Do You Dream in Amethyst? Sharing Crystal Goodness!

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I love gorgeous purple-y amethyst. Its just so YUMMY! So here’s one of those posts where I gush over some luscious crystal goodness.

A Cyber Monday Decadent Amethyst Etsy Treasurey

Here’s Another: an Amethyst Dream!

[caption id="attachment_760" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="An amethyst sunset... taken by Andrew Areoff"][/caption]

Have you ever heard of the ‘Empress of Uruguay’? At 2500 tons & about 11 ft. tall, she’s the largest amethyst geode (or any geode) we know of.  She now belongs to collectors, René and Nelleke Boissevain who show her off in Queensland, Australia.

Amethyst to help with a headache, this is a little kit I put together that I just adore…& use more than I would like to:

Now, “amethyst” comes the Greek word, “amethystos” which means “not drunk”. LOL! This goes all the way back dating back to an ancient tale involving Bacchus, the god of wine.
Apparently, he drank his fav beverage from an amethyst goblet & this would keep him from getting totally sauced. teeeeheeee. Maybe I to get one of those babies. 😉
So what else does amethyst do for us? Well for most it enhances intuition and psychic abilities while allowing us to make a deeper spiritual connection. Its also a very calming stone, relieves headaches, protects us, lulls us to sleep and aids in getting rid of addictions. Who wouldn’t want a big chunk of this around?

What’s your experience with amethyst? Take it, leave it or LOVE it?!

Crystal Blessings!


Thankfullness & Making Dreams Come True

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I am remembering, yet again, to be thankful for all the blessings, large & small…even the itty-bitty ones. But really I have sooo sooo much to be grateful for. Yes, things are shifting and changing, sometimes feeling funky, but its a fun ride, isn’t it? I am enjoying it. As scary as it seems sometimes, I have to remind myself to just let go & FLOW.

I was just emaling this to a dear friend today…I just hope I’m riding the waves the “right” way so I can continue to grow & evolve in the right direction. I went to the beach today, just for 10 precious, sacred minutes. I flicked off my sandals & flopped my butt into the sand…just grounding & looking at the lifeguards & having MUCHO RESPECT for them

one of them riding his rusty bicycle up to the lifeguard stand
RESPECT for choosing to work in a blessed paradise as their OFFICE.
I began longing for the days when I used to do that…working jobs out in nature, with gorgeous animals or in the parks. Yeah, scraping nickels to pay the bills & debtors nipping at my heels but I worked in nature & was so connected. I didn’t care about health insurance or any of that yucky mundane boring junk!

Now I work long hours, indoors under fluorescent bulbs with no windows (not a one!) & then work at my laptop all night…

so that I can live my natural life again soon….live the dream. AND I AM THANKFULL FOR THAT SACRED DREAM. A dream coming true. 🙂 

What are you thankful for? What are your dreams coming true?

Crystal Blessings!

Sharing Sparkly Goodness

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I will be trying to sprinkle posts like these in every once in a while, once I’ve accumulated a few sparkly tidbits that you may enjoy too (some crytal-related, some not, but ALL GLITTERY!)

  • A video on gorgeous unique ways to work with your crystal grids!
  •  You know I love a Crystal Cupcake!











  •  Oooo, some chunky raw amethyst necklaces!








“Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.” ~Edward Sandford Martin

  • Giant emerald in Portugal!!!
  • Look at these adorable crystal chip bottles from my Crystal SiSTAR & Crystalline Cohort: Kendra. I use these little suckers for everything.









  • OK, you gotta LOVE this! I was looking up the words “crystal goodness” in Google & there’s actually a person named Crystal Goodness!! Yes, I would!!!
  • This Rocks, Paper, Metal ring to to DIE for, yum, yum, yummy!










  • Start working on the Holiday Decor with your kids. Whip up some SCIENCE & FUN & CRYSTAL GOODNESS all in one:









  • OR you can spring for these OR make them yourself, so sparkly pretty:




Isn’t this stuff FUN!!?
Do you have any sparkly crystal goodness to share? Let us hear about it? We all wanna play!
I know I’m always saying it but I am sooooooo blessed and grateful to be in the presence of all of you lovely souls. You keep it real & remind me that the mundane is NOT reality. This is!!

So share anything you want, not just links & photos, but work that you’ve done or anything you’ve learned in your work with crystals. I learn so much from my Crystalline Cohorts every time they tell me about their revelations!!! I just love the luscious testimonials that they share b/c they’ve experienced the amazing miracles that happen when you really want to get serious & dive in to your work & relationships with crystals. I am blessed to know you ALL!

Crystal Blessings, Mwaaaaaaah!


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The synchro-mystic signs last week were so numerous there was no way to ignore their message. It all started when I drew the Volcano: volatility card from my  deck. I had an uneasy feeling seeing this card, besides the fact that it says “volatility” on it, there’s the artwork of a gorgeous Mother Earth mount, blowing her stack, yet amid the pyroclastic flow in the atmosphere…barely there…is the most gorgeous Goddess face looking like she’s in ecstasy. So I knew this meant “change”, but would lead to ecstatically good things!

Next, came the most lovely lunch with an online friend I’ve been wanting to meet up, chat up, hang out with for a long time, my Flora.
Firstly, she is such an amazing soul & reminds me of a bright beautiful pixie but I felt like I had always known her & just hadn’t seen her for a really long time.
Yepsies, that’s it! But at the end of our lunch at a scrumptious outdoor cafe, I pick up my Buick-of-a-purse from my lap & beneath it was this caterpillar!

Oh yeah, he’s adorable yet he can cause quite the allergic reaction, especially if he happens to bite you. But he didn’t & I just left him be on the table. So, a wee bit of Caterpillar Medicine: Transformation/Metamorphosis medicine. Hmmm, what could be changing so drastically?

After that the messages came flooding in all week>> Butterflies everywhere, a snake in my dream & in the grass as hubby (HBL) & I puttered round the yard.
All of these messages shouting “TRANSFORMATION”!!
Yes, I did speak of many changes taking place here in my biz; was this a reference to that? What about the volatility aspect? That’s a little scary

Was it referencing to the shifting energies? 11/11/11? I certainly was creating up a CRYSTAL STORM on that day!! I made gem elixirs, essences, oils, you name it, I made it. The Sun’s pranic energies were perfectly intense on that day for making such powerful stuffs.

I also got a Mac & I’m this close to throwing in the towel; trying to learn but I know its the right move for the future of my sacred crystal biz,
so I’m pulling up my big girl panties up to my armpits & sticking it out.
I’m still contemplating what the deeper meaning of this transformation is all about & will be meditating on it…&, of course, getting a little help from my crystals on this: moldavite & clear quartz Baby!

So, my Crystal Hotties, tell me I’m not alone in this…have you been having any Transformational Growing Pains as well? Please tell me all about it.

Crystal Blessings!