Mars Hoax

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Don’t fall for it! Today is the day for the annual Mars Hoax email to make its rounds. That Mars will be its closest ever…yada, yada, yada. It’s pure bull! This started because about 5 years ago it did happen and it was AMAZING…but it still wasn’t as big as …

Your Opinion Would be Greatly Appreciated :)

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I need your help in deciding what to stock up my Etsy store with next. I go crazy when I go to my crystal/stone connection. I start running around everywhere saying “oooo, I like this” “oh this is calling to me” ” oooo,sparkly” like a chicken w/ my head cut …

Perseids Tonight?

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OK, peeps. I saw nothing last night. I searched at all hours. Then again it was hazy, I have mega city lights to combat and the moon was very bright. How about you? Did you see them? We have another chance tonight. When it gets dark, go outside and look …

Perseid Meteor Shower Update

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You’ll want to look for some preliminary “Earthgrazers” tomorrow night, Aug. 11th, between about 9:00 and 11:00 pm local time! The Earthgrazers won’t be numerous so try to catch them. If you see one, you won’t soon forget it! Photo credit: Credit: S. Kohle & B. Koch from

Meteor Shower Alert!

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Do you know about the Perseid Meteor Shower? It comes ’round every year. This year’s Perseid meteor shower should be even better than usual! This is due to a filament of comet dust that has drifted across Earth’s path. When we (Earth) pass through it, sometime between 4 – 5 …

In Business :)

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I told you I had something brewing away for a while. My Etsy shop for selling stones and crystals is up and running. Yay! Wooooohooooo! I am very excited to start this venture on the Corn Moon. Hibiscus Moon’s Etsy Shop


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How does your creativity level relate to your spiritual path? Have you gotten more in touch with your creative side because of your journey (perhaps out of necessity for ritual items)? The level of my creativity has been completely amped up since becoming more involved in my spiritual beliefs and …