Can I Get Your Opinion?

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Thank you all for your support!!! The former-mentioned rejection letter has not swayed me in the least. That was just a shot in the dark while persuing the Self Published route. And I’m still moving right along.

So! Can I ask for yoru assistnace please? For the Back Cover Blurb. Does this work?

“Have you heard of crystal grids but wondered what they are, how they work and how you work with them? Me too! That’s why I wrote this book.  This is not an airy-fairy sort of crystal healing book. Using science as our platform, you’ll explore the “how’s” and “why’s”. Through my love of “science-y” subject matter, I help explain what a crystal grid is, the sacred geometry foundation of them, their energy fields, the connection to Mother Earth’s own grid, how you can use them with distance healing work, how to set your intention, how to choose a grid formation, the components of a crystal grid, how to select which crystals to use in your grid, how to activate and maintain your grid, how to charge other objects within a grid and even some practical grid “recipes” for various purposes! This practical guide will help you to infuse crystal grids into your everyday life in a powerful way. Being practical, you’ll find this guidebook outlined with clear, basic instructions on specific crystal grids and their use.”

Honest feedback is much appreciated. :)

The Rejection Letter

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Well, I told you, you’d be 2nd to know. The letter came in while I was on vacation. After initially telling me they were considering my book, here’s the let down (why even tell me they were considering it?). I now move on with the rest of my evil plan! ;):

I’ve Gone & Written a Book

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So, I’ve decided to write a book. I’ve been writing articles and curricula for a while and have been urged by many to do this, but shied away b/c of the discipline I knew it would take…and the fact that I know that abbreviations like “b/c” are frowned upon in the all mighty book-writing world. 😛 (So are emoticons!!!)
So what’s this book about? Well, of course, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that it will be about crystals. But if I wrote a book about all my crystal theories, it would literally be a brick. Plus I am always changing my theories based on new information brought to light or experimentation so I figured attacking my theories in smaller chunks was a better idea. So the book I have written is about Crystal Grids. *aahhhhhhh, angels singing*

You may notice from my blog that my writing style is a tad quirky when compared to the traditional crystal authors out there. Well, I haven’t changed that one bit. My book is no different. I was advised to change the quirky conversational tone but I can’t. This is me and this is how I roll, this is how I teach, this is how I do. If you like my communication style and you like working with crystals then you may like my book.

I took a two prong approach to this whole book writing thing. I simultaneously have submitted it to just two publishing houses: Hey House and Llewellyn. At the same time, I chose to embark on the Self Publishing route. Whichever gets me to the finish line first, wins! I was very selective with the two publishing houses I chose to submit to for a reason. I like their subject matter and style and I don’t want to go batty in the process. I’ve already heard back from Hey House; they won’t take submissions directly from an author, only from Literary Agents. No desire to hire a Lit Agent so that’s the end of Hey House. I’m still waiting to hear back from Llewellyn and you’ll all be the second to know when I do. (Hubby’s 1st). In the meantime, I’m having the book professionally edited and cover design done by a professional graphic artist. I think I’m more excited about the cover than anything else! Of course, I’ll post that here too as soon as I get it. 😀

Crystal Blessings!

Love Crystals

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Love Crystals

I did a poll on my Facebook Page the other day asking “What kind of a crystal grid would you need most right now?” “Love & Compassion” was the winning answer with “Abundance & Prosperity” running a close send. After doing that poll, I had to ask, “what kind of love?”. After all, we know there are so many types of love; I really should’ve been more specific. Some were looking for more love and compassion for others, some wanted self love, some wanted romantic love, etc.

Just to keep it general, to infuse love of all kinds into your life, I recommend lots of rose quartz. Use it in meditations, to project energy into a room, in a crystal grid, wear it or stuff it in your bra (sorry guys). I have a large piece on one of our night stands at all times along with a HUGE piece in my sacred space. If I feel that things might be tense at home I will imagine a FUN-tabulous humongous rose quartz pyramid over my house as I drive up to it from blocks away. It truly works wonders! I also like to do a rose quartz heart meditation regularly. Here’s a vid I did on that a while ago:

Rhodonite is another good one for general matters of the heart and calming too! It’s also good for anxiety, compassion and generosity. It has many of the same qualities as rose quartz (with some extra grounding thrown in) only a bit more expensive since it’s not as easy to come by. OK, hearts & love to all!

P.S. I love your comments & hope that Blogger has fixed the commenting back problems this week.

Pendulums, Pendulums

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Happy 4th of July!

I often get questions about pendulums, selecting one, how to use them, specific crystals used for what, etc. I’ve been getting several again, as of late so I thought I’d write a bit about them here.

There are 2 main ways to work with pendulums:
1. Energy healing/balancing/clearing
2. Dowsing, aka divining

For either type of activity, I suggest you choose the pendulum that you feel drawn to intuitively. I often talk about the pendulum I used for over ten years which was nothing more than a dog tag chain and a washer…ugly but worked GREAT! So do some experimenting and find what works best for you. Some people like to have a pendulum with all the chakra stones on it for chakra balancing and some like to use a crystal that enhances intuition if they’re using it for dowsing, like amethyst. It’s totally up to you. There is no right or wrong.

Some people have asked me why some pendulums come with such a variation in chain length. As far as I know there is no specific purpose for the chain lengths, however if you will be working on a table, say with oracle cards and a pendulum, you may look for a shorter chain so it’s more comfortable. Then again, you can always wrap up the chain a little bit to make it shorter.

I teach an online class, Sensing Energy Using Crystals and Pendulums, in which we conduct several active exercises to view and sense energy and how to use pendulums to work with that energy along with an introduction to pendulums, learning how to use them in healing work while bringing you clarity and enlightenment, how to choose a pendulum as well as how to ask your questions, what type of information to seek plus much more. One invaluable resource that I lead my students to is available to everyone online for free. It’s called “Letter to Robin” and it’s essentially a comprehensive mini-course on how to use a pendulum…better than any book you could buy on the subject.

A while back I did this post on how to use a pendulum to find lost objects and I also linked to my YouTube video on the subject of pendulums. Hope all this helps others in getting what they need out of their pendulums. I would love to hear how all of you use your pendulums!!

**Edit: I want to comment back to your comments but Blogger is very wonky since I’ve been back. See my post below. I can’t. They really need to fix this glitch.