Not Just Any New Year’s Eve

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I know I keep talking about this, but this is just too damn exciting! My 13th wedding anniversary, New Year’s Eve ushering in “twenty ten”, a Blue Moon and a partial lunar eclipse all in one night. Woohoo! Yes, tonight’s Blue Moon is so, so special b/c it will dip into Earth’s shadow for a partial lunar eclipse in some countries. Even though I won’t be seeing it here in the US the energy is still awesome for all of us! The Partial Lunar Eclipse in conjunction with the Full Moon and Blue Moon will make for a rare and powerful moment for spell casting and/or cleansing. I will, of course, be cleansing my personal crystals and stones letting them be cleared and soak up this powerful energy. Perhaps I can convice hubby to take all the crystals to the beach tonight to get the extra boost from the negative ions present there. Oh my, what a cleasne that will be! If I throw beer and/or champagne into the deal, he’ll say “yes”. 🙂 Mischevious thinking while typing here.
Check out this awesome animation of the partial eclipse here. Some Native Americans refer to this Full Moon as the Snow Moon.

This was a Full Moon crystal cleanse of a few select personal crystals of mine from a year ago:

I am thinking of reopening my Etsy Shop on Jan. 4th. That will give me almost a full month of reconnecting with my customers. Unfortunately, I think I will have to temp. close again from February through perhaps April while I take some necessary coursework. Working full time, takeing 5 courses and running my crystal shop all at the same time will be totally impossible. So, I will have to take that little hiatus. Please sign up for my newsletter (at right) for updates on this.

OK, Happy New Year & Blessed Blue Snow Moon Partial Eclipse!
“And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.”

Blue Moon

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For the 1st time in 20 years there will be a Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve, which also happens to be my wedding anniversary!!!! 🙂

There are several definitions of a Blue Moon, but today’s most common one is the 2nd full moon in a calendar month and since that doesn’t happen too often, it tends to refer to something that happens rarely. So Happy New Year and Enjoy!

Here’s my vid of this event:

Crystal Balls

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I know you may automatically think of a gypsy-type psychic with her crystal ball in a dark room. However, not everyone who uses a crystal ball is a gypsy or psychic. Some just like to appreciate its beauty as a display piece in the home or garden. Some prefer them to just diffuse their energy into a space. Others, however, do like to use them for divination.

Not too long ago, a very good customer of mine asked if the manmade lead crystal balls were any less effective for divination than a natural clear quartz crystal ball. As far as the leaded crystal balls go, they aren’t “bad”, just not nearly as powerful as a pure quartz crystal ball created by the Earth. However, a pure quartz crystal ball is usually quite expensive, but well worth the price if put to good use and used properly. They’re priceless and very powerful objects, unmatched by a leaded crystal ball.