Monday Night Planet Show

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Keep your eye on the stars (look to the South) when the Sun sets Monday night. Jupiter & the Moon are having another gorgeous meet-up. Try not to miss it~!

I’m having a blast getting into the spirit of Halloween tonight. I have The Shining on the TV, retro Halloween Radio station on courtesy of Pandora and my Pumpkin Spice Yankee candle burning while I pack up my shipments tonight. All I need now is to dip into my Halloween candy. 3 fun size bars won’t hurt the stash too bad, right? Oooo, The Monster Mash just came on!

Tattoo Removal

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UPDATE: Nov. 2010

My Tattoo Saga: after lasering off the ugly scribbly red (sheer PAIN!) and not at all happy w/ the cartoonish look of my arm tattoo, I finally started the re-work, re-inking process. We only did 1 hour last night, but I think its looking better already. Finally 🙂

It will require about 2 more black ink sessions, plus a complete redo of the butterfly that’s part of this scene on my back shoulder.  I am WAYYY TOOO visually picky for a tattoo. WTH!

*sigh* Think long and hard, research and then…THINK again before getting a tattoo.


So I went for my 4th tattoo laser removal treatment. No, I’m not removing the whole thing. Long story located here.  And also here.

Here’s a pic I took before my 4th treatment today:

This was the before I started the process last January for comparison:

Its a very long, slow process. Waiting 12 weeks or more between treatment. Painful too. Getting a tat is nothing for me…Yeah a bit tender int eh inner arm area but nothing I couldn’t handle with my high pain tolerance. But laser tattoo removal? Ha!!! Totally different set of balls!!!

Uggggggh. That’s all I have to say.

I have so many new pics to take for my Etsy shop of amazing new crystals and pendants but I’m all taped up and icing the tattoo so that won’t be happening this weekend.

We’re going to an amazing local haunted house tonight and then to Smokey Bones to cash in a Free appetizer coupon I got. Yum! I also really want a red wine or Sangria with fresh oranges if they have it. If not, I MAKE MY OWN!

Aurora Alert!

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Early yesterday morn’ an area on the Sun’s southern hemisphere erupted, hurling solar wind in our direction. Whoa!

Not to worry, this happens all the time and that’s what our EM field protects us from. If you live in the high latitudes of our planet (alas, I don’t), you should be able to view some amazing auroras on Oct. 19th or 20th when the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) arrives. 🙂 If you get to see them please report back! I would love to one day see an aurora.