Wouldn’t It Be Sparkly to be a Crystal Healer? Last Call!

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Hey Crystal Hottie! You stopped by just in time. Yes, indeedy!!

Enrollment for the Certified Crystal Healer Course closes in just 2 days…April 1 & the course officially begins on April 2.
There’s a lot of excitement lately around using crystals for healing (among many other things) & if you’re caught up in the excitement…this is definitely the place to be! This isn’t an academy that’s super-stuffy (though it is super smart) & detached.
Would you like to start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals?
Here you’ll find a place that you can call home with ‘classmates’ who may become lifelong friends (it’s happened!). So please peruse all the goodies here & consider signing up for classes or for the certification if you find that something here speaks to you.
Are you drawn to working with the energies of crystals and stones but just not sure how to use them and what to do with them?
Here’s a video from one of our Crystalline Cohorts with a gorgeous testimonial!


This course will CERTIFY you & teach you the SCIENCE behind crystal healing, while still keeping it fun. Believe me, its fun!
What’s In It For You?

  • FINALLY learn how to ROCK Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support!!
  • Satisfy your love of crystals, fill your spiritual love cup
  • Help our beloved planet & peeps all around you to improve their lives using crystals!!
  • Reap the Ohm-azing benefits of spiritual healing, grounding, being happy + joyful
  • Increase your intuition + perception
  • Create a wildly successful career as a creative spiritual person
  • Earn GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE

What Does This Course Include?

  • 10 pre-recorded webinar-style classes (each approx. 90 min.), which you can download to your device & watch at your convenience (from the comfort of wherever you like!!)
  • FUN suggested homework assignments
  • a GORGEOUS Sparkling Treasure Trove of amazing class resources for each & every class!
  • auto-graded class quiz for each class
  • LIVE Monthly Internet Q & A sessions
  • one on one email support with me for 6 months
  • FOREVER tech support
  • FOREVER membership to our private social networking website exclusively for students (Crystalline Cohorts) in the program!

View a sample of 1 of our classes here to get a feel for what our classes are like!

And take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions here!

Here’s just a couple tweets &posts from a few SUPER-LOVELY Crystalline Cohorts:

If you choose to,  you’ll get to move along with a group on a guided journey through the Certification course finishing up in 10 weeks, Sweetness!

As soon as you enroll, you’ll gain INSTANT ACCESS to all course materials…RIGHT NOW! However, once the course officially begins on April 2, you’ll get a weekly email guiding you to a particular class, cheer-leading & inspiring you through, getting you certified in 10 weeks if you follow the course pace. Whoop~! You Crystal-Rockstar!! Or you can take up to 2 years to finish up. Its totally up to you.

Incredibly in depth, experiential, profoundly informative yet FUN (Wooohooo!) online classes taught by me, Certified Crystal Master & best-selling author, Hibiscus Moon, all from the comfort of your HOME. Participate any time of the day, according to YOUR schedule. Take classes & get CERTIFIED virtually, from where ever you are. And if you’re Reiki Certified, a Massage Therapist or Yoga Instructor, you’ll also earn 18 CE’s!!

Learn more + register right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & joyous career helping people to improve their lives using crystals!!….and having so much fun while doing it!!

Many Crystal Blessings!! Mwaaaaah!

4 Reasons You Should Learn Crystal Healing Now. Enrollment Ends April 1st!

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Its just a few days until the Crystal Healing Certification Course begins on Sunday, April 1!! Weeeeee! I’m so Over-The-Moon that we’ll be getting a whole bunch of new Crystalline Cohorts joining in on the FUN!

Many of you have already signed up – but I keep getting many questions on my Facebook Page asking things like how will the course help me, how the course works, how its different than my book…

So here we are:
4 Reasons You Should Learn Crystal Healing Now:

  • You can earn GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or add to your existing income! You’ll be opening the door to a rewarding, inspirational, creative career for a Creative Spiritual Person such as yourself! Yep, start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals!! Yes, you can.This is a whole new skill set you’ll be adding to your resume making you more marketable. This course will cultivate the courage within you to go for your BIG dreams & create a wildly successful career as a creative spiritual person. Woohoo!As a Certified Crystal Healer you’ll be creating INCOME from guiding others to experience all the benefits of crystal healing!
  • This course will allow you to reap the Ohm-azing benefits of spiritual healing + grounding, being happy + joyful. You’ll experience profound insights while satisfying your love of crystals, filling your spiritual love cup, inspiring your creativity, expanding your consciousness, increasing your intuition + perception with soul-shining glowing clarity on your unique path & purpose…all while you; learn the science & FUN behind Crystal Healing!
  • If you’re IN LOVE with crystals but just not sure how to use them or not sure what to do with them, you’ll FINALLY learn how to utilize Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support!! You’ll learn how to use crystals to their fullest & profound potential. Recognizing & remembering your talents, you Crystal Hottie!
  • I completely & totally believe in everything that I’ve created here with my Sacred Crystal Academy. I’ve  poured every ounce of my heart & soul into every little thing from all my YouTube videos to my book to the products to all the classes…all of it. So come join in the fun. You’ll be so radiantly happy that you did!
  • Enrollment Ends April 1st!
    The course begins Sunday April 1 & can be completed in as little as 10 weeks…or you may take up to 2 years (whatever is comfy for you). If you’re called to do it, join us, enroll now… & let the sparkles begin!

    Any questions? Concerns? I’m here for ya, Sweets. Email me!

    Wanna read through the Fun FAQ’s? Right over here.

    Learn more + register right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals!!

    Have a delectably splendid day Gorgeous Ones!!

    How To Have Fun with Crystal Healing!

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    Here’s a classic video of me playing & creating crystal healing tools…just a tiny smidgen of some of the GLORIOUSLY SOUL-FULFILLING  things you’ll learn if you join us to become a Certified Crystal Healer. 😀

    In this video I work on adding crystals to or creating my:

    • Healing rattle
    • Crystal Healing Chakra Wand
    • Smudge Fan

    Oh, if you feel any of these tools would be helpful to someone else, please do share this with others who may just need some love & energy boosting.

    My BIG DREAM is to get everyone using crystals to help make positive change + to heal. We CAN do this!

    Crystals are just our tools, but they sure are the PRETTIEST & FUNNEST tools in anyone’s tool box!!

    Sparkling Crystal Blessings!



    P.S. If this resonates with you, joining in on the Crystal Healer Certification Program is powerfully transformative! I hear it over & over again.

    All the techniques & suggested homework (ohm-work!) allows you to heal & your spirituality grow + bloom in beautiful & fulfilling ways. You’ll be learning how to use crystals while also learning the science behind crystal healing. you’ll also be a Certified & Accredited Crystal Healer earning GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or adding to your existing income!
    Remember enrollment ends Sunday, April 1 – so don’t miss out! Enroll now!!

    Top Crystal Picks for Weight Loss

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    I’m often asked about what crystals can help us to lose weight & how to use them.

    First, let me just say that just like with any other weight loss remedy, you cannot depend on the crystals alone. They should be used as a tool & support to help give the other magnificent things you’re doing a wonderful boost…like watching what we eat & getting proper exercise.

    Having said that, I used to always recommend my fav high-energy energy stones like carnelian & citrine. THEY ARE THE BOMB at boosting energy, BUT they can boost appetite as well in some people! Oooopsie! So, a number of years ago I switched up my weight loss crystal support system & the data is in…these picks work wonders.
    I now like to recommend this POWERFUL combo:

  • apatite (how ironic is that name?!)
  • sunstone
  • sodalite
  • [caption id="attachment_2599" align="aligncenter" width="256"] Apatite. Photo by Rob Lavinsky, www.irocks.com[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2600" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sunstone. Photo by Ra’ike[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2601" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Sodalite[/caption]

    Apatite & sunstone are both SUPREME for suppressing hunger & rrrrrrrevving up your metabolism! Sodalite will simply eeeeease the whole process by improving your own cellular function & helping you to  regulate your water retention.

    These 3 babies used together make the ultimate weight loss combo, but they can also be used individually on their own.
    HOW TO:
    As for how to use them, there are several ways. Here are just a few:

    • You can create a gem elixir minus the sodalite due to aluminum content (I’m brewing up a big ole’ eKit on how to do this…to be released soon)
    • Carry them in a mojo bag
    • Wear them as jewelry
    • Put some stones in your pillow case at night
    • Meditate with some nice specimens
    • Create a crystal grid using these stones
    • To learn more about how to create and use crystal tools such as these, you may be interested in my Instant Download Class; Crystal Healer Toolkit.

    I know many of you out there have had great successes with using crystals for weight loss. Please share what stones & methods you’ve used. We can ALL learn & benefit when we share with all!♥

    Oodles of Crystal Blessings!!


    P.S. Are you on the Wait List for our next enrollment of my Crystal Healer Certification Course?