Congrats to the Winner!

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Congratualtions to….. Dawn Ray on FB (you may send her a Congrats if you know her)!!! Sorry for pointing you all here, but its easier to put in all the details, links, etc. I put all those who shared into a numbered Excel file and then used a random number …

What are Double Terminated Quartz for?

What are Double Terminated Quartz for?

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I’ve been hearing this question a lot lately. Basiclly, dt quartz are complete perfection!!! They’ve reached a terminated point to perfection on each end free from the rock matrix. I most often use these to direct energy in 2 directions at once. This is perfect for clearing a blockage of …

Blogger Return Frustration

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TY you all who commented! I left cobwebs over here & didn’t think any of my old buds would be around! There is one little hiccup. Blogger keeps signing me out. I cannot comment on my own posts to respond to others. And have to sign back in each time …