Passion Flower

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Look at this passion flower we found growing on a vine near our house yesterday. Just look at it:

Are those gorgeous or what? They look they’re from outer space. I picked a few and took them home. This is a passion flower from the vine that grows passion fruit. There are more varieties here. I think that is the most intersting flower I’ve ever seen. 🙂

She’s Here

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I received my mermaid card that I won from Maygreen Fairies today. I posted about the contest a little while back. Bridgett and I won. Yay for us!

It can be really cool being part of the blog-o-sphere; where we get to participate in cool little things like this and, from time to time, find whimsical things in our email or mailbox or be exposed to creators of magical items. Makes being on the Internet really fun!

I LOVE this Book!

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I posted this as a response to one of HedgeWitchMagic’s videos on YouTube, but, as always, I thought that I should also post this here in my blog since I really love this book!

As a science teacher, whenever I see, hear or read about metaphysical subjects being backed up by scientific evidence and knowledge, my geek-brain shouts for joy! Although I’m not always looking for empirical evidence when it comes to my spiritual beliefs, a good scientific reference is always much appreciated.

I would like to recommend a great academic-style book called Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions by Joyce and River Higginbotham. They cite their sources and have an extensive bibliography in addition to mentioning a lot of science that backs up much of their writing. The book is also required reading for several university religious studies classes. OK, beyond the boring stuff, if you would like a book explaning the many branches of Paganism, here’s your book. It also explains what role magick plays in Paganism and, of course, how science plays its role in it all. Its a book that really makes you think. Amazon has much better reviews than any I could give so take a look if you’re interested:

Last Quarter Moon Last Night

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Just to be a pest, I kept asking my DH last night “Where’s the moon? Have you seen the moon?” He responded throughout the pestering with “No, no.” “Leave me alone about the moon.” “What is your fascination with the moon tonight?” Teeheeeheeee.

At about 1:30am (I think) my DH wakes me up out of a dead sleep and says in a weary voice. “Remember you were bugging me about the moon all night?…There it is. In that window where I’ve never seen it before. That is so gorgeous.” (My DH usually pays no mind to the moon or any other celestial object.) He was taken aback.

She was very low in the Eastern sky, boldly uncluttered, staring at DH through an open window facing him head on, lying on her side and lighting up his view. Neither of us have ever seen her there in that place and so centered in that window. It was just wild! 😀