Close Encounter with Mars

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No, this is not that Mars hoax again! Just a reminder that Earth and Mars will be having their close encounter tomorrow, Jan. 27th. Mars will be a mere 99 million kilometers away and will look bigger through a telescope than at any time between 2008 and 2014! So try to take a look and bask in the red Mars glory. Will anyone be doing any special Mars-influenced spells or rituals for the event?

Crystal Vibrations Made Simple :)

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Here was a very interesting question I recently received. Thought I would share the conversation here:
Q: What’s up with these crystal vibration numbers?
I noticed that in some places they actually state the crystal vibrations with a number, such as Amethyst’s vibration number is 7. I’m just not sure what that means.”
In a nutshell…everything is made of energy and different forms of matter and rays of light vibrate at different vibrational frequencies. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies depending on their matter, size, thickness & their color (light frequency). The next step is to learn what stones resonate at the correct frequency for what you are trying to achieve. Thankfully, much experimentation has already been done for thousands of years before us by the ancients with the art of ‘laying on of stones’ and they’ve already figured out what stones help with what needs…for most.

Since the vibrational frequency varies in this way you can’t just give a “blanket number” & say that ALL amethyst vibrates at a specific frequency number. Vibrational numbers are a measurement of the resonance of a vibrating object  with a very precise wave frequency. But since it would be based on so many variables, we can’t just assign a crystal a number. Get what I mean? Can’t do it.

Not to mention…without units after the number, I’m not sure what that number “7” is measuring. In science that’s a HUGE No-No. As I used to say yell to my physics students:

“Don’t give me a naked number as your answer. I WILL mark it incorrect even if your number is right. And don’t have your parents call me either! A naked number is meaningless! 7? Seven what? Seven hot dog wieners? Seven dirty diapers???!”

*…all this w/ a smirk…I do miss being able to pull that shiz with teenagers in the classroom…they have the BEST energy around*

So anyways, my point is that you need a unit like Hertz after that number in order for it to be meaningful.

Here’s a video I did a few years ago (please excuse the poor quality) on precisely this subject:
Crystal Vibrations & Frequencies: a discussion?

Oooops! My GEEK-roots are showing!

Sorry to get very scientific, but that’s how I roll. 😉

Special Crystal-GEEK Blessings today,

Celestial Sky Candy Tonight

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At sunset tonight, go outside and look southwest. Jupiter and the 6% waxing crescent Moon are having an gorgeous close encounter! This a great time to do rituals related to new endeavors or projects. If you have a very clear sky (which I may not tonight) this will look especially magickal.

Mars is now coming into a nice view since its coming close to opposition (menaing its close to being exactly opposite from the Sun. That will happen on Jan. 29). It can be seen in the early evening in the Eastern sky…red object. On Jan. 27th Mars will be at its clostest distance to Earth during this event. Mars energy is strength and the energy of your personal will so I would think this is good night to do any rituals related to such. Stones that have their energy aligned with Mars are Agate, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Diamond, Flint, Garnet, Hematite, Red Jasper, Lava, Onyx, Fire Opal, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite and Ruby.

In case you missed the opportunity to celebrate and revel in the energy of the last Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve…there’ll be another…according to some…on Jan. 30. Since the last one was visible in the wee hours of Jan 1st, this will technically be the 2nd Full Moon in a calendar month, so if you follow that logic then this is an upcoming Blue Moon. 🙂