. Flu Tip: If you’re dealing with a serious case of the flu then work with “The Dolphin Stone”, larimar (calm, cooling, soothing energy):

    So what do I DO with the crystals? There are many things you can do but these are just the few things I chose to do:

    • First thing I did was drop a carnelian stone in my water bottle = Instant Gem Elixir!
    • Then I put together a quick little mojo bag to carry in my pocket & keep under my pillow of 1 carnelian, 1 aventurine & 1 small clear quartz point to amplify both of their energies. The bag was green to resonate the green frequency of healing. :)
    • Then I made a loose tea blend using only my favorite organic dried herbs of licorice root, marshmallow root & echinacea purpurea root all steeped in a carnelian + aventurine gem elixir water using my loose tea infuser ball (actually a heart!) meant purposely for healing with its aventurine holder.


    Energy Is Here to Heal You

  • Next, my gorgeous friend (full of healing energy herself) Marie Flora Peterson sent me one of her meditation downloads. This was perfect. I lit some green candles, heated some organic healing + fragrant eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus) in a burner while I laid down on my couch in my healing sacred space & placed 2  aventurine on my heart chakra. Ohhhhh, this was so recuperating!!!
  • Yes, more acupuncture. I knew another treatment would move everything back into alignment. Dr. Christa, my acupuncture doctor had me feeling much better & more at ease.
  • Once I was on the mend & feeling much better, I booked a long overdue general grooming quickie at favorite spa, Namaste Salon & Spa  (she doesn’t have a website…note to self: convince her of the benefits of being on the Internets!) Getting myself cleaned up with some eyebrow waxing, ear candling + a quick toenail polish change (only $10 bux!) was really good medicine for my spirit.
  • Mama Earth is Here to Heal You

  • Lots of rest. I know I was depleted in this area. I took a couple sick days & allowed myself to sleep & lay around as much as I wanted. Boy, did I NEED that!
  • I also felt I needed some deep grounding. I got barefoot & placed my bare feet on the Earth for 20 minute intervals; Earthing! Why? Mother Earth’s surface is covered with balancing restorative electrons (negative ions), which are super-attracted to us. They’re great b/c they neutralize the excess positive ions (free radicals) in the body (very healing). BUT usually, we’re totally insulated from Mother Earth’s restoring electrons with rubber soled shoes & carpeted or tiled floors so we’re usually really  depleted from these restorative energies (especially if you’ve been working under fluorescent lights, cooped up, in front of a computer screeen, etc.) When we’re barefoot we’re PERFECT energy conductors!! That’s why animals are so grounded…are they wearing rubber soles? Emerging research shows that Earthing allows us to HEAL.  Want to learn more about Earthing? Check this book out:
  • So, that’s it. I licked & kicked it in half the time it usually would’ve taken me!! YES. And revived my body, mind & spirit in the process. Knowing how (& continuing to learn more & more) to work with energies & Mother Earth’s healing tools is such an AMAZING blessing + GIFT!!

    I’m so excited to keep learning more + more +more & you’ll be able to as well!!! Have you heard about the FREE 2012 Energy Healers Conference? Join us to learn more ways to revitalize, glow & heal with energy!!!

    Bright Sparkling Healthy Blessings to you!



    P.S. If you’d like to learn more about working + getting creative with Gem Elixirs & how they can help heal you, check out my super-FUN & brand new Gem Elixirs eKit!! Instantly downloadable; have it in your hands within minutes!!!


    Yummy Crystal Candy

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    Yummy Crystal Candy

    Just a little crystal candy for all the good Crystal Hotties in the house & a couple crystal formation explanations too!


    Pssst, a couple of these babies are still for sale: 

    Almost Clear Cactus Spirit Quartz Cluster @ 6:25, $60

    Natural Citrine Twin Point- blackened hematite @ 8:50, $125

    If you’re interested, you can check out how to go about getting my Special Order Crystals here.
    HUGE CRYSTALLINE LOVE to you!! Mwah!



    P.S. Have you signed up for the FREE 2012 Energy Healers Conference yet? Oh, you have? Did you remember to share it with someone you LOVE & let everyone you know get in on it? It all begins May 28!!

    ANNOUNCING: 2012 Energy Healers Conference ~ All free!

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    ANNOUNCING: 2012 Energy Healers Conference ~ All free!

    What’s that saying? April Interviews bring May Illuminations? Something like that…

    So! A big Energy Healers Conference!! I wanted to do this to bring tools & support to so many that need help like this in their lives…to those that need it right now…all from Glorious Teachers teaching us big huge incredible insights on Energy Healing of all sorts!!!!

    I spent all of April interviewing the most incredible list of energy workers/healers/teachers & have put together a most exciting event for you, Crystal Hotties!! It’s been quite the undertaking to put this baby together. But after I realized what’s come of it & what its yet to come of it, it really clicked with me how important all this work is!! A miracle has happened here.
    Miracles happen when you give just as much energy to YOUR DREAMS as you do to your fears. I actually try to give a lot more to the dreams. And here we have the proof! A MIRACLE.
    What Is It?
    Its a FREE online conference that you you get to attend from wherever you are & at whatever time is BEST for you!! I wanted to make it super easy for you to show up b/c we all need BIG MEGA-DOSES of some good nurturing energy healing of all kinds.

    So from the April Interviews that I’ve been working on for you….I’ve cooked up the:
    2012 Energy Healers Conference
    100% FREE


    Begins Monday, May 28

    Learn to flow your energy to manifest Health, Wealth, Creativity + let your own personal brand of spirituality FLY!
    We’re going to be learning from the best here + being gifted with bonus freebies (oooooh, some really exciting stuffs there!)….all at no cost to you!!

    The Conference is online & recorded so you can attend when the time is right for you & everything is free! Just show up +  give yourself what you need.

    Here’s our amazing list of speakers:

    • Barbara Biziou – teacher of practical spirituality
    • Susun Weed – teacher of herbal medicine for women’s health
    • Dr. Laura Koniver – The Intuition Physician
    • Marie Flora Peterson, Charming Pixie Flora – spiritual empowerment Coach, psychic & everyday pagan
    • Jacqueline DuBois, The Moon Mother – energy worker supreme &  founder of the Mother Moon Pagan Monastery
    • Lynn McKenzie – The Prosperity Alchemist
    • Natalie Hill – teacher of EFT tapping techniques
    • Gina Rafkind – anxiety buster
    • Melanie Wallace – frequency carrier of the One Ascension energy field
    • Ashley Leavey – teacher & crystal healer
    • Nancy Windheart – animal intuitive
    • & me, Hibiscus Moon – teacher & founder of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

    Here’s the Event Trailer!!

    I am so deeply grateful to each of these lovely ladies for being so generous of themselves. They’ve poured out their knowledge for us, shared actionable items & even gifted us with free goodies too!! You’re gonna just LOVE this!

    Each day, you’ll get the featured workshop/interview from the speaker of the day sent directly to your email for you to nourish yourself when its convenient for you.
    So You Ready To Join In?
    It’s going to be so amazing, energy-shifting & life-changing. You’ll see! 
    We Can’t Keep This All To Ourselves
    I know many of us are in NEED of this sort of thing right now. I know this will be helpful to so many people. There’ll be deep healing, profound realizations, transformations, illuminations, tips of all sorts, energy healing of all types & HUGE opportunities for so much learning + changing + A-HA moments!!

    Its TOTALLY Free

    Not just for 48 hours, but for whenever you need to tap into these tools again & again. Why? Because many people are waking up, feeling uncomfortable right now & many need to learn these tools + info available to them. And as many peeps as possible need to know that these things are out there for them to tap into!!!

    Let’s help all needing to heal, who want to be happy, who need to be more creative, who need to attract more abundance. Everyone deserves to know that these tools are out there…available to them + then they can decide to pick & choose from those items that resonate with them most.

    So in order to share & let as many people as possible know about this, would you please help spread the word around? Miracles happen when you give MEGA-energy to your dreams. I’m placing my energy here b/c its a big dream of mine that people everywhere learn to tap into the magnificence of themselves. Will you also give a little energy to that?

    I want this conference to be HUGE!! And I know with your help, we can achieve that!
    Let’s Make Certain That Everyone in NEED of This Medicine Gets It!
    So after you’ve signed up, will you please share, share, share about this Conference?? How?

    Facebook it, Tweet it, YouTube it & talk, talk, talk about all the gifts & tools available to us all!

    I’m also so very grateful to you for helping to share this with others!

    BIG SPARKLY ENERGY WAVES of healing + abundance + love!!! Thank you!



    P.S. Here are some SUPER-easy ways to click & share!

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    Also!! Make sure you join in on the conversations on the Energy Healers Conference Facebook Page!!
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    Does an Eclipse Effect Energy?

    Hibiscus Moon astrology, astronomy, cleansing, Crystal Healing, Crystals, energy work, Gem Elixirs, moon, Mother Earth 9 Comments

    You betchya!

    Four eclipses on the horizon for 2012. Those of you that have been following me for a while know that I love to ride those Mother Earth energies like a Bonsai Pipeline! And I like to use the energies of crystals right along with it whenever I can.

    Eclipses harbor powerful energy that intertwine with Mother Earth’s Grid (I explain more about this grid in my little book; Crystal Grids).

    You don’t need to be able to visibly see an  eclipse for its energy to be able to affect you. And that’s a good thing too b/c its very difficult to catch an eclipse, especially a Solar one! But the effects of its energy on us has even been tested by many a scientist. Of course, they have yet to come to a decisive conclusion, but we don’t need no steeeeenkin’ scientific conclusion. We know! When you’re in-tune w/ Mother Earth you can just feel this stuffs. Right?

    Just as I teach with crystals, if an energy is High Amplitude (meaning it carries a whopping lot of energy) it can mess with the base frequency of an object. I classify an eclipse as a high amp event which can leave an imprint in Mother Earth’s grid which can, in turn,  influence us. Make sense?

    Since I don’t feel expert at working with energy on the magnitude of a Total Solar Eclipse (don’t know if I ever will) I don’t like to do too much messing around with it. I’m good with simply acknowledging & respecting it. 

    I will work with Lunar eclipses & such when creating certain special Gem Elixir blends. Those make for some supremely special edition potions difficult to replicate!

    So what’s on tap for 2012?

    • May 20: Annular Solar Eclipse– This eclipse happens when the Moon is a tad closer to the Sun leaving a bright ring of  Sun around the Moon.  Solar eclipses can only appear  during a new moon & in the day time, of course. This means that you are working with new moon energy (great for cleansing, purging, ending things & letting go). Good time to clean out closets & such. Less amplitude than a Total Solar Eclipse. Click here for a NASA map of where you need to be to see this event. Crystals to Work with: herkimer diamond & citrine, stellar beam calcite

    Annular Eclipse. Photo Credit: sancho_panza

    • Jun 04: Partial Lunar Eclipse– I view Lunar eclipses as a really powerful Full Moon. Since this is a partial eclipse its less so, but a powerful Full Moon none the less. High amplitude, no doubt. For me, the Full Moon is a time to be grateful for what the last lunar cycle has brought about & to look to plans & changes for the next cycle. Lunar Eclipses are a good energy to bring about change. Any course corrections necessary for the next cycle? Just contemplating that. I no longer put my crystals out under Lunar Eclipse energy. I feel its just too wonky.  (Click here for NASA maps) Crystals to Work with: moonstone, fluorite
    • Nov 13: Total Solar Eclipse- this is  mega-powerful energy here! Whoa…lots of banishing energy. Personally, I feel the energy is too wild for my liking so I just appreciate it & notice. Think of it…the Sun, the Moon & the Earth are in perfect alignment. The energies are STACKED! Very powerful stuff and something that I don’t feel comfortable messing around with myself.  I’ll just stand back & watch thank you very much! (Click here for NASA map) Alignment of a Total Solar Eclipse. Image credit: NASA
    • Nov 28: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse– this one is like a partial lunar eclipse but has some unobservable differences (points of contact) & not too striking to look at, but the slight energy difference is there none the less. Again, this is good energy to bring about change & to look for course-corrections. (Click here for NASA maps) This is a great opportunity to make some powerful gem elixirs too!! Crystals to Work with: moonstone, fluorite


    Notice, the eclipses occur in pairs of solar with lunar? Balancing of energies. Just an interesting little tidbit.

    So, how are you planning on working with the celestial energies? I’d love to hear about it, Crystal Hottie! Please share below!

    If you’re interested in working with energies in the form of a Gem Elixir, you may be interested in checking out my Gem Elixir eKit; click here to check that out.

    Hang on for the RIDE! :) Surf’s Up!