Year End Crystal Goodness

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Year End Crystal Goodness
  • One more Crystal Goodness post before the year’s out!

  • These Soul blends from Jackie Flowerspirit incorporate gems, so I totally LOVE that, things like lodestone, gold & ruby with flower essenses. DIVINE! You can check her out here.
  • This is one GORGEOUS photo of Angel’s custom order from me. (she’s one of my Crystalline Cohort students & my most awesome web designer): her SUPER clear quartz point & rough pink tourmaline. Preeeeeeety!
  • Did you get a Kindle for the Holidays? My Crystal Grids book is only $2.99 on Amazon if you need something to read. :)
  • One of my other Crystalline Cohorts, Jennifer Lang, posted this after she graduated. Congratulations Jenn! So proud of you!!!:
  • Here’s my latest crystal video from my Crystal YouTube Channel…all about Rhodonite. :)
  • Just to get you ready for mainfesting all your goals & dreams in 2012….the Crystal Grids Template Package! Forget the resolutions, rip them up & throw them out…now put a crystal grid behind those intentions, sit back & watch what happens. :)

And lastly – I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know how grateful I am for all of your sparkly support this year!!! I cannot tell you that enough.  2011 was amazoing & I cannot wait to share what I have planned for 2012!!!

Sparkly Brilliant Gorgeous Crystal Blessings & Happy New Year!

Crystals to Protect You From the Computer

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I’m often asked which crystals are good for protecting against EMR (electromagnetic radiation) & the flicker of the computer screen. I see lots of conflicting advice being given on this so hopefully, we can clear some stuff up here.

You may be saying to yourself right now…”What’s so bad about EMR?”

Quick & dirty, short & sweet:…it increases our levels of adrenaline & cortisol, severely decreasing our dopamine levels…in other words: No Bueno! We don’t want that for prolonged periods of time. It ends up being very bad for our overall health.

Now, I like to back up my crystal advice with scientific reasoning whenever possible.

And that being said, I also advocate for doing whatever you’re intuitively draw to do first, since that’s what’s going to work best for you.
My recommendations for specific crystals to help counteract EMR:
Rule #1 (its my only rule here…just getting dramatic): No silicates (like quartz, lepidolite, fluorite, etc., crystals that contain silicon dioxide SiO2) Why? B/c silicates easily move into resonance with EMR. Its exactly why they’re used in tech. all the time! They don’t call is Silicon Valley for nada. Makes sense, right? Right-o!

So what crystals should you use?

I feel the BEST stones are going to be the ones with iron & magnetic properties, aka ferromagnetic stones. They’re great to prop up in an EMR field b/c they help restructure the energy in these areas, making it less harmful to you.
Good examples of ferromagnetic stones are:

  • lodestone (magnetic magnetite)…CAUTION to not put this 1 too close to your electronics as it can delete some hard drives.
  • hematite (not the fake magnetic kind!)
  • pyrite
  • These stones also happen to be great grounding stones too! I have a whole theory about that & teach about it in my Creating Sacred Space & Self Protection Using Crystals On Demand Class. :)

    BUT, the best thing is to get up & get away from the computer for a bit. Get barefoot & go outside & do some Earthing. So that said….I’m outta here. See ya later Twinkle Toes!



    P.S. If this sort of thing interests you, I teach about this concept more in depth plus many other topics in that On Demand Class. You’ll really enjoy it! If you have other tips for us or questions, please share in the comments below. And if you feel others might like to know about this, please use the FB or Tweet buttons & share it on. :)

    43 Birthday Sparkles!

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    I usually make no big deal ‘bout my birthday at all. I’ve always felt it’s such an inconvenience; right smack in the midst of the entire Holiday scramble. But today is the day.

    I’m gonna be 43! Wooohey! It’s a par-tay!

    And I’m damn proud of it!! I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had doing several things that I love to do, working with people that are amazing to work with, living with my ADORABLEZ hubby whom I’ve loved forever & have a cute GORGEOUS kitty to boot!

    So this year, I’m shouting it out!!! Its my birthday! Its my birthday!

    It does get a tad tiresome hearing others complaining about getting older. Who cares?! Older is so much better. Totally!

    Now if all you care about your looks…well then…it will suck b/c that, my dear, will slip away no matter how hard you try to hold on. Smooth, tuck, suck, inflate…instead of just old, you’re gonna start to look old & WEIRD.

    Aches & pains? Ok, yes. No getting away from that, but work on yourself.  Take good care & you’ll have so much less of it. PLUS, being happy & freeing your mind of unnecessary worry also takes care of a lot of that junk anyway. I’ve learned that lesson the VERY HARD way, my Sweet. Yep, it hurt. But no more.
    I was with an 84 year old woman who I have not seen in over 25 years the other night & she looked so happy & not a day older. She was running around, laughing, not worried about a thing & oozing happiness!!! I so look forward to that.
    So you’re one of those that think “getting old sucks”. Well, it does… if that’s how you set it up! YOU create your own reality, Sweet Pea. That’s what I feel we’re here on Mother Earth to figure out. If you leave without that lesson learned, you’re coming back for some more hard lessons & virtual 2 x 4’s till you get it right. So, if your reality is that getting older sucks. Then, you know what? IT WILL! Congrats.

    43. I think I’m more immature now than I’ve ever been but I have the good sense now to know when I can get away with it & when I can’t! I also have grown to be a much more compassionate person who finally gets that we are all ONE. That we are all here in this together. Yeah, I finally got that.
    Sometimes, I forget it & get all sucked into the matrix but deep down I remember tha’s all a big joke & wake myself up. Phew!
    I am so grateful that I am at that level! And it didn’t just happen by itself. That took a lot of hard work on my part; spiritual learning, diving in, reading, learning from other teachers (including the stone people), doing the work, meditating & contemplating. So I’m very very proud of that work & how far I’ve come. And so happy that there is still so much more to learn. How exciting! Happy Birthday!!!

    Now, I know how to change my reality. I’ve kind of always known, but I have a much better handle on it now. My spirituality & working with crystals is a big part of what & how I do it now. There are so many ways to do it but that’s the way I choose. And it WORKS! My dreams are all falling into place every day. Every day. Happy Birthday!!!

    43. Growing, maturing & yet getting mentally younger every day. Remembering what we all knew when we were all conceived! Its amazing & it will only get better & better as long as I continue to work at it. :)

    Now, please go have a super fun HAPPY DAY!

    Hibiscus Moon Give-Away Fun!

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    Please note: This give away has ended. Thank you to all the Party People in the House!

    I’ve been itching to do a give-away again. I just have way too much fun with these!! There will be 6 different winners this time!!! So here are the prizes:

    1. Your choice of any 1 item you like from my Zazzle Store(pssst: there’s some really cute t-shirts in there!)

    2. Two winners will get 1 free online On Demand Crystal Class (your choice)!

    3. Three winners will get 1 free Crystal Grids Template Package just in time to set up for your 2012 goals!!!

    Its super-easy to enter too! And there are 3 ways to do it & you can enter as many times as you like. Weeeeeeee!
    1. Just leave a comment below to enter.
    Be sure to introduce yourself &  tell me where you’re from, m’kay? Tell me why you love crystals or something sparkly like that! (Leave as many comments as you want! Each one is an entry.)
    2. Sign up for my email newsletter.
    If you’re already signed up to my newsletter, you’re already entered. But if you’re not, go ahead & sign up if you like weekly updates from my blog & special Hibiscus Moon deals & tidbits. :)

    Subscribe to my mailing list & enter the give away!

    3. Blog about this giveaway & link to your bloggie below!
    Doing this gets you 5 entries in 1 fell SWOOP! :)

    THIS IS GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN!!! The give away will end Monday, Dec. 26 @ midnight. I love you guys & am so grateful to you all!! Can’t wait to read your comments & connect with you. Thanks so much for playing! PLAY = FUN!!!

    Oceans of Crystal Sparkles,



    P.S.  I’ll announce the winners here as updates to this post AND on my FaceBook Biz Page.

    Anxiety Busting with Crystals!

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    OK, Crystal Hotties, today we have a guest post by Gina Rafkind on one of the final pit stops on her Anxiety Busting Blog Tour! I’m so honored! Gina’s mission is to share awareness tips & tools in order to help other creative women who suffer with anxiety to wake up to their life so they can confidently unleash & share their gifts with the world. Gina says it’s time to stop being gripped by fear & hiding out, & time to create more freedom, love & connection!
    Welcome to the Anxiety Busting Blog Tour!

    Crystal Healing

    ~ how to use crystals to bust through anxiety
    What I Love About Crystals
    Crystals shine, shimmer, and vibrate with such high energy. Crystals are an amazing manifestation of the mineral kingdom. I’ve gathered quite a collection of them over the past few years and use them daily for many different issues. One of the main issues that I first started using them for was to help relieve anxiety.

    There are many excellent crystals to use to help relieve anxiety and many ways that they can be used. I’m going to list my favorite crystals for anxiety relief and share with you how I’ve used them. Crystals are truly a gift from the earth – once you start to use them yourself, you’ll begin to see why.
    Crystals to Help Relieve Anxiety
    Smoky Quartz:  helps to calm the emotions

    Rutilated Quartz:  helps to soothe somber moods and helps relieve fear, anxiety and phobias

    Lepidolite:  helps with insomnia and soothes emotional stress

    Kunzite: helps to lift your spirits and aids in healing emotional problems

    Amethyst:  helps to heal anger, anxiety and fear, sadness and grief & helps assist healing addictive behaviors

    Rose Quartz: a powerful stone of love and has a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy and healing

    Lithium Quartz:  helps relieve stress and anxiety and great for cleansing the chakras
    How To Use These Crystals For Anxiety Relief
     Under your Pillow:  You can place a small crystal under your pillow to help you relax and sleep better.

    Jewelry:  You can wear pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and/or earrings that  are made with your crystal(s) of choice.

    In your Pocket:  You can put the crystal in your pocket if you don’t have crystal jewelry and it’s also easy to take out and hold any time you need it.

    Meditation:  This is a wonderful way to use the crystals for anxiety relief. Hold the crystal in your hand when you meditate.

    Place on your Chakras:  You can lie down and place a crystal on one of your chakras. For instance, you can place amethyst on your third eye chakra which is located between your eyebrows, or you can place rose quartz on your heart chakra which is located at the center of your chest. Take some deep belly breaths and relax as the crystals do their healing.

    Massage the Soles of your Feet:  You can use a smooth crystal to gently massage the soles of your feet. Massaging the feet is very relaxing and soothing to the entire body and adding the energy of crystals takes the relaxation and anxiety busting up a notch. This is great to do right before you go to sleep.

    Intention Setters:  You can use a crystal to set an intention. For instance, you can set the intention that anytime you hold this crystal, it will send you calming energy and anxiety relief. Crystals carry information and have the ability to hold, receive and transmit energy. This is why your intention when using crystals is really important – remember, they can hold and transmit energy – and what are our thoughts… of course!
    Some Crystal Tips
    It’s a good idea to cleanse your crystal when you first get it to rid it of any unwanted or negative energy that it may have picked up on its way to you. You can do this by wiping it with a drop of essential oil on a cotton or silk cloth, bathing them in the sun (kunzite can fade in the sun just so you know), or by holding them in your hand and imagining a waterfall cleansing them of all unwanted and negative energy.

    I hope these tips have motivated you to try some crystal healing for anxiety busting.
    What crystals are you drawn to? How will you choose to use it to help heal anxiety?
    If you’d like to learn more on how to heal anxiety, I have a complimentary, content-rich teleclass I can send you where you will learn:

    ~ One of the MAIN, KEY factors that causes anxiety and how to break free from it. This key factor I will be talking about is a main player that most people with anxiety experience and bringing awareness to it will release the grip of anxiety and bring more freedom and spaciousness to your life.

    ~ During  this call I also give you a preview of my new anxiety busting program that starts on January 23, 2012 (the day of the first new moon of 2012….a wonderful time for new beginnings :).

    Click the link below to learn more about this new program and to register to receive the free recording of this teleclass – scroll all the way down and fill out the sign up box at the very bottom.

    inhale ~ enjoy ~ exhale,


    Gina Rafkind, CPC

    Holistic Anxiety Coach

    Gina is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Level 3 Practitioner & Licensed Cosmetologist. She founded VedaSun to help women bust through anxiety so they can wake up to their life and achieve their dreams. Gina does this by sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has discovered throughout her evolving journey of healing anxiety. Her passion is to share these discoveries with you so you, too, can open the channel of awareness and by ‘waking up’, live a happier and healthier life.


    Winter Solstice Crystal Love

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    Winter Solstice Crystal Love

    Its almost time for Winter Solstice, falling on Dec. 22 this year. For the last four years I’ve been doing an annual Winter Solstice Meditation using garnet as my focus-friend. Garnet is THE gem stone to have in your sacred space for Winter Solstice; specifically, Almandine Garnet. Here it is in all its red-delicious glory:

    And here’s a vid on did on LUSCIOUS garnet not too long ago. Yum, yum. yum…:

    Why garnet? Garnet has a sumptuous-smoldering inner fire (mmmmm) that rebels against even the most bitter cold winter days & seasonal melancholy (should you have any this time of year in the Northern Hemi.), especially for those of us who may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder…brought on by the diminished sunlight. ((HUGS))

    Almandine garnet’s gorgeous deep red color reminds me of the sacred Yule berry; holly! How perfect! Its known to bring courage & sweet vitality during dark winter months. Its also great for spiritual devotion.

    So my Winter Solstice Meditation goes like this. I go into my sacred space, light a few candles, hold a piece of garnet & work on going into alpha brainwaves with deep breathing & counting backwards. Then I stare at my garnet until my eyes go out of focus. I go into the garnet in my mind’s eye….it sure is GORGEOUS in there! I have the most amazing meditations when I do this. TRY IT! You won’t be disappointed. :)
    Now, I used to be a bartender back in the day. Paid my way through college…great job! So, of course, I have a Winter Solstice Gem Elixir Cocktail!! Here’s my personal recipe. Makes one cocktail:

    • 1 1/2 oz. of Crystal Head vodka (do you know about this vodka? Whoa, Baby…let me tell you about it…made of deep glacial aquifer water, quadruple-distilled then filtered over 500-million year-old Herkimer diamonds with NO additives at all, making this the ultimate in gem elixrs! Excited yet?
    • 1/2 oz. orange-flavored liqueur, such as Cointreau
    • 1/2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
    • Ice cubes made of Garnet Gem Elixir!!! Now, this is gettin’ good!
    • splash of chilled club soda
    • splash of cranberry juice
    • 1 raspberry, for garnish

    And now its time for the Famous WPIX Yule Log (used to be looped on Christmas Eve & Day on WPIX in the NY-metro broadcast area back in the 80’s! Cozy.) This is so much fun!:

    I don’t follow any religion, but Winter Solstice; is a time of ceremony for me, a time when the night is the longest, giving me plenty of time for contemplation. Besides being a time of giving to others, this is a time of inner reflection for me & of thinking up new goals to focus on for the coming year. That’s always good stuff, right there.

    Crystals & stones help me to focus on my goals while also helping me resonate with Mother Earth’s seasonal frequencies as they ebb & flow. Crystals can be such blessings at this time of year whether you celebrate the Solstice, Kwanza, Ramadan, Christmas, Chanukah, or any other winter holidays I haven’t thought of yet!  

    I luv to make a Solstice Sachet chockfull of solstice goodness. I take an evergreen colored organza bag & toss in a mix of Winter Solstice dried organic herbs; comfrey, mistletoe, whole cloves (the last 2 are not pictured) & frankincense resin chips. Then I infuse the herbs & resin with organic Scotch Pine & Fir Needle essential oils. And of course, I include 2 large tumbled Garnet gem stones along with 3 quartz crystal points to pump up the garnet-energy.  

    So what do you do with a mojo bag such as this one? I do several different things with it depending on what strikes me at the moment.

    I may first charge it on my sacred meditation altar to help imbue the correct energetic frequencies.   I’ll leave it there for a day or two & then I may meditate with it (the crystals & aroma put me in the perfect Winter Solstice meditative state…gets me right where I need to be). I may choose to  lay it by my bedside or sleep with it under my pillow. I usually end up carrying it around with me in my purse, holding & sniffing it whenever I need a Solstice Pick Me Up. Teeeeeheeeee. My little Holiday Secret.
    And lastly, a video clip from my last year’s winter solstice complete with mischevious Topaz-Kitty!:


    This year, I’m really going to focus on my intentions for the new year…I have some big dreams coming to fruition just around the corner! Do I just make a resolution? Ppp-shaw! Noooo, I do a crystal grid of course! Should you feel called to do one yourself or if you’re looking for last minute instant gift ideas, you may be called to take a look at my Crystal Grids Template Package.

    Please share your Solstice/Holiday rituals & crystally goodness. I love hearing what others do!

    Solstice Blessings! Mwaaaaah!


    Ten Tips for Good Vibrations

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    Ten Tips for Good Vibrations

    Today I have a guest post by two very lovely friends of mine, known collectively as the Luna Sol Girls! ENJOY this Yumminess! Yippeeeee!

    Many of us are already aware that everything, including ourselves, is made up of energy. This energy makes up every single particle of who and what we are, and vibrates at different rates of speed. That is what we are: beings of energy and light. When our energy vibrates at a higher, faster frequency, we feel “light”, joyful, and radiant. We feel as if we could conquer any problem or issue that arises because we truly are in alignment with our “higher self”.

    When our energies are vibrating at lower, more dense frequencies, we actually feel low and dense because we are low and dense. Make sense? We are our vibrational frequency.

    We have all experienced moments when we are happy and joyful for no apparent reason. Likewise, we have all had times of heaviness and negativity when on the surface, things are fine. These positive and negative feelings we have are a direct result of our vibrational frequency, and our vibrational frequency is a direct result of our thoughts. Sometimes we are unaware that thoughts, either present or even from the past, are affecting the way we feel. When we raise our thoughts, thereby raising our vibration, we instantly feel better.

              It’s so empowering when we understand that we can raise our own frequencies and energetic vibes to allow alignment with the best version of ourselves. Anytime we begin to feel less that awesome, we can follow a few simple tips to get back on track. Here are a few of Luna Sol Girls’ favorites!

    Raising Your Vibes
    1. Nurture with Nature. Mother nature is incredibly healing. When you are feeling down, go outside and get your bare hands and feet into the grass or soil. Imagine all the negative dense feelings pouring out of your hands and feet, going deep into the earth for our Mother to recycle. Offer thanks as you do this.

    2. Close your eyes and face the sun, imagining that you can see the bright glow in your mind’s eye (brow 3rd chakra). As you do this, breathe deeply and slowly, imaging the air filling your lungs and sending vital life force to every part of your body. After a few moments, visualize the white rays of the sun streaming into you through your crown, and flowing back out through your root chakra or feet. Allow this cycle for at least eight times. Offer thanks to the sun for this healing.

    3. Tap on your heart chakra (at the center of your chest) and say this affirmation, “I am allowing myself to heal completely.” Repeat this nine times, in sets of three. Then hold your hand open open the heart chakra and say, “I am now aligning with heart center. I am loved.” Repeat this nine times, in sets of three. Finish with three deep breaths and offer thanks.

    4. Go on a walk. Sometimes the hardest part of taking in fresh air and exercise is getting yourself out the door. Don’t make it a daunting task- make no promises or commitments about how long you will walk or how far you will go before heading back home. That’s no the point here. The main thing to focus on is just changing your scenery and feeling the elements; earth beneath your feet, air against your face and in your hair, the flow of water as you ease into the rhythmic pattern of walking and breathing, and fire in the heat your body will generate as your heart rate speeds gently. Notice the nature around you and listen for messages in the wind, trees, or flowers.

    5. Hug a tree. I know- only lazy people do that, right? Wrong. Trees have been used for centuries for their medicinal value- we even derive aspirin from the bark and leaves of willow trees. Trees have the most wonderful, loving, restoring vibrational qualities, and they share this with anyone open enough to receive. Try it at least once before you pass judgement… You just might find yourself looking for the next tree to wrap your arms around!

    6. Meditate. Any form of meditation is helpful to raise your vibration. April and I love guided meditations, but simply quieting your mind for 2-5 minutes by focusing on your breathing will do wonders for your state of being.

    7. Dance. Sometimes raising your frequency is as easy as turning on a favorite song and just letting your body move as it wants to. This is a great de-stresser for moms who have young kids- it’s a fun activity that will wear them out:) When we move freely, as in dancing or walking, we are physically manipulating our energy frequencies to move at a faster rate. Feel thanks in your heart that you are able to move and dance when there are many who don’t have that luxury. Gratitude greatly raises vibes.

    8. Keep a journal of gratitude. This is the single thing that has made the biggest impact on my life to date. Just two months after writing only five things I felt thankful for each morning, my entire world shifted. I was changed. That was six years ago. Even now, if I begin to feel consistently low, I keep a journal of gratitude for a few days or weeks. Amazing and so easy!!

    9. Play with crystals and rocks. Making a rock formation (stacking stones) is a great way to still your mind and change your frequency. Rocks have a very grounding energy about them. Crystals are not only gorgeous, but they also offer tons of pure light and energy! Crystals are an easy way to lift the spirits.

    10. Eat high vibe food! Fresh fruits and veggies are a wonderful way to feel on top of the world. These foods are loaded with high frequencies and can cleanse your body of dense or negative energy that may be trapped in your organs and tissues. Sometimes the act of holding, chopping, and handling fresh foods alone is enough to raise your vibration.

    The Luna Sol Girls are April Ruffner and Jacque Watene. Both are certified Reiki Masters, trained in healing modalities such as: The Emotion Code, Bach Flower Essences, Reiki Drumming, and BodyTalk. Their primary goal is to allow the bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) to be in a state of joy and balance by focusing on love, abundance, empowerment, intuition, creativity,  while connecting to the Earth’s elements and to the Higher Self.  To learn more about the Luna Sol Girls, go to :

    Hibiscus here: Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!!! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these techniques below. :)

    Mwaaaah! Crystal Blessings,

    Sharing Crystal Goodness

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    Sharing Crystal Goodness

    OK, Crystal Lovers. Its time for some more crystal goodness. Come gather round!!

    *These blessed branches are so magical! This is 1 of many GORGEOUS staffs, wands & smudge fans Natasha makes but she only ships within Aussie-Land. I just get to look at the pretty-ness from afar.

    *YES, I need to sleep in this sparkly loft. NOW! (So Veruca Salt):

    *I recently did some guest blog posts you may feel called to read & comment on:

    1. This one is on Tools to Help with Grieving for An Empowered Life Blog.

    2. This one I did for my lovely friends, Luna Sol Girls’s Blog: Find What You’re Looking for Using a Pendulum

    3. Then this for Vedasun Blog: Calming Anxiety Using Crystals

    This is just COOL! From Unearthen, a Crystal Bullet Necklace


    *Oh yeah Baby!! We’ll be visiting this guy (Ron Colman) when Hub & I visit Tucson in Feb. for the Gem & Mineral Show!

    *Snippets from last year’s Tucson Adventure!

    *Want even more crystal goodness!? How about trying some Crystal Girds to manifest your goals & dreams in 2012? Check out my Crystal Grids Template Package. You can even take advantage of a super good deal & get a few as gifts!

    Remember to please share any other crystal goodness you’ve come across so we can all LOVE on it! ♥ Comment below. :)

    Crystal Blessings to All!

    It’s Here! The Crystal Grids Template Package!!!

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    This super popular Crystal Grids Template Package has been souped-up & totally re-vamped & its finally here! Woop! Woop! Just in time for manifesting for 2012~~~!!!

    • Have you tried The Secret, visualizations & similar exercise but just can’t get the focus or the right mojo going for you?
    • Do you keep hearing or reading about crystal grids but haven’t the faintest idea what to do with them?
    • Does your manifesting need a powerful PUNCH?
    • Learn the power, focus & FUN of crystal grids with this package


    This Crystal Grids Templates Package will give you the precise direction you need. AND its available for immediate download!!!! That means, like, right now. Download, print it (or not) & go. :) Especially after writing my book, Crystal Grids: How & Why They Work, I receive many requests for very specific grids. So, I’ve complied the most-requested ones here in this template package.

    • Crystal grids help focus your intentions intently like a laser beam on your dreams, enacting positive change
    • You’ll know exactly how to set up, activate & maximize the power of a crystal grid
    • Crystal grids are like a manifestation-amplifier for any area of your life — money, health, relationships, happiness
    • This package allows you to delve right in to the untapped power of communicating your dreams to the Universe & MANIFESTING with clarity!

    What If You Could Manifest All Your Goals,
    Desires & Dreams for 2012?
    This Template Package Includes:

    • SUPER-simple step-by-step crystal layout instructions
    • Lists of precise stones used (which you can modify)
    • Video tutorial demo links
    • Photos displaying how layouts should look
    • Templates for 10 separate crystal grids:
  • Love Grid
  • Prosperity & Abundance Grid
  • Boost Energy Grid
  • Self Love Grid
  • Banish Migraines & Headaches Grid
  • Banish Anxiety Grid
  • Calming Comfort Grid
  • Ease PMS & Menstrual Cramps Grid
  • Romantic Bed Grid (oh, yes, Baby! A bed grid)
  • BONUS: My personal business success grid

  • Download immediately by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

    How fun! Only $12.97!
    What if I don’t have a Paypal account?

    No problemo, Crystal Hottie! You can still pay with a credit or debit card without a Paypal account. When you get to the screen that asks you to sign in with your Paypal account, simply look for the link at the bottom that says: “Don’t have a PayPal account?” & you’ll be able to pay with your debit or credit card. :)

    Buy now to get the INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE, PRINTABLE Crystal Grids Template Package delivered to your inbox…& begin giving the Law of Attraction the special ooomph! that it needs with the magical power of Crystal Grids for just $12.97!
    Gifties for Your Friends!!
    2 Pack – one for you & one for a friend @ a great discount! $17.97 (save over $7)





    5 Pack – the best deal, one for you & one for each of 4 friends @ a great discount! $34.97 (save over $29!)




    Let’s get to giving those dreams SUPER-MOJO with some Crystal Gridding. If you have any questions, please let me know.

    As Always, Sparkly Crystal Blessings!

    Sacred Native Studies for Healing

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    Sacred Native Studies for Healing

    I’ve been enthralled with Native American (all of the Americas) studies for quite some time now & have sought out teachings of all sorts; college classes, Peruvian Shaman Ceremonies, books, lectures &, most recently, a local Native American Spiritual teacher who teaches us many tools (both physical & non-physical) to assist us in awakening while encourage self healing & spiritual growth. My bestie & I have held circles incorporating these teachings, Goddess Gatherings, fun shops…& its all so soul-healing & fullfilling.
    Now, for whatever reason, we instinctively drew inward &  my BFF, Cathy, holds these events less frequently & for just a small group of us. This feels right & comfortable this way & verrrrry nurturing.
    I’ve done lots of spiritual growth through all these exercises & its even expanded my relationships & understandings of the crystals (Stone People). Gotta luv that!  But there’s still so, so much to learn!
    I’ve participated in powerful drum circles & experienced as well as witnessed the drum being used as medicine as it does its healing.

    I reeeeeally want to incorporate the drum healing with crystals. Seems so natural to me! Wouldn’t that be great!?
    I’ve been to lectures on ancestors crossing over & how various Native American tribes interpret this. Oh! I did a guest post over @ AnEmpoweredLife regarding Crystals to Help with Grieving.
    I’ve learned the lessons of dreamtime from the weaving of a dream catcher & weaving select crystals & feathers from my very own birds into it:

    And all about the power 0f energetic space clearing, healing & calling the spirits with my own handmade rattle (yup, made by me):

    Now, I’ve recently made my own healing drum from elk skin (this was so empowering):




    The completed project

     All this work has deepened my connection with Mother Earth & the Nature Kingdoms, has allowed healing & so much learning to better commune with plants, stones, trees, herbs & animal helpers!
    I am so grateful to have always, somehow, been surrounded by these teachings. I have learned so very much & look forward to learning so so much more.
    OK, changing topic gear…
    I just wanted to give a quickee heads up that the newly revamped Crystal Grid Template Package will be out verrry soon. Many of you have asked where the old one went since I took her down. She’s been getting a bit of a makeover & its almost time for the reveal!!!! Weeee.

    The new grids package will be out before the waning Moon, of course. Like any good farmer, I mind when to plant the crops. 😉

    So, have you dabbled in Sacred Native studies or have more to teach us all? Please share!

    Stone People Blessings to you,

    I’m Freakin’ Thankful for THIS!

    Hibiscus Moon book, Crystals, gratefullness, law of attraction 3 Comments

    I’m Freakin’ Thankful for THIS!

    Ahhh! Eeeeee! I am completely blown away & AMAZED at how well my book is doing. OK, yes, I know its no John Grisham novel, my book’s about Crystal Grids, for the love of CUPCAKES!

    Really. I just put it out there not really expecting too much more (b/c I didn’t put a heck of a lot of my own medicine into it….’cept I did make sure it launched while the Moon was waxing!). More than several of my students kept mentioning I should write a book plus, I needed to get the info out of my head & onto paper (or into a Kindle) just to clear out some room in my noggin.

    I read a great book on how to Self Publish & followed all the little marketing advice gems in there like a good girl then decided to let it takes its natural course. I have the Crystal Academy that I’ve really been focusing my energy on. I needed to just set it free.

    So, I released it to Source Energy & then this happened! 

    It shot up to #4 in my category as an eBook & Paperback!!!!, qualifying it as a Best Seller.
    Its been a few months now & Amazon still has it on sale (a GREAT sign so say those in the know) & its still holding a high spot at #11 as of yesterday:

    The cherry on top of my ice cream sundae is that I really just didn’t expect this!
    I thank you all soooooo much for all the motivation, medicine, SUPPORT, validation & pure joy you’ve given me. You really have no idea how much this means to me & my sacred dream to bring the power of crystal healing to everyone
    Oh Wow! And this:

    OH! As if that wasn’t enough, one of my Crystal Healing mentors & favorite authors, teachers & guides, Joy Gardner of Vibrational Healing Through the Chakras: With Light, Color, Sound, Crystals, and Aromatherapy had this review for my little bookie!:
    “If you would like to read a simple, straightforward book about how and why to make crystal grids, look no further!  Hibiscus Moon (her pen name) is a high school science teacher with a love for crystals.  She understands the logic behind using these high frequency tools to create a grid.  Not only can she explain how to make the grid; she can also give you some ideas about the science that might explain why the grid is effective.  This is a short-and-sweet little book on a topic that could be useful to just about anybody, because who wouldn’t like to create a good feeling in their home, or a peaceful or healing place, or to attract greater prosperity?”
    Then 1 of my BESTIE Crystalline Cohorts made this vid:

    And besides the coolio Amazon reviews, I’ve been getting these too:

    Waaaaaaah!!! It just doesn’t get any better than that. :) So, no, amazingly, I didn’t do a crystal grid to oomph this along, but it was verrrrry important to me that the book be released during a waxing moon! Never underestimate the importance of that when birthing any of your projects! I’m about to re-release my Crystal Grids Template Package & almost forgot to keep this in mind. Not to mention that we’re in a Mercury Retrograde right now, & its been messing with me every which way BUT LOOSE! I think as long as I release within the waxing phase though I will be OK.
    I consult here to check the moon phases &  this calendar to check on Mercury’s whereabouts.
    OK, so what are you freakin’ super thankful for & do you employ any special mojo juice to kick it into high gear? Please comment below!