Crystals to Help with Grief

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Sadly, as of late, there have been some people in my life who have had to endure the grief of losing a loved one.

It’s something we all have to go through at one time or another, but it’s certainly not something we look forward to and something we can use a bit of support with. We need to remember that grief is a very normal process that we must go through after the loss of a loved one to allow ourselves to process and work through.
If we don’t allow ourselves to mourn and grieve properly it may manifest itself in other ways and come up unpleasantly later.
As for crystals & stones to help us work through the grief & grieving process; apache tear, champagne tourmaline & smokey quartz are 3 wonderful stones to make the grieving process more bearable; helping to ease the grief of bereavement as we go through it.

I recently made up a mojo bag for a friend who lost someone very special that contained apache tears, smokey quartz, marjoram herb along with essential oils of marjoram & chamomile (see more detail in the video below).
Crystal Mojo Bag for Dealing with Grief: Grief Crystals

If using this for yourself, you may want to do some meditations with these stones and sleep with a similar mojo bag or simply carry it with you. You may choose to work with 1 or more of these suggested crystals, settle into a comfy recliner or lie down & listen to this Guided Meditation for Grief (courtesy of Meditation Oasis)

There is no way to avoid the pain of loss. Like I said, it is a natural part of the grieving process. But crystals can truly help us through, emotionally supporting us and allowing us to process and work through the grief.

How did the apache tear stones get their name (which are black obsidian that formed by being thrown into the air giving it a less glassy & more rough appearance)? There is a very sad legend behind the Apache Tears here. Click to read about that.

On our 2012 visit to Tucson, Frank & I took a side trip to Sedona, AZ & visited Apache Leap Mountain…a very somber yet beautiful spot:

Crystal Blessings & Much Love,

A Little Peek

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So Progress Report. I’ve finally ordered my proof copy. Will be sitting down and looking for any errors (again…I don’t think that ever ends) and then submitting for the final book launch! Finally! I am so scared!!! I’ll need to settle on a final release date. For that I consulted my moon phase calendar. Any day up to Sep. 12 is a good date since the moon will be in a waxing phase. I’m confidant I can make that window! Since I don’t know the exact release date you can sign up to my mailing list because I will surely send out a message as soon as its available.

BUT What will happen then? We shall soon find out. I am also scared because Dr. William Tiller and Dr. Bethe Hagens have both agreed to review it (whom are both quoted in the book). Eeeeeee. That, of course, doesn’t mean they’ll like it. Their reviews could be scathing. We shall find that out too.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Part 1: The “What” of Crystal Grids

What is a Crystal Grid?
Crop Grids
Energy Field of a Grid

Part 2: The “Why” of Crystal Grids

Sacred Geometry
Mother Earth’s Grid
Distance Healing

Part 3: The “How” of Crystal Grids

Intention Setting
Grid Formations
Grid Components
How to Choose Crystals for Your Grid
Activating and Maintaining Your Grid
Charging Objects in a Grid
Step by Step
Practical Grid Recipes
Resources and References

I also have a book website with lots of extras to go along with it at including a preview of the 1st section! Woot!

Book News & Trailer!

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Book News & Trailer!

Comment from my book editor whose opinion I am depending on: “The book is funny, engaging and informative. I very much enjoyed reading your manuscript, and learned a lot!” Let’s hope readers feel the same!

Here’s the cover (if you haven’t already seen it on Facebook):
…as well as the Book Trailor:

Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work will be released in paperback and e-book editions in September 2011! Wooohooo!

Wayne Gretsky, Crystals and Astrology

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Well, the Universe certainly arranged things quite nicely to help me with my self publishing of my book, Crystal Grids. I’ve been using Catherine Ryan Howard’s book Self Printed as my bible with the whole process. Just as I was expressing my fears about formatting the book with my editor Sarah, she suggested I contact Catherine to see if she knew anyone who could do it for me. Ms. Howard, the best selling author and self pub. guru? No way.

But lately, I’ve been muttering Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote to myself:

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So I took the shot!

Well, turns out Catherine (yes, I’m on a 1st name basis now with the self pub guru) had been thinking about providing formatting as a service. From her blog: “Something funny happened to me last week, a sort of message from the Universe about what I should be doing with my time. Well, it was more like an elbow to the gut. Let’s just say I’m embarking on a bit of a new business (ad)venture, one that ties in quite nicely with Self-Printed if I do say so myself. Check back on Friday for details. For now, I shall leave you with a clue: migraine.” I suspect that migraine was caused by me, but I digress.

OK, change gears, different topic. Many people ask me if there are certain crystals for certain birth months. or if crystals are aligned with certain astrological signs according to their natural properties. Now, I don’t jive much with the Gregorian calendar and its respective birthstones. Not at all really. Its a calendar invented by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 so it has no Mother Earth cyclic basis and that’s where I lose interest.

I do, however follow and agree with some of Edgar Cayce’s teachings and he has listed specific crystals aligned with the Zodiac signs. I feel every stone has its own properties and if that set of properties meshes well with a particular astrological sign, well, that’s how they get paired up together! Some people are very in tune with astrology so, I can understand why that’s a crystal concern for many.

So here’s Edgar Cayce’s suggestions:
Aquarius, garnet
Pisces, amethyst
Aries, bloodstone
Taurus, sapphire
Gemini, agate
Cancer, emerald
Leo, onyx
Virgo, carnelian
Libra, cat’s eye
Scorpio, aquamarine
Sagittarius, topaz
Capricorn, ruby

Do you think your respective crystal would benefit you?

My Book Cover: Your Opinion Please

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OK, so I have 2 basic book cover designs mocked up here. I really like the blue cover better. You have to click on them and see the larger version to fully appreciate the 3D effecton the font, etc. You all have been so wonderful in helping me so far and giving me some very valuable opinions. I am truly very grateful for your help in this process…would you please tell me which cover you like better? Any other comments are much appreciated, and as always, please be totally honest! Mwwwaaaahhhh! Crystal Blessings.

Mercury Retrograde& MY BOOK!

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So its the retrograde again. This time I’m looking at it as a time to renew, revamp and redo! And I truly am doing all those things. I’m getting reviews for my book so I can print them inside, I’m revamping my website and business model and I NEED to re-do something with my emotions for the last few days. This is so unlike me but I feel very unsettled. I’m not sure why, but I feel a bit scared with all I have going on, a bit uncertain perhaps. Some say its shifting Source energies. I tend to think its that. Whatever it is, I need to give it the boot! *why doesn’t blogger have spell-chekcer?!*

Thank you so much for all your feedback on my last post. I really took it all into consideration and am adjusting it. OK, so here’s my About the Author blurb (different from Back Cover Blurb):

About the Author
Hibiscus Moon has learned to channel her inner-geek then merge it with her serious obsession with crystals and stones, bringing her unique perspective to the world of crystal healing. As a National Board Certified Professional Science teacher, Hibiscus Moon delivers the science behind the metaphysical aspects of working with crystals. As a Certified Crystal Master and Registered Metaphysician, Hibiscus Moon speaks, teaches and writes about crystals and is the founder and director of The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy and has a YouTube channel dedicated to crystal healing. She resides in Florida with her husband and kitty, Topaz, aka “Topaz Panina Meow Meow”.

And here’s the first cover draft. I wasn’t too keen on the color spectrum for this since it doesn’t really have anything to do with the subject matter of Crystal Grids:

Comments on any of this are welcome and appreciated. OK, my real name is coming off of there b/c of my job as a science teacher. 14 year olds can be nosey and mean. I have a pretty big online footprint that I don’t need them following. Plus its a tongue-twisting mouthful & most peeps know me as “Hibiscus Moon” (so much prettier too!). So, my online & author name will always be Hibiscus Moon. I am thinking of starting to use an alias name for all of it though. Or should I just leave it as Hibiscus Moon? This indecisiveness is very strange and alien for me too. Busting out the crystals to help me along!