How To Lower Your EMF Risks with Crystal Healing

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Powerful Crystals to Help Lower Your EMF Risks
Hey Sparkly One!

Have you  noticed over the last few years people have become much more concerned with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation &  now a new possible threat; nuclear radiation in the atmosphere? AKA, EM Pollution.

Some symptoms of excess EMF radiation are fatigue, joint & muscle pain, decreased attention span, memory loss, difficulty focusing & insomnia. Yuck.
In my analysis & research I noted these are the same symptoms of being ungrounded! Of feeling Yuck & Stuck!
Could it be that too much EMF causes us to become ungrounded?

EM Pollution
If you’d like to learn more about how to lower your risk and avoid EMF exposure around your house, residual magnetism, static build-up, wireless EMF along with radioactivity, here’s a great recording of an interview with Vicki Warren, the past executive director of the Institute for Bau Biology & Ecology.  Here she talks about all of these things & gives excellent advice on examining your house for EMF dangers! Awesome stuffs!

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. Truly eye-opening! Be informed & get protected:

In my Creating Sacred Spaces & Self Protection Using Crystals Class we discuss  specific crystals & stones you could use to counteract EMF pollution. Crystals you don’t want to use are any kind of silicate crystals: quartz, lepidolite, etc.

Why? For the simple reason that they easily slide into resonance with electronics & microwave radiation. That’s what we don’t want. That property is why silicon (what silicates & quartz are made of) is so widely used in technology! It’s an excellent semi-conductor.

The best stones to use for EMF protection are ferromagnetic (iron containing) stones like lodestone, magnetite, hematite, pyrite.

BUT, be certain not to have any magnetic stones near your laptop = CERTAIN LAPTOP DEATH due to hard-drive being erased.

I also like black tourmaline for this (even though its a silicate). The reason I throw that 1 into the hat too is b/c it’s got just the right combo of elements & it has the added yin-benefit of having iron in it. Black tourmaline is known for its ability to transmute & “cleanse” energy & it actually has pyroelectric properties too. But I don’t want to slam too much science into 1 blog post. Since I can’t tell if your eye are glazing over yet, I’ll have to trust that this is enough. 😉

Another recent favorite for this sort of protection is shungite:

These are 2 shungite pieces from my crystal grid that surrounds my wifi router.

Now! Here’s the KICKER that I’ve discovered!! Most of these are the same exact stones many cultures teach to use to ground ourselves!!! How perfecto! Don’t you just love when the ancient knowledge & new dovetails together like that?
So here are some things you can do; both using stones & otherwise:

  • Make a lodestone (magnetic magnetite) pendulum, spin it through your EMF to strengthen weak areas
  • Place Kernite or Colemanite crystals (just got a SWEET specimen!) in a low dose nuclear radiation area to absorb; these crystals are Boron-based, thereby accepting & ionizing radiation



Colemanite Photo by Rob Lavinsky of
  • Unplug your bedroom (listen to Warren’s recording above for how’s & why’s)
  • Children should not use cell phones due to their higher susceptibility
  • Reduce your own cell phone use
  • Use a land line whenever possible
  • Reduce or eliminate your use of wireless (you can put it on a timer so at least part of the time its not radiating throughout your house, physical body & auric field). This is a tuffy for me seeing as I live in a busy suburb-y/city where I receive 3 5 wireless signals radiating from my neighbors!
  • Turn your cell phone off when not in use

I don’t like to fear monger but I feel its good to get this info out there from time to time & remind ourselves to clean up our energy & balance.

If you have other tips or ideas, please share. We’d love to hear them here! And if you found this post useful or helpful, please share it with others. ♥

Many Crystal Blessings!


P.S. If you think you may be interested in learning more about this PLUS steps on how to create Sacred Space, you may be interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. :)


Sacred Space with Crystals FREE eKit!!!

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Crystal Healing with Angels

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Helloooo Gorgeous Crystal Hotties! Today we have a guest post from the lovely Lori-Lyn Hurley. She’s a spiritual intuitive, empath & Reiki Master whose energy I just fell in love with. I really wanted to have her visit here b/c I know many of you are attracted to working with crystals along with Angels & this is her expertise. I’m anxious to learn here too so I’m grabbin’ a comfy chair, sitting in the front row with BIG EYES & all ears!

Accessing the Wisdom of Angels With Crystals
“Long before I knew I could communicate with spirit guides and angels, I knew that I loved my birthstone, amethyst. I loved its deep purple color and its calming energy. Every time I went with my mom to the children’s clothing store in our small downtown, I eyed the tray of sparkling birthstone rings. I received one for my eighth birthday, and I treasured that ring. (My pieces of amethyst jewelry are still my favorite.)

Years later, when I began to develop as an intuitive, I was intrigued (but not entirely surprised) to learn of the spiritual properties of amethyst. I had always been a person who collected crystals and polished stones, especially drawn to crystal points, and much of what I owned was amethyst, but I hadn’t given this much thought. I didn’t actually do anything with crystals other than admire them.
My introduction into working with angels came by way of the Archangel Michael, who was loud enough that I couldn’t ignore him, and powerful enough to assist me in transforming my chronic anxiety. As I began to study AA Michael, I learned that one of the stones he was associated with was my beloved amethyst.
Just as AA Michael can be called upon for protection, amethyst is a protective stone, an excellent meditation tool and an accelerator for psychic abilities. So, I surrounded myself with it. I kept amethyst points and clusters on my meditation altar. I stored my angel oracle cards with chunks of amethyst on top, and I began to hold a sphere of polished amethyst in my left hand (my receiving hand) when I meditated, pulled cards, or attempted to communicate with my guides and angels.

I found that the calming energy I’d sensed from amethyst since childhood allowed me to quiet my mind of chatter and focus on the loving guidance that was coming through for me, and when I began to do readings for other people, I used amethyst as my talisman.

Amethyst, I learned is also associated with the Archangel Zadkiel, the angel of self-transformation, spiritual growth and alchemy. Simply knowing this, deepened my relationship to the stone I’d always loved. I began to meditate on my amethyst clusters, peering into the heart of the stones, as if scrying with a crystal ball. What I found there was not about the outside world, but very much about me and my soul.

The next of my angel crystals came to me by accident. At a psychic fair, I purchased a large chunk of Celestite. It called to me with its beautiful pale blue color and twinkling light. I didn’t realize, until I got it home and placed it on my altar that celestite is a powerful angelic messenger. A stone associated with the Archangels Gabriel and Raguel, celestite is a door opener, a bridge to the higher self, and a great help in accessing angelic guidance.
With Amethyst and Celestite at my hands, my intuitive and psychic skills evolved and expanded, and so did my awareness of the use of stones and crystals. I saw them not so much as tools, but as soul reminders. I began to feel crystals as living entities, gifts of the Mother Earth, and the angels.
And they began to show up in my meditations. When I meditate, I experience what I think of as “third-eye downloads” – visions of angels and spirit guides. In these visions, the angels are often working with me in some way, touching or moving my body. As time goes on and my work develops, these visions have become more and more esoteric.

I often see angels placing crystals into my hands or pushing them into my forehead. Even when I have no idea in my conscious mind what this is all about, my heart resonates with these images and trusts that healing is taking place.

My work as an intuitive and Reiki practitioner is focused in the heart chakra. Spiritual and healing energy is processed in the heart – for the heart is where the truth lives. With my focus turned to my heart, I found myself drawn to rose quartz, a beautiful pink stone associated with the Archangel Ariel, a healing angel, and Archangel Chamuel, the angel of the heart who assists with relationship issues of all sorts.

I had started to experience a pressure in my chest whenever I conducted readings. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to this sensation, other than recognizing it as a sign that I was “tapped in”, but eventually, I realized that I needed a better system for clearing my energy body after conducting healings and readings. I added rose quartz to my meditation altar and began to put chunks of it in my salt baths. I also purchased a rose quartz pendulum to use in energy clearing and I found that simply looking at this peaceful stone or holding it for a moment, brought me into a tranquil space.

I wear rose quartz whenever I need to remind myself to align with love, to open my heart, to flow with softness, forgiveness and connection – the energy of the angels. It is a stone that feels completely aligned with love.

Crystals and stones had become such an important part of my intuitive practice, I wanted to bring them into my Reiki practice as well. I practice Usui Reiki, but for me, this practice is also closely tied to the angels.

Angels work with me in every healing session, surrounding me and my clients with love and support. For that reason, I chose Selenite, a fragile clear crystal associated with the Archangels Michael and Haniel, to assist me in my healing work.

I began placing a strip of selenite beneath the Reiki table and could feel an immediate difference in the depth and scope of the energy that moved through that space. Selenite accesses the information of the cosmos, helps to dispel negativity and fears, and assists with cleansing and alignment.

I discovered it to be a wonderful stone to use when cutting etheric cords (those energy-draining attachments we form through day to day living.) And because of its clearing abilities, I also keep a piece of selenite in front of my computer, to help dispel the fear and negativity I sometimes encounter on the internet.
Communicating with angels is as natural as breathing. You don’t need any special tools in order to open your heart to your angels and feel their presence in your life.  Connecting with the subtle, powerful energy of crystals, however, can deepen your relationship with the angelic world.
Arranging crystals on your meditation altar, carrying them in your pocket, placing them in trays around your house, holding them as you speak to your angels will naturally attune you to the spiritual realms.

When I gaze into the large amethyst cluster on my altar or hold rose quartz in my hand, I remember who I am, where I come from, and the abundant support that surrounds each of us.”
Lori-Lyn Hurley is a spiritual intuitive, empath and Reiki master who helps you align with love. You can find her on facebook, twitter or her website. She blogs the dream life.
Thank you to Lori-Lyn for such wonderful & USEFUL info!! I loved learning all about this. Have you done any work with crystals & angels? Please share & let us know. I love to here how others work crystals into their lives!

Angel Kisses & Sparkles to EVERYONE!

Crystal Healing Contest Time!!!

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Hey Party People in Da Sparkly Crystal House!!! So to prep for the soon-to-launch new Certified Crystal Healer Course program, let’s talking about another giveaway!!!

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  • Yeah, so you need to have a Twitter account for this one.

OK, so I’m looking forward to another FUN giveaway. :) Weeeeeee!

Big Crystal Love!!!!

Crystal Healing for Animals

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Crystals as Partners in Animal Healing
Hello Dear Hearts. Today I am honored to bring to you a guest post by Nancy Windheart, an internationally recognized professional animal communicator & animal communication teacher!! This is a real treat so please cozy up, relax & have a good read…especially if you love animals. :)

“When Hibiscus Moon asked me to write a guest blog on how I use crystals in my animal communication and healing practice, I was inspired to really think about the many ways that the crystals have assisted and taught me as I have worked with them. I have remembered with gratitude the many miracles and beautiful healings that the crystals have facilitated in my own life, and for my clients and their animal companions.

I consider the Crystal Beings to be partners and teachers, rather than tools, in my life and work. I work as a professional animal communicator, and I am also a Reiki Master-Teacher. I work with people and their animal friends with a variety of issues, from behavior and training to physical challenges and end-of-life decisions. The motto of my work is, “Honoring Spirit in All Life.” I love seeing my clients and students really open up to an awareness of their deep connection with all life, and the recognition that spirit and sentience lives in all beings–not just humans and animals, but also the trees, plants, nature spirits, and the beings of the mineral kingdom who are also members of our Earth family.

I communicate telepathically with crystals in much the same way as I communicate with animals, plants, nature spirits, and the many other beings in our world—as sentient beings, with consciousness, wisdom, awareness, and individuality. In this way, the crystals themselves have taught me the most—who they are, what they are here for, what energy they carry, what they can best help with, and how to use them. This has been a fascinating journey for me, taking me beyond what is available in any book and helping me to realize the tremendous beauty, flexibility, and power of our crystal and mineral friends.

I find that animals, in general, are very sensitive and receptive to the energies of crystals, gems, and minerals. Often, animals who live with people who love crystals are especially sensitive to them, and may even be able to tell me which crystal they need, in which place in their home. Animals are often very aware of the principles of energy flow, commonly called feng shui, and will request certain stones and minerals to be placed in particular areas of the home to facilitate a healthy feeling of balance and flow. I worked with a cat who requested that clear quartz and rose crystals be placed in a window of his home, to help to transmute the dark energies that were coming into the apartment from a neighboring bar.

Some animals will benefit by having crystals and other stones placed on or near their bodies in an in-person healing session; it may also be appropriate at times to give animals a particular stone to wear on their collar, headstall, or placed in their enclosure. However, animals will often respond very positively to simply invoking the energy of a particular stone. I will often receive this kind of information intuitively as part of a communication or healing session, in cases where there is a particular crystal energy that will be beneficial. For example, I worked with a companion bird recently who needed and responded to the strong, balancing energy of citrine. Within a short time, with the help of Reiki and communication, her health and vitality was greatly restored. In these cases, I ask that the stone or crystal share their energy with the animal in need, and that the animal receive it, without necessarily needing to have the actual crystal near their body or in their environment.

I also love to use crystal grids, both in my personal life and with my clients. I have a crystal grid that is activated with Reiki in my office. I use a bowl in the center, where I write the names of the animals and people I am working with, as well as those who ask for support through my monthly New Moon Healing Circles, and activate the crystal grid with Reiki energy that will continue to send Reiki 24/7 to those in need. I have found that this is very effective, and helps to provide great support and healing energy for those who need it.

Like many people who are working in the healing and intuitive professions, I have clear memories of other lifetimes of working with the crystals, where their wisdom and healing power was a known and accepted truth in society. It is my feeling that many of us have carried this knowledge and understanding forward to this time here on planet Earth, and that now the world is ready again to really understand and receive the blessings from the mineral world in a way that is extremely powerful and profound.”

Nancy Windheart is an internationally recognized professional animal communicator and animal communication teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher and Registered Yoga Teacher who teaches animal communication classes and provides animal communication consultations for clients worldwide. She is on the faculty of the Animal Spirit Healing and Education Network, and trained professionally with animal communication pioneer Penelope Smith. She writes articles for Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, and other publications. Nancy is a professional member of the International Center for Reiki Training, the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and is certified through the Yoga Alliance and as a Lifeforce Yoga® Practitioner. She lives in Cornville, AZ, with her animal family of dogs, cats and chickens. You can read more about Nancy’s work on her website:

How Did this Crystal Academy Begin? A Labor of Love

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Good Busy :)

I’m often asked how all this started & I’m not quite sure myself. BUT, I think I’ve stumbled across something quite exciting, fun & much needed….online crystal classes.

Through my YouTube channel *where I got started teaching about crystals online in 2007* I’ve found that many people, besides me, are intrigued by crystals & are being called to work with them more & more. Attribute it to energy shifts, a higher calling, or whatever you want…but I’m here to tell you its happening BIG TIME!

It quickly became apparent I could not answer the questions one by one via email. There were too many. So while I was making YouTube videos, I started getting many questions & took to writing crystal articles & blogging more & more about them to get all the questions answered. And I was & still am, so very grateful for all the questions! They are the reason I am doing what I am doing today. :) And they push me to keep going & going.

I was writing, blogging & vlogging about crystal energies & crystal healing & was writing so much that I soon realized a disorganized book was pouring out of me! But the more I put out there, the more questions poured in & began receiving several  inquiries about teaching online. See, at the time, I was also running & teaching a local meetup group: Goddess Gatherings, with my BFF, Cathy where we incorporated a lot of crystal teachings (yeah, did that in my spare time…*what was I thinking?*) Actually, it was loads of fun & but zapped us too much energetically.

Oh yes! Forgot to mention that I also worked (still do) full time teaching science & run my crystal shop on Etsy. So, all this was starting to snowball as I realized that there are so many lovely sweet peeps like you, Sweetness, who NEED to know more about how to work with crystals!

It was time to reorganize & make some changes. I truly enjoy researching, experimenting, working with, writing about & teaching about crystals. I love it with all my heart & my Crystalline Cohorts (students in the Certified Crystal Healer Program)…they KNOW this.

I realized that writing the articles, the book & teaching local classes could be parlayed into something more meaningful for everyone involved! 

I decided to merge the article writing, the local classes & all the online inquiries & wrap them all up into online crystal classes w/ a bow on top! Nothing like these classes were be given anywhere (still aren’t…not in this format, not in this way), that can be taken by people all around the world, anytime! It truly excites me every time I think about it!!

This idea resonated with me so strongly. I made immediate changes and got to work right away on it & The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy officially began 1 year ago. This all so exciting because people have responded so positively to this so I know the Universe certainly guided me in the right direction! It always does when you expect great things, doesn’t it? 

I am filled with gratitude to all those who were instrumental with their guidance as well as with their GLORIOUS questions! This is an amazing journey that I’m on & I’m still so excited to see what’s up ahead! I hope many more of you will be joining us. :)

If you would like to take a look at what the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy offers, hop on over here.

So please share what brought you to my site…do you love crystals, want to know more about healing with them, dreaming with them, angel connections, anxiety relief…anything else? We love to talk crystals  ’round these parts!

Crystal Blessings for 2012!

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

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How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Working with crystals, I get asked this question quite a bit. In teaching both my live & online classes, I’ve polled my peeps or have done Facebook polls about it & found some very juicy things out about what people think about this topic!

First off, if it works of you, keep on keeping on!Don’t let 1 single thing I or anyone else says sway your feelings or intuition.

That’ being said, I often hear that some believe there are some crystals that need not EVER be cleansed. I hear this often of selenite, some kyanites but mostly, I hear this of citrine.

I feel that there are no crystals or stones that do not require any cleansing.BTW, this is my new fav way to cleanse my crystals!


At some point their frequencies will need to be readjusted, especially if they have been used for intense healing, just like any other crystal. Why would these specific crystals be any different than any other? Citrine is quartz with some iron & some heating. So is amethyst. What makes citrine so special that is would never need to be cleansed?

I know that certain authors have written that some crystals never need to be cleansed, but to my knowledge this did not come from the ancient teachings. I defer to those.

To me, the crystals are just like a guitar that’s been over-played, after a while it needs to be re-tuned. There is nothing molecularly different about selenite or others that would not allow their energies to entrain with others’ at some point in time requiring their frequencies be slightly readjusted.

Some say the cleansing for these particular crystals can be totally skipped forever because they have the power to transmute negative energy.

OK, that’s all well and good. BUT, Black Tourmaline does quite a good job at transmuting energies (the best in my opinion) yet no one says it doesn’t ever need to be cleansed.

This prompted me to do a vid on based on this topic.

If you  know me, you know I  love an intelligent & respectful debate…so if you’ve got an opinion, please do comment below. I’d  love to hear your point of view, Sweetie Pea! Agreed, disagreed or just general comments. All are welcome & safe here. :)

Crystal Blessings & Sparkly Clean Love to you All!


How to Make a Crystal Grid to Manifest your Desires

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…(LOL!)

…actually it was right here in the Milky Way Galaxy and it was just a few years ago when I got real clear with my future goals for my sacred crystal biz. I wanted it to be my full-time gig & I wanted it to GO BIG!
Once I knew where I wanted to go I knew I needed to push my dream through with powerful energy!
I knew with every cell in my being that this is what I needed & wanted to be doing.

I wasn’t so just a year previous. But then…all of a sudden… it was all I could think of!

It was surely what I’m meant to dooooooo.

I knew from past experience that just doing visualizations wasn’t going to cut it & although I try to keep the negative speak & thought patterns at bay, I’m not always perfect with it. It’s hard! Especially when those around you tend to drag you back into old habits. We get so easily caught up in it.
So, of course…CRYSTAL GRID to the rescue!!
Let’s get into how to make a crystal grid…

So, first I jotted down notes of crystals that I had that would give me the career, business mojo, powerful punch I was looking for:

  • orange calcite
  • citrine
  • peridot
  • pyrite
  • quartz for amplifying 

I gathered up a green cloth & green candles…the green color has the frequency of abundance.

I laid it all out & was thinking it through.

I narrowed it down; my large quartz point, Big Baby in the center surrounded by orange calcite & citrine. The peridot in matrix at the front & amplifying the whole thing with small quartz lasers.

I also decided to change out the cloth underneath with my green flower of life grid silk. KA-POW!!

I mindfully put everything into place & also added a few photos of things that reminded me of what life would be like once my sacred crystal biz was in Full Swing! Schwing!!

And here’s a close up of my beautiful babies!!!

In this photo you can see Big Baby has a baby of it’s own…growing right inside & whose pointed head sticks out & is pointing right at the peridot. This is why I really wanted something right here at the base of the center piece. This is some strong mojo cooking right here. :)

And yes, my Sweet! This crystal grid worked it’s POWERFUL magic!

If you’ve been with me a while, you watched it happen right before your very eyes as I documented all of it. Shortly after creating this grid I left my full-time teaching gig as a Science Department Chair b/c my biz was busting out at the seems & I had to make that decision.

Nice decision to have to make, right? My biz grew quite rapidly actually & with such ease & vitality. PLUS…it’s all been such a sheer joy for me! (Well, most of it!)


So what would you most like to build a crystal grid for? Please share it below! Put it out into the Universe & let the energy start flowing. How are you going to make it happen?

If you’d really like to learn all the nitty-gritty on how & why crystal grids work, I wrote a best-selling book on the subject. You can check that out here.

I get asked all the time about the grid silks I used to have made & sell. I no longer condone the use of silk that is not cruelty free & here’s why (if you agree with that please share that report). I have since found a much better alternative using cotton & are sewn by sustainably employed single moms in the USA & contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms & their children! You get 4 so you can decorate them for various grid purposes!! Here you go!

If you need some more specific direction or just really like this post, my Crystal Grid Templates Package includes this grid & many others. Get to dreaming BIG & manifesting your desires!

Happy Twinkling Manifesting!!

P.S. Did you find this helpful? If you’d like, please share it so others can benefit too. I’m so grateful to you!

Moldavite: Out of this World?

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Moldavite: Out of this World?

So is moldavite from outer space?

Ahhh, dreamy cosmic greeny moldavite. You’ve heard so much about it, or maybe you haven’t. My goal in teaching about crystals is to give you the metaphysical properties (this may vary somewhat from person to person b/c not all of us experience frequencies in the same way) & always back it with  whatever science is available too, then I try to throw some FUN into it. :)
Moldavite Science
Moldavite is a type of rare green colored tektite. What are tektites you say? They’re naturally formed small glass rocks that most geologists believe were formed by the impact of meteorites on Earth. Being glass means these are not technically crystals nor minerals at all, but rocks.

These are black tektites:

Black tektites like these are found on Mother Earth within a narrow equatorial belt around Thailand, Australia, Vietnam & the Philippines. The strongest scientific origin theories state that they took a very fast trip through the atmosphere while they were still molten & then landed on Earth, SPLAT!…little gifts for us to discover later.  So basically, this theory states that its natural glass created from the immense heat of a meteoritic impact with the Earth. An alternate theory states that the meteorite impacts actually occurred on the Moon & that tektites are droplets of rock that splashed off the Moon onto Mother Earth! Dating techniques suggest such an event occurring about 700,000 years ago. Yet another strong theory points to an impact in Indochina from an extra-terrestrial object.

Moldavite is a specific tektite named after the Moldau river region in Southern Bohemia, where most Moldavite can be found. Many scientists believe this area was impacted by a meteorite about 15 million years ago which mostly likely created the current moldavite sold on the market. The green color is mostly likely due to the iron content & possibly some olivine (peridot) from the original meteorite).
Real or fake?
Be careful, there’s a bit o’ fake moldavite on the market especially sold on ebay from China & then redistributed by others in the US.Some are taking green bottle glass, melting it & then etching it with acid to make it look like moldavite.

I now make an annual trek to Tucson in Feb. for the world renowned Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows. There I hook up with a seller who hand mines with a plow on farm land in the Moldau region. His family lives there & they make all their income for the entire year off of their moldavite findings sold in Tucson! Its a meager but honest living for them. Last year they told me how its  getting harder for them now. Several years ago the Czech government changed the rules; you can only dig to 1 meter unless you have a permit, which can be costly.  He has also told me its becoming increasingly harder to find the green rock as its getting more & more scarce, thereby driving up the price.
No one would dare come to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows trying to sell fake moldavite unless they want to be bounced out face first into a cactus!
Plus many of us are walking around with jeweler’s loupes looking for teeny tiny wormlike inclusions telltale of the real deal moldavite. :)

How can you tell if its fake sans loupe? Well, if it has a blue cast to it, it may very likely be bottle glass. Also, large pieces of moldavite are extremely rare so be aware of those & do your research.
The Woo Woo
Metaphysically tektites are  known to rev up  thought transmissions while enhancing psychic abilities & astral travel. Woo! What a trip! They can also increase energy fields, open & clear the lower chakras & generally enhance & strengthen your  aura. Australian aborigines refer to tektites as “Mabon”, or magic & believe that finding one brings good luck! In India, they’re known as the Sacred Gem of Krishna. Tektites can also assist you in attaining knowledge & learning your life lessons. They also really help to balance the feminine/masculine aspects.

All tektites, including moldavite, are said to have a very high vibrational frequency due to their cosmic connection. Moldavite specifically helps with meditation & peak experiences during meditation as well as making contacts with other worlds. Its also known for rapid spiritual evolution, chakra cleansing, activation & transformation. The green in moldavite also brings a frequency that resonates with the heart chakra, helping to open & deepen heart-centered meditations.

Good stuffs this moldavite!

I have experienced it myself, but you must be very careful not to OD on it, like I have. At first, all I noticed was the tingly warm feeling most described, but in working with it more, it certainly did its magic & then a sneak attack! Dizziness, flushing & lightheadedness are common OD’ing symptoms. If you are not experienced with working with crystals & meditating then I recommend waiting until you are more experienced & then take it verrrrry slow & in small doses. And even if you are experienced, ALWAYS balance with a good grounding stone, like black tourmaline. I learned this the HARD WAY!

 Here’s a video I did on moldavite on my YouTube Crystal Channel: High Ascension Crystals – Moldavite and Scolecite

I’ve been really drawn to working with moldavite quite a bit lately. On 11-11-11, I made moldavite gem elixir & now I’ve taken the chips I had left from last year’s Tucson trip & along with my Moldavite Gem essence & a few other magical ingredients & I’m working on a very special moldavite high ascension gem oil to use during meditations. Its going to be COSMIC!!

Recently, I’ve been having certain crystal healings done by my Crystal Healer & CCH, Gina here in FL & she did a Moldavite Session for me that was AMAZOING! Here’s a vid clip from our pre-session & what she had planned for me:

BTW, if you’d like a piece of moldavite, I do custom shopping for my clients while in Tucson for special requests. (Payment required upfront). For serious inquiries you can contact me here.

So, have you worked with moldavite? Have some? Jonsin’ for some? Think you have the real thing or a fake? Please share. :)

Greeny Dreamy Sparkles!



How To Create Sacred Space with Crystals

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In preparing for my free Crystals & Sacred Spaces eKit, I  really got into reevaluating my sacred space & how I use crystals in it.

Part of the reason we love crystals so very much is that many of them resonate with the frequencies that influence a quiet, inspiring space for rituals like prayer,  meditation, yoga or quiet time for creating & journaling.

Maybe you’re just craving a little spot to relax & let go. A place to renew. We have an innate need for nourishing our spirit, don’t we? A place that allows you to feel more centered, grounded & happy! :) Ah, sweet pea….you can create just that with crystals to help you along. Its within your reach.

Oh yes, a sacred space allows you to express your creativity too. It allows you to get creative with a sensory experience too. Let this just be a little spring board for you. You can set it up once or change it up with the seasons or special holidays you celebrate. Do whatever feels good! It can also change as your ideas of what’s sacred change or as your needs do.

And you can create this space wherever you are…and I do mean wherever! I’ve had my SUPER-CREATIVE Crystalline Cohort students create these in a closet, a desk drawer at work or a glove compartment in their car!!! So Yep’sirree…ANYWHERE. :)

Here’s your How To Steps:

  • Figure out where this space will be. Is it a whole room or does it need to be portable (a traveling space togo…link in a hotel room)? Then plan accordingly.
  • Sacredly clean your space. If you’re able to, open a window or two first. Let that stank, stale out, out, out! Then do a physical cleaning; dust, vacuum, scrub, whatever…just get it clean & fresh. Mmmmmm. Next, you can use any method you prefer to clear your space energetically; sage smudging, ringing a crystal singing bell or even a Negativity Neutralizer Spray Smudge that incorporates transmuting crystals such as Smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline. Remember to do your cleaning again whenever you feel your space needs it or whenever the energy just feel “stuck or yuck”.
  • Now, gather up all your “sacred” objects. This changes from person to person. We all have items that feel spiritual or sacred or carry a special meaning for us, however since you’re here…I’m sure this list will include some very special crystals….right? In fact, some crystals are a must-have for this type of space; rose quartz, amethyst & smokey quartz are great choices. You may choose to use an altar or a crystal grid here too. Its all up to you & what feels right.  
  • Make it comfy! If your space isn’t someplace you just LURVE, if its empty & bare or just messy & cluttered…then it won’t feel sacred to you. Put some comfy pillows for seating, get rid of the clutter, use pretty candles & have some great things to look at….like GORGEOUS SPARKLY CRYSTALS (hee hee hee hee). Wait! Is this just an excuse to buy more crystals? Nooooooooo. yes.
  • Now introduce some Sacred Sounds: this can be sounds you make yourself, again, with a crystal singing bowl or tingsha bells or get some CDs that can really get you in the space. I have some audio that I highly recommend listed here.
  • Sacred calming scents can also be used such as herbs, incense and essential oils. Use whatever makes your space feel sacred to you, Sweet Crystal Hottie.  Ahhhhhh.
  • Now your Sacred Space is ready for you. How you use it is totally up to you.

    If you feel inspired to get your Sacred Space mojo on….go grab your Creating Sacred Space with Crystals FREE kit now. Nurturing good stuffs there.

    If you’re interested in learning more on this subject in one of my On Demand online classes, take a look at Creating Sacred Space & Self Protection Using Crystals. Its available for download & you can watch & learn right now. Wooot to that! :)

    If you have a sacred space, please share how you use it OR if you have plans for one, we’d love to hear those too!

    Spiritual 2 X 4’s & the Power of Facebook

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    Sometimes you just need to be hit with a freakin’ 2 x 4 to get these spiritual lessons!  A couple weeks ago I stepped on a bee, wasp, hornet or something (wasn’t looking too closely while I was hopping around yelling!) while Earthing outside in the backyard. Oooooo, that hurt!! I pulled out the stinger (or so I thought) & the pain subsided after 10 min.

    Then I thought to myself, ” I need to go look up what Bee Medicine means, b/c obviously I need some.”

    Yeah…..did I do that? Noooooo. Went about my merry way. 2 days later there’s a red line climbing up my leg.  I should’ve known better but was so busy with the sacred crystal biz & didn’t want to take time out. So I innocently ask on Facebook, hoping to hear differently

    “Hey what do you think I should do about this red line climbing up my leg?”

    Immediately, I had dozens of sweet souls responding, telling me to get to the doctor right away, it may be blood poisoning, call the Dr… something!  Durn! This is not what I wanted to hear. I reluctantly called my Dr. & she told me to get in STAT! Red lines are nothing to play around with. 

    Turns out it was blood poisoning, probably b/c I didn’t get the entire stinger out. Sheesh! And my Facebook peeps saved the day b/c this stubborn Cappy wasn’t listening to the signs!!! Woooohooo for my FB Peeps!

    Sooooo, after my treatment for that, I finally settled in & did some research on Wasp Medicine. Certain Native American Indian tribal myths coin the wasp as the creator of Mother Earth & also a symbol of order &  organization as well as productivity!

    Whoa! HUGE message for me there at that time. I was spending way too much time doing many disjointed & unfocused projects (not like me at all) instead of focusing on the course download program for my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

    But, did I listen? Not yet! I still kept working on so many disorganized patterns; purchasing inventory, special orders on crystals, Tucson Gem show itinerary stuff & just plain ole’ HUGE time wasters all over the place!!!

    So Sunday morning I pull this GORGEOUS oracle card from my Earth Magic Deck that has a woman working with a crystal grid. Oohhhhh, perfection! 

    What that meant to me was to go pay attention to my Business & Career Path grid! Which I have been doing on a regular basis….& despite my disjointed work patterns (which is sort o uncharacteristic for me) has been working its magic quite nicely I must say!

    But this was not enough & I think I missed the larger, more important message here: Invocation & Ceremony. I needed to do more to understand fully & I still hadn’t addressed the organization issue. I needed to STOP & refocus! Contemplate in ceremony & plan. Geeez! Talk about hard-headed.

    THEN, I had recently listened to a recent podcast from Goddess Leonie about how physical pain finally stopped her & made her listen to the messages. I know all about that since I teach it for crying out loud & have experienced it myself several times! I thought to myself as I listened…”Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me anytime soon, I have so much to do right now.” Totally oblivious!

    Then I even foresaw what the set back would be!!! I had envisioned it in several little flashes here & there. Instead of doing anything about it on an energetic level, I took those hints & I started doing my physical therapy prevention exercises.

    “Paaah! Not gonna do it this time missy! You are being way too DENSE!”

    Well, this Monday morning I awoke with a stiff neck…pretty bad, but I pressed on. Work to be done. (I am cracking up at myself in disbelief…how I missed all these signs…how totally oblivious I’ve been! I can see it so clearly when it comes to others…but for myself….?)

    Each day its progressively gotten worse (instead of better as usual). I FINALLY GOT THE MESSAGE…Wednesday night as I lay in radiating neck & upper back pain, finally giving myself the attention I so so needed & craved all along. I meditated & listened…finally listened. I booked an accupucnture session, a sports massage (squeezed me in for tomorrow), an energy treatment & did my own crystal healing with red jasper & aventurine. Now the pain has finally crossed the threshold of peaking & is beginning to subside. Now, that the lesson has been taught.

    I put my Etsy shop on Vacation mode & cleared out some scheduled events off my calendar.

    I then set a clear & organized focus:

    1. Crystal Healer Certification Program

    2. Crystals & Our Sacred Spaces Free eBook

    If it doesn’t directly tie into these 2 items then I am not working on it unless there’s nothing else I can do with those 2. Listen to the Bee!!! Yes, I’m finally listening to the bee. Do you also perhaps need a little Bee Medicine? :)

    Have you had any 2 x 4’s lately? Please comment below & share.


    Aventurine Abundance Ritual for 2012!

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    Today we have a guest post from Stella Seaspirit, who is such a sweet sparkly & gorgeous  soul! I love this little ritual for the New Year! Enjoy.
    The more abundant we become, the more we are able to uplift, support and nurture fellow humankind. Seed 2012 with this potent magical missile, then allow all manner of abundance to flow toward you.
    First gather some dried bay leaves, coarsely ground cinnamon and dried sage (harvesting from your spice rack is totally acceptable!) Crush the bay and sage so they match the cinnamon.

    Next, create a link between you and the herbal powder by holding the container in both hands. Close your eyes and concentrate on it. Visualise it permeated with diamond light.

    Then draw your attention to what symbolises abundance for you and how abundance feels to you. Hold this energy not only in your mind’s eye, but radiate it into the herbs from your body.

    Repeat the above process with a cleansed piece of green aventurine to awaken its purpose to you.








    Take the piece of aventurine and place it on a surface where you can scatter some of the herbal powder in a circle around it.








    Imagine a shimmering green mist strewn with golden sparkles wafting around you, emanating from the ether.
    FEEL the fullness of infinite abundance in every part of your being.
     Affirm (either out loud or in your mind):

    “I release the limiting thoughts that block my prosperity.

    I open my mind, heart and being to the unlimited abundance of the universe.

    Abundance flows around me and through me always.

    I enrich the lives of others when I flourish.

    It is done.”

    Throw the herbal powder outside into the wind.

    If it is small, carry the crystal in your purse or wallet or place it somewhere in your home or office where it will serve as a reminder of all the abundance that surrounds you ~ just look at all the green in Nature!

    Go on, give it a whirl, then come back and tell us what transpires…

    Stella Seaspirit writes about merging the daily grind with magical finesse, a practise which she refers to as Source-ry. Find her blog and a cackle of free offerings here:  You can also find her on Twitter @StellaSeaspirit and Facebook.





    Yes, please tell us how you do with this ritual or if you do something similar. We all LOVE to hear about what works for everyone!!

    Happy Brilliant Shining New Year!!!